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Mistress Maggie hopes to welcome you soon to her fully equipped chambers and Fetish Clinic in Preston, Lancs. A BDSM expert - Specialist in Medical play, Inescapable Bondage and Breathplay. I am a very experienced and well established professional Domme, young looking mature 50+ lady. I enjoy helping gentlemen to explore kink and fetishism at all levels, whether it be for pure fun or to fulfil a desire to relent full control to a beautiful and/or sadistic Dominant woman.

All sessions are planned with safety in mind and to suit your special requirements, all sessions are strictly 1-2-1 and are available at my nicely equipped premises at a private location close to the M6/J31 Monday to Friday, 12 noon – 10pm.

If you get turned on by leather, rubber, stockings and boots etc, just let me know as I have a massive fetish wardrobe and can assure you that I dress to Dominate.

I am a medical specialist, with my own White Room, kitted out for kinky medicals and operations. Equipment includes extensive electroplay kit, unusual CBT, rubber plugs, rubber masks, gasmasks and associated paraphernalia for breath control. Rubber sheets, anaesthetic setup, enemas, anal toys, dildos and strapon treatments. Proper uniforms, rubber uniform, needles and syringes, steel this, steel that, steel the other . . . Catheters, sounds - you name it, I am a natural when it comes to medical play and nurse is an expert in making a bloke feel better, even if its painful. Patients are unable to resist making their next appointment.

All other aspects of domination, S&M, bondage and CP from mild to hard are all enjoyed and on the menu. Please check out my 'List of Services' and visit my website for a comprehensive guide to the kinky sessions I provide - all are well illustrated with examples of whats on offer. You will find BDSM themed stories on there, loads and loads of big session pictures, fetish related articles, reviews from slaves, and photo sets.

Thank you for checking me out. I look forward to playing with you soon.

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Mistress Maggie Reviews (Post a Review)

October 2011

Mistress Maggie is the most professional dominatrix that I could have had the pleasure to be granted my first sessions with. A considerable amount of thought goes into her session planning and the results are the most satisfying and breathtaking experiences. I will be returning to Mistress Maggie and recommend a session whether you are experienced or, like me, a novice. This testimonial is totally unsolicited to the extent that I suspect Mistress Maggie will show her surprise and contempt at our next session. A thoroughly attractive and dominating person.

Mr J

January 2012

On this occasion it was a slightly different apppointment with the wonderful lady who I now consider the dominating mistress who I wish to be completely devoted to. I was to be used for a photograph session which was a big thrill for me. I have fantasised about beautiful dominant women ever since I was a masturbating teenager. My main regret in life is that instead of feeling guilty and embarrased about my fetish, I should have done more than live in my own little dream world. I spent too many years trying to be "one of the guys" and fit in with the crowd. I have now met a lady who fulfills all my dreams, but is also a kind caring intelligent human being.

My main ambition in life is to serve and please her. When I arrived at her private house in Preston, I was greeted at the door by Mistress Maggie who as always, looked absolutely stunning. I had volunteered to be used in various photograph shots and was happy to oblige. As the camera was set up for each shot I had the benefit of seeing her in various fetish clothes. I had never really understood the rubber fetish, but the sight of Mistress Maggie in skin tight rubber skirt and rubber top exposing her beautiful breasts has converted me for ever. She looked fabulous. I was also grateful to be used for watersport and toilet duties which are my particular fantasy. This was a huge bonus because I thought that this was just a photographic session. I spent a lot more time in my Mistresses company than would normally be allowed and enjoyed every minute.

Now I know that what I want to enjoy from life is actually not that hard to find, I only wish I had the balls to get involved earlier. If anyone is reading this who is having a fantasy about visiting a dominatrix please can I offer some advice. You may have tried one or two ladies who offered domination and felt you were conned and ripped off. I visited a few (so called) dominatrix ladies over the years, not many I admit and so can`t claim to be an authority, but I never went back for a second visit to any of them. There are a lot of ladies out there (often prostitutes) who think that dishing out a bit of S & M is more profitable than sucking cocks. They just want to spank your arse and take your money. I did a fair amount of research before contacting Mistress Maggie. She is a caring, clean, beautiful lady with a real understanding of the fetish scene. She still gets enjoyment from her work and takes an interest in her clients needs. She is a talented lady when it comes to making new rubber garments and bondage equipment.

The only reason that Mistress Maggie is so creative is because she has a genuine interest in the scene. Don`t waste your time and money on ladies who have no real interest in what they are doing. If you are a genuine submissive, I suggest you contact this genuine lady. It has taken me a lot of years to find my goddess. If ever she dismissed me for good, I would not look elsewhere. Now that I have experienced the very best I could not make do with anything less. I live for my wonderful Mistress. Slave Neil

