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Humiliation is a common request amongst clients and is one of the most practiced elements of BDSM. Also known as asthenolagnia humiliation has played a big if not rather humiliating part of BDSM for a long time. Humiliation has been part of social reform since any kind of government or regime has existed. In Scotland puritans would place a sinner in an iron collar and fasten them to a wall in front of the congregation to be harangued. Although not quite as barbaric even today images of criminals can be exposed to the public for basically the same reasons.
Sexual humiliation can be part of any kind of sex play or domination but is consensual and can be a very satisfying activity. This can be achieved by many means which could include verbal, physical, private or even public. Scenarios can also continue outside of sessions as mind control, Extreme humiliation (edge play) really does need the experience of a professional Mistress who you would find on Mistress Review.

Humiliation involves many aspects of BDSM which include bondage, tied and tease, spanking, cross dressing and body worship.

Humiliation can also be achieved verbally using derogatory and belittling comments or words such as boy, girl, slave, pet, stupid, ugly and worthless, other insulting comments could be slut, whore, tart, bitch or cock sucker. Whereas mockery of sexual parts is a common request that may include being ridiculed for a small penis or small breasts. Another example is a slave needing permission to talk, eat, spend money, masturbate or to simply go to the toilet for the ultimate humiliation.

Cross-dressing has an important role to play in humiliation whether being cross dressed in a public or private environment. Whereas a female could be humiliated in a similar way by wearing revealing skirts, tops or panties.

Humiliation done correctly does not have to be abusive and should be a stimulating and rewarding session for both Mistress and slave. Mistress Review provide the best Mistresses to play out a humiliation fantasy with.

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