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United Kingdom - Glasgow

I am a professional Dominatrix, and have been since the year 2000.  I offer private sessions in a secure, clean dungeon chamber in the city centre of Glasgow. My sessions can be quite personal for me as I am a sensual person, never feeling the need to shout or scream. I can get my point across with no words spoken, but with closeness, eye contact and slight gestures, I can manipulate you by any means necessary.

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June 2011

Have been visiting Mistress Lilith monthly since Sept & she has firmly led me on my chosen path & guided/stretched (sometimes literally) my limits & introduced me to new experiences that i had only dreamt/fantasised about in the past. Be warned though.....she does go through with any threats she makes. She had threatened for a while to suture my scrotum round my penis. A threat she carried out on my last visit. I believe she can handle anyone's range from mild to severe, and she does it all with a smile on her face and little chuckles when she sees/hears that her efforts are having the desired effect.

June 2011

Mistress Lilith is a dominatrix beyond compare. Having visited Mistress on a regular basis she has led me on a voyage of discovery, guiding me from sensual to sadistic pleasures and torments, with unexpected and delightful treats. She knows how to use my desires and weaknesses against me, and to build up my adoration and desire to submit to her gorgeous curves and cruel personality. From scary needle play and medical scenes, sensual to cruel electrics, obedient puppy, foot and heel worship, bondage and intoxicating double domme, her arsenal of domination and humiliation is overwhelming. She is beautiful, sexy, dominant, generous and cruel, and she has a wicked sense of humour - i will do anything to hear her sensuous laugh or see her gorgeous lips smile, and to kneel in worship and adoration at her beautiful heels. Exquisite!

August 2011

I have never met Mistress Lilith I have undertaken E Mail training with her this is because I have never been too sure if meeting a mistress was the right thing for me to do and if I was ready for that next step to be taken. What I can tell you is that since I have started the training over the last month she has defiantly showed me a side that I never knew I had and that I truly want to explore further and this is my chosen path. I totally recommend this E Mail training to any novice like myself I plan to carry on the training until I get my chance to visit Mistress Lilith in person and when I do I know it will be like all my Christmas's come at once. Sub J

October 2011

I was going to be staying on my own in a hotel for a few days away and asked Mistress for a compressed e-mail dom session (a few challenges a night). It's amazing the ideas she came up with. From wearing girly panties all day (with photo evidence given to Mistress) to challenging me to shove a twix up my ass and then eat it (not easy), tying my balls to the hotel furniture or coming over a muffin and eating it down. I even managed to complete a challenge where I took a pic of myself naked in the hotel corridor! I really recommend this to anyone who's going to be stuck in a hotel for a few days - makes the stay soooo much better. Thanks Mistress - hope to book again soon.

November 2011

Found Mistress Lilith through browsing internet. She is kind enough to offer email tasks for slaves which I am after for. Done those many years every now and then. I like to do messy and extreme stuff, so many Mistresses won't go that far and so didn't expect much, but noticed that She really reads my emails and thinks about assignments. Oh and kinks, She is truly wonderful! Very wicked and full of surprises. Hopefully She will allow me to continue with next series of these. Oh, please, do not book Her too much, so that there will be time left me as well :-)

November 2011

Omg iam so happy to write this...mistress lilith is beyond a doubt the best i have ever known ,fantasized or seen in femdom world.I know mistress lilith for about 3 years, when i 1st met i was scared to meet a dominatrix that it would make me weird but omg mistress lilith knew i was a novice and she trained me with every session by session and believe it or not i don't even have to tell exactly what i am looking for because mistress lilith knows about me and makes and enjoy the sessions accordingly, what i am trying to say is this is the best thing that has ever happened to me that i meet someone like mistress lilith who makes my dream come true underneath her and more importantly she loves doing it which really matters to me. No I am sorry but no offence to any other doms but she is the real deal , i have so many feelings gushing in my head when i am typing this she is no doubt made me feel some one who i want to be, an obedient serving slave to a beauty, guys iam not kidding but you may read mistress intro in other websites and its most of the times exaggeration,because i found the hard way with goddess mistress lilith it is exactly what she is in her website absolutely magnificent, mistress lilith knows exactly how to explore my limits without hurting me oh hell wit it want to be hurt by mistress lilith absolutely worth it. As a a sub someone would think that this is my limit but mistress lilith is a goddess a sub should trust and let mistress explore those limits as mistress lilith does exactly with me that she knows my fantasies better than me she is a real ravishing godess and every penny i invested has given me more pleasure and satisfaction than anything ,its totaly and absolutely worth it. Now i love being her seat(queening session),massaging seat actually which mistress lilith and i sort of explored in our sessions, love worshipping her ass, feet,being mistress's pony, role plays are absolutely out of this world. Iam just going to say it if 1 wish in my life is that i want to serve mistress lilith 4 ever as long as mistress lilith wants me to. for new comers mistress lilith opens the door to a lifestyle where people like me fantasize. kisses to yr feet goddess

November 2011

Recently i had the the good fortune to discover that Lilith is a very capable session wrestler. She is fit, very strong and skilled. In a wrestling match between us she subjected me to a succession of painful locks and holds bringing me to tap out in submission. Her upper body strength has to be experienced to be believed. Her legs are magnificent, particularly her thighs which she uses to great effect when scissor facesitting her opponent to submission. She just loves that position and i cannot wait for her to outwrestle me again. Beautiful eyes, luscious lips and a great victory smile.

November 2011

After initial contact with mistress lilith via email, I finally arranged an appointment. Arriving at her dungeon, I was immediately in awe of her. We discussed what I did/did not like and she then ordered me to get ready. What followed blew my mind. Mistress never let me know what was going to happen, and the anticipation and nervousness added to the tension. I have been back twice and each time I have experienced different scenarios. Look forward to each visit and see what mistress has before for me.

November 2011

This was my first to a dominatrix and it was the most amazing experience of my life. Mistress Lilith is gorgeous and could sense my nervousness. She made me very comfortable, only initially, and then the fun and games began. I am definitely going back and it is all because she is great.

December 2011

All Dommes are not born equal! And Mistress Lilith is right up there as one of the best, if not the best Mistress you will ever have the privilege of sessioning with! :) I am female and have been subbing to Domme ladies since I was a teenager. I mostly played with partners, but I have seen a few Pro Dommes, and have played for decades with various Pro Dommes who were friends. This means I have a whole pool of people I can compare with and I can honestly say Mistress Lilith is my favourite Domme to see in the whole world! I can think of no-one I would rather session with and would encourage any other ladies curious about seeing a Pro Domme to visit her. Mistress Lilith's beauty is indisputable and she is tall and curvy and sexy, she is also intelligent and engages with you but there is much more than this too. One of the buzzes for me is Mistress Lilith is far from a prescribed cut out Domme that will do whatevers on your list of likes with cold automation. She will kind of do what you want, but she kind of won't too :) I'm never sure what's going to happen next, and to do what she wishes too is more authentic, more real, and more as it should be. Some Pro Dommes don't connect with you and seem to be Mistress version of stepford wifes - and that makes it all too cold and impersonal, whereas Mistress Lilith engages with you on a personal level and makes it really easy to trust her fully. She will go as far as you want but is always safe even if she is deadly. You will be always be a whole lot safer playing with her than doing private play as she is a long experienced comsumate Professional. Mistress Lilith ticks all the right boxes and more! So if you want to see the Mistress you think only exists in your head then try and see Mistress Lilith, you can travel with her to a whole new level, a level you will rarely find with another Domme, a level where you can soar as far as your dream ideal and beyond :)

December 2011

My meeting with Lilith was an amazing experience. It was my first time ever experiencing anything in the realm of kinkiness, and I'm glad it was spent with her. She was very friendly (though I'm sure you could request otherwise), and definitely knows what she's doing. She pushed me a little past my comfort zone, just enough to stretch it out but not so much that I'd be scared off. And she'll notice any little remarks you make ("That wasn't too bad", for example), and respond accordingly. I'll be returning, some time in the future, for a longer session.

December 2011

I Adore Mistress Lilith. This is the second time I have visited her, and she politely asked me to submit a review which I was more than happy to do for this young lady. I am into anything medical, and Lilith has a certain way of keeping me calm throught the whole procedure. She used the fire cups in the session, which was terrifying, but then once applied to the skin, not painful at all, just strangely pleasant. I had needle insertions, and then was catheterised and electrified. I adore this woman and her skilled mind, but I shall give everyone a warning.... She is addictive! Her Large chamber has had a make over, I think a wall has been knocked down as its huge looking now! I feel genuinely safe in her dungeon, as its not a "revolving door" policy like any other large establishment. I like the fact its just Lilith and no other Dom on the premises, so I never feel rushed or paranoid. Ill see her in the New year!

December 2011

I had an amazing session with Mistress this evening. Having visited Mistress previously (about 18 months ago) then had an a bad experience elsewhere which put me off the scene, visiting Mistress tonight was a little worrying. However, I had nothing to worry about, Mistress has a lovely chat with me, and then it was session time. From the mask and dress up, to the wonderful nipple torture, Mistress had this sub begging for more and set me up wonderfully for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope to see Mistress, early in the New Year, to push my pain boundaries that little bit further.

December 2011

I have visited Lilith on many occasions spanning years, when I was first fortunate enough to encounter this beautiful, cerebral enigma I was very VERY nervous......some urine may have leaked from my neather regions if I am honest. Lilith is not my only experience of a Pro Domme, I have sessioned with another few before Lilith........but I will not session with another mistress now, I am sure any other domme would be a pale and tedious comparison. You may read this and think I am exaggerating the extent of Lilith's skills but Lilith has a knack of being able to burrow into your psyche, she prods and pokes feelings, desires and kinks you never even knew exsisted A warm smile meets you upon entrance to her sumptious dungeon and a lovely figure (wrapped up in some sexy outfit!) welcomes you in, the pre session discussion puts you at ease as she probes what you want from the session that awaits. She certainly caters for most desires and not only does she manage to satisfy your wishes from the pre session chat she expands horizons, taking (certaily from my point of view) you to situations and positions you never knew possible! Amazing! Once your mind has been blown and the session has sadly finished the same warm smile that greeted you is the last thing you see before you return to the humdrum reality that normally depicts your life..........If I won the lottery the mistress would certainly see me more often than she does at this present point in time! I cant reccomend Lilith enough!

January 2012

I have sessioned with Mistress LILITH many times over the past few years.And i can honestly say that the sessions are still as fresh and exciting now as they were from day one.Mistress LILITH has taken me through all aspects of the FEMDOM scene she has also introduced me to all sorts of fetishes.I have a session booked with Mistress this Thursday and i am already excited, scared and panicky just thinking about it.As i know that by the end of the session i will be on a high which will last for many hours after the session has ended.So if you are looking for a truly Beautiful Mistress a Mistress who will push you to your limits then it has to be Mistress LILITH.

January 2012

The pearly gates can wait, I've found my heaven I was off the scene for a while (about 15yr) when I visited a domme in the midlands, I had a long session with her (8hr)and had asked for cbt and ball busting. I left there so disappointed I didn’t know if I would ever go to another domme, I came across Mistress Lilith and not living that close to her I decided to have an email session, I found this far more exciting than the visit to midlands domme, she was so creative with the tasks and challenges, this made me want to visit her. I got the chance on Friday 13 of all days. The arrangements were made, time set, my wish list was long, my nerves were on overtime, I was greeted by this gorgeous tall mistress who made me feel at ease straight away, I had a 4hr session with 3 different dommes , the pearly gates can wait, I've found my heaven. I was taken to pleasurable heights so many times during the session, cbt, pegs, whipping, wax, weights nipple and ball, electric toys and the ball busting kicks so much pleasure pain. My only problem is that I live too far away to make it a regular visit, but I'm going to try to there. The star rating for this day is double what is in the sky. But don’t poke the great bear. Jan 2012

February 2012

I feel sorry for the rest of the country as all the most beautiful dommes are in Glasgow with Mistress Lilith, who herself is absolutely stunning, I have visited her 3 times now and seen 4 different dommes, the latest was the really gorgeous Mistress Akasha, and wow they are all so gorgeous, and all know there stuff. Im into ball busting and Mistress Lilith finds my limit point each time and not once have I needed to ask her to stop, she gets me to my limit and she knows it, that's the hallmark of a truly great Mistress. However I had 2 sessions very close together and still a little tender from the ball busting session the night before i needed to submit to the absolutely stunningly gorgeous Mistress Lilith, after a total 4hr session I was well and truly busted, cant ask for more.Whatever your desire or fetish Mistress Lilith will make it happen for you.I dare you to try her,and get your limits pushed beyond your belief. mark

February 2012

I feel sorry for the rest of the country as all the most beautiful dommes are in Glasgow with Mistress Lilith, who herself is absolutely stunning, I have visited her 3 times now and seen 4 different dommes, the latest was the really gorgeous Mistress Akasha, and wow they are all so gorgeous, and all know there stuff. Im into ball busting and Mistress Lilith finds my limit point each time and not once have I needed to ask her to stop, she gets me to my limit and she knows it, that's the hallmark of a truly great Mistress. However I had 2 sessions very close together and still a little tender from the ball busting session the night before i needed to submit to the absolutely stunningly gorgeous Mistress Lilith, after a total 4hr session I was well and truly busted, cant ask for more.Whatever your desire or fetish Mistress Lilith will make it happen for you.I dare you to try her,and get your limits pushed beyond your belief.

February 2012

Bit of an update. Still visiting every 4 weeks.. i may be a glutton for punishment. Mistress Lilith is awesome and always surprises (in a nice/nasty way). Within interests, however long you serve her, she still keeps things fresh & testing... and will push yer limits once ye get to know each other. And, she will take you new places, which ye end up loving. Her dungeon keeps getting 'newer' and her selection of 'toys' seem to grow every visit. Awesome Lady

March 2012

When you enter the room Lilith puts you at easy straight away, we talk about what session we are doing. ( cling film etc). she tells you what she dos to you. etc. I would recommend Mistress lilith to some one else, she is very gud.

March 2012

Goddess in true sense.... My life has changed since I have visited Mistress Lilith... She has a unique gift of knowing your desires , reading your mind.... Just surrender yourself to her and see the magic... She is stunningly beautiful , I didn't believe my eyes when I looked at her for the first time, what a class ,what a mind blowing personality.... If you are searching for the best than she is the one... Her sessions are well fabricated specially designed for your needs.... Share whatever you want to with the mistress and let yourself free from the cage..... Mistress thank you very much for a wonderful session.... You have made my life worth living... Cant wait to see you again.... You are the best.... Guys don't waste time just visit her once and you will come to know the real meaning of fulfillment...... Cheers

April 2012

Goddess in true sense.... My life has changed since I have visited Mistress Lilith... She has a unique gift of knowing your desires , reading your mind.... Just surrender yourself to her and see the magic... She is stunningly beautiful , I didn't believe my eyes when I looked at her for the first time, what a class ,what a mind blowing personality.... If you are searching for the best than she is the one... Her sessions are well fabricated specially designed for your needs.... Share whatever you want to with the mistress and let yourself free from the cage..... Mistress thank you very much for a wonderful session.... You have made my life worth living... Cant wait to see you again.... You are the best.... Guys don't waste time just visit her once and you will come to know the real meaning of fulfillment...... Cheers

April 2012

I have had 15 appointments in Lilith's dungeon over the past two years and every one has exceeded my expectations. The quality of Lilith's sessions are fantastic. Her attention to detail is excellent. I have several very specific fetishes and she caters extremely well to all of them. She is very creative and always comes up with new approaches. Boundaries are still very well respected at all times. She is also softly spoken and caters very well for the novice. I've visited several dungeons in the UK and Lilith's facilities are by far the best I've seen anywhere. The value for money is also excellent.

Highly recommended.

April 2012

This was my first session with Mistress Lilith and definitely won't be my last - it very much exceeded my expectations. The dungeon chamber is easy to find in Glasgow city centre and is very well-stocked with equipment and toys. Mistress, if anything, looked more stunning than the photos on her website. She listened carefully to my requests prior to my session and most of these were included within the scene. There were plenty of surprises too, but no limits were broken. A fantastic session - highly recommended.

