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Here is a list of the Mistresses/Dominatrixes services and a description for your infomation.

Adult Baby/Nappy Fetish

Baby play with feeding and changing sometimes known as infantisim. This is a desire to be treated like a baby (ab adult baby). This kind of experience is often referred to as a feeling of saftey and ...

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Anal Play

Anal Play and anal sex have been practiced for pleasure and more practical reasons for centuries. Many religions have used anal sex as a contraceptive to avoid breaking a virgin's hymen and retai...
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Body Worship

Body Worship is another activity that can be performed both verbally and physically. Verbally could mean simply kneeling in front of your Mistress describing how beautiful her body is, complementing ...

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Bondage It was not until the late sixties that Bondage became a regular practice in modern life with bondage models such as Betty Page introducing it to the top shelf. Nowadays it is even part of the...

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Breath Control

Breath Control or autoerotic asphyxiation as it is sometimes known has had a lot of publicity over recent years documented by stories of accidents whilst involved in this kind of edge play. All of th...

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Cock and Ball Play/Ball Busting

Cock and Ball Play/Ballbusting which in the BDSM word is referred to as CBT (cock and ball torture).This can be achieved through slapping, pulling, stretching, kneeing, kicking and twisting of the co...

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Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment is a practice that usually involves the slave of sub
stripped of some or all of their clothes and tethered to whipping bench, punishment horse, St Andrews cross or similar piece o...

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Electro Stimulation

Electrics play or electrophilia is the practice of using a mild electric shock for erotic stimulation or light torture depending on the amount of voltage chosen by the recipient.
There are many device...

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Feminisation/Forced Feminisation

Feminisation/Forced Feminisation is a very popular request for a session with a professional Mistress/Dominatrix and covers lots of areas of the BDSM scene. Cross dressing, transvestism or sissyficat...

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Financial Servitude & Wish List

Financial servitude or financial domination as it is otherwise known is when a slave or sub hands over the responsibility of part or all of their finances to their Mistress or Dominatrix. A slave or ...

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