March 2012

I have only recently become active in the BDSM scene with my first visit to the Preston Playroom in September 2011. The selection process as to how I arrived with Mistress Maggie is logical, un-inspiring and it is already documented in other reviews I have submitted. I had rejected any thoughts about being prescriptive as to how sessions should proceed and decided that wherever Maggie wanted to take me, within her own strict published guidelines, would appeal to me as a sub. I also decided that when I enter the chambers there would be no nonsense of 'he who pays the piper.....' I wanted the experience where I am truly subservient and fully under the whim of a dominant Mistress. My first contact with Mistress Maggie was via her web site. There are a lot of professional sites that I visited when I was teetering on the edge of making first contact. Maggie's web site ticked all of my boxes and appears as a professional shop-front for the services that are available. The narratives are interesting and the pictures provide visual stimulus to reinforce the text. The web-site is well maintained and regularly updated and has a members area containing the normal news reviews, snippets of additional information, stories, a bit of history etc and proved to be well worth the investment for a months subscription. The latest news update (20th February 2012) shows Maggie as keen to continue to expand her considerable experiences by the conversion of a second room to accommodate her newly acquired medical furniture. I also found it refreshing that rates are prominently displayed within the site and you are aware of the financial investment that will be required for session time. The other review sites that Maggie uses on the Internet are regularly updated to reflect the progress on the main Mistress Maggie web site, suggesting an active contributor. To me it also suggested a professional approach to the whole area of advertising and the provision of updated information to potential clients. I have seen many review sites where the only contact was the day the PD registered. I find it disappointing when you read the briefest of blurb, attempt to locate the web site for more information only to find that it is diametrically opposite to the image portrayed on the review site or, worse still, the Mistress' own website was last updated several years ago or is simply unavailable. The web site was sufficient to draw me to making that first, all important contact. From my perspective, a very nervous beginning as I am sure it is for all first timers, the initial phone call was friendly as were the couple of e-mail exchanges exploring where I wanted to go. I had little idea apart from my liking for latex bondage and breath play. Again, Maggie was welcoming and attentive at the first session and first impressions were of a very attractive person interested in her work and prepared to invest a lot of effort into making a session enjoyable for both herself and customer. The pre-session review confirmed our conversations and email and we were off in session. That session was very much about gaining trust for both parties and easing me gently into my fantasies. I did get the impression that Maggie was assessing me as a person as much as I was of her as a Mistress. I suspected had I not been genuine and honest, I may have received far more than I bargained for. A force not to be messed with. At this point I will restate the obvious. My experience with a PD is limited to my current experience with Mistress Maggie. I have no intentions of changing in the foreseeable future and by definition cannot compare her with other PD's; I do not have the exposure to make a valid comparison. I do, however, have some life and work experience (employed and approaching 60) and what I have experienced in the 11 sessions is the approach of a professional person who appears to really enjoy their job. Either that or she should be Oscar nominated. In an earlier life, I did spells as an adult trainer and on a couple of occasions have been privy to the session notes that are used by Maggie. The documents have been professionally created and are referenced during each session and creates the impression of a structured training plan. It is obvious Maggie maintains client notes, as I am sure all the PD's do, because what is said, agreed or performed in one session is reflected in future session plans. I have certainly had my horizons extended and this will, hopefully continue. None of the sessions have strayed into the 'off limits' areas that were so fundamental to my original choice and I am really pleased that the original decision to abdicate all control was correct. Having read various web offerings and talking to Maggie, I do appreciate, from a PD perspective, that the blank canvas approach can be most difficult to plan for. From my perspective, it does give servitude; one of my original aims and suits my needs but I am certain will not suit everyone. It has produced a wonderful bi-product that I am actually learning what gives Maggie some enjoyment during sessions. That I believe is important in a Mistress and slave relationship. It has encouraged some of Maggie's rather strange sense of humour to surface which in turn makes for a far more rewarding session for both players. After 11 sessions, what conclusions can I draw? The web site is an accurate reflection of a PD. The Preston Playroom is both warm and welcoming yet sinister and challenging. You are made welcome and your relationship is not, in any conceivable way, just part of a balance sheet entry; money in money out. I have been helped through some difficult web entanglements, that through my naivety could have proved embarrassing, reflecting that welfare is also an important aspect of Maggie's longer term involvement with her subs and a PD who really does enjoy her work and that enjoyment is transmitted through to the sessions. I now feel qualified to suggest that if you are a newcomer, as I was last September, a relative newcomer as I am after eleven sessions or a much more experienced player, Mistress Maggie should feature high in any short list that you create. In the North West you will experience a mature, self assured, capable, attractive PD who should be able to accompany you on whatever course you choose to navigate in the sub role. I would offer a final precautionary note. If you have to be away  from the Playroom by a specific time, make sure you tell Maggie beforehand. The sessions do have a tendency to overrun and if Mistress is in full swing, it will end when it ends. Maggie does not operate a conventional clocking off mechanism which is another endearing fact that suggests she really does enjoy her work and not just the money.  Visit the web site and see for yourself.

July 2015

I have been trying to arrange a visit for many months, finally we both had time that we could meet and I am so glad I did. From the opening of the door I was met by Mistress Maggie and the session was 100% what I asked for. Mummification and catheterized for all the 6 hours without needing go to the loo, and breath control.

I will be looking forward to revisiting Mistress Maggie very very soon.

Mistress dressed as I wished and the premises were clean and fully equipped.


Thank you Mistress Maggie xxxx