May 2012

After initial visits to mistress, she decided that I should now be called Kelly, and would only answer to that. At each visit I am to be dressed in black underwear and wear mascara and lip gloss. After initial chat, I assume the position of kneeling with head bowed. I am then ordered to crawl towards Mistress. She then places a wig and sometimes a mask on me. I am ordered onto a bench where Mistress ensures I am neatly trimmed. Mistress has told me that I will have my own sissy pussy soon. I then enter a sleep sack, bound and gagged. After using various whips paddles on me I am released. Various other bondage scenarios take place. I am given the honour of cleaning her new boots, and the high honour of moisturising her wonderful legs. As Kelly, Mistress has really stretched my limits and opened up anew wonderful experience. I look forward to serving Mistress and experiencing new highs and feelings. The adrenaline surge each visit increases, as I wait to find out what Mistress has in store for me, and further transformation into Kelly. Kelly

May 2012

I was in Scotland for a few days and was delighted to find Mistress Lilith. She is a wonderful person, extremely attentive to one's own particular fetishes, but also very imaginative in developing ideas. Excellent role play! Her dungeon is really easy to find and is extremely well equipped. I loved my two hours with her, and cannot wait for another excuse to visit Glasgow!

May 2012

Mistress Lilith provided just the service I was looking for when I decided to sign up for her e-mail tasks and I was not disappointed. Her weekly tasks were varied and were right up my alley (sometimes litterally!) and ranged from messy splosh tasks, anal play, feminisation & electrical stimulation etc.. the suspense of what task would come next was tantalising & intoxicating. I look forward to what Mistress has in store for me next and if I don't please her then I deserve my punishment.

May 2012

A wonderful experience being in the hands of such a beautiful and considerate lady. She made me feel at home right away and was an excellent judge of my limits throughout the session. A great sense of humour added to the experience. I just hope it's not too long before I get the chance to visit her again. Ian

June 2012

Having never visited Mistress Lilith before (or any other Mistress for that matter) I had very little faith in the fantasies I imagined in my head actually being translated into real life. How wrong could I have been!!! This woman is amazing; she listens to what you have to say and then greatly exceeds every expectation! She is very attractive (much more so than in her pictures) and kind but she has a look in her eye and a tone to her voice which lets you know that you need to do what you are told. I also really like the giggle she has as it makes you feel like she is enjoying her session with you. Did I say she was kind? Well yes, but not if you don’t want her to be, and I strongly believe she would be happy to push you to your limits! If you are thinking about a visit but can’t make up your mind, just go for it. I have not been able to stop thinking about it and I can’t wait to go back. Im sure she will test the water a bit further ever visit as she gets to know just how far she can push you. I was amazed how easily I got into my session and how relaxed I was and its all down to her years of experience showing through. She is a true professional and I won’t be looking any further to find someone to fulfil my fantasies. I will be back time after time without doubt.

July 2012

My lift and carry session with Mistress Lilith was wonderful. Walking into the room in the outfit I asked her to wear she was very confident of over powering me from the start an after 20 plus lift and carry sessions this was the best.

The Mistress moved from sexy and seductive to being utterly dominant when lifting and carrying my considerable frame with ease. Piggyback, fireman's lift and over the shoulder carries Mistress carried me around her chambers with ease and taunted me in the mirror deliciously. At one point she had me draped over her shoulders without holding onto me doing squats, incredible strength.

A very beautiful lady and wonderful lifter and carrier I will be back very soon!


July 2012

Mistress Lilith's website is by far the best with the broadest range of fetishes and descriptors, easy online booking, pictures, a good range of different sessions to cater for varying tastes and length of sessions and clear details of costs of sessions.

For first timers to a pro Domme, she is excellent as she puts you at ease very quickly and I was very apprehensive! I am into CP, bondage & restraint, anal play, nipple torture & CBT (and more!) and she caters well for all these fetishes with a very atmospheric dungeon and a wide range of nasty little toys and apparatus. She is absolutely stunning and her stature, outfits, hair and make-up really make her a powerful lady. She has a naturally dominant manner but also likes a laugh (usually at her sub's expense!) which is especially good for first timers. It's obvious she genuinely enjoys domination and inflicting pain & torture on her subs.

But don't expect to get it easy.. you won't.. she'll take you to the edge of your limits but she has the skill to recognise genuine limits and knows when you can't take anymore without the need to beg for mercy. But don't be a pathetic woose because she'll expect you to take a little bit more on your next session..!

August 2012

I had my first session with Mistress Lillith yesterday and I had the time of my life thank you so much Lillith it really was incredible!!! Lillith is a natural born Mistress, she is a very beautiful and very well educated and experienced Dominatrix. I've visited a few Dommes in recent years In search of the perfect Mistress and now my search is over to my delight. I will Definitely be back for more punishment in the very near future. As i felt as if I was up in the clouds after yesterdays session and I have never felt like that before. Mistress Lillith you are wonderfull xXx

I highly recommend Mistress Lillith she really is wonderful

August 2012

Mistress Lilith is absolutely fantastic. I have just had my second visit where I asked for plenty restraint and plenty alone time to enjoy it. She catered for my requests beautifully with extreme bondage and the right amount of space.
She is extremely personable and this relaxes and excites in equal measure. It helps that she is gorgeous too and it made me long for her to free me yet knowing I was going to bound up again in an unpleasant yet fantastic manner.
All in all she is a really cool person and a excellent dominatrix. I will definitely be going back.

August 2012

On visiting Mistress Lilith for a second session she made me feel welcome & very relaxed before starting the session,mistress lilth again did everything i asked her to do in my session & more, I would recommend that you ask her to work on you're back with hot liquids, & you'll be surprised what she can do, I have never experience anything like that before in a session & was great, Mistress Lilith is a true proffessional mistress & well worth a visit, i will certainly continue to see Mistress Lilith. Rik

August 2012

I hadn’t visited Mistress Lilith for some time, so was really looking forward to submitting myself once again under her command. And I wasn’t disappointed! Mistress Lilith seems to get more gorgeous each time I meet her. Her dominant and assertive nature effortlessly had me waiting eagerly on my hands and knees for the sound of her stilettos on the floorboards. Today Mistress had some puppy training in store for me, and I was all too eager to slip into her collar and lead, and dream of being her good little doggie. I think I pleased Mistress, like a good little pup should, as she managed to get a number of snaps of me begging, crawling and ass worshiping – and oh what a gorgeous ass Mistress has. She easily had me aching to hear her luscious lips tell what a good boy I was, aching to please her, to sit adoringly and obediently at her feet. Mistress Lilith effortlessly had this sub licking her heels, worshiping her legs and ass, and begging his way all the way into the kennel. Mistress remains the most commanding and gorgeous dominatrix in Glasgow, and you never know quite where her devious mind will take you next!

August 2012

Where do you start. Mistress just keeps on getting more awesome all the time. Every visit She reaches new levels of imagination (and wickedness). She 'covers' all your 'interests' and then goes beyond your wildest imagination.... BUT always meetings targets ye maybe did not even know you had. A wicked Lady with a wicked imagination...and yet ye know She has taken you to places you may not even have dreamed of, but 'relish' once She takes you there. Be warned, She is addictive because of her skills and understanding of her 'subjects' needs, yer gonna get hooked (maybe literally).

September 2012

In the spirit of the Olympics I had a fitness training session with Mistress Lilith.
She put me through some thorough exercises like:
Pressups with her heels in my back,
Squats and dips with weights on my balls and suchlike.
I worked up a huge sweat - she let me drink my Lucosade before shoving the bottle up my ass.
I only got the bronze in the butt-plug event - need to train more for that gold.
It's the next day and I feel like I just did several hours at the gym. Worth doing to get fit as well as have a good time!

September 2012

My second visit to Mistress Lilith was really brilliant. We dreamt up this role play where I was a useless personal slave that could do nothing right and was always trying to get one over on her! The 2 hour session we had was my punishment. We started the minute I walked through the door and she was a nasty bitch! Was I punished?... you better believe it! I got the full works.. strict CP on my ass and feet, flogged on the back, serious NT and CBT, ass plugged, hot wax, loads of Violet Wand on a high setting, suspended, leg worshipping, shoe worshipping, dog walking, chop slapping, ball kicking, cock whipping... yep, I was seriously abused... and I loved it! Then wait for it... she tied a rope around my balls and told me to keep it on until I got home... 3 hours later... can you believe that?!! What a bitch!

September 2012

I really enjoy my sessions with Mistress Lillith, as she always pushes the envelope when it comes to doing wicked and deviant things to me. At the start of the session, Mistress Lillith asks about our last session, what I enjoyed and if I was not keen on anything. Then she asks what I'd like to do in this session, and I oblige, firing out a few things I'd like to experience. Then the session starts, with me on the crouched on the floor, awaiting her commands. I thoroughly enjoy the sessions I have. It's just a shame that time passes so quickly when your spending an hour with such a beautiful mistress. I will definitely be going back again!

October 2012

What a delight it was to meet Mistress Lilith! We had spoken a few times on the phone before meeting and I knew I would like her. She has a warm and seductive voice but is assertive at the same time. When it came to the morning of our meeting I was a little nervous. I need not have been. On arrival at the spacious and impressive dungeon that she was using in London she quickly made me feel relaxed but at the same time it was clear who was in charge! Mistress Lilith knew what my interests were through our email exchange prior to the meeting and she was able to deliver in nearly all respects. During the session I confided in her a secret fantasy of mine. This was no problem for Mistress Lilith who said she would arrange it for our next meeting. I feel privileged to have met and served such a lovely and open minded mistress and I look forward to many more sessions with her. Hopefully this bonny lass will visit London on a regular basis to sort out the southern subbies!

October 2012

Had a 3 hour session with Mistress Lilith this time. Would recommend extended sessions if you're into experiencing real BDSM. It allows much more time and is less rushed. It's much better if you're into bondage as you can be left for a while in confinement. It allows the Mistress time to develop the domination and control element over a slave and you will get so much more out of the session than short 'wham-bam' sessions that are over in a blur. And don't be too prescriptive about what you want.. let the Mistress control the session.. it's much more fun, spontaneous and exciting!

November 2012

My visit to Mistress Lilith was my first session with a Mistress in several years and I couldn't have been more nervous but I needn't have been after spending a few minutes talking to me and easily, After setting my mind at ease and listening to what I was looking for she went above and beyond what I expected for a splosh session tormenting me in ways I couldn't imagine and leaving me a broken mess and I couldn't be more happier. I definitely would recommend her to anyone looking for splosh or any of the fetishes she specialises in.

November 2012

Mistress Lilith can find yer deepest fears... and then exploit them (within your limits) to Her advantage & pleasure. It's pretty scary stuff. Be it yer strapped to Her fetters bench and finding yourself getting a tattoo of her pleasing or amusement, which happened a couple of months ago (Pubic area now has 'Property of the Mistress!!!) or her playing huge mind f-cks with yer head (as just happened)... or her just being her normal Sadistic self, maybe hanging ye upside down or 'frying' yer bits or flogging/caning ye. SHE IS AWESOME. She also has way too many toys and far to good an imagination. Been 'hanging' about with her for over 2 yrs now, and can't see myself serving another Mistress. AND, She has evil wee accomplaces to boot

November 2012

Mistress Lilith is outstanding in her chosen profession. I was very nervousand she put me at ease and I had a great session. Returned a few weeks later and had another session another cracker particularly enjoyed being told to pick the implement i was to be spanked with. I'll be back for a few more sessions definately. Hoping she'l follow through with some of those brilliant threats

November 2012

i had my first session with Mistress Lilith yesterday. She took control from the start and made me strip and crawl to where i was to be punished. She made feel properly submissive and scared which was perfect. i didn't dare look her in the eye and her voice had authority and control. She looked totally hot in her pencil skirt outfit and i couldn't help being enthralled and aroused. i was kept firmly in my place and spanked very skillfully before She tried out my capability with various tawses and paddles.

i was strapped down on a whipping bench and beaten hard from both sides. The punishment was very accurate without wrapping around and She didn't miss once. There was enough room to beat me from each side to make sure it was all even. She has an amazing touch and held me down by the back of my neck which just made me dissolve into total submission, a very powerful way to touch somebody.

i am now instructed to wait for an order to come in and be properly and severely punished. i will be instructed to attend at Her convenience every few weeks and i will be caned and whipped to a judicial standard and tortured as She sees fit. my first session was a test to see how i behave and i am excited but scared as i wait to be summoned.

john xx

November 2012

The beautiful Mistress Lilith has been an excellent introduction to BDSM for a novice like myself. She is friendly and professional when talking over what I want from each session but commanding and cruel once I am under her control. I have been to her well equipped city centre chambers three times now. In my last session I was masked and strapped to her table, and had my balls bound and hung with weights and a buttplug inserted in my arse. I was then forced to suck on Mistress Liliths black latex strap on. I was allowed to clean the Mistress' lovely thigh length boots with my tongue, and forced to masturbate while sucking on her stilletto heel, literally underfoot. I loved it. Mistress Lilith has hinted at feminising me in future sessions and forcing me to suck another slave's cock for her amusement. I both fear and hope that she will make me do this in the future. I hope one day to receive her strap on like a man. I can't wait to see and to serve her again. G x

November 2012

I was really fretting about seeing a mistress i didnt think it would live up to the fantasy but the urge was to strong so decided to try mistress lilith and was so glad i did.She is really hot in person laid back and makes u feel calm because i was really nervous but she sorted that out in no time we talked about what i wanted first then everything i asked for she catered to and more dont be afraid to ask her anything shes just a normal woman who loves to dominate and who is extremely good at it. Sexy Powerful and HIGHLY RECOMMENED.cant wait till my next session dont think about going just go

November 2012

I had my first session with Mistress Lilith yesterday. She took control from the start and made me strip and crawl to where I was to be punished. She made feel properly submissive and scared which was perfect. I didn't dare look her in the eye and her voice had authority and control. She looked totally hot in her pencil skirt outfit and i couldn't help being enthralled and aroused. I was kept firmly in my place and spanked very skillfully before She tried out my capability with various tawses and paddles.

I was strapped down on a whipping bench and beaten hard from both sides. The punishment was very accurate without wrapping around and She didn't miss once. There was enough room to beat me from each side to make sure it was all even. She has an amazing touch and held me down by the back of my neck which just made me dissolve into total submission, a very powerful way to touch somebody.

I am now instructed to wait for an order to come in and be properly and severely punished. I will be instructed to attend at Her convenience every few weeks and I will be caned and whipped to a judicial standard and tortured as She sees fit. my first session was a test to see how I behave and I am excited but scared as I wait to be summoned

November 2012

I have just had the pleasure of my first session with Mistress Lilith and it was by far the greatest erotic experience of my life! Not only is Mistress Lilith unbelievably beautiful,understanding and dominant,but I was extremely relieved to find her a very down to earth,open and encouraging Mistress. I was made to feel completely at ease and was very impressed by her concern to accommodate my own personal and individual fantasies. The premises were immaculate and warm with a large selection of toys and equipment. My main interest was one of foot worship and I certainly wasn't disappointed! Mistress Lilith has the most beautiful size 8 feet with long perfectly pedicured toes. Her toenails were the sexiest I could possibly have imagined!!! It was a dream come true to worship the feet and toes I had so often fantasised about! Mistress has a large selection of shoes that I was allowed to pick from for her to wear,something that I very much appreciated and definitely didn't expect! I was then continually encouraged to lick,stroke,caress and suck her feet,toes and toenails to the extent I felt I was going to explode!!! This was eventually fulfilled with the use of a milking machine,which having never experienced before I would strongly recommend!!! It's speed and pulse were directly controlled by Mistress Lilith who brought me to the edge of climax again and again while teasing me with foot porn on her laptop as she instructed me to worship her feet,allowing me to become the foot slut I always wanted to be!!! The machine then pumped and sucked me to a shuddering orgasm as I sucked on Mistress's perfect toes...an experience I shall never forget and one I will definitely hope to relive soon! I can honestly say that as a foot fetishist I have finally found the most wonderful Mistress with the perfect feet and toes!!! It was my ultimate fantasy fulfilled! J. *****

November 2012

i had my second second session today, having been instructed to attend for further punishment. i feel totally dominated and controlled in Her presence and feel entirely comfortable being naked & on my knees because She has such a presence in the room. i was trembling when i arrived and kept my head bowed, i daren't really look at Her. i have been a sub for 25 years plus now and have rarely been made to feel so obedient and submissive, it's becoming addictive!

