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How to Please your Mistress

Below are some suggestions on how you may please your Mistress - Dominatrix for a more fulfilling BDSM session.

Always be respectful and polite when making contact, don't take offence if she does not answer your call she may be in "session".

Don't be disappointed if you cannot make contact with a Mistress after late evening. Most professional mistresses last appointments end at this time. If they are available later they will say so.

Do take no for an answer, if a Mistress has said no to something then no is the answer.

Expect to pay a deposit for your session, this proves you are serious and not a time waster.

Always let your Mistress know if you cannot make an appointment. Wasting her time is probably one of the most disrespectful things a client can do and lessens your chance of making another appointment. However late it is or whatever the excuse (even if it is that you have had second thoughts) always let your Mistress know, any professional Mistress will thank you and be understanding.

A small gift is a good way to introduce yourself and make a good impression. It really is the thought that counts and any gift will be appreciated by a professional Mistress. If you would like to really treat your Mistress then take a look at her "wish list" (most mistresses have a wish list on their web sites)and choose something to suit your budget and her wishes. Think of the pleasure you will have choosing her some expensive lingerie or perfume.

Don't drink too much before "session" a drink for Dutch courage can be a good idea but any more could ruin your session or you may not be seen at all.
Make sure you are clean and presentable for your appointment this will not only make it more pleasant for your Mistress but will also make the session more pleasant for you.

And finally don't be afraid to talk to a Mistress or Dominatrix they are very good listeners and very broadminded. They will let you know if what you are saying is unsuitable.

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