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United States - Texas

Texas born and raised, I embody everything that enthralls you about the girl next door; Her looks, Her purity, Her seeming innocence.
But behind that dazzling smile lies a dark, dark, intelligent soul.
All those times you thought I didn't know you were watching Me, thinking about Me...
Let Me let you in on a little secret, I knew!
And I was thinking about you too!

Email Me so that we may begin your training and show you your true purpose in life.

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Mistress Victoria Vixen Reviews (Post a Review)

December 2014

A couple of years ago I read a book about a harem slave girl, this led to the reading of a lot of books in the genre and some of the scenes described therein shocked me, while at the same time turning me on immensely. This led to more exploration and trying new things that I have never tried just to see what it was like, or how I responded to it. I developed my previously mild interest in bondage and discipline even further and I was fortunate enough to meet a couple of girls along the way that allowed me to experiment in this arena. My experimentation was pretty mild, only trying a little rope bondage and light flogging. I was afraid of hurting the girls due to my lack of experience and I always had it in the back of my mind that I would like to try being on the other side of the whip, to understand it better. I felt that if I was tied up and flogged I could understand better what my partner was experiencing.

A few weeks ago I ran across an ad for a Dominatrix, whose looks caught my imagination. She had a girl next door look that called me in. I followed the links in her ad to her website and searching Google, I found her on Twitter, and an article about her on Dizzy Guide....... I literally spent hours reading or maybe mostly looking at the pics. No.....this time I actually read the articles :) ......But it was the pics of her on the Dizzy website that clinched the deal for me. Something in her eyes made me send the first email. Although I have always been leery if the lady has not reviewed, I did see that she was working with Roxy Jezel who has been reviewed, so I felt better about the risk.

Mistress Vixen replied to my initial inquiry promptly and we began a dialog of tease and discussing what I wanted. After several communiqués a time and date were set. I drove up to north Austin a little apprehensive, some of the things I asked for, I was ........ more than a little nervous about. Especially with someone I don't know. I arrived at her incall or more properly called play space or dungeon and found it to be located in a nice middle class neighborhood. I parked, got out, locked the car, hesitated, then said "What the fuck", and walked to the door. After ringing the door bell it was answered by a beautiful young lady with blonde hair, in a black miniskirt with cleavage on full display, knee high black boots, beautiful eyes and a huge smile. She gave me a light hug and said it was a pleasure to finally meet me, my apprehension began to melt.

She invited me in and we entered the play space where a sofa, a leather covered bed, a Saint Andrews cross, and a spanking bench were located. We sat and visited for a bit, discussing the things I wanted to do, the safe words, where to put the tribute and where the restroom was. When I came back from the restroom the room was darker, Mistress Vixen was standing in the middle of the room, she asked if I was ready. When I replied that I thought so, she chuckled, told me to take my clothes off and put them in a box. I complied, but this was the first sign that this was a different kind of session than I had ever had before. I am not used to undressing while the lady just observes! Once I was naked she approached, and walked around me a couple of times. Touching me here, slapping me there, running a finger or hand along my skin, it was a little intimidating...... being inspected. Especially at my age, I am not much to look at.

After some tenderness, some gentle caresses and deep husky breathing in my ear, she stood in front of me and commanded me to kneel. She then sat back on the bed and told me to kiss her boots, I did and she encouraged me to put some heart into it, that this was all about her. I tried my best, but I am not into the taste of leather so I was glad when she told me to remove her boots. She giggled as I struggled to find the zipper. When I had the boot off she offered me her foot and I knew what she wanted. She does have beautiful feet, small, dainty, but lightly muscled with nicely painted toe nails. If I had a foot fetish it would be for feet like this, in fact I might develop one for hers. I kissed her feet, licked them up and down, then I ran my tongue between her toes and sucked each one and my efforts met with her approval. Her feet tasted and smelled wonderful, I thoroughly enjoyed this activity!

Once her feet had been properly worshipped she asked me to remove her dress, she turned around facing away from me and told me to raise it up. I did and the dress was free, when she turned around what remained were black bootie shorts over a fantastic ass and a black corset with her breasts exposed. Wow....what sight! What a beautiful tight waisted figure! She then turned away and told me to worship her ass, I did not hesitate. I loved her ass, I could play here all day. It was soft, a wonder to touch, I licked, kissed, squeezed and kneaded all over those beautiful mounds.