She has a technique of gripping me by the back of the neck and it makes me weak and quite desperate when She does. i haven't had this before.

i was caned and whipped today and i wanted it to go on and on, my nipples were aching to be rubbed and i felt every stroke of her canes and strap and her whip. i really wanted every stroke, such was the state of arousal She had created. That type of arousal leads to a pain slut feeling but i can only rarely let that go. She was making that happen today, just like last time.

i'm in next week for 3 consecutive sessions on 3 days, i know i am going to be very sore by day 2 or 3. i am truly looking forward to it and want to ride whatever pain She inflicts with those skilled and very experienced hands. i'm hooked!

John xx

December 2012

Welcome to the adventures of superhuman Pigman and his arch enemy.. the Ghostbuster (or should that be the Pigbuster?!). Pigman went head-to-head with Ghostbuster and had her in arm and head locks BUT was eventually over-powered in a strangle-hold, arm bent up back and Ghostbuster's legs wrapped around his neck (can think of worse ways to be over-powered!!). Pigman was zapped with Ghostbuster's gun (with a big orange cock on it!) and had a piggy tail butt plug shoved up his ass.

Ghostbuster tied Pigman to her bench and gave Pigman some serious CP on his ass using her whips, paddles & tawses. Pigman was tied to a chair and had his nipples clamped and tortured then his cock got whipped. Pigman's correction therapy was completed with 10 strokes of the cane and bull whip. Now that's how you tame a naughty little oink!

December 2012

A good BDSM session is extremely therapeutic. It clears my mind and allows me to deal with all of life’s little niggles easily.

A really good session has a narcotic effect which lasts for several hours and the feeling of wellbeing can last for days.

My former job involved a lot of travel and for more than 20 years I visited dommes in London, Amsterdam and Zurich as well as Glasgow and Edinburgh. During this time I have been involved in more than 100 sessions, only about a dozen of which were good enough to achieve this effect, and most of these with the same person
Because of family responsibilities I had to give up my ‘hobby’ for about 10 years and have only got going again in the past 2 years. This was when I found Mistress Lilith.
Experience has taught me that while some women advertise themselves as ‘dominant’ or ‘mistress’, and may well believe it, they aren’t really. It requires experience, empathy and a feel for the client and his needs. Mistress Lilith excels in all of these and is far and away the best I have encountered.

A mistress is a woman who takes charge, who knows what she is doing and what you need. She takes you as far as you can go and then a wee bit more.
For me this has added another element to the proceedings. Anticipation. I like to book a few days in advance as I am like a child waiting for Christmas.There are other stress busters available like watching football, playing golf or even getting drunk. This beats them all.

December 2012

This was my first time visiting a professional Mistress, so I was rather nervous to say the least. But Mistress Lilith put me at my ease right away and was very kind to chat to me about my fantasies and fetishes before we started playing. I was then told to strip naked and kneel and await my fate! The session that followed was perfect for me, incorporating all the things that i had asked for - foot and shoe fetish, spanking, collar and leash etc, along with some new things that were exciting to me without going too far beyond what i was comfortable with. Mistress Lilith is brilliant at what she does, a beautiful and powerful dominant woman who knows exactly how to deal with naughty boys like me, and I look forward to returning and exploring more of my fantasies with her.

The location was very easy to find and very nice and i didnt come face to face with anyone other than Mistress Lilith, which also made me more relaxed. I would encourage anyone thinking of booking to go ahead and do so and have fun :)


December 2012

Mistress Lilith is a true goddess and skilled in the art of true domination.

This was my first proper visit to Mistress Lilith and i am counting the days until i can go back.

From start to finish i knew i was in the hands of someone skilled in the art of true domination, someone who could destroy and then rebuild at will. I was suspended with my feet in the air and Mistress took great delight in introducing my bare bottom to a range of canes, the next even more severe than the one that preceeded it, i bit hard on my ball gag to mask the pain, then came the zap of Mistress' innocuous looking cattle prod to my testicles. Mistress then handed me a broom and instructed me to sweep up the dungeon area, i set about my task knowing that Mistress was keeping a close eye on me and my progress and any failure would be met with further punishment, i swept and hoovered thoroughly and then knelt facing the wall as Mistress instructed, pretty soon i was on all fours with my bottom in the air as Mistress tested out her new canes one by one on my bare bottom, as i type this i am having trouble sitting as the welts on my bottom are now angry. And then i was released and allowed to come to.

I can only hope Mistress Lilith has use again for this maid and she allows me to serve further..

Highly recommended and a true goddess

a mind blowing day all in

G x

December 2012

I have visited mistress Lilith now on a number of occasions over the past few years and all I can say that it just keeps getting better and better. Not only does she look sensational in her outfits she knows exactly which buttons to press and can take your breath away with one simple demand. Have no doubt she will take you to the edge and beyond and leave you begging for more. Cannot recommend her highly enough. A true professional in her field. James

December 2012

On arrival, I was met by mistress. She had a glint in her eye.that was emphasised by her frosty blue eyeshadow. She told me she had a surprise for me. As I gasped a cold chill run down my back. I then got ready, assumed the position and mistress returned. Mistress made me up using make up I brought and placed a wig on me. Ordered to lie on the bench my genitals hung through the metal grid. I was firmly secured blinfolded and a butt plug inserted. My penis was placed in the milking machine. I then heard another female voice, who took over. It was mistress argenta. She played with the speed on the controls and left me drained. I was untied, then forced to suck on a dildo whilst mistress lilith told me to play with myself and she used a plug on me. I was good that this may be done for real soon. Once session over I chatted with mistress lilith and told her it was the most physical and intense sessiin. I cant explain the full range of emotions here, all I can say is I look forward to my next visit. Kelly

December 2012

Until the 12/12/12 i had never met with a professional Dominatrix. I was a complete novice to BDSM ! All has changed since that memorable date after making that first step by me contacting the beautiful Mistress Lilith. I did post a review of my first visit with Mistress Lilith ! Which was amazing !!!

So one week later I had too make another appointment to meet with Mistress Lilith (Beware she's addictive) :-)

Although this is only my second time meeting with Mistress Lilith I feel I've known her a lot longer. ML just makes me feel so comfortable (at times) !!! :-) I was met by her at the doorway of her dungeon. She looked stunning !!! She invited me into her dungeon before instructing me to take a seat; we had a chat regarding my last visit, she just gave me the chance to discuss what I enjoyed about the last session. ML read me like a book knowing what my likes/dislikes were she just knew how too push me that bit further exploring my limits.

After stripping I waited for ML to re enter. The thoughts racing through my head what she had in store for me. When she returned she put a hood over my head and then blindfolded with a silky scarf then put me in a Bondage sleep sack bound tightly, she left me for a few minutes before she left she said let's see if you can get out of it. Absolutely no chance ! She turned me onto my front then opened a wee zip at my bum so let the whipping commence :-) After she released me from there she restrained me to her Bondage chair and put clamps on my nipples. It was just amazing. I was still blindfolded that was good but it wasn't good not being able to see her as she was wearing huge studded heels stockings & little dress. ML is stunning from top 2 toe.

All I can say now if you're thinking of paying Mistress Lilith a visit go for it. It's a experience of a life time. I'm not on commission saying all this stuff( wish I was lol ) I'm only saying because it was a bit of encouragement I needed before making that huge step and meeting with a professional dominatrix.

I can't wait for my next visit 2013


January 2013

Since my last review posting i had my 3 sessions on 3 days and was kept wildly aroused on the first 2 days with skilful and wicked sessions. Day 3 was a surprise with 2 rather gorgeous Irish female wrestlers who were visiting Herself. i was naked and on my knees and surrounded by the three of them. i was caned, tormented, throttled a little and generally abused before Mistress used her milking machine and left me about a stone lighter once i had finished squirming out a huge orgasm.

Then the other day i was strung up by my bollocks, struggling to keep my knees on the floor for support, whilst being thrashed and teased. A really horny and scary start to the new year!

i am putting in a recommendation that Herself be on the next new years honours list for superbly skilful sexual sadism. It's a new category.

John xx

January 2013

Another session with Mistress today. She knows my monthly diary so She simply orders me in because She knows when i'm free so i do as i'm instructed, although i was a minute late today. In Her awesomely sexy high heels She must be about 6 foot 6 and She towers over me while i stand there naked and a little scared. In a short black dress, which She fills with a perfectly proportioned and totally hot body and with the longest, sexiest legs a boy has ever seen She absolutely oozes control and makes you feel very small and submissive, OMFG is She hot! At the end, before being dismissed, i almost came in my trousers as She rubbed my nipples and made me hard in seconds before sending me on my way. Xxx

January 2013

I have just returned from my third session in the last 7 weeks with the beautiful & very addictive Mistress Lilith. Before then I had never visited a Professional Dominatrix ! I would say I've got the bug now as after the first visit I knew I would be returning to see her very soon.

I would class myself as a novice towards BDSM but Mistress Lilith looks after me well trying different things pushing me that bit more every time.
My session today started by a short chat (maybe to calm my nerves) :-) ML told me she had a new straight jacket she would be trying out on me ! after being told that I couldn't wait for the session to begin. So after being instructed to strip ML put a hood over my head tying it nice n tight at back she then got this leather straight jacket and put me in it securing it tightly at back and underneath, it felt amazing I couldn't help myself but had to look in the mirror; got to say I looked good in it. lol :-)

ML then told me that I was her Guinea-pig trying out her new s/jacket, she then put me over spanking bench securing me using hooks on jacket also cuffing my ankles I couldn't move a inch. For my first time ever I then experienced anal play while being whipped it was absolutely amazing. After that ML lead me to her suspension rack where she hooked me onto it still trying different attachments on jacket once she had finished there I was put on her Bondage bed to receive more whipping; I did request to be left with marks on my bum as i wanted something to look at in a few days to remind me what a great time I had.

Mistress Lilith is absolutely stunning and is very friendly, she has a good laugh with me for instance I was secured head to toe on her bondage bed then right out the blue she starts talking about stuff I did yesterday I'm still smiling as I'm writing this thinking back. :-)) before I met ML I thought 1 hour would be quite long for a session it's the exact opposite it's not long enough. That's my only complaint the time passes to quick. Lol

I'll finish by saying if you've never met Mistress Lilith and your seriously considering it all I would say is go for it as you'll love it.Her Dungeon has everything you could ever dream of so she's never short of different equipment to suit every session. I'm so happy since I started visiting her . Be warned she's very addictive.

Can't wait until my next session with her.


January 2013

Yet another year gone, and She keeps me coming back for more every few weeks. Mistress Lilith is the Boss....She will find your weak spots...and stomp on them. She is intuitive, knowledgeable and intriguing, and every time you see her, She has some new toys to amuse herself with and to make you suffer one way or another. I'm amazed after 2 1/2 years of seeing her every month that she can always surprise me, much to my astonishment, humiliation, and pain/suffering. She just has it all, which can't really be fair!!. She is like a conductor, orchestrating your pain, suffering and humiliation..........and yet you still come away loving her and wanting more (once you have recovered). It seems She can 'play' at any level and has an answer for everything. Mistress has way too much knowledge and experience for it to be good for you, but once visited, She will get inside your head, acknowledge your limits...and then have fun (for both) of stretching them.

Don't say i didn't warn you.

January 2013

I recently had 3 sessions over 3 days with the Amazing Mistress Lilith. The 1st sesh was for a half hour with bondage and cbt where she hinted at what was going to happen the following day.The 2nd session was heavy bondage with severe Caning and CBT administerd by Lillith and two of her friends another Mstress and a Master. I was put into a leather straight jacket and leather hood placed over my head i was then strapped face down on her Fetters bondage bed she then Gagged me with 2 silky scarves i could not move my body at all.Firstly she warmed me up by spanking and paddling my backside.Then she and the Master started to cane me it was the most pain i have ever had in a session then Mistress Una joined in and the pain got even worse.Eventually i was released blind folded and strapped down on her bondage throne were i was given extreme cbt by all three i was squealing and begging for mercy but to no avail.At last the session was over i thanked her 2 friends who left. I had a chat with Mistress once i was dressed where she calmed me down.And told me i should be more careful what i ask for in future.....The 3rd sesh was with Mistress LIlith and Una i was dressed as a pvc maid make up applied and left with UNA who proceeded to torture me she finished by caning the soles of my feet.Mistress lilith then took over she ordered me to kneel and lick and suck a dildo. She then told me i was going to be watched by an audience SKYPE.Once she had it set up Mistress totally humiliated me in front of her friends watching on SKYPE even taking requests.Amongst other things she milked me on Fucking machine....I have since booked another session with Mistress Lilith she is truly ADDICTIVE.

March 2013

WOW - simply - WOW!

Had my first session with Mistress and from first contact it was amazing. I didn't realize the detail to which she has gone to, to fulfill my fantasy and more. Even for a first visit, she knew my limits and tested them and pushed that little bit extra to see what more could be achieved - the answer, a very, very satisfied sub with more understanding of herself and wanting to learn more about all the new experiences!!! WOW!!!

I had a long session with her and at first, I was a little unsure as the first straps to bind me were a little loose. Unknown to me a ploy was hatched to give me that little bit of hope at escape and then to take it away though out the session so towards session end, I had no motivation, no energy or even any thoughts of escaping my new boss!

Thank you so much!

If you happen to be in Glasgow, Scotland and love to have, not only your body, but you mind played with - Mistress Lilith should definitely be on you list of "things to do" in Glasgow :)

Can't wait to make sure that I follow my boss's new instructions!


March 2013

Well I'll start by saying Dec 2012 was the first time for me to meet with a Professional Dominatrix. That's when I plucked up the courage up to make that huge step and arrange to meet with the beautiful Mistress Lilith. 4 months on & 5 sessions later I've went from being a complete novice in BDSM to having a list the length of my arm of the things ML has done with me during my sessions with her.
I just can't stay away as the sessions with ML are just amazing ! She keeps me on edge with me not always knowing what's coming next.
What I've really liked with me still being very new to the BDSM scene she has guided me through different things; she really gets inside my head finding what is for me & respects how much pain I can take.
Over the 5 sessions ML has had me attached to many different sorts of equipment in her Dungeon and she has used loads of different whips, canes, pin wheels,gags etc, her Dungeon is like a Tardus; I think I would go as far as to say there's probably nothing you could name she hasn't got; either that its not worth having.
Today session was much of the above, we didn't need our pre-chat it was straight into it as ML informed me "she had a plan" !! all I can say she certainly did and it all worked well. Although ML is a Strict Mistress ! It's great being in session with her we both have a good laugh albeit being at my expense ;-)
Beware once you've had that first visit it won't be your last as everyone says "she's Addictive"


March 2013

After having succumbed to both television’s and Hollywood’s portrayal of the condemned prisoner stood upon the gallows, feet firmly secured together over the trap door with a rope noose around their neck, courageously facing his or her fate with a stiff upper lip I too, like so many others before me, became fascinated with execution by hanging and very quickly became sexually aroused at the prospect of facing the same fate. Naturally, I very quickly realised that this would quite clearly become something I would never live to achieve and understandably so, or at least that was of course until I stumbled across Mistress Lilith’s website. For here, listed amongst services offered, was non other than “mock execution”. Now don’t get me wrong there are plenty of other Mistress out there also offering mock execution scenarios and indeed I have even visited several of them but none of them are able to hold a candle to the service that Mistress Lilith is able to offer from her Glasgow Dungeon for, as Mistress Lilith states on her website, she is the only Mistress in the United Kingdom who is able to offer her client’s this extremely unique service utilising a full sized gallows complete with working trap door. With this in mind I immediately contacted Mistress and made arrangements to travel the two hundred and twenty miles from Manchester to Glasgow and believe me when I tell you, as far as my fetishtic desires are concerned, that had to be the single best decision of my entire life.

Having previously already ascertained the exact scenario I was looking to play out with Mistress via numerous emails and telephone calls which included, at my own request, to experience the same fear, even for a brief instant, as would be felt by a condemned prisoner about to plunge through an open trap door with only a rope noose around his or her neck to break their fall, I arrived at Mistress’s City Centre premises and was greeted by an extremely attractive, smiling, young lady with an addictive bubbly personality. I will be honest and admit that my first thought was, how can someone possessing such a disposition play the role of an executioner but something else I was very quickly to be faced with was Mistress Lilith’s uncanny ability as an actress.

