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Genital Shaving

Genital shaving or depilation is used in BDSM's many activities. Ranging from humiliation to body worship. Genital shaving may also be necessary for aesthetics in infantilism or transvestism.

Genital shaving also has a practical role in wearing strap on dildos or chastity belts. It can also be used by a Mistress to put a slave into the psychological role of submission, exposure and shame. The contrasts of sensations before and after Genital shaving are substantial and many consider the added sexual pleasure to be worth the effort of shaving.

This activity may not be for the faint hearted and can be acted out in role play by the slave or sub being blindfolded while the Mistress or Dominatrix performs Genital shaving using a safe prop such as a credit card or similar giving a realistic feel. Many slaves or subs feel the need to be clean in that area to please their chosen Mistress or Dominatrix.

Mistress Review always recommends Genital shaving is carried out by an experienced and professional Mistress or Dominatrix found in our listings

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