She then ordered me up and over to the cross, using some wrist straps she clipped me to the cross. I stood there with my backside toward her, a little apprehensive. I reminded myself that I had asked for this. She started with a flogger, it felt like a bag of sand hitting against me, it was almost pleasant. She worked my butt, back and shoulders over and then switched to a different flogger. This one was a little more cutting. It hurt but only mildly, except a few times when she laid in a little harder. Those hurt, but not necessarily in a bad way. THEN......she got out a paddle. She slapped my ass a few times mildly and then laid in to me. MOTHERFUCKER that thing can hurt!! She alternated between hard and mild and stopped after a bit teasing me about being so stoic, that I could move around a bit if I wanted, wiggle or squirm......but.... she said it wouldn't help. With that she whacked me again. I was beginning to wonder how much I could take and was reminding myself what the safe word was when she let up.......... I think she was able to read me and determine what my limit was. I think I could have gone further, but it wouldn't have been pretty ;)

After I was let down Mistress Vixen ordered me on the bed or table or bench, I am not really sure what to call it. She told me to lay down, face up and she secured my hands up over my shoulders behind my head. Bending over she offered me a breast to suckle, I was more than willing. I reached and licked but before I could wrap my lips around the nipple she pulled away.....damn restraints. Returning I licked and kissed her nipples and raising up as far as I could she allowed me to take her nipple into my mouth. Then she pushed me back down with her breast and shoved it into my face, I sucked her entire areola into my mouth, this was heaven. I think this pleased my Mistress, but she didn't say so, I am just assuming because she didn't pull away. After both breasts were properly accommodated, she turned around and stood behind me with her butt over my face, ordering me to worship. I did as she commanded, kissing her legs and inner thighs. When I neared her crotch she shifted so that her other leg was at my mouth, or she raised up and away teasing me, at this point I really wanted to eat her pussy, but I was denied. Finally she just sat down on my face and ground the crotch of her shorts into my face, I tried to gnaw away at the cloth of her crotch with my teeth, and she would let me but then pull away.

She pulled away, got up, went away and came back with a blind fold. She placed it on me and then came back with something, hell I don't know what it was! I think it was an electric wand, but it didn't really hurt, it could have been on low power. Mistress Vixen knew that I was a rank beginner and she was giving me the sampler platter that I asked for. She was cautious, testing me to see what turned me on, what I could tolerate, what I would like, what I wouldn't, which she knew was my goal....to explore.

She put that toy away and came back crawling between my legs. Oh boy.......this was the part I was really nervous about in spite of my curiosity. She put some lube on my cock and began a pretty nice hand job, I was a little slow to come to attention due to the tension, but she prevailed. Then she rubbed the lube between my cheeks and eased.....FUCK....SHOVED a finger in! No....actually she eased it in, but I was nervous and have never played this way before, so my ass was tight. She worked that finger in and out while stroking my cock.......I liked this after I relaxed a bit, I liked it a lot as a matter of fact. Once she had my ass relaxed she donned her strap on and climbed on top of me. I was REALLY nervous about this, but she slid it in and it felt.......good? She worked my cock with one hand and began fucking my ass with the strap on. My erection piqued and I was enjoying this. She kept at it, and I got into it, offering her all I could and eventually blowing a mess all over myself.

She got off, helped me clean up then we sat and talked. I learned that the anal play was better than I expected and that I like paddling less than I expected. She told me that she could tell I was not enjoying the paddle. To some degree, I am pretty vanilla. I showered, dressed, enjoyed a parting hug and left.

Mistress Vixen was a perfect choice for me to explore this aspect of sexuality. She is experienced, knowledgeable and caring. She can be cruel and sadistic of this I have no doubt, but I am convinced only with someone that desires such. She is a true professional and can tailor a session to meet the needs of a rank beginner or a true masochist.

We are already discussing a second session, I want to try some new things and go further on some others. I definitely recommend Mistress Victoria to anyone interested in exploring the darker side.

December 2014

Mistress Victoria Vixen is a true Goddess not to be compared with other Mistresses. She is beautiful, sexy, dominant, cruel and she has complete control over the scene. Her voice alone will bring you to your knees quivering with passion and desire to please Her in every way possible.
Her talent is unparalleled with any other Mistress i have played with. Not only have i played with Mistresses from all over the world, but i was an owned slave for many years. So this is coming from a very experienced player.
Her dungeon is very well equipped and very clean in a nice quiet neighborhood. Her diversity with many types of fetishes are not only exquisite but remarkably from another world. You will be so far removed from your world when you enter her space, that it would be impossible not to have Mistress Victoria Vixen on your mind at all times.
There is no substitute for Mistress Victoria Vixen in Austin nor anywhere else. One should book a session with Her and not look back.

January 2015

While in Austin recently I was fortunate to find Mistress Victoria Vixen's profile online. So I sent her an email and was impressed with her timely responses to a few questions I had for her before arranging for a deposit to confirm a time and session with her later that evening. She was very flexible with scheduling as I had a limited window of time to visit her and she was very accommodating.

When I arrived that night to her private home I was amazed to see that she was very hot and actually lives up to all of her photos on her website which is not always the case with most girls. She is actually hotter in person than her photos reveal, and she is very playful in a sensuous and sexy kind of way. Her smile is mischievous and her steely eyes will lure you deep into her dark world.

We talked briefly at first on a couch and discussed what turns me on, and then I got a little nervous before we started and she was very comforting to me so I was able to relax and enjoy. Once we got started it was total excitement and arousal from the beginning which was a very generous hour of her time and attention.

If there are any of you who love ass worship, face-sitting and smothering, then this is your girl! She spent the entire time wrapping her lovely legs, thighs, ass and everything in between all over my head, face, body, and gripping me tightly with her python-like thighs which for me is a huge turn on. She also has lovely breasts and repeatedly smothered my face with them which I enjoyed very much.

Her CBT skills were also excellent and only made the intensity even deeper. This also gave me sensory overload from the excitement of her burying my face in her ass plus the CBT tease and torment made for what I call double trouble. It made me wear down after a while but that didn't stop her from trying to keep things going the whole session. She tied up my cock and balls and rubbed her sexy body all over me which I loved.

Not only was I having a great time the whole hour, but so was she and I tried my best to get her turned on just the same which made it even more erotic for us. Her technique is advanced and she had me head-locked in so many different positions and angles I was amazed. And she knows how to handle your cock and balls in a very exciting way while giving you her full attention. She also wrapped her leg around my cock in a way that nearly crushed it in her powerful thighs which I've never had anyone do like that before which was a real turn-on.

I told her that her ass and thighs felt so good that if I had a pillow that felt like her ass I would never get out of bed. She provided the best face-sitting and ass worship I've ever had and would have truly enjoyed having her wear me down for an entire night as I'm into tantra and extended play.

If I lived in Austin I would likely want to see her at least once a week as her touch is therapeutic in many ways, and she will make you explode like a volcano. I was enjoying the ass worship so much and she sat on me for such a long time and it was like one very long sexy continuous hug around my head.

So if any of you have a serious fetish for legs, ass and thighs wrapped tightly all over you then call her immediately and don't bother with anyone else. This girl is the best and will make you feel like a king.

The location she is at was convenient and quiet thankfully, and the facilities were very good with lots of toys around for her to choose from. The majority of the time she had me pinned down on the leather bed and tormented me with her ass all night long, best I've ever had. Can't wait to schedule another session soon!


March 2015

I have had the great honor to serve at the feet of Mistress Victoria Vixen for nearly 5 months now. It has been the best 5 months of my life so far. I'm so grateful to have found the perfect Goddess. Mistress Victoria Vixen is perfection personified in every way your mind can imagine. She will teach you so many things about yourself and you will submit to Her power with absolute eagerness and anticipation every time. No matter if you are with Her or at home by yourself, She has the power to completely control you and get into your head. It is absolutely magical what this Queen will bring to your life.
Her skills are by far superior to any other Mistress i have served in the past 20 years. She has mastered the art of BDSM. Her dungeon is fully equipped with wonderful toys and located at a very nice quiet and safe neighborhood.
We are very fortunate in Austin to have a great Queen like Mistress Victoria Vixen to have chosen this city as Her Home.
I would travel from across the globe to serve at This Goddess' feet. She is One of a kind, a true Mistress.

May 2015

i was lucky enough to meet & session with the beautiful Mistress Victoria Vixen on a recent trip to Austin TX.

As i serve Mistress Roxy Jezel, and Mistress Vixen uses the same (well-equipped, safe, quiet - except for my screams!! - dungeon), i got lucky!

We did a double session and i was not disappointed!
Clearly these two Dommes work well together, and they had their way with me!

Activities included needle play, strap-on abuse, whippings, and CBT, just to name a few.

Mistress Vixen is a very sultry Dominatrix. She knows that the power of a whisper is sometimes much stronger than a shout. But don't be mislead, She will be in control at all times!

Physically She is that "all-American Girl next door", but with a super sexy, curvaceous body.

Overall, i would highly recommend Her.
She is experienced & talented at what She does.

You will not be disappointed!

i hope to serve on my next trip!

June 2016

Im so glad I found Mistress Victoria Vixen! I asked her to do something a little different from her listed preferred activities on her personal website. She replied quickly and was happy to oblige! Her dungeon, tools, and equipment were extensive and suitable for my kink. Also the location is quite discreet and anonymous which is great. My experience with her was fantastic! It was so much fun yet semi intense and totally new for me. I had never been bonded or restrained like that nor had I ever met a domme before. I loved it! It felt great yet scary and intolerable at times. It was thrilling!She was lovely, professional, facilitative, and made me feel comfortable (minus the torturous/intense parts of course). I highly recommend Ms V!

June 2016

I can't recommend Ms. Vixen enough. There's a high level of professionalism. Even after seeing me a few times, she still sits down with me to go over what kind of a session I'm looking for. Safewords are established. She's careful about hard limits. She has a great playspace with a shower and clean towels. The rollercoaster is very real. She knows how to take and use what she wants, and enjoy herself. The first time I saw her, she tied up on the table and at one point said, "oh my god, you really like this". Completely unscripted. I've never been so thoroughly degraded and completely appreciated. Ms Vixen gets it. She's savvy like that. I still get nervous when I knock on the door. If she had a fan club, I'd join it.