The entire session lasted two hours during which we were joined, at no extra cost, by a second Mistress who, as well as being just as adept as Mistress Lilith, also added her own unique style, even at times throwing a bit of humour into the mix. Indeed there were several times during the session when both Mistress Lilith and Mistress Argenta both enquired of me why I should be laughing and smiling when faced with the prospect of very shortly climbing the gallows steps in order to face my own demise, to which I nonchalantly replied “it’s nerves Miss”.

Having been interrogated, faced the prospect of a medical examination to ascertain whether or not I was in fact physically fit to be hanged as dictated by UK law, which luckily I was (smiles) as well as having changed into suitable execution clothes, it was now time to face Mistress Lilith’s gallows and this is where the light hearted atmosphere and cheery banter instantly stopped.

After having been asked by Mistress Lilith to remove my outer garment in order for her to fit me with the safety harness – in case you were wondering she doesn’t really hang you(!) – I was asked to assist her by placing my arms and legs into the relative positions contained within the harness whilst Mistress set about ensuring that the garment was fully secure about my body, all the time explaining that the harness was necessary in order for her hoist my body back out of the pit once deceased. Having now put back on my outer garment I was asked and indeed guided up the scaffold steps and if you are anything like me you will appreciate the reassurance of Mistress Lilith steady hand because I don’t mind admitting that by now my legs were physically shaking with fear of the unknown. Having been placed into position directly over the centre of the wooden trap door, Mistress Lilith’s next task was to pinion my body with either leather restraining straps or her own personal favourite, silk scarves. Once completely immobile the sight sparing black hood was put into place thus ensuring the horrors of my own execution were fully blacked out, or at least that truly was the way it now seemed, due in no short part to Mistress Lilith’s excellent ability as an actress complemented by her unrivalled skill at being able to hold command over the situation in hand. Upon ensuring my silken hood was caressingly smoothed out over my face, Mistress very seductively and tantalisingly lowered the rope noose around my neck and as I felt it being tightened I became palpably aware of my heart beat quickening.

With the sentence of the court read out, I was informed that the time of my death was now upon me. It was at this point that I quickly realised that my request to Mistress Lilith of assisting me in feeling what a condemned prisoner would have felt when faced with a fall of anywhere up to seven feet before commencing their final dance had in fact been granted and I really cannot remember a time when I had felt more scared as I did then. Upon witnessing my increasing state of distress, Mistress, in keeping with any competent executioner, sought to put me out of my misery as quickly as possible and before I knew it the trap door had opened and as I fell through and hanged there in complete darkness with the noose firmly tight around my neck, I instantly recognised that Mistress Lilith had succeeded in making my life long desire finally come true for which I shall always be indebted to her.

In closing, I don’t think it will come as any great surprise to any other fellow hanging fans out there that I cannot wait to book again for this experience of a life time and I urge you all out there to give her a go but just bear mind that what you ask of her, she truly does deliver.

March 2013

Mistress Lilith was exactly what I needed as a newbie to this scene looking for someone to control me through online sessions. She set tasks tailored to my experience which I felt compelled to complete for her after receiving her responses commenting on my completion of the instructions. I'm positive she even pushed me to lengths I would not of even thought I would go before embarking on this!
I would recommend her online sessions to anyone wanting to get controlled by the most professional of mistresses and get their boundaries tested.
All I can say at the end is I hope my completion of the tasks she set was at least as close to the quality of her controlling influence.

April 2013

I would consider myself an experienced sub and particularly enjoy e-mail and distance domination and control. On visiting Mistress Lilith's website something which I can only describe as instinct drew me to her and to want to experience her brand of this style of domination. I have tried this with other Mistresses previously and have always felt a little empty and disappointed mainly because some tasks that are set are unrealistic or unreasonable and the lack of a feeling of connection with the Mistress. One has to accept that there is an element of a business relationship but since I have been working with Mistress Lilith I have felt a connection and a warmth and interest on her part in what she is doing. So much so that after my first 4 weeks of e-mail domination I am going to continue and I then want it to lead to a visit to meet her in person. What makes her so special? Well firstly she takes the trouble to find out about you and your fetishes and interests. Her tasks are not like an automated script but original, inventive and clearly well thought out and personal. As soon as I see them I want to undertake them straight away and I can almost sense her presence when I am doing them. She will link the tasks to your interests - or then again she may not and that is part of the thrill! She did in my case and all of the tasks she set me were original and the enjoyment for me was a sense of servitude to a beautiful Mistress. I am not going to describe the tasks here because you need to experience them for yourself. All I would say is that she is the best I have come across in the art of e-mail domination and control so I urge you to get on to her webiste and treat yourself to something special!


April 2013

Believe the hype ?!

As someone returning to see a Mistress after a couple of years, I was equally as nervous (if not more so) than first time round about the whole experience ........who to find, will it be as I remember, and it's seems there a whole load more "apparent" Mistresses to choose from !!!!

Now only my personal opinion, and I don't tar everyone with the same brush but a visit to a Mistress has to be a genuine experience and it's worthwhile researching to see who can offer this, saving a few pounds to be in someones spare room getting beaten to death from someone with no experience ain't the right way to go ! So on discovering Mistress Lilith and her genuine perversion (sorry Mistress) is exactly on the right lines, the fact she has a dungeon also adds to the experience.

So, where to start.... Firstly booking was simple, and on making the first call to confirm I was pleasantly surprised by how nice her voice is, articulated and quite soft yet clear and commanding at the same time... not what I was expecting ( think I was expecting a hoarse rough voice !) .. On arriving at her dungeon it's well kitted out and private entry which helped the first time nerves (I was bricking it !) ... I think Mistress sensed this and was quick to put me at ease, while promising to destroy me.... That balance of putting you at ease yet dominating early is key as it helps with the connection during the session...

Yeah you read pictures don't do justice and all that , but they don't ! Mistress is definitely taller than I expected and has a sexual appeal about her, as well as being attractive.... for me it's important that a Mistress has this... So far so good I thought :)

Mistress was aware of my preferences as she asked quite specific questions by email and was good that there wasn't a pre scenario outlined, personally I prefer a bit of the unknown, she was quick to put me in my place with combinations of torture, teasing , bondage anal and electrics .... Again all of which I stated I was interested in ....

Mistress definitely keeps contact with you, again that soft but articulated voice making it clear what is going to happen, definitely adds a sense of eroticism.... As well as the occasional brush past you or whiff of her perfume all adds to the moment... Mistress is consistently in control as well...

I also like the psychological dominance without pure humiliation, a transfer of control naturally that you willingly give up ... That's not something that just happens but I was definately in that space

the end of session ended well and I was left clear about the outcomes, as well as being set an additional task ;) .... which in itself was perverted, good stuff !!

So in summary, if your thinking about seeing a Mistress definitely session with Mistress Lilith, easy to communicate with, great dungeon, attractive and undoubtably a Domme who does this because she wants to... Will I be back , obviously yes, nerves about initiating a session gone , only nerves about what the next session holds .. How it should be :)

All only my personal view, horses for courses and all that .... I didn't think I would write a review so indicates how I found the session ,,

Until next time


May 2013

I've been sessioning with Mistress Lilith for about five years know and the experience just gets better and better.

Mistress is sensual yet strict, I've had just about every session available from maid training to a double Domme session and every session is as memorable as the last.

My latest session started with Mistress blindfolding me then incapacitating my arms in a leather harness, I has then tied down to a spanking bench and given a dozen spanks to warm my ass up, after that Mistress lubed my ass and inserted a butt plug then the electrics came out, my cock and ass took the most punishment with extra attention being paid to my balls, at this point Mistress administered another dozen spanks before untying me. After the session I chatted to Mistress for a few minutes still high from experience, I cannot recommend Mistress Lilith highly
enough and can't wait for my next session.


May 2013

I had my second session with Mistress Lilith after a gap of about 8 months. I would love to see her more often but it is only possible to meet on her occasional visits to London. It was certainly worth waiting for. Mistress Lilith was as sexy and kinky as before, if not more so. I was pleased that she remembered me well so I did not need to remind her of my particular interests which she was happy to indulge.Thank you dear Lilith. I'm looking forward to your next visit to London. Please come as often as you can.

June 2013

I visited Mistress Lilith for the 6th time today and if she would let me I would love to return. Today I lied to Mistress and got the punishment that I rightfully deserved. First of all she stripped me of all my clothing and tied me up. I could not move a muscle. She then got the cane and started to thrash my arse with the cane. It was painful and I have the markings to prove it. I would never lie to Mistress because the punishment I got was so severe. I promise to be the best slave in the world to Mistress.

June 2013

Now see, damn it. If Mistress Lilith wasn't so good, intuitive and inventive you wouldn't have te read my rambles again. She just keeps surprising me. Just when you think She has nowhere else to take you, she finds another weak spot and takes you there, in her own inimitable way. Now, i'm not 'into' crossdressing apart from the humiliation side of it, so what does she do??? She only makes me the resident maid, in full clobber (but thankfully without make-up so far), at her new venture as the new owner & boss at Violate, Glasgow oldest established fetish club. Not only am i dancing to her tune, but i'm 'on call' via walkie talkie to meet her needs....and of other Dommes at the club as Mistress Lilith sees fit. How's that for 'inventiveness & cruelty'. All this on top of my usual monthly sessions of abuse and torment. Last time round i ended up tied worse than a chicken to then be ordered to somehow cross the room to kiss her feet if i wanted to be freed. I made it, incurring sore bits everywhere, and what did the lovely thoughtful Mistress do?? She moved damn it, how is that 'fair'? And at stages throughout she is playing with yer head by saying things like "i think i'll lock you in chastity today before you go" or "I'll maybe just suture this bit of yer anatomy to this bit before i send you home" etc...and you know, one day it's going to happen, even if not that day. She knows my defences, main one being i try to talk my way round things...... and she lets me drivel on until i have amused her, then delights in gagging me which she knows damn well makes me feel totally helpless. Just too damn good and too natural!!! Maybe that's how come i was offered and signed a Contract to Her.

July 2013

I've been visiting Mistress Lilith once or twice a month for the last 8 months. What can I say apart from "amazing" after todays session with ML i just wanted to do quick review to share my experience with you all.

As always I was welcomed at the dungeon door by the beautiful ML, after being invited in we had a chat for a few minutes. I had said to her in my email that i fancied trying the vacum bed as i have never experienced it before. I did say i wasn't sure if it would be for me or not. The session began with ML putting me in vac bed, she was great reassuring me and letting me know exactly what she was doing as she knew I wasn't too sure, after about ten minutes she released me from it. I really enjoyed it and as I had never experienced rubber against my skin like that i did mention I liked the feeling of the rubber but before I finished saying I had a tight rubber hood over my head it was excellent.

ML then strapped me to her spanking bench as I had said to her i would like some nice marks on my arse so she spent about 30 minutes on it with different whips tawses & her cane !! She left me with some nice red stripes across my cheeks. Once she finished I felt her doing something like writing on my arse but wasn't sure so never thought anymore about it. ML then went on to using suction cups then clamps on my nipples it felt amazing !!!

At the end I was told to get dressed. Before walking out the dungeon door ML told me she had written something on my arse & I had 30 minutes to find out what it said and msg her or else I would be punished more in my next session. I walked out the door laughing away, ML was having a good chuckle to herself also. My thoughts were how f**k am I gonna see what's on my arse in the middle of glasgow city centre, so straight into nearest pub toilet to try take a pic on my phone, it wasn't easy !! But eventually i did manage to get a picture and read what was across my cheek as I still laughed away to myself.

Another great session the wonderful Mistress Lilith :-)))


July 2013

This was my first visit to a Mistress and I was very nervous but to anyone else in the same situation as me and having doubts please don't because with Mistress Lilith it is safe easy and fun and you will have the time of your life like I did.
Within 24 hours of exchanging emails with Mistress Lilith I felt totally reassured and I arranged a session.
On the morning of the session I phoned up Mistress and was given directions to the studio which is literally across the road from Central station easy to find and easy to get to by public transport and plenty of nearby parking.
There is a controlled access to the door and it was safe and discreet to enter the building so no need to worry about anything there.
I never saw another person on entering or leaving the building there is nothing to suggest where you are going or what you will be doing it is just an ordinary neat and tidy well kept building.

I had asked Mistress for a spanking session with lots of scolding with myself to play the part of a naughty niece being punished for returning late from a nightclub and Mistress to be the strict Aunt and I can honestly say the session was better than I dared to even dream.

Mistress met me at the door and I was truly stunned by her.
Mistress Lilith is simply the most attractive woman I have ever seen. She truly is lovely and has beautiful hair amazing eyes and a perfect figure.
In fact I was so in awe of her looks I could barely maintain eye contact.

I was just wanting a domestic spanking session instead of a dungeon style session and was happy to see that though the studio was well equipped for any type of kink you could possibly want I still felt comfortable in the surroundings.

Mistress set the tone right away ordering me out of my clothes and dressing me up in a tight black skirt,silk blouse and high heels with a wide belt finishing the outfit just as I asked.

I was given a lengthy lecture on how my behaviour would not be tolerated and when I was staying with her I had to obey her rules.
The role play Mistress gave was absolutely perfect she played the part beautifully and with totally believability.

She asked me what I thought was going to happen next and I could hardly get the words out I was so excited I said 'I am going to get spanked'
No she said you are going to go over my knee and get severely spanked on your bare bottom till you are crying.
I thought I was going to faint at this point.

Mistress Lilith has an almost visible aura of domination about her.She never raised her voice at any point but by changing the tome and emphasizing certain words she had me totally and completely under her control from the first second.It is almost as if she has some sort of psychologist training as every phrase she made seemed to get to me.

I was pulled over Mistress's lap and the spanking began.As this was my first ever time spanked I learned a quick lesson that spankings hurt.
I felt totally humiliated and the constant scolding and lecturing from Mistress made it even worse as she scolded just as much as she spanked my skirt covered bottom.

Looking down at the floor I glanced to the side and then noticed Mistress's beautiful perfect long legs and her high heels and not for the first time that day I though I was going to pass out!

Mistress was not happy that I was telling her the truth when I was questioned about my behaviour and decided that a paddle was going to have to be used.
This really hurt and when I struggled over Mistress knee she only held me down with her arm across my waist and spanked harder.
Mistress is strong and I mean really strong you could tell as I was struggling a lot and she effortlessly kept me in place and continued to spank me harder with the paddle.
I made the mistake of putting saying no to Mistress and that is one mistake I wont make again.

I was ordered over the spanking bench and my panties were pulled down and the spanking with an extra severe paddle was administered.
Right away I knew I was in trouble and after confessing everything I had done wrong I was then held down by the neck and Mistress told me the paddling would stop when I was crying genuine tears which didnt take long.

Mistress then ordered me to dress and I was given a task to perform for her which I had to email when I arrived home.

This truly was a life changing moment for me.Mistress treated me with patience and kindness outwith the session and absolute no mercy within.
Anyone who has doubts about visiting her please please don't you will be missing out on one of the best experiences ever.
I can't thank you enough Mistress.

September 2013

Wow, Mistress Lilith is out of this world! I'm a slave who wanted the most disgusting and filthy punishment Mistress Lilth could dish out, and what she did to me i will never forget. I challenged Mistress to completely mess me up with as much as she could with a really messy session and i have to say i was not disappointed.

I took the plunge and met up with Mistress Lilth the other week. What she had in store for me was a bit of a shock. Its strange how you get very into writing and email ask for everything, When it came to the session it was clear that she did not forget anything i asked for. Mistress Lilth is stunningly beautiful and seductive, this session was a dream. I entered the dungeon very nervous thinking about what i had written, and she had sent me some messages taunting me about our session so i was getting even more nervous, i entered the dungeon and she greeted me and asked a bit about what i would like done to me and my level of experience and if i had done anything like this before we got to know each other and bit and then she told me to strip down, this is where my punishment begun and i did not know what was in store for me.

She came back into the Room dressed in Leather and Latex exactly what i asked for and low cut top so i could gaze at her perfect breasts while she was punishing me. She told me to Roll over onto my back, she put her head forward, i had already seen her eating just at the beginning of the session and it was a lot of food, she had a very full stomach, i'm sure you can guess what happened next.

