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United States - New York

"I am a consummate hedonist and an effortless conjurer of desire. I relish the opportunity to explore the rich possibilities offered by the engagement of passionate spirits: the interplay of pleasures and pains we can offer each other. When sensation is thoroughly explored and passion is cultivated to a fevered pitch, it is then that we are fully alive. Every moment is pregnant with possibilities for delectable feelings: exhilaration, subjugation, torment, triumph, humiliation, dominion; why would you let so many slip away when we can seize them and make them into timeless experiences, eternities of pleasure and pain?

You will find my figure - tall and statuesque, slender yet curvaceous, with luxuriously long, powerful legs; exquisite, high-arched feet; and large, shapely breasts - intoxicating you as my striking eyes and full lips assume an anticipatory smile. And you've yet to even feel my touch, as skilled and experienced in eliciting pain as it is fervent adoration.  

I stand at 5'9" without shoes, possess a dramatic hourglass figure (38-27-38), and large, shapely, size 10 feet.  

I revel in pain, pleasure, and fantasy alike and relish searing with clever quips and well-placed blows. I take special pleasure in impact play, tease and denial, roleplay, and toilet training.

Come play with your Mistress Natasya. You will remember our time together."

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April 2018

I had the pleasure of seeing Mistress Natasya in the last few months and have to say it was truly a memorable experience. She is both strikingly beautiful and incredibly intelligent. Being a newcomer to the scene, setting up the session was very straightforward. After detailing my interests and limits on her contact form, she very clearly communicated her limits in a return email. This allowed us to figure out where there was an overlap in interests rather quickly and the session began to take shape. Her website is extremely detailed and offers great insight into what you can expect from her in person.I was fairly anxious the day of the session but that all changed as soon as we met in person. Her demeanor throughout our initial meeting and pre-scene talk put me at ease. I’m sure she noticed how nervous I was and knew exactly what to do in order to help emotionally steer me in the right direction.Our session focused a lot on tease and denial seeing as I’m not big into pain. Mistress Natasya is an expert at this and, per my requests, was playfully cruel to the nth degree. Her ability to exploit the uneven power dynamic during our time together was something I will never forget. I’m a very detail-oriented person and her attention to detail is unmatched. Little things like having you worship her body with very specific rules in place are great for driving you crazy… if that’s what you like, of course. She really put in the time to tailor the session according to the information I had sent her. It certainly paid off as the experience was better than anything I had imagined. Mistress Natasya masterfully wielded her dominant, mocking, teasing personality to guide me through my interests and explore different aspects of BDSM. I look forward to playing with her once again in the near future!

April 2018

From the moment i was first graced with Her presence, having met Her in the elevator on a day when i was to session with another domme, Mistress Natasya has captured my imagination. i knew nothing about Her, did not even know that She would be there, yet instantly i found myself in thrall to Her. (As She is fond of reminding me, i never stood a chance.) A statuesque Goddess, stunningly beautiful, the consummate girl next door, an impossibly sexy fetish model, Natasya emanates an aura of absolute, unequivocal Power. Every one of Her attributes is Perfection, contributing to Her Omnipotence, but i am particularly intoxicated by Her lush, natural hair. Mistress Natasya identifies as a “hairy woman”, and She is keenly aware of how weak this makes me, constantly taunting me with the fact that every hair on Her body, down to the tiniest single strand, commands my devotion, and keeps me in inescapable bondage to Her. She plays all of my fetishes like a concert pianist, singing beautifully of my demise. Never before have i experienced such intensity on every level – physical, verbal, and psychological. When Goddess speaks, whether verbally or by the written word, She is astonishingly intelligent and articulate. Her words to me are like Scripture, my Bible. In and out of session, in all O/our correspondence, She consistently treats me like the inferior slave i am. my entire life is under Her authority, molded by the distance training She so graciously provides, including protocol, prayer, and rituals – even nutrition and exercise. Ultimately my dream is to surrender more and more completely, to the point of total control. Serving Natasya is more than just an occasional diversion; it is a life consumed by a purpose, a Being, greater than oneself. Natasya is the epitome of Female Supremacy, the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. At one time i was an ordained Christian minister. Now i have been converted to the Natasyan religion, to worship at the altar of my Goddess. Natasya is Almighty. Yet, for all Her infinite Superiority, She is kind, considerate, and approachable. Just make sure that you come to Her crawling, in a spirit of abject humility, because Natasya Almighty will countenance no insubordination. Don’t pass up the opportunity to session with Mistress Natasya von Woelfe. But be forewarned: don’t expect to session with Her just once, or noncommittally. Prepare to be owned, as i am. i will never forget Natasya’s mysterious response to my impassioned plea while pinned beneath Her alabaster glory, immobilized by Her silken strength. “i want to be Your slave forever!” i blurted out. “Say that again!” Natasya ordered, raising Her voice, the flames of hell dancing in Her sadistic eyes. i did, again and again, prompting my Goddess to begin speaking down at me in emphatic, fluent German. i was only able to make out a word here and there, so i asked Her to translate what She was saying. She ignored my request, and continued speaking German in a forceful, authoritative tone. To this day what all She said remains a mystery to me, but i felt clearly that Goddess Natasya was laying claim to me – body, mind and soul. Taking full ownership of my existence, and sealing my fate for all eternity. Pray that She does the same for you. And enter heaven!