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Foot Worship

Foot Worship is another of the most requested activities by a visiting slave. Foot worship is an incredibly erotic way to worship your mistress through licking, kissing and cleaning her high stiletto...

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Genital Shaving

Genital shaving or depilation is used in BDSM's many activities. Ranging from humiliation to body worship. Genital shaving may also be necessary for aesthetics in infantilism or transvestism. Ge...
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Glove Worship

Glove worship...gloved hands have been a fetish since gloves became a fashion statement and were produced in many different materials and styles. Leather, latex, pvc, satin, velvet, cotton or nylon c...

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Humiliation is a common request amongst clients and is one of the most practiced elements of BDSM. Also known as asthenolagnia humiliation has played a big if not rather humiliating part of BDSM for ...

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Kidnapp Scenarios

Kidnap Scenarios are a role play where a slave or sub is kidnapped after possibly being bound and gagged with rope, masks and gags then to be held against one's will. Kidnap Scenario's can be...
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Medical Role Play

Medical Role Play is one of the most requested types of role play a Mistress or Dominatrix performs some even specialise in this particular area. Medical Role Play has been a popular part of the BDSM...

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Mind Control

Mind Control or mind games as it is sometimes known has been part of politics, religion, cults and terrorism for centuries, although you could argue these are all of negative uses, Mind Control can b...

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Nipple Play

Nipple Play.....stimulation of the nipples either sensually or painfully. Being an erogenous zone nipples are very sensitive and respond to stimulation by becoming hard and erect. As well as being st...

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Role play

Role Play is another chance to step out of the confines of everyday life and be part of the often sexually charged and powerful world of Role Play. A lot of you will know the typical scenarios that s...

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Sensory deprivation

Sensory Deprivation is when a slave or sub are deprived of certain or all senses whether that be of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Sensory Deprivation can be achieved by a Mistress in many way...

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