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Breath Control

Breath Control or autoerotic asphyxiation as it is sometimes known has had a lot of publicity over recent years documented by stories of accidents whilst involved in this kind of edge play. All of these stories have one thing in common that nearly all accidents happened while the player was taking part in this activity on their own. Breath control is considered to be in the "edge play" category of the BDSM world, it is essential breath control/ play is carried out under a controlled and safe environment i.e. with a professional Mistress who has agreed to this kind of play, as with all BDSM activities all play is safe and consensual.

Breathy control can be administered in many ways from the use of rubber hoods, gas masks, breathing apparatus, gags, bags or simply your Mistress's hand. An experienced Mistress can control/monitor a slave's breath to reduce the amount of oxygen travelling to his or her brain whilst being sexually stimulated to achieve a heightened orgasm.

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