She started gurgling over my face, and proceeded to Spit and Drool into my mouth and over my face, i consumed mistresses spit, this could only have been described as an honour, but then she asked me if i was ready for the real deal, i said "yes cover me in it mistress, please mess me up as much as i could, it was only after what happened next i thought i had maybe asked a for more than i  bargained for. She proceeded to start burping and gagging over my face and then Vomited all over my face, and endless stream of chunks of food and milk and whatever had been regurgitated, she Vomited all over my face for quite some time covering me in the nasty and disgusting filth i asked for, she spat some nice Phlegmy spit into my mouth and started to feel quite filthy now. My face covered in the mistresses food she had eaten. This was only the beginning. She then ate some more food and said "I think i want to make it even worse for you" i was quite scared at this point.

She leant over me again and Vomited all over my face again quite a few times, loads more chunks came out all over my face and mouth, i nearly swallowed a bit and the smell was making me physically ill, nothing can describe what than smelt like, thank god she didn't make me consume it, i would have probably been vomiting myself and then made me eat it. Do not text Mistress Lilith, she knows how to punish you, i assure you.

I cleaned myself up and then she took me to the Bath, lent over me for the third time and Pissed all over my face and mouth, while i was blindfolded, Spat and Drooled all over me and then Vomited even more on my face! i was really taking my punishment now. She said she was going to Shit in my mouth if i didnt cum in 20 seconds, i was soo scared because i only wanted to be shitted on in the face, not in the mouth. I  begged her not to, luckily she didn't, but i feel then she didn't think i was worthy of her shit, i probably wasn't there is always next time.

The last part of the session she asked me to crawl over and get on my back, put some tissue over my mouth and face, ate a lot more food, what seemed like Egg nogg, or some kind of milk and then she vomited for the last time all over my face, this was the real deal, this woman can vomit and she would not stop, i could have been sick from this brutal punishment, but i asked her to do it, and i enjoyed every minute of it.

My session with Mistress Lilth can only be described as an incredible experience into the mind of Lilth, she is a wiked woman, she played some mind games with me and i fully submitted to her. I will be visiting her again, she is the best Domme i have ever seen, you will not be dissipionted, if you ask for Vomit Torture, make sure you know what you are getting yourselves in for.

One very Happy Slave!

October 2013

My second visit to Mistress was even better than the first.
I was given a number of tasks to do by text on the journey to the session which kept me both humiliated and very busy.
On arriving in Glasgow I was ordered to go and shop for a schoolgirl outfit and warned of the consequences if it was not of the proper quality and standard expected.
I spent a very embarrassing hour shopping for a dress and underwear and this added to the excitement and fear of the forthcoming session and was typical of the care and attention Mistress puts into the sessions.
She has a truly devious and wonderful imagination.
Mistress was yet again looking totally stunning I forgot how beautiful she is and though I am a skeptic on most thing she definitely has a visible aura about her you have to meet her to see what I mean but trust me she is glamorous film star quality.
On arrival I was ordered into my uniform and had to produce the punishment lines I was ordered to write which Mistress counted carefully warning me of what would happen if I was short of the number ordered.
As usual my behaviour wasn't up to the high standards required so I was given a over the knee hand spanking on the bare and again I forgot how Mistress can really hurt you just using her hand.
I stupidly answered back and said no to Mistress and for this I was put over the spanking bench and paddled very hard with three different paddles each more painful than the last.
Then I was told I had to write more lines while Mistress continue to paddle me and this was very difficult to do.
All throughout Mistress kept me totally in control never raising her voice but still maintaining absolute obedience and respect through the force of her personality alone it is really amazing how your inhibitions and any thoughts of disobedience vanish when you are under her control.
The worst was yet to come when I was introduced to the tawse.
It only took three strokes across the bare bottom to bring tears to my eyes I had no idea it would hurt so much.
Of course Mistress then took it a stage further being annoyed at my lack of an apology to her for my disobedience.
Mistress informed me I was to receive six strokes of the cane.
Watching her remove the cane and swish it through the air filled me with so many emotions mainly fear but also great excitement as she looked so dominant and beautiful at the same time.
I was ordered to count the strokes and by the second one I had a audible sob to my voice.
The sixth stroke brought more tears to my eyes it was very painful and when I had to sit done I had great trouble it was that sore.
When the session was over I was really flying I felt so happy and relaxed without a care in the world it was another life changing experience for me.
Even better was the chat I had with Mistress after we were done as she is really nice and friendly and a pleasure to be in her company.
I will be back as soon as possible.
Anyone doubting about going to see Mistress Lilith please don't you really will be missing out on something so very special.
Thanks again Mistress it was wonderful.

February 2014

I have just paid my fourth visit to Mistress Lilith and this was the best one yet.
All the sessions have been amazing but this one was the best yet.
Mistress Lilith is so inventive and so skilled in both physically and mentally making the session an amazing experience.
Mistress expertly again transformed me into a naughty schoolgirl in leather miniskirt and blouse with a wig and a pair of high heels which I tottered around in much to her amusement.
But the real skill is how she made me feel the part of a schoolgirl but getting right into my mind and using such believable roleplay.
I was once again introduced to the Lochgelly tawse and Mistress remembered that I was to get the six strokes harder than the last visit for me foolishly saying that it was not a sore as I thought it would be.
I was visibly shaking as I stood with my hands out in front of her she was so amazingly strict and dominant.
The wooden hairbrush was also used to good effect in a lengthy over the knee spanking with lots of scolding which made me feel really humiliated.
A very painful caning ended proceedings and I was left very uncomfortable for the next few days anytime I sat down !
Again anyone unsure about visiting a Mistress please don't be.
The studio is clean in a nice building where I have never seen anyone else in the four times I have visited
Mistress Lilith is truly amazing at first putting you at ease with her fun and friendly personality then totally transforms into the strict Mistress you have always dreamed about.
She is also the most beautiful woman I have seen she looks good in the pictures but honestly hand on heart she looks even better in real life.
My life has changed from knowing her and I could not have asked for a better person to introduce me into the world of being a submissive and I will be back time and time again.

February 2014

Session two with mistress.
After our first session I was left very refreshed on the knowledge that mistress Lilith was in this job for the love of it not a quick way of making money, a refreshing attitude towards session material and very friendly unlike some dragons I have encountered.
Entering for session two I was told to strip and await mistress, heart racing as ever, my penis was placed in a spiked cock sleeve and fasted tightly then I was very expertly restrained, unable to move almost, them the dreaded nipple clamps were clamped on making me scream. A lovely hood was placed on slave and I was told I was in for a surprise.
And I certainly did get that when mistress returned and told me that she was giving me over to another mistress for her to use and abuse me as she wished, very strange feeling as being hood I was left in total denial of who was about to use and abuse me. For the next hour said mistress had me in many different bondage positions roped up like a little stuffed pig.
Then the worst part of the day, I was told to stand as mistress Lilith came back in, my cock was then caged in a cb device and locked on, as both mistresses had a little laugh my heart sank as I am now under the ownership of a very very excellent mistress and who ever she sees fit to share her little chastity slave with.........

February 2014

I have just had one of the greatest experiences of my life with Mistress Lilith and I would like to share it. I have visited Mistress Lilith on and off for a few years now. I had visited two or three Mistresses before Miss Lilith, all of whom were extremely enjoyable, warm and friendly and very professional. However, as a foot lover though, I had not yet found the feet I has fantasised about, so I was on a bit if a fetish quest...well why not?
Mistress Lilith has the most perfect size 8 feet I have literally EVER seen!! From our first session together I knew that for the rest of my life, whenever I wanted to worship feet, I had found my safe haven!
So for my latest session I had asked to worship Mistress' toes with a French pedicure, my ultimate fantasy...I wasn't disappointed!
After a brief chat I was left to undress and assume a submissive position in the floor.
On her return, Mistress Lilith was wearing the sexiest open-toed heel- less pony type shoes. Straight away I just wanted to lick and suck her toes...of course Mistress had other ideas! I was forced to watch as she walked infront of me, barely 10cm from my face but unable to touch her. I was then instructed to crawl across the floor where I had my arms put inside a straight-jacket type piece of equipment behind my back and tightly fastened, instructed to kneel and had my cock and balls tied up and then tied by the remaining length of rope to the frame of her stage...I wasn't going anywhere now!
Mistress then spanked my cock with a riding crop, teasing me and terrifying me at the same time. I was sweating buckets after only 5 minutes, this lasted another 10...it was fantastic!!
My cock suitably bruised I was released and had electric pads attached to the front and back of my shaft and tied on with the rope. Then the fun really started! I was completely and utterly at the control of Mistress Lilith, and what a cruel and seductive Mistress she can be!!!
I was on my knees at her feet while she sat on her throne, worshipping and licking her toes and arches while she wore her shoes, my cock being controlled by the electrodes from a mild tingle to a truly convulsing spasm of pleasure and pain! I was in heaven!! I was the instructed to remove her shoes, it was at this point I first saw just how beautiful her French manicured toes really were... in my nearly 40 years, throughout which I've always known a complete sexual desire for female feet, I have never ever seen in real life, been in the presence of, or had the opportunity to worship such perfect toes!! Mistress Lilith is a rare example of perfect female beauty. She has the most gorgeous face, perfectly muscular and tall slim body, her legs are strong and toned, but combined with the most beautiful feet and especially toes I have ever seen she is a true Goddess!
I was now licking, sucking and worshipping her perfect toes and being controlled by the electrodes. From a kneeling position I was literally being jolted almost off the ground, at times being thrown forward practically into Mistresses legs, I couldn't resist worshiping her beautiful calves and thighs at this point. I was however brought under control by the electrodes being switched to the highest setting, rendering me practically paralysed on the floor before her! With her bare feet holding my face to the cold floor, I was punished for my crimes with a series of shocks that almost brought me over the edge...but it was worth it!
I was now instructed to crawl across the floor and follow her to another throne where I had the pleasure of washing and pampering Mistress' feet...a pleasure I would dutifully carry out. Washed and dried I now massages and creamed he feet and perfect calves, something I have fantasised about since our first session! This now complete I was forced to lie on my back while with my knees up and together while Mistress used me as a seat, her feet in my mouth and her weight on my still being electrocuted cock! Licking and sucking her toes, I massaged her legs and felt the true weight and dominance of an experienced and serious-in-her-art Dominatrix!
Eventually the electrodes were released and Mistress Lilith sat above me while I still lay on my back, her toes in my mouth. I was then allowed and firmly instructed to masturbate infront of her. I wasted no time! I was taunted and called the dirty little footboy that I am and encouraged to come all over myself while sucking on her perfectly pedicured toes. I can honestly say it was the strongest, most powerful and sexually charged orgasm I have ever felt in my life! I was literally drained!!
I would like to thank Mistress Lilith from the bottom of my heart for allowing me probably for the first time in my life, to be truly me. To provide an outlet for my ultimate fantasies to come true.
I am forever at your feet.
Your humble toe slave.

March 2014

A stunning, kind and friendly mistress, with a beautifully clean and centrally located studio.

I was very nervous as it was my first session with Mistress Lilith and i had asked to try out the vac bed, something which i have never done before, but always wanted to try.
Mistress Lilith had a very calm, controlling manor throughout the length of my session, which i adored. I was in awe of her presence throughout.

She was patient and understanding which instantly put me at as much ease as i was allowed to be at.
As a result I had a session I will never forget.

I look forward to my next visit, as I have been assured there is a lot more to come...

I would recommend Mistress Lilith to anyone. I have never seen a mistress as beautiful or as kind. A unforgettable experience.
If you are looking for someone trustworthy and safe, i couldn't recommend anyone anymore.

Thank You Mistress Lilith

March 2014

Mistress Lilith, and believe me when i say she IS a Mistress, never ceases to amaze me with her insight, and certainly keeps her 'subjects' on their toes........sometimes literally! Her abilities in getting into your head are scary, and she enjoys every minute of yer suffering. On my last visit her parting 'shot' was to lock me into a Chastity device! She knows us subbies/masochists/slaves to dam well, and will play with your mind just as she plays (and learns) her musical instument, and i'm not sure of she uses a bow, or has you bow.......sorry, couldn't resist. And talking of which, once met & served, you'll not be able to resist falling under her spell, and she will joyfully use that for her idea of 'fun'. I have ben#en fortunate to meet and serve a few Mistresses, but she has to be at the top of my list, and the list stretches over 33yrs, and being unable to resist another play on words, she WILL stretch you......one way or another. She also has some wicked friends that once you get to know her, she may well 'introfuce' you to.

All in all, one hell of a Lady.

May 2014

I researched alot of Mistresses before deciding to see Mistress Lilith. But upon discovering her website and seeing how beautiful she was my mind was made up! I did start out very nervous, although i now look forward to each session and have alot of fun. My main fetish is foot fetish and love nothing more than being under her lovely feet, but also enjoy explorIng many other aspects of bdsm with Mistress Lilith. I really am glad I entered this Mistresses world and I look forward to my next visit!!!

May 2014

Scotland's no.1 dominatrix. Anyone trudging along to see the same old scenario unfold time and time again we'll get along to visit Lilith...... It's like every days a school day, always learning new ways that such a fine female can mess with my head. Highlights of my previous session was the joy of having my cocks foreskin sewn shut so I couldn't become erect or release fluids. A painfull but very erotic feeling. Sitting at home cutting out the stitches with a sad little smile on my face knowing what the days events had been like a school boy desperate to touch my erect cock.
Anyone wondering about Lilith then give up the wonder and get your arse along to serve such a fine mistress.

Chastity slave f

May 2014

In the two years before I met Mistress Lilith I visited ten of the best pro dommes in the business and since my first session with her four years ago, I have never looked back. In this time I have seen Mistress Lilith for over a dozen sessions and have been thrilled by every one.

A lot of reviews claim that a particular Mistress is the best in the business, but these often contain hollow justification.

Mistress Lilith is the best there is for this reason: She offers sessions with true heart and soul. This is where her magic lies. She genuinely cares about providing the highest quality experience and does so with a passion and level of professionalism I haven't come close to encountering anywhere else.

Many mistresses claim that it isn't about the money, but Mistress Lilith is the only pro-domme with whom I have found this to genuinely be true. She offers 13 years of full-time pro domme experience, yet still retains her youthful beauty and energy. Every session is thoughtfully planned, lovingly crafted and flawlessly executed. Her premises are outstanding, carefully and cleverly designed, with a full suite of equipment and furniture. All of this for £100 an hour; less than half of what most London-based dommes charge. In value terms alone, she is simply the best there is.

But the real magic is in her passion, her enthusiasm, her love of the craft and her desire to provide the best possible experience. Every one of our sessions has exceeded my expectations and trust me, these sessions are a challenge! Her passion drives her to excel and every time she goes the extra mile.

So yes, Mistress Lilith is beautiful, highly intelligent and a highly skilled purveyor of perversion, but dig a little deeper and you will find what truly separates her from other dommes, her true passion, genuine heart and soul.

She is quite simply the best there is.

May 2014

After visiting a number of Mistresses over the years i have recently discovered Mistress Lilith.

The very first impression is off her quite stunning understated beauty together with her dominant air of confidence.

On my initial visit to her city centre chambers i was asked to get ready and Mistress left the room - a quick survey of the room was undertaken and soon curiosity had me looking in awe at some of the equipment, my hands wandered towards her bountiful supply of clothing - and just as i had a pair of black silk panties in my hand to my horror Mistress re-entered the room.

For the next hour i was punished and humiliated - pretty much helpless to prevent Mistress doing anything she wanted to me, with promises of more to come if i misbehaved in future.

Submission to Mistress Lilith seems natural and i am sure very few would refuse any of her requests. Hopefully i will be able to serve her well in the months ahead.

June 2014

I have had five sessions with Mistress Lilith and am learning new things every time I session.
After asking her advice via email I decided to try out her three domme session.

I was playing my usual part as the slutty and naughty school girl and had bought a short skirt to go with the rest of my uniform and once dressed I waited very nervously for the session to begin.

When Mistress Lilith Mistress Ana and Mistress Argenta walked in I nearly had a heart attack.
It is hard enough to cope being in the company of one beautiful dominant woman but to have three all at once is borderline sensory overload.
Seriously being able to spend the time with these three amazing skilled dominatrix was a privilege and a real honour.

Mistress Lilith was very cross with me right from the start and seemed more strict than she usually is. She was disgusted with my choice of short skirt and told me she had to bring two of her friends to punish me properly as I was clearly not learning my lesson.

