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Foot Worship

Foot Worship is another of the most requested activities by a visiting slave. Foot worship is an incredibly erotic way to worship your mistress through licking, kissing and cleaning her high stiletto heels with or without nylons or just her bare feet. A mistress asserts a great sense of power while her slave performs foot worship, it is quiet common for a slave to request his Mistress to wear soiled stockings, tights or foot wear to heighten their pleasure. Another way to perform foot worship on your chosen Mistress is by foot massage perhaps with a soothing foot balm a foot massage can be very sensual way of performing Foot Worship.

Foot worship is the most common form of sexual preference other than any other none sexual parts of the body. It may also be referred to as aretifism, podophilia and foot parialism are words used to describe a fetish or interest in feet, aretifism referring to bare Foot Worship including the licking and sucking of the toes and foot which can be an intoxicating erotic experience. All the best Foot Worship Mistresses can be found on Mistress Review.

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