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Anal Play

Anal Play and anal sex have been practiced for pleasure and more practical reasons for centuries. Many religions have used anal sex as a contraceptive to avoid breaking a virgin's hymen and retaining a woman's virginity. In today's modern word it is a common practice in vanilla relationships as people become more at ease to experiment with their sexuality.

Anal play is a regular request in the world of the Mistress and done correctly can heighten your orgasm and be pleasurable for any sexual orientation. For these purposes anal stimulation can be provided using any of the following gloved hands and fingers, strap on dildos, dildos, vibrators, butt plugs or an anal speculum. Any of these toys used correctly can stimulate the male prostate gland similar to the female G spot. The prostate gland is found about two inches up from the front wall of the rectum and feels like a small firm disc. Stimulating the "g spot" is also known as prostate milking. If required an enema can be administered before anal stimulation and the area well lubricated, this will allow a dildo to be inserted more comfortably and make it easier to work up to bigger dildos if required. A professional Mistress will have a selection of all different toys varying in shapes and sizes to suit all needs. If you would like it is also possible for you to bring your own toys for play.

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