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Medical Role Play

Medical Role Play is one of the most requested types of role play a Mistress or Dominatrix performs some even specialise in this particular area. Medical Role Play has been a popular part of the BDSM scene for some time and today is used as titillation in the vanilla world through cheap tarty outfits for couples to play doctors and nurses.
In the world of BDSM Medical Role Play is taken far more seriously and to another level. A professional Mistress will quite often have an area dedicated to Medical Role play or even a whole room often referred to as a white room. Equipment inside these areas may include medical couch, gynaecological chair, speculums, forceps, clamps, douches, enema's, dilators, vacuum cock pumps, dildo's, vibrators, medical sounds and electrical devices. With this equipment, your "Nurse" clad in her stunning outfit and latex gloves can administer intimate examinations, anal and vaginal dilation, insertion of suppositories, rectal temperature taking, catheterisation, rectal examinations, ememas and penis enlargement, all part of Medical Role Play.

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