One thing became clear very quickly I was going to be in for a severe thrashing and nothing I said would change that.
I tried to talk my way out of a few punishments but Mistress Lilith was very demanding and said my behaviour meant I deserved all I was to get.

Mistress Lilith kept warning me not to act up and stop being cheeky and smirking and I foolishly did not heed her advice.

What followed was the most intense and painful session with my limits pushed and surpassed but it was also great fun as well with lots of laughs mainly at my expense.

Mistress Lilith decided that turns would be taken to punish me with an OTK spanking from all three ladies being the starter.
This was supposed to be just a warm up but it really hurt and I was gasping and kicking my heels right from the start

Mistress Lilith spanked me much harder than she usually does it really hurt a lot for sure the worst of the spankings I got I think this was a case of three dominant woman trying to outdo each other and I suffered for it.

Then Mistress Lilith showed me the extra thick strap Mistress Ana had brought specially for me.
This thing scared me just to look at it and I was made to feel it before each Mistress took a turn thrashing my bare bottom with it as I was strapped to the spanking bench.

Mistress Ana and Mistress Argenta took turns thrashing me with the straps while Mistress Lilith sat down watching me and laughing and telling me I was getting exactly what I deserved and that it was only going to get much worse from here.

I was given a hand tawsing which made my eyes water as again all three Mistress's tried to outdo each other and make me cry out and all three succeeded.
I was sure it was the same tawse Mistress Lilith uses in our solo sessions and the same amount of strokes but it somehow hurt a lot more.

I was then made to write out punishment lines and this was very difficult as my hand was bright red and stinging.
I still have over 2500 to write out now I am back home and this will be humilating homework for me to do.

After the worst caning I have yet suffered I was made to pose for a photo with the three Mistress's standing over me with my red sore bottom bared for all to see it was horrible.

The session was intense painful humiliating and the most fun I have ever had in my life.

Mistress Lilith is so amazing I am so glad that I am able to know her and she keeps finding me worthy of her attentions and allows me to explore and learn more and more about myself in the sessions.
She has truly changed my life and my personality and I would urge you to find out for yourself what a special person she is.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mistress Lilith.

Marmalade Johnstone

July 2014

I had the pleasure of doing email training with Mistress Lilith,was great tasks she set me to do,exploring things i never would have tried and enjoyed doing them all to make Mistress happy.Would highly recommend Mistress Lilith and hope to do more tasks for her,many thanks :)

August 2014

Well I've finally done it! Had my first ever session with a dominatrix.

I really liked what I saw on Mistress Lilith's website. Arranging a meeting was no hassle. As this was my first time I asked for a half hour foot-fetish session with just a little bit of ball-busting and trampling. This is something I've wanted to try; in childhood, an older girl I fancied always used to kick me and bully me. There was always a part of me that needed to re-experience that pain. I've always loved seeing women walking in high heels. They look so feminine, yet rather dangerous too; something that could inflict cruelty if she ever chose.

Anyway, to the session.

Being a bit out of puff by the time I reached her premises, what I saw when she opened the door really took my breath away. Lilith is one stunning woman! I have a weakness for nice shapely legs and feet, nice breasts and luscious lips. Of course, these things don't mean much by themselves unless they're part of a beautiful whole package. Believe me, Lilith has got it all. Not only that, but she was in a sexy black dress, black sheer stockings and killer black stiletto heeled shoes!
Needless to say I was very nervous. Her confidence put me a little bit more at ease as we talked about my expectations of what out time together would entail. Anyway, I got myself partially undressed and lay down on the floor, face up, heart pounding. Lilith sat on a bench above me. She slipped her shoes off and put her nylon-clad feet on me. A nice gentle start, her warm feet felt really soft and massaging on my skin. She put her foot over my mouth then let me suck her toes. Lovely! Later, when she took off her stockings, I saw just how beautiful her feet were. To my way of thinking they are perfect! Size 8, soft, soft skin and really high arches. Beautiful toes with a French polish; what more could I ask for? I realised just how privileged I was as I licked along the arches of her feet and got my tongue between her toes. I also got a couple of gentle taster kicks in the balls and felt her feet pushing down hard on me as she stood on top of my chest and back. I asked her to try stepping on me with her stilettos on, which she did with part of her weight on her heels. Painful of course, but most pleasurable too. Definitely want to try this further.

For the last few minutes, Lilith asked me what I would like to try. Well, I just had to give the ball-busting a go! I must say I kept my jeans on, just because it kinda keeps things together, so to speak. I was worried that a skiff off her shoe might tare something. Mistress started off kicking me very gently, she didn't just crunch me big style – thank God! She ordered me to pull my jeans up a bit then kicked me a bit harder. It was fairly sore but I loved the way my cock and balls bounced around as the toe of her shoe made contact with them. It felt electric. The pain was breaking the remaining ice and I was getting rather aroused. Then another kick. And another. She simply does not miss! I was getting rock hard now as the pain was getting enough to have me bent over as I tried to catch my breath. One last kick – the toe of her shoe bang square on my balls. Now that was bloody sore. As my legs buckled, I was nearly onto the floor like a sack of potatoes. It was like all the stuffing had been taken out of me. And she said that was still a fairly gentle kick! My God, I would hate to think what a full force kick from her must be like! Anyone who can take more than a moderate kick must have either dulled senses or prosthetic testicles!

Anyway, that finished me off nicely! I didn't dare ask for another one. My head was spinning and I was feeling amazing. She showed me some of her shoes and boots as I got dressed. I said to her this session would either be cathartic and rid me of these fantasies or I would be hooked on more.... needless to say, I think it's the latter!

I thoroughly recommend an appointment with this lovely Mistress. She has a lot of experience and knows exactly what to do. She knew that I needed breaking in gently. She showed a bit of cruelty when she thought I was ready. I've no doubt she could be seriously strict and cruel if that's what you were after. I think next time I'll request some serious trampling now that I've had a taster. The thought of Lilith walking up and down on my chest and torso in her stilettos is mind-blowing. And if she kicks me in the balls a few times, then that's just fine by me!!

Thank you kindly Mistress Lilith,
James, Inverness.

August 2014

My seventh visit and seventh review for Mistress Lilith and yet after this recent session I am lost for words and finding this review so very difficult but I will try and hope this unusual style of review is of some use to this site and Mistress Lilith in encouraging new subs to visit her.

If you have not met Mistress Lilith then you are missing out on someone very special.It is a danger that I will have a review full of hyperbole and adjectives all in a row that will somehow diminish what she means to me but the effect she has had on me is so life changing I find it difficult to describe her any other way.

Mistress Lilith during a session is fun to be with, strict and difficult to please, and afterwards impossible to write about and do justice.

Every single time I see her I am instantly happy and relaxed just being in her company all my worries and cares fade away yet at the same time I am always rendered speechless and when I do talk I stammer slightly as I am in awe of how stunningly beautiful she is.

Every since the first time I met Mistress Lilith I have trouble looking at her in the eye as she is just so pretty and has this aura of dominance about her that is everything I dreamed about in the long years I spent fantasying about domination before visiting her.
It is not that she does not put me at ease for she does with her delightful, fun and interesting personality it is more that being in the same room with someone akin to a Goddess is something I will never get used to ever.

Our sessions consist of role play of me being naughty schoolgirl Marmalde Johnstone and Mistress Lilith being the strict no nonsense teacher who I am sent to for punishment.

Yet every single session has been different and in every session Mistress Lilith has been so incredibly inventive and introduced me to new aspects of the craft always with great care, style. and patience.
Just little things like making me wear a headband in my wig made me feel more like a schoolgirl small clever touch that made a difference.
I get the feeling we have only scratched the surface and there are more exciting adventures and new worlds for me to discover and experience.

I always feel totally safe during the session even at the times when the punishment can get very intense and I am totally helpless Mistress Lilith always is in control and is capable of pushing my limits.
I never feel unsure or worried at any time and a happy to give myself over completely to her.

What truly is remarkable is not only is my confidence during a session growing but outside the sessions in my everyday life I have also changed and have more belief in myself in my day to day dealings with people and incidents and this would never have happened before I starting visiting Mistress Lilith.

If I may be permitted to address Mistress Lilith at the end of this review?

Mistress Lilith It really is an endless sense of wonder knowing you. I feel my heart is going to burst with happiness when I am in a session and in your company time seems to stand still and the serenity and peace I find with you makes me so content I could cry with joy.

I am totally your servant and in your thrall and I have never been as happy as I am at any time of my life than I am right now
You have made me a better person and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing such great fun and excitement into my life.


August 2014

My goodness how do you describe the session of a lifetime?
I cancelled a triple domme then begged to have it reinstated and Mistress Lilith kindly agreed on a couple of conditions.
I had to write her in the space of 24 hours before the session 2000 lines and also I was to be punished severely over my limits for my hissy fit.
On arriving I was told to get dressed and await punishment.
Once more I was naughty schoolgirl Marmalde Johnstone and I was wearing my slutty school uniform consisting of a leather miniskirt with stocking and strappy high heels.

Mistress Lilith came in and immediately I knew I was in serious trouble.
She took the lines off me and warned me if there was not exactly 2000 lines I would be getting the same amount of cane strokes.
I told her there was and I had the blister on the palm of my hand to prove it and was up all night finishing them.
Good said Mistress and ordered me over to her.She then took the X heavy thick Lochelly tawse off the wall and gave me the worse six stokes on the hands I have ever had.

I was then scolded about my behavior and my attempts to leave the school without permission.
I am turning into a drama queen and threw bit of tantrum via email and this was the reason Mistress was so cross.
I was bent over Mistress Lilith's amazing lap and spanked over my skirt.When my skirt was lifted up Mistress Lilith got really angry.
I knew I was in for the spanking of a life time so I worse kicker/spender panties and then put another pair of panties on over the top for extra padding.

Mistress was really angry at this and did not see the funny side and pulled both down pairs and hand spanked me then used the thick black paddle on my bare unwarmed up bottom.It hurt a lot.
I was then strapped to the spanking bench and told my behaviour was that serious that she was going to get the headmistress involved.

At that moment the door flew open and my to my surprise and delight Mistress Argenta came in and this is a whole separate review which I will post.

Mistress Lilith returned to the room after Mistress Argenta had severely blistered my bottom and totally blew my mind.
Mistress Argenta told Mistress Lilith that I was answering back and clearly needed more severe punishment.

I was told that I needed a medical check and I had to lie face down on the floor with my bottom bared so Mistress Lilith could check me out.
Then without and fuss and much to my shock Mistress Lilith took my anal virginity with a buttplug!

Not only was it sore and humiliating but it was left in place and my panties were pulled up and I had to walk about very uncomfortably.

Even worse was to follow as I had to lie face down on the spanking couch and Mistress Lilith gave me a very sore strapping.
I had been warned on previous visits what would happen if my slutty ways continued but I never knew Mistress Lilith would go through with it.
A word of warning Mistress Lilith does not make threats she makes promises that she carries through and remembers everything.

Just when I though I could take no more another promise was carried out as Mistress Lilith decided my lesson had not been learned.
I was told the harshest punishment reserved only for the naughtiest of schoolgirls was the bullwhip.

I was given three strokes of the whip Mistress Lilith said each was to be harder than the last one.
I was sheer agony but so exciting to see such a beautiful dominant woman standing next to me brandishing a whip.
The strokes were much worse than I thought they would be.
My eyes filled up with tears as the pain was so intense but I did not cry as I told Mistress Lilith I would not but I think next time she will make sure I do.

After the session had ended Mistress Lilith was kind enough again to have a little chat with me and was as fun,relaxed and friendly outside the session as she was strict,intense and severe in it.
But there was a sting in the tale.
Mistress asked me how my bottom was and though I said it was sore I said it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be considering how much punishment I took.

Mistress Lilith raised her eyebrow and said 'oh isnt it?' and with a wicked grin reached for a cane and ordered me to bend over.

My protests that the session was over fell on deaf ears as I was given three ferocious strokes of the cane that again had the tears forming in my eyes.
I wont make that mistake again!

I keep saying it but it is true this was the most severe but best session I have ever had it was intense yet really exciting and fun.
I just wish I could visit more often my life is so much more fun when I am in a session.

Mistress Lilith and Mistress Argenta are not to be missed they love their job and will give you the experience of a lifetime.

Thank you Mistress Lilith and Mistress Argenta I love you both

Marmalade Johnstone

October 2014

I had an incredible session with Lilith and Dolly. They are both very beautiful and very strict doms who push you to the limit, but the rewards are worth it. I have had several sessions with doms and this was by far the best!

Highly recommended!

November 2014

Recently I've experienced a session with Mistress Lilith & what a fantastic experience it was. I had never been to a mistress before so was obviously a bit nervous but I needn't have worried. Arranging the session was easy. I just emailled Mistress what session I wanted & she arranged everything. Mistress Lilith was amazing & pushed me to my limits.

If you are thinking about having a session with Mistress Lilith then I can highly recommend it. I thoroughly enjoyed my session & will be back in the new year for more.

Thank you Mistress Lilith

November 2014

I have visited mistress lillith a few times over the last few years and can highly recomnend her. She makes you feel welcome.. and its easy to discuss what you want from your session with her.. But she will push your limits. This time round i was trampled by her heels and endured a fair bit of cbt. The highlight of my session was when she vomited in my mouth and made me eat it until i guessed what she had eaten .. Scrambled eggs... Digusting but brilliant! I also got to pick what kind of shoes id like trampled/kicked with... Spiky high heels... Amazing to live out these fantasies. I cant recommend her highly enough.

December 2014

I had the pleasure of my first visit with Mistress Lilith yesterday, this was my first visit to any Mistress and so I was a little tense lets say, as soon as I met Mistress Lilith it was not only her beauty that put my at ease but also her manner, making sure you were comfortable and a chat of what you expect and anything you wish to ask regarding your session, this is all done before your session starts, I wish not to give away details of my session as I feel this is between myself and Mistress, what I will say is that at no time was I made to feel uncomfortable and forced to do anything I didn't want to, everything was carried out slowly and Mistress made sure of my reaction every step of the way. Our session finished with myself being allowed to dress and compose myself, then we had a quick chat before I left. I cannot recommend Mistress Lilith enough to anyone that is unsure of this world.

Thank you Mistress Lilith!

December 2014

A review of my recent session with Mistress Lilith.

Around four months had passed since my first session with this wonderful Mistress. So I was really looking forward to this one. I requested a one hour session comprising of a strict school teacher scenario where she would use the tawse, bust my balls and trample me. For the last part I requested she do some wrestling with me.

When I arrived, Mistress was standing there in a sexy top, amazing little tartan mini-skirt, fishnet stockings and dangerous looking stiletto heels. I told her she looked hotter than the flames of hell. She really looked awesome!!

To kick off the session, she let me know how pissed off she was that I hadn't handed my homework into her. So six of the belt for me... and it hurt severely! Questioning me further she thought I told her a lie, so decided to double the punishment. Another six, and by God she hit me hard! And she loved it! But Miss wasn't happy that I had learned my lesson. She told me she was going to really make me suffer now. Lilith tied me up to her winch and stretched me out, but with me still on my knees – legs apart. She gave me a fair old ballbusting, kicking me gently to begin with. But this was never going to be easy – she used the toe of her shoe for the next kick, which nearly brought a tear to my eyes. Miss L threatened to hoof me one real hard, but very luckily for me she listened to my pleas not to!!

A bit of trampling next with some foot worship too. She has the most beautiful feet – kissing those soles was just awesome – I'm so lucky to have had that mouthwatering experience.

After performing a few other fiendish tricks on me, like painting my cock then crushing it under her foot, she ordered me onto the mat for some wrestling holds. Now I knew Miss was strong from reading other reviews, but nothing prepared me for the ridiculous amount of strength she has. I train with weights myself, but when Mistress grabbed a hold of me I was absolutely powerless! A week later and my left shoulder still hurts after she wrenched my arm in one of her manoeuvres. I should count myself lucky though.... I mean it when I say that that woman could easily tear my arms off if she wanted to. I simply had no hope of getting out of her holds and had to tap-out many times and use the safe-word. Feeling like a rag-doll I was completely overpowered by her enormous strength.

Lilith exudes a real aura of power and confidence which I felt as soon as I walked into her dungeon. While truly dominant, throughout the session, Mistress was a really good laugh too, having a fantastic sense of humour. I really enjoyed her company and just wished I could have spent all day there.

I highly recommend you request a session with this amazing dominatrix. Mistress Lilith, thank You for such a great time!! Hope to see you again soon.

James x.

December 2014

Mistress Lilith kindly arranged another three domme session for me with Mistress Argenta and Mistress Ana.

This is Mistress Lilith’s considerable role in the session.

Mistress Lilith arrived in the session while I was being forced to give oral sex to a huge black strap on which was being worn by Mistress Argenta.

Mistress Lilith said much to my humiliation and shame that she was sure that was not the first one I had sucked that day and clearly I knew what I was doing.

Her words made a humiliating experience so much worse.

Then I was subjected to something that really humiliates me so much a witnessed spanking.
I was first put over the spanking bench while Mistress Lilith spanked me and Mistress Argenta forced me to deep throat the strap on

Then Mistress Argenta spanked me severely over her knee Mistress Lilith watched on and continued to scold me really making me feel like the naughty schoolgirl Marmalade Johnstone that I was during the session.

To hear her say that I was a nasty little slut who deserved the spanking I was getting and being forced to look up at her was a dream come true and made the roleplay so realistic for me.

At one point Mistress Lilith laid down on the floor and looked up at me and smiled I quickly looked away.
I was told by Mistress Lilith to look at her properly in the eye.
This is difficult for me as when I see a beautiful woman I find it hard to maintain eye contact.
So this was probably the first time I had looked really intently at Mistress Lilith for a long period of time.

Seeing Mistress Lilith so close up made my heart skip a beat as I though gosh she is so gorgeous and even more lovely than I remembered.
How she manages to be so dominant and powerful and yet be so pretty and lovely at the same time is amazing.

Then Mistress Lilith started slapping me hard on the face each cheek to bring me back to the reality of my situation.

It is a new experience for me but I absolutely love it when Mistress slaps me on the face and while being spanked it is just sensory overload.
I asked if this was really necessary which made both Mistresses laugh at me and Mistress Lilith said.
'Yes I enjoy doing it and everyone has to have a hobby'
Which even through the pain and humiliation made me laugh.

After Mistress Argenta was satisfied I had been spanked enough she left me to the not so tender mercies of Mistress Lilith

I was soon back over her knee and lectured in the most convincing manner about my behaviour and why I was being punished.
I stupidly tried to talk my way out of it.
Big mistake.

Mistress Lilith spanks really hard and with the ongoing spanking competition between the three Mistresses that was the theme of the session she really hit me extra hard.

Again my big mouth during a session saw me over the spanking stool and strapped into position and I got a dose of the paddle for my troubles.
Then I was put on top of the bondage cage and strapped some more and threatened with a truly evil looking red and black studded paddle.

Luckily I seemed to get away with it but instead was introduced to a new punishment the strapping of the inside of my thighs.
I had seen this in many a spanking video but never experienced it.
It hurt a lot.

Mistress Lilith threatened or rather promised me I would be getting 31 strokes of the studded paddle on the next visit.
I hope she forgets but somehow do not think she will.

This truly was one of the best days of my life and the happiest I think I have ever felt ever.

I cannot express in words how very special Mistress Lilith is to me and how much of a difference it is having someone so remarkable in my life.
I sometimes look at a Turner watercolour and think I will never see a sunset like that is real life but I wish just once I could.
Well Mistress Lilith is like that to me she is the work of art come to life in the real world stunning me with her natural beauty and grace and at the same time making me submit to her power and dominance.

This spanking fantasy I hid for years is being realised and I could have no one better to introduce and educate me in the journey as I explore it further.
When I am with her all my worries and problems vanish.
I genuinely feel happy to be alive and the world is a brighter happier funnier more exciting and joyous place in her presence
In a session she is remarkable outwith a session it is a sheer pleasure to talk to someone so funny and interesting.

And you know the best part after the session as I was leaving I was given a goodbye hug.
I had to leave quickly as I did not want Mistress Lilith to see I was crying as the hug meant that much to me.

I look forward if she will permit me of course to continuing my journey and the new adventures it will bring in 2015 with the wonderful Mistress Lilith.
Thank you for everything Mistress Lilith

Marmalade Johnstone

January 2015

I have visited several other mistresses in the past year but this was the first time with miss Lilith I vas very nervous upon arrival but her calm and friendly manner immediately put me at ease then she listened to my likes and limits I then enjoyed the best session with a mistress so far will definitely return again

February 2015

Went for the first time to Mistress Lilith and what can I say was an amazing experience. Very beautiful, dominant woman who looks just like her pictures on site if not even better. Made me feel very relaxed and comfortable and is very down to earth. Went for a foot worship session and i couldn't get enough of her feet, sexy size 8 feet with perfect black nail polish. I licked and sucked on those baby's for a good while and the time flew by lol. She done everything I asked and more, definitely would recommend Mistress Lilith to anyone with a foot fetish amazing experience and not soon one I would forget.

Zak x

April 2015

A few days ago i had my first triple-domination session with Mistresses Megara, Lilith and Ana in Glasgow. i had asked Them for a corporal punishment session, and that i'm not told in advance what They planned, because i like to be surprised. Of course i was quite nervous at the beginning, being with three experienced sadists in one room, but i enjoy being challenged.

The session started with Mistress Lilith giving me some hard face slaps, and if you don't know Her yet, then let me tell you: She is an extremely strong woman! Next, She told me to lay down, and She used a skin stapler to give me a vagina, which they would later abuse.

Mistress Megara then made me wear thick rubber bands around my chest, waist, arms and legs. Then the three Mistresses took turns pulling at them and letting them snap back, which left red, blue, and black marks all over my body. The stinging sensation was intense, and i could see how much the Mistresses enjoyed themselves.

Next, They outfitted me with electric dog collars around my legs, and an electric butt plug, and They shocked me with a cattle prod to make me dance for their amusement. They also zapped my new vagina, and i was pretty soon exhausted from "dancing" and trying to evade the prod.

When this was over, and i was allowed to rest on a kind of stretcher, where They strapped me down, and continued to beat my butt and legs with canes, a flogger, and a bullwhip. With this i really had to fight to take it, especially when Mistress Ana turned to punish me with bastinado. i like to have my limits pushed though, and these three Ladies certainly know how to do it :)

The session continued with some nipple torture, where Mistress Lilith held me down in a wrestling hold, and Mistresses Megara and Ana put needles in my nipples and twisted them.

Finally, Mistress Megara asked me questions of a geography test, and for each wrong answer i was punished by face slapping, being hit with large dildos, or having to gag on one of them.

So if you're a maso like me, i can highly recommend to book a session with these three amazing Dominatrices! Their sadistic creativity and enthusiasm is unparalleled, and They definitely know how to make you suffer. At the same time, i always felt safe during the session, and They were careful to treat me on a level that was right for me. i can't wait to go back to Scotland for more!

May 2015

My latest session was a 30 minute short sharp shock.
Due to my work and distance I find it difficult to be able to come back for sessions and with a world class domme like Mistress Lilith I had to take the opportunity for a shorter than usual session.
I was quickly dressed into my leather mini skirted redheaded Marmy Johnstone alter ego and waited the arrival of Mistress.
Mistress Lilith told me that she was both in a bad mood and angry with me so this punishment was going to be the worst ever.
As always Mistress Lilith does exactly what she says she will.

It started with a blistering over the knee hand spanking.
There was no warm up my skirt,tight and panties were pulled down right away and the spanking was administered on the bare right from the start.
Within a couple of minutes I was crying out in pain and this seemed to make Mistress Lilith spank me harder.
I was told to get off her knee and go over to the wall of pain where all the spanking implements are hung up.
I was told to pick 4 paddles to be spanked with.
I chose a round leather paddle,square leather paddle with holes,extra wide black leather paddle and the scary black and red studded paddle.

I was strapped to the spanking bench and thrashed severely with the first two paddles all the time being scolded for dressing like a tart and for anytime i stupidly answered back.
Then Mistress ordered me to lie down on the spanking cage.
Mistress Lilith started to laugh an evil yet joyous laugh as she picked up the extra wide paddle and told me that this paddle was one of the most severe and she was going to enjoy using it on me.

Mistress Lilith was not kidding the extra width of the paddle covered both cheeks of my backside and had me crying out in pain with every stroke it was so very painful.
There was no let up in the thrashing and I had a commentary from Mistress about how red my bottom was getting.

If I thought that was bad the worst was yet to come.
Mistress Lilith started to laugh again as she picked up the red and black studded paddle.
'This will have you crying' she said

I was to get six with each side.
The first six where with the red side.The first stroke brought tears to my eyes the second I started to cry and by the sixth I was crying out loud.
Then Mistress turned the paddle to the black side and just rubbed it over my bottom to show me how rough that side was.
'This side will really hurt and you are getting six full force'

The first stroke made me scream out loud and I was crying hysterically tears pouring down my face and begging Mistress to stop but I got the full six.
The pain of this paddle was something else it really reduced me to a crying wreck.
When I looked up at Mistress she was smiling ~I am glad it made he happy to punish me this way

I was ordered to kneel before Mistress and kiss her feet which was an honour and I loved doing it.

Then as an added bonus I go six of the best of the cane which again me me cry.

This was the most painful session I have ever had all in 30 minutes.

You must visit Mistress Lilith and experience it for yourself.
I cant wait to be back

Thank you Mistress


May 2015

I was nervous about embarking on visiting a Pro-Domme for the very first time but I'm so pleased i bit the bullet and, more to the point, I'm delighted it was with Mistress Lilith. Mistress put me at ease from the very start and I'm everso grateful. It was very cool experiencing a wave of heart-beating nervousness just before i met her, next experiencing being genuinely awe-struck when i did meet her, then being eased in by a truly professional Domme. I booked for a footworship session and loved every minute of being under her beautiful feet. Being a first-timer, Mistress also gently introduced me to a few new things - the whole experience just left me buzzing.

Whatever i do or wherever i go in life, nothing & no-one can ever take away the experience that Mistress Lilith gave to me on Saturday 16th May. I will be eternally grateful to her for the quality of the '1st time' memory that she has given to me - its something i'll always look back on. That's a lasting imprint on my life and its testament to how polished Mistress Lilith is at what she does.

I've found my perfect Scottish Mistress.


May 2015

How do I describe my latest adventure with Mistress Lilith without seeming to go over the top in praise?
Session of a lifetime? or not only that one of the best day of my lifetime?
Neither do justice to what just happened.
This was my sixteenth visit and next month will be two years since I was first introduced into the wonderful world of domination by Mistress Lilith and her friends.

The session started with my alter ego Marmalde Johnstone dressed in her usual tarty outfit of leather skirt stockings and heels and white blouse being lectured about her behaviour and not learning her lesson from the last visit.
Mistress Lilith promised me excruciating pain and she delivered and delivered extra.
One thing I learned very early is you can trust Mistress Lilith's word, Trust it is a very important word in a session between a sub and a Mistress we will come back to it later in the review.

Mistress Lilith as always looked totally stunning.Truly you have to see her for yourself to appreciate how stunning she is.I am reminded of the quote from The importance of being earnest by Oscar Wilde

''Would you be in any way offended if I said that you seem to me to be in every way the visible personification of absolute perfection''

As the sessions due to distance and work are so far apart it always takes me by surprise how gorgeous and how dominant a personality Mistress Lilith has.

Mistress Lilith took two thick paddles from the wall of pain and beckoned me to bend over her knee
No messing about my skirt and panties were pulled straight down and my bottom bared for punishment.
The spanking from the first blow had me gasping out loud.
Mistress Lilith in fact spanks so hard with her hand I had difficulty telling when she switched to the paddle.

I was then spanked with a belt.This belt was one I had to buy before the session.
I had trouble getting one and the one I got was not even leather and not very wide and I said to Mistress it would not be very good for the session and it would not hurt.
Big mistake.
As stated before Mistress Lilith could use a feather and make it painful.

Going off on a tangent in medieval days the night before you were tortured in the Tower of London the jailer would take you into the chamber and show you the items that would be used on you.
Well Mistress Lilith did a similar thing to me which blew my mind.

I was told I was to be punished with every strap/tawse implement.
I was strapped into the spanking bench and slowly Mistress Lilith placed down in front of me the items that would be used.
They were in order of severity and if my memory serves me correct they were

belt,flat strap,razor strap,three tailed tawse,glasgow tawse,extra heavy tawse,two tailed tawse.John Dick lochgelly
I was to get eight strokes of each four on each cheek.
We never even got to the tawses before I was in real trouble.
By the time the wicked two tailed tawse was used I was crying.
in fact Mistress laughed a lot and said I sounded like a sheep and my cries went something like MWBAAAAAEIGHTBAAAAAAAA.

Mistress Lilith was so happy she was genuinely laughing non stop and I could hear the joy in her voice as she pushed my limits to the absolute maximum.
But though the pain was terrible I enjoyed it so much knowing I was making her happy.
Trust again I knew my limits would be respected but pushed.
This is vitally important.

Then one of the worst ever things to come out of the troubled country of South Africa was used.
The long and painful Sjambok was used on my already shredded backside.
This is a truly horrid piece of equipment that I do not want to see in a hurry again.
Probably as bad as the studded paddle and bullwhip for sheer agonizing pain.

Though I thought my punishment was over it was not.
I was as usual answering back and was to be caned severely with 100 strokes being the sentence

The caning was administrated with great accuracy.
Mistress caned my backside from top to bottom with fast and vicious strokes.
Again the tears flowed and I felt totally dominated and humiliated.
After the caning I was to have a butt plug put in.
Now we had a small problem with this which Mistress Lilith quickly sorted out
Trust again during a session Mistress sorted the problem out with no fuss and reassured me making me respect,trust and love her even more than I already do.
Of course right away I was punished again this time a very painful thrashing with the riding crop which included some very painful flicks to my testicles.

I heard Mistress Lilith start to laugh again and suddenly felt an electric shock on my blistered backside.
Mistress Lilith used a electric zapper on me on both cheeks then on my testicles
I also had something used on me that I still do not know what it is as I could not see it was the rainbow and butterfly.

Just when I thought it was over I was put on the bondage bed and had for the first time my thighs punished with a strap.
Then Mistress handed me the electric zapper.
'Shock yourself on the tip of your penis' Mistress Lilith said
Being brave I did it and let out a scream that lasted longer and louder than the final note of Nessun Dorma sung by Luciano Pavarotti
Again the two of us burst out laughing as Mistress Lilith asked why I did that to myself

More cheek from me and refusing to obey instantly Mistress saw a final brutal punishment when I was ordered to my knees and to put my head on the floor.
I was given another forty strokes of the cane and then ordered to kiss Mistress Liliths perfect feet.

Next session before anything else I have been told I will be getting another 100 cane strokes for various misdemeanors I did in this session.

This was a session of firsts


belt spanking
tawse on backside
butterfly and rainbow
thigh punishment
Testicle punishment
over 100 cane strokes
electric zapper

It is two days since the session.
My backside is still covered in cane strokes and tawse marks.
It is bruised purple and yellow
It still really hurts when I sit and stings as I walk and I love it.

My next session will be I hope in a couple of weeks time and will mark the second anniversary of my first visit.
I cant wait to see what devious plans Mistress Lilith has for me.

Please if you are in any doubts about booking a session cast them aside and just go for it.
You will have the experience of a lifetime with a truly amazing person in Mistress Lilith.
You will have a safe and fun and life changing session I promise you will not regret it and will be back time and time again.
Mistress Lilith is the most remarkable person I will ever meet and I wish I had been for a session years ago but I plan to make up for that by having many sessions in the future.


September 2015

This review is long overdue. I have seen Mistress Lilith five or six times over the last year or so for foot worship and anal play. The first time I saw her she put me at ease right away and was friendly but also highly professional and obviously knew what she was doing. The premises is invariably spotless and easy to locate while being discrete. I always feel very safe there. Lilith herself is a very beautiful lady, tall with great legs and a lovely figure and obviously fit. She never rushes through the sessions I have had with her, but paces herself and loves being in control, which is as it should be! I hope to see her again later this year. All in all, highly recommended. Ross.

May 2016

I have had the absolute honour of knowing Mistress Lilith for around 4 years now. Before I write this review I want to say there's nothing I can write that won't have been said before but I hope something in my words can convey just how incredible she is.
Over the 3/4 years I have met Mistress not nearly enough. I had planned on meeting her well before I did but like many subs I let fear get in the way. I assume a few men reading this will feel this way but don't nervous as there's no need.
The one thing that always knocks me sideways is Mistress Liliths looks, she's gorgeous, stunning and it will take you aback, trust me. I'm always stunned on my first glance when she opens the door. She has many outfits you can request but it doesn't matter as she looks perfect anyway.
Upon every session I've had Mistress Lilith has made me feel welcomed and very at ease. She sits and has a chat about what YOU want and what YOU want your sesison with her to be like.
She really tries to find out your fetishes and desires and will also suggest things you may not have thought of. Trust me when I say you will know you're in the presence of a real professional.
I myself enjoy visiting her to partake in some wrestling, scissoring and foot worship. During my first session I remember Mistress saying 'don't worry, I'll kick your arse' when I said I wanted to grapple with her. I laughed, not doubting her but excited at the idea of being physically overpowered by such a sexy female. Let me tell you if your a wrestling or scissor fan you won't be disappointed as Lilith is STRONG and I mean VERY STRONG. She had me floored and pinned in seconds and once her powerful thighs were around me I couldn't believe her crushing leg power.
She loves to apply enough strength to keep me at bay while she makes me worship her legs. She also enjoys slowly increasing the pressure to make me tapout for mercy. Either way is no problem to her at all.
Another one of her many qualities are her gorgeous legs and feet which I have worshipped during every session. Her feet are always perfectly presented and kissing them is heaven. Her strong legs are possibly the sexiest thing a man could imagine, so soft yet you can feel her muscles as you massage them. I feel privileged to be able to do this.

If you are anything like me your submission to her will grow after every session as she's that good. In our last few meetings I have grown to enjoy a good hard spanking over her knees and enjoying some spitting. Watching her tower over me as she spits on my body is intense. The feeling of her spit landing on you or being made to swallow it sent me to another level. It's a fetish I never even though of and is one I really want to experience a lot more.

Incase you haven't worked it out already you need to meet this Goddess as soon as possible. I'm sure you know the standard details like her premisis being city centre based, very private and well kept so there's no excuse not to submit to her.
You're in the hands of a real Mistress here.

May 2016

What a Goddess.I've met Mistress Lilith 7-8 times now over the past 4/5 years and that's not nearly enough. She's addictive.I only wish I could visit her once a week or more.I initially contacted her to do some wrestling and scissors as I had been a huge fan of this since seeing it online and on TV some years ago.After booking I travelled to her lovely, well kitted and convenient dungeon.I was very nervous as you can imagine but when she opened the door my nerves melted away, she looked gorgeous and that's an understatement.Her website pictures just cannot do her justice, you need to see her live in person, you'll be KO'd.After I sat down she chatted to me and really made me feel welcome and at ease, she really wanted to get inside my head and figure out what I wanted which was wrestling and foot worship.When I mentioned the wrestling she said 'don't worry, I'll kick your arse'.I laughed, not doubting her at all but I didn't know what I was in for.I won't bore you with every detail but she left me in privacy to strip down to my underwear and then returned in full boss mode, I knew I'd made the right choice. Mistress made me stand in front of her and then we grappled.I stood no chance against this beauty. She had me pinned in around 5-10 seconds. I was powerless. A few men have already mentioned her extreme strength and I will back them up, Mistress is VERY STRONG. Her arms alone were more than strong enough to handle me but MY GOD her thighs will disable you. There is no escape from her sicssors. NONE.What's scarier is she can control you with her legs alone once she's got you on the mat. Trust me if wrestling is your fetish the this is the Domme to visit. It has to be said though she will wrestle to your pain or comfort level if you ask. After she had let me know I was nothing more than her wrestling victim she allowed me to worsip her wonderful perfectly formed legs and feet.What an honour it was to kiss the legs that had just defeated me so easily.Obviously you'll have seen Mistresses many pictures and you'll know how gorgeous her legs are. They feel even better.Since my 1st session I've had a lot more and my submission to her has grown. Aside from wrestling she has endulged me in other fetishes but my favourite so far is her spitting. Feeling her lovely saliva cover my body sent me to another dimension. She also takes the opportunity to body scissor me and make me swallow some. OMG nothing compares.PLEASE book this Goddess as soon as you can.You will not regret it and never look back. I'm truly honoured to write this review and to have met her. She is THE Mistress.

May 2016

My latest visit to Mistress Lilith continued the trend of the session being the best ever.Each session is more thrilling,scary and fun than the last Mistress Lilith always has a surprise for me at some point and I never know what to expect.The session started off with a blistering over the knee hand spanking which was the hardest yet administered as Mistress says my pain tolerance is getting higher so the punishment has to be more severe this was to be a recurring theme throughout the session as my very reddened and sore backside was to find out.Then Mistress Lilith used a wooden paddle on me while I struggled to stay still over her knee as the pain increased she easily held me down with one hand while steadily thrashing my entire backside from top to bottom with great power and accuracy.I was then order to lie face down on the bondage table.Mistress Lilith announced that for my cheek and general dressing up as a sissy slut I had to receive that hardest punishment yet.I was to get 50 strokes of the cane.At this moment I was filled with both real excitement and genuine fear.Mistress Lilith has reduced me to tears before with just 6 strokes of the cane.The most I have ever had from her before was 12 and they were the most painful punishment I have ever felt how on earth was I to take 50?I was given three raid cane strokes for not presenting my bottom properly and I stupidly forgot to count them so the 50 strokes ended up being 53.The cane strokes were given in batches of 10. Each batch was harder than the last.Mistress Lilith canes accurately and gave a commentary on how red and marked my bottom was getting and how it was going to get much worse before she was finished.Every so often as I cried out at a particular hard stroke Mistress Lilith would give a loud laugh the sort of laugh of someone who is genuinely enjoying what she is doing and the reaction her caning is getting.The last 10 strokes were equally the worse pain I have yet experienced only the one time I had the dreaded studded paddle could compete for the sheer burning sensation.Mistress Lilith continues to delight and fill me with a sense of endless wonder.Every session there is something new and my boundaries are pushed all done safely with great skill class and care.I can only urge anyone thinking of having a session to do so as soon as possible you will not regret it and have the most amazing experience of your life.Thank you once again Mistress LilithMarmy

September 2016

As a nervous newbie I walked in to Mistress Lilith's Dungeon a walking bag of jelly, and left with a cheesy grin on my face that lasted the whole day.I had thoroughly read the websites of every Pro-Domme that I could find in Scotland, and chose Mistress Lilith based on her 14 years of experience, very tantalising "About Me" section and the other reviews on this page. This turned out to be the best decision that I have made in a very long time. She was very welcoming and friendly and put me at ease as soon as I walked through her door. The session was perfectly tailored to my interests and experience level, and she remained friendly, patient and encouraging throughout. I totally trusted her from the very beginning of the session and felt very relaxed as she introduced me to a variety of new sensations and experiences. I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I laughed during the session. It was fun. As I sit typing this hours later I find that I am still sitting on a slightly warm, tingling sensation which is both rather pleasant and totally unexpected. I do intend to go back soon.If you are like me and nervous about contacting a Dominatrix then I would urge you to contact Mistress Lilith today. You definitely won't regret it. It is impossible to imagine a better introduction to the world of BDSM.

October 2016

My first ever experience. Mistress Lilith was very welcoming. Made me feel comfortable. I really enjoyed my time with her. Hopefully I'll get to visit again.

October 2016

Visiting mistress lilith was the first time i have visited a mistress and as a novice i was extremely nervous about the session especially considering i had asked to be hung on mistress lilith's gallows, on being buzzed in to mistress lilith's dungeon and meeting her for the first time , i must admit i was immediately arroused at the sight of mistress who looked stunning in her crisp white shirt, black pencil skirt and leather knee high boots, she looked every bit the part of the executioner, she also comes across as a really genuine person who obviously takes her craft very seriously but not so serious where she can't crack a smile or have a laugh and a joke, infact she has a tremendous knack for putting you at ease on meeting. When the session began though she was all buisness and slipped into the role of executioner seamleslly, during the session as requested i was stripped naked and strapped firmly to a black leather punishment bench, it was in this position that mistress Lilith would extract from me a full confession for my crimes, this she managed by punishing me across the arse with a leather strap, i still have the marks as a little souvenier. I was given the choice of a long drop hanging if i confessed or a short drop which would result in my choking to death, all mock of course, naturally then i opted for the long drop and confessed all. I was then placed in a cage with a leather hood over my head as mistress read out my death sentence, i was then left to contemplate my fate and prompted by mistress to consider what my last request might be, after a considerable time in the cage mistress returned and asked if i had considered my last request and asked what it may be, naturally i opted to be allowed to masturbate myself to a climax as i hung from her gallows, this she granted, i was then allowed the privilage of worshipping mistress Lilith black leather boots before i was prepared for my execution, as preparation a butt plugg was inserted in my arse, this,mistress assured me was to prevent fluids escaping at the point of death, finally the time to be taken to the gallows had arrived i was instructed to step into a harness, this i was told was to allow the retrieval of my body after i had dropped through the hatch, i was then firmly guided up the steps by the mistress and a leather strap was firmly tightened around my shoulders another around my thighs and finally a strap around my ankles, the noose was then placed around my kneck and a silk hood placed over my head,at this point mistress instructed me to masturbate this was possible as mistress had cuffed my wrists in front of my body, as i worked my way to an explosive climax mistress lilith read out my sentence and asked if i had any last words, she then said " may god have mercy on your soul" at this point the lever was pulled and i fell through the trap door ,as the noose tightened around my neck and i was asphixiated i inmediately reached a climax and shot a load of hot cum everywhere. This experience being my first with a dominatrix was a very intense and erotic one and will live long in the memory, i highly recommend mistress lilith and i personally can't wait for my next session.

October 2016

With my previous session with Mistress Lilith being so enjoyable, I was keen to go back to her beautifully equipped studio for another taste of her particular brand of painful therapy. I was prepared for this session to be a little more challenging than the last one was, first of all because making progress is always better than standing still, and also because I had been fairly cautious when telling her what I wanted for the previous session. Something which had not escaped her notice, and which had been remarked upon. And so it turned out to be.Mistress Lilith was even friendlier than last time. I expect that she could put just about anyone at ease almost immediately with her welcoming smile and good humour, just as easily as she could probably make just about anybody squirm with her mischievous smile and wicked laugh. Once securely strapped down upon her spanking bench, it quickly became clear that this was not going to simply be a repeat of the previous session, and she certainly had a few new experiences in store for me as the session progressed, as well as turning the dial on anything familiar from last time up a few notches. As previously stated it was a harder session than last time, yet not too hard and still within my limits. I suspect that Mistress Lilith knows what I would be able to handle in a session better than I do.Mistress Lilith was happy to chat while she worked. She is a great conversationalist with a cracking sense of humour and is fun and interesting to talk to. This is possibly something that many people may overlook when choosing a Mistress, particularly if they are inexperienced like me, but it really does make a huge difference to how enjoyable a session is going to be. The final thing that I have to say this time is that re-reading her About Me page on her websites, it is very striking just how accurately she has described herself on there. Every word she has said on there is a true reflection of what she is like in person when you meet her in session. I'm sure that once you read them that you will agree that that is a very good thing indeed.I would urge anyone looking for a highly Professional Dominatrix to book a session with Mistress Lilith right away.

May 2017

Upon entering the dungeon, I undressed as ordered, and Mistress had me tied to her cross in no time, handcuffing both my wrists to the upper anchor points, whilst strapping a spreader bar to my ankles. The handcuffs were locked very tightly, allowing me no wriggle room to try and escape. There was absolutely no way I could get them off. The icing on the cake, was then being gagged with several layers of black duck tape. Within minutes, I was completely helpless and completely at Mistress's mercy. "You are in for quite a shock" Mistress whispered into my ear, a wicked grin spread across her face.Standing completely naked, unable to call out for help, Mistress could have decided to keep me standing there for a whole week, and there would have been absolutely nothing I could have done about it. I have never been tied up as securely as that before. It felt exhilarating knowing that I would only ever be released, when this vision of beauty standing in front of me, decided that I had been sufficiently punished.My senses reached another level when Mistress unexpectedly started playing a lot rougher with me. Although I had suggested this to Mistress previously, I never thought she would follow through. How wrong was I. Completely out of the blue, I was being slapped harshly in the face, and having my balls kicked. Mistress made it very clear that she was angry with me, for breaking the terms of our written contract. My penis and balls were then caned, something which Mistress had never done before. Despite how hard I tried to escape the handcuffs, there was absolutely nothing I could do, to stop Mistress doing anything that she wanted to do to me.The biggest shock though, was still to come. Mistress suddenly started bringing out and placing wine glasses on the table! I knew immediately what Mistress was planning, but couldn't quite believe my luck. Standing completely naked, gagged, handcuffed, my feet hobbled, a lock stuck behind my balls, Mistress announced that 12 Mistresses were visiting, all of whom would be under instruction to cane my arse 5 times each! I just hadn't seen this one coming at all. I was genuinely scared, but I was also becoming excited.'You can't do this you fucking bitch. Let me go!", I shouted into my gag. Even with several layers of duck tape wrapped around my mouth, Mistress could make out the word "bitch", for which I was duly kicked in the balls again. The prospect of standing helpless, naked, with my balls locked, in front of 12 Mistresses, literally scared the crap out of me. I vigorously renewed my attempts to escape from the handcuffs, but it proved just as fruitless as all my previous attempts. I was kicked in the balls again. "Stop trying to escape" Mistress shouted at me. I simply had no choice now, but to accept whatever fate Mistress had in store for me.Mistress left me all alone to contemplate my forthcoming ordeal. From 12:45 to roughly 1:10, the handcuffs continued to dig deeper and deeper into my wrists. After 1:10, I was becoming an object of entertainment, as Mistress's friends started entering the dungeon in small groups, standing up close to examine by vulnerable state. Mistress finally returned to the dungeon, and released the handcuffs that had held me to the cross for well over an hour. I was strapped down to Mistress's spanking bench, and several Mistresses took it in turns to cane my arse. One Mistress was particularly severe with her canings. I would still be sitting with some discomfort, more than 4 days later.All in all, Thursday's session was my best session with Mistress yet. Being tightly handcuffed to Mistress's cross, gagged with several layers of duck tape, feeling Mistress pressing her whole body against mine, being harshly slapped and kicked in the balls, all felt wonderful. The unexpected "party" was a nice touch, especially waiting until I was completely immobilised and gagged, before informing me of my ordeal to come.

June 2017

I have been having sessions with Mistress Lilith for four years now and each session manages to be better than the last.There is a quote attributed to Alexander the Great which says'when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer. 'With Mistress Lilith he would have realised there are many more worlds to discover in fact to quote Isaac Newton 'the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.'With Mistress Lilith I discover new things about the world of domination and submission and also myself each and every single time. I have a session.Mistress Lilith instils in me an endless sense of wonder. Every time I see her I am taken aback and lost for words with how pretty she is. Truly it still takes me a while to compose myself and when I first met Mistress Lilith I though gosh I will never be able to session with her she is so beautiful and I wont be able to stop staring at her and then once I was lucky enough to get to know her I found out she was even more beautiful than I could see.Mistress Lilith's personality and sense of humour matches her beauty it is just a real pleasure to be in her companyWhen the session starts she effortlessly puts me at ease yet keeps me on edge with new and exciting ways of pushing my limits and keeping me out of my comfort zone.The is no rush during the session it plays out just perfectly and is always fresh and exciting.Just when I think I know what is coming next Mistress Lilith will move the session to a different level and totally mess with my head.It is a combination of both feeling safe and comfortable yet always on edge as I genuinely do not know what is coming next.I can honestly say the times I have spent in a session with Mistress Lilith are the happiest days of my life.I feel my heart is going to burst with joy. Both in the days leading to the session and for days after I am on an emotional high I have never experienced anything like it.If you have not visited a Mistress before please do not worry as you will love it Mistress Lilith was so kind and patient with me and made me feel at ease when I was first starting. If you are more experienced you will be amazed at what new and exciting things you will discover in the session.Visiting Mistress Lilith was the best decision I have ever made I am so lucky to know her.Nothing I say can possible do