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United States - Pennsylvania

I am a tall, Alpha Femme Fatale, Bitch Goddess, and Erotic Priestess ready to seduce, use, and transform you. 

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July 2016

Last night i had my first session with Mistress Tissa. It was a two hour session. It was amazing. Into this scene for more than 40 years I can say that She is among the very best. She is physically exquisite. A real beauty. Extreme intelligence and sensitivity characterized her every move. She is sensual, strict, totally tuned in, sensitive to my needs. I came in apprehensive and left totally satisfied, purged of stress, and looking forward to the next time. Note also, She demonstrated appropriate concern for proper hygiene, safety, and confidentiality throughout. Totally personable as well as a consummate professional, i can't wait to come again!

July 2016

My very first contact with Mistress Tissa came through a phone conversation where i was screened as a possible submissive to Her prior to O/our first session. She could not have been more thorough. Our phone conversation gave Mistress Tissa an opportunity to inquire as to my BDSM interests and level of experience as a submissive, my physical and emotional well-being and what to expect during my first session with Her. When i arrived at O/our first session, Mistress Tissa began by again checking in on my emotional and physical well-being, along with a brief conversation as to the upcoming session. She is always very thorough and professional in everything that She does both prior to and during sessions. Mistress Tissa describes Herself as a perfectionist, and i concur. In Mistress Tissa’s website there are many words that are used to describe Her; such as beautiful, intelligent, stunning, powerful, demanding, and intimidating, just to name a few. But, i would add the word professional. From my first phone conversation with Her to every single moment that i have been in Her presence, i have found Her to be extremely knowledgeable on BDSM and professional in every way. How would i describe Her appearance? Mistress Tissa has intoxicating beauty, an alluring scent, a silvery voice, and controlling touch. She is an absolute Goddess on Earth! From the very moment you enter Her “Temenos,” (the word She uses to describe Her dungeon), it is almost impossible to take your eyes off of Her. But, why would you? She is exquisite! Mistress Tissa knows how to “seduce, use, and transform you.” i am living proof of that! In using Her words, She has molded me into a “terrific slave.” i believe that the most enjoyment that comes from a session with Mistress Tissa is to completely surrender to Her, as it is what She expects and demands. Her website describes Her as “part Femme Fatale, part Bitch Goddess, and part Erotic Priestess.” All are accurate descriptions of this most amazing Dominatrix. Mistress Tissa is a master of mixing both intense pain and pleasure throughout each session. She will quickly learn your threshold for pain and bring you right to the edge of it as you prepare to say your “safe” word. Then she typically eases up on the intensity, allowing you some relief. I have learned through my sessions with Mistress Tissa that She knows me better than i know myself. Basically, She has taken complete ownership of me and molds me into whatever She feels like during that particular session. i have served several dommes over the past few years since i began playing. But, i can say without reservation, that Mistress Tissa is the most skilled, thorough and passionate Dominatrix that i have ever had the pleasure and privilege of serving. She is absolutely addicting! i will be back to see Her soon.

August 2016

i had been corresponding with Mistress Tissa via e-mail, off and on, for 2-3 years before W/we finally met. My impression of Mistress during this time was that She could be strict and no nonsense, yet also compassionate, friendly, and funny. i also knew from Her pictures that Mistress is very attractive.W/we finally met in January of 2016.Mistress, looking even more beautiful in person, was dressed casually with no indication of what the next 3 hours held for me.W/we sat down and talked for about 20 minutes. Not rushed at all.Mistress is very natural, friendly, and engaging. So much so, that i became concerned it would affect the dynamic of O/our session.i could not have been more wrong.Mistress Tissa went into Her Dominatrix persona suddenly, instantly, and frighteningly.Mistress did not let up for the next 3 hours.Eventually i became exhausted but She was relentless.O/our sessions revolve around forced femme and strap-on, with emphasis on verbal and psychological aspects.Mistress is absolutely generous with Her energy, attention, and creativity.i have visited many Mistresses and while some, not all, were quite good, none were THIS good.She is an experience to remember and Her pictures do not do Her justice.By the way, if you choose to visit Mistress, it is very important that you be able to let yourself go and not be self-conscious.Let - Your - Self - Go !!!, and Mistress Tissa will take it from there. You can trust Her. Believe me.Mistress Tissa, ... is simply the best !!-paulette from Chicago

December 2016

Mistress' greatest strength is in the level of honesty, awareness and intellect she brings not just into the dungeon, but in all aspects of Her work. As a submissive, the greatest fear is that you're going to be treated as "just a client." However, Mistress finds the unique personal connective tie between Herself and you, and (in the best way) exploits that to Her benefit and to the likely mind-blowing nature of the session overall. Mistress is strikingly beautiful, too. Of course, the idea that one would want to be Dominated in a session by a beautiful woman makes sense. However, there's something much more piercing and deeply connective in Her in-session glances and movements that creates a sense of something much more than general "enticement" happening. That "something" is a level of absolute and total control important to Her manner. Having already created the connective tie between you and Her, the work She does is ultimately all about pushing deeper and more powerfully into that, exerting a level of emotional, physical, and psychological control that creates a level of freedom and stimulation unlike anything else one has likely ever felt or known.

