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Sensual tie and tease

Sensual Tie and Tease is another popular technique used in session by any professional Mistress/Dominatrix and is one of the most requested activities. Sensual tie and tease is a BDSM practice that involves restricting a slave for sexual pleasure through bondage then teasing and stimulating the body in many different ways whilst avoiding orgasm.

A typical Sensual tie and tease session would involve the slave being restrained whilst his cock and balls were tied up and teased whilst the mistress takes control of the slave's ability to orgasm. This control could last for the entire session before the slave is allowed to orgasm or perhaps to finish session still denied of orgasm. The tease can be used in many ways by a professional Mistress where while a slave is restrained she may let him touch her in certain ways that otherwise he would not get the chance so his heightening of the tease factor. His cock and balls can be restrained with the use of a leather thong, rope, cock rings, panties or stockings. A blindfold can heighten stimulation in sensual tie and tease or performed in front of a mirror without a blindfold if needs prefer. Sensual tie and tease does not have to be a painful activity and can be performed very sensually by a professional Dominatrix found at Mistress Review.

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