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Spanking usually or more commonly by use of hand can also be performed with lots of other implements. Spanking performed correctly consists of accurate strokes or strikes to the bottom and other body parts such as the cock and balls. Spanking has been traditionally performed on a bare bottom but can also be performed with the sub or slave wearing underwear to avoid the possibility of unwanted marks. Spanking can take place on different levels from playful and sensual to extreme corporal punishment. All levels enhance sexual and mind experiences due to hormones being released into the body during this kind of activity, with extreme spanking a safe word is used to enable both slave and Mistress to control the session for maximum effect. A safe word is a word chosen by the Mistress and slave to be used by the slave if the Spanking becomes uncomfortable or simply impossible to continue without rest. At the same time this also allows the slave to achieve maximum pleasure and makes it possible for the Mistress to administer more strokes of the cane or hand if necessary.

Apart from the hand instruments such as crops, canes, paddles, whips, straps, tawse, plimsolls can all be part of a good Spanking session. There are also many different positions a slave or sub can be spanked and punished in.
These may include the following, in bondage or restraint, restrained over a whipping bench or Spanking stool, over the knee Spanking OTK, in an on hands and knees position, diaper position-laying on a bench with legs raised towards chest, restrained in cuffs on a St Andrews cross. As you can see there are many different ways a Mistress can perform a good Spanking session.

Spanking has often been recognised that done correctly a sub or slave can be taken to a "sub space" this achieved through the euphoric and erotic state a correctly administered Spanking will leave the slave or sub in.

The Mistress's at Mistress Review are experts in the field of Spanking as it is probably the most requested session. So give your chosen Mistress the pleasure of inflicting her skills on your bottom and give yourself something to think about even after session. Book your Spanking appointment today from the selection of Mistress's on the listings page at Mistress Review.

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