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Feminisation/Forced Feminisation

Feminisation/Forced Feminisation is a very popular request for a session with a professional Mistress/Dominatrix and covers lots of areas of the BDSM scene. Cross dressing, transvestism or sissyfication as it is sometimes known has been practiced for centuries in and out of the public eye. Physiologically the need to cross dress or be forcefully feminised can usually be traced back to an event during child hood and although it has strong sexual links it can also be a form of comfort and escapism for the slave, sub or client. Most men that practice cross dressing in one form or another are generally heterosexual or bisexual. Feminisation can be as simple as wearing underwear such as panties, bra and stockings for masturbation purposes or to be completely transformed with wig, full make up, false breasts, foundation garments, underwear and deportation classes, perhaps to go out in public to a club or shopping with their Mistress, most professional Mistresses/Dominatrix offer this kind of service.
Forced feminisation incorporates other characteristics of the BDSM scene including humiliation, bondage, corporal punishment, spanking, anal play, certain types of role play and entertainment. Entertainment meaning a Mistress/Dominatrix may wish to feminise her slave for her amusement and entertainment purposes or perhaps as her maid to do her menial chores such as cleaning or washing. There are many different outfits to choose from in a professional Mistresses wardrobe including schoolgirl, maid, tarty look, rubber doll, cheer leader in fact anything that suits your needs and don't forget you can always bring along your own outfit if you wish for Feminisation/Forced Feminisation.
Playing the part of a female usually means the wish to treated as a female sexually to, this could include taking part in sexual activities such as oral sex with a man or sex toy (forced or unforced), anal sex with dildos, strap on dildos, vibrators etc.
So whether you want to be that sexy girl or a naughty slut call a Mistress in your area on Mistress Review to book your appointment. As with all BDSM practices any activities should be carried out in a safe and consensual environment by a professional Mistress or Dominatrix found on Mistress Review.

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