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Mind Control

Mind Control or mind games as it is sometimes known has been part of politics, religion, cults and terrorism for centuries, although you could argue these are all of negative uses, Mind Control can be positive, a pleasurable experience and is an interesting aspect of BDSM.

Not to be confused with hypnosis although there are similar elements. Mind Control can control your sexual behaviour, decisions and emotions. Submissive's want to have their minds controlled where as some slaves may need to be taken to heel, Mind Control would be part of this process.

A good Mistress or Dominatrix should be able to take control of your mind without you even knowing it which to some is part of the attraction. Mind control not only takes place within session time but can also continue outside taking the session to new levels of excitement and obedience. Making decisions you may find hard to make can be easily dealt with by letting your Mistress or Dominatrix take control of your mind, decisions that will take you to a higher plain and help you turn your fantasies into reality.

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