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Sensual tie and tease

Sensual Tie and Tease is another popular technique used in session by any professional Mistress/Dominatrix and is one of the most requested activities. Sensual tie and tease is a BDSM practice that i...

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Shoe worship and boot worship

Shoe worship and boot worship- fetish- (retifism) describes a sexually related attraction or arousal to boots, shoes or any other kind of foot wear that gives sexual gratification. Altocalciphilia is...

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Slave training

Slave training, In order to understand the relationship between Mistress and slave it is important to understand that slave is slave by choice and chooses to please his or her Mistress. Once they hav...

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Smoking fetish

Smoking fetish (capnolagnia) Any Mistress that smokes would be more than happy to satisfy this Smoking fetish whether it be to light their Mistresses cigarettes, be used as an ashtray, have smoke blo...

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Spanking usually or more commonly by use of hand can also be performed with lots of other implements. Spanking performed correctly consists of accurate strokes or strikes to the bottom and other body...

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SSC - Safe, Sane and Consensual

Safe Sane and Consensual is a code of practice adopted by the BDSM community to define that all session are carried out in a Safe, Sane and Consensual fashion. Safe - used in the BDSM and mistress co...

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Strap on training

Strap on Training is another commonly requested activity in the world of BDSM and her Mistress. Strap on training is used in areas of BDSM such as anal and oral penetrative sex, mutual masturbation, ...

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Suspension refers to hanging a slave or sub in the air from an overhead support allowing some movement or complete bondage. Semi Suspension is when only a portion of the person's weight is off th...
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Trampling also known as a crush fetish are paraphillia's associated with the desire to be stood on, trampled upon or crushed by means that may include the use of your mistresses body, shoe's,...
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Water Sports - urolagina also know as golden showers are when your Mistress urinates on your face, body, genitals or in your mouth. This type of activity can be used for humiliation purposes or as a ...

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