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Are you looking for the ultimate 'real' humiliation / femdom experience? Or to worship the feet of a truly beautiful, intelligent and charismatic woman? Then look no further.

Modern Empress is London's leading humiliatrix. A late-twenties, well spoken, highly educated female with an exotic background and completely natural and unenhanced 38-28-38 figure.

Much has been written about ME by the gentlemen who have visited her - men who craved a true Humiliatrix, free from theatrics and fakery - a woman who is genuinely aroused by male submission:

"A complete heartbreaker. Pretty, witty and sexually articulate. An intelligent minx of the highest order and extremely credible human being. I'm smitten."

"Quite simply, the best foot fetish experience, ever. She is beautiful, funny, sexy and genuinely enjoys what she does. Just marvellous!"

"A deep and intense psychological experience. The most intelligent and unselfconscious session I have ever enjoyed."

Selective and of high calibre, Modern Empress will only accept session requests from the most polite and respectful subs and fetishists.

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Modern Empress Reviews (Post a Review)

April 2012

First of all Modern Empress is drop dead gorgeous! She's a naturally very dominant woman and as soon as I saw her I wanted to submit to her instantly. I've been seeing a few dominatrixes before but now that I've found her I have no desire to submit to any other woman. Her cruel laugh and delicious curves make me hard every time. She's very strict and knows what she's doing. I can't wait to be her slave again :)

April 2012

I have now visited Modern Empress on 2 occassions and she stands head and shoulders [ in some cases literally as well as metaphorically ] above the other mistresses that I have sessioned with. She is startlingly beautiful, open and has an innate sense of what is required in a session. Just a few words from me and she took over and delivered what I was looking for and more besides. There is always a twinkle of humour in her lovely eyes and she is obviously intelligent and cultured. For those who require a session with a young and skilled domme who does not need the paraphenalia of a dungeon and who can bring you to your knees without the need to wear shiny plastic, the Modern Empress is your lady. Slave P

May 2012

Modern Empress is quite possibly the world's classiest Dominatrix. Bright, fun, intelligent, drop dead beautiful but with an intoxicating sadistic streak lurking under that gorgeous facade and cut glass English accent. She clearly loves what she does and has no need for tacky props or cliches. Her sharp mind seamlessly puts her own inimitable sadistic twist on proceedings. Within minutes she had me to the point where she could have done whatever she wanted. Because if she's enjoying herself, believe me, so are you. She elevates cbt to an artform. She takes bondage and nipple torture to new heights. Oh, and she can spit and piss for England, filling my willing mouth with more than i ever dreamt possible. Modern Empress is the real deal. And an addictive class act.

May 2012

Modern Empress is an intoxicating and addictive blend of amazing looks, razor sharp wit, a scary intelligence, topped off with Her polished accent. I definitely haven't ever experienced anyone like Her before. I have been lucky enough to serve Modern Empress for nearly a year now and from the outset was utterly bowled over by Her. She always caters our sessions to my specific cravings and at the same time is very creative and spontaneous - I really never quite know what's going to happen next and constantly feel in a state of being blissfully on high alert. I can never get enough. After each visit I am left feeling totally absorbed and craving our next encounter. I am completely lost to Her and wouldn't have it any other way.

August 2012

It's taken me a long time to find a Mistress like Modern Empress. She is a real gem. After having several sessions with this lady I would describe her as captivating, funny, sophisticated, gorgeous, sexy, and very much a femme fatale. A very highly recommended Mistress and unlike a lot of the ladies out there she looks better in real life than in pix.

January 2013

I met the Empress year ago and my life changed a lot from this date. the Empress is like and addiction. every time I visit her I left feel that I am broken, happy, captivated and should return again as soon as I can. Modern Empress has a killing legs and feet. She is Smart, Sexy, Gorgeous, Humiliatrix. She is dominant by nature and she push my limits every time perfectly. after 1 year with the Empress I am not the same man.. I am the leg slave of the Empress

March 2014

I have been depely enslaved by the Modern Empress (ME) for over two and a half years. During that time I have got to know Her very well indeed, both in terms of seeing Her 'real time' and serving Her from afar as I worked away from home. It would be inappropriate for me to reveal too much detail about O/our Mistress/slave relationship but I can honestly say that in many, many years of serving Dominatrix, no-one comes close to ME. She is a supreme humiliatrix, in one moment a controlling viscous vixen, aiming a hard kick to Your balls, and in the next laughing with You as Your best friend. She is totally refreshing in an often jaded scene, incredibly intelligent, well read and educated and has a mind as sharp as a rapier and a lightening quick wit. She is also totally wicked and loves top play, often involving Her vinilla friends and hoots of laughter. She can also be sensitive and understands the desires and limits of Her slaves. All I can really say is that if You get the chance to see Her, don't miss it as it will be an opportunity sadly wasted. I cannot recommend Her strongly enough and have nothing but praise for Her. Do not, however, make the mistake of thinking she is a 'lightweight' as She does not operate from a traditional dungeon or cloak Herself in leather and latex. If it is what You want Her sadism and 'evil streak' is more than enough for the most hardened masochist, yet She will also gently 'initiate' newcomers. She is a darling, a treat, a ruthless B****h, a Goddess and anything and everything else You may want Her to be. I simply adore and worship Her.

September 2014

I left my first session a few hours ago and I am still speechless.

Within a few minutes she had captivated me and within a few hours she had thoroughly teased and tested each of my fetish desires. She truly understands the visual, physical and psychological impact of everything she does.

Today was the best session I have had to date and I cannot wait until the next one.