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Shoe worship and boot worship

Shoe worship and boot worship- fetish- (retifism) describes a sexually related attraction or arousal to boots, shoes or any other kind of foot wear that gives sexual gratification. Altocalciphilia is a description used to describe a particular attraction to high heels often selected or conditioned at a young age due to the first thing a crawling child notices at a young age is her mother's shoes before she picks them up for comforting, this becomes the cue for being care for and loved. Which invites Shoe worship and Boot worship.

The appeal of the shoe worship and boot worship has a long history and since the high heel appeared in the 16th century this fetish has long been associated with BDSM and the sex industry. The first known high heeled shoe was made for Catherine de Medicis who married Henry 11. Catherine was a petite lady and the new shoes gave her extra height, little did she know what she had started as soon they became the height of fashion and have been to present day. Another interesting story is that during the 19th century when high heels were available to most of us Madams who owned brothels noticed men were prepared to pay more money for a girl in high heels so she quickly ordered heels for all of the girls who worked for her. There are many bizarre stories to do with high heels one that is perhaps more enjoyable and believable than most tells of a man who could reach orgasm through the sound of creaking shoes, the phenomenon was the result of at the age of 17 hearing the sound of his partners shoes creaking as they had sex on a stair case.

Most men are attracted to shoe worship and boot worship- high heels due to the change of posture they have when worn by a woman or even a man. On a woman the wearers posture changes with a more exaggerated curve of the spine, pushing out her bottom and protruding her bust causing an exaggerated sway of her hips when walking.

For BDSM scenario's the higher the heel the better is often the case that for  any professional Mistress will have a good selection of shoes and boots to suit the client's needs where upon he can Shoe worship and boot worship, clean, lick, caress and suck the chosen foot wear to reach sexual gratification. Shoe worship and boot worship is covered by all Mistresses featured on Mistress Review.

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