May 2017

How do I describe Mistress Tissa? After having served her numerous times, so many words and feelings flood my mind. When I am with Her, I know I am with a genuinely dominant, deliciously kinky and stunningly beautiful woman who totally controls my mind and body during the time we spend together. She always guides me so that I can completely surrender to Her will, freeing my mind and body to accept and delight in whatever She decides to do. Mistress Tissa has taught me that the best way to please Her is to relax and flow with the sensations, to become a passenger on the journey She wants us to take. Bondage, immobilization, pain, sensory deprivation, pleasure, touch, words… all of these, and more, She incorporates to craft a session that leaves me satisfied and fulfilled. People seek Dominants for many reasons. For me, I love to feel helpless and to know that there is nothing I can do to influence what is going to happen. I love to feel challenged, to be pushed to go just a bit beyond what I think I can handle. I need to know my submission is valued and that I am pleasing my Mistress. I also need know that I will never be required to do more than I can deal with, that I am safe, respected, and cared for as a person. Mistress Tissa uses Her skills and personality to perfectly match these needs for me. She is exquisite and I feel honored She allows me to serve Her.

March 2018

I had my first 90 minute session with Mistress Tissa, and I couldn't have been happier! Mistress Tissa really took the time to understand what I was looking for in my session and went above and beyond. Temenos (her space) is well equipped and very easy to get to. Mistress Tissa absolutely lives up to her pictures and description both physically and mentally. She is a force to be reckoned with. Our session included foot domination, rough play, bondage and power exchange. The session was exactly what I expected without being predictable, and definitely kept me on my toes. You can tell that Mistress Tissa enjoys this, and is naturally dominant!I absolutely cannot wait until our next session!

May 2018

However hot you think Mistress Tissa is from looking at her photos, I promise you she is way hotter In person. she is also deceptively strong considering her slim frame. While she is strict and likes to test your limits, she is also respectful of them, and I felt very safe in her hands. I felt completely helpless from the moment she got a hold of me. And as soon as she trapped me, I was completely at her mercy. I traveled all the way from New York to see her, It was everything I had hoped for, and she more then exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be seeing her again soon.Sam,

October 2018

i am a complete novice to all of this. Have had long held "dirty little secret" of being excited and fascinated by tickling that i never revealed to anyone before, and so had never had considerable real time experience. Have also struggled with anxiety, personal space / intimacy issues most of my life, and really wanted to try something to push past all my self imposed boundaries. i finally decided to try and schedule a 1 hr session with Mistress Tissa, to finally experience this long held fantasy, a 'bucket list' item. i completed her comprehensive application and followed through with the required phone call interview. i was beyond nervous and could barely speak coherently, but Mistress guided me through the phone conversation, suggesting the addition of spanking to the session to mix things up. i had never even thought about that, have always been so focused on tickling, but for some reason, I agreed, and we scheduled a session. Before the session, i sent her an email explaining my nervousness and some things that had come up for me since our last phone call. She suggested a pre session coaching phone call, to help me be better prepared for the experience. When i arrived for the session, i was shaking and nervous and barely able to speak. Mistress was unbelievably kind and talked me through my nerves before we transitioned down to her dungeon. Mistress managed to establish very clearly Her Dominance, strength, and control of the situation. And although i was unbelievably nervous, bashful and intimidated, She also made me feel safe and protected. The one hour session flew by, and in spite of myself, i had managed to let go, at least partly, and experience it. When i left, i knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that i wanted to go back again. i could not believe how incredible i felt afterward, how much She had gotten inside my head and pushed me, it was incredible. i knew i had to go back, at least one more time, to make sure it wasn't some kind of fluke. i had another phone coaching session with Her before the second session, to discuss my initial experience and talk about the next. i have had now had the privilege of two sessions with Mistress Tissa, and have just scheduled my third. It was no fluke. my second session was 2 hrs, and She again exceeded all my wildest expectations, clearing my head, quieting the noise, and forcing me into the moment. i left that session with my head spinning and feeling better than i had in weeks.i plan on continuing to session with Mistress Tissa as i continue to work on pushing through boundaries and getting closer to being my authentic self. i did not expect to care so much about what She thought or even really considered that i would want to serve Her. But when She told me i did well at the end of the session, i was ecstatic that i had pleased her. i realized i do want to serve her, and give up control to her, to regain control in my life. Mistress is so intuitive, so good at what She does, that She has brought out interests i didn't even know i had. i am convinced that continued sessions with her will be a life transforming experience. And unbelievably fun and exciting too. i am in awe of her strength, intelligence, uncanny intuition and her high ethical standards. She is an intimidating force to be reckoned with in all the right ways. Don't walk, RUN and request a session with Mistress Tissa right away!