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Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment is a practice that usually involves the slave of sub
stripped of some or all of their clothes and tethered to whipping bench, punishment horse, St Andrews cross or similar piece of equipment to receive a spanking or whipping from the Mistress or Dominatrix. Corporal Punishment can be administered with the following items cane, paddle, strap, crop, whip, rod, bastinado, plimsoll, tawse or hand. This type punishment is usually carried out with an agreed amount of strokes or lashes but can also be left to be judged by an experienced Mistress or Dominatrix found at Mistress Review.

In the vanilla world Corporal Punishment has been carried out for centuries around the world used as discipline and as a deterrent. Today Corporal Punishment is often associated with childhood experiences possibly during school or at home that have developed in to adult hood fantasies, these fantasies do not necessarily have to be of a sexual nature.

Corporal Punishment has over the last century or so has been fetishized and plays a big part in lots of role play scenarios from the obvious school teacher to being a prisoner. Any kind of spanking or whipping releases hormones into the body causing a state of euphoria and can increased sexual orgasm.

Mistress Review recommends Corporal Punishment is administered by a professional Mistress or Dominatrix.

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