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Slave training

Slave training, In order to understand the relationship between Mistress and slave it is important to understand that slave is slave by choice and chooses to please his or her Mistress. Once they have given over the power of control to a Mistress she will assume control until the slave no longer wishes to serve her. True slaves are often people who in their everyday lives work in environments where they are in control of another person or perhaps several people. For these people to have Slave training by a Mistress is a role reversal and plays a part in releasing the responsibility they are accustom to in everyday life. Other slave's may be naturally submissive even in their everyday lives and seek to explore this further under the wing of a Dominatrix or Mistress for Slave training

A Mistress slave relationship can be as simple as getting her shopping, providing transport for her, cleaning her property, clothes and shoes it could also involve more intimate tasks such as a foot or body massage this could be all part of Slave training, once again is down to the discretion of the chosen Mistress.

Slave training is usually agreed with a written contract for a stated amount of time. The Mistress may collar the slave to assert who is in control. Mistress and slave relationships can be for the length of a one hour session or could be for weeks or even years of Slave training.

A Mistress may well draw up or devise a program for Slave training so that the slave may act in a way that pleases her. Slave training incorporates many aspects of BDSM some of the most popular include mind control, humiliation, feminization, cross dressing, financial slavery and servitude can also play an important part in a slaves pleasures and Slave training. All of the Mistresses at Mistress Review are looking for slave's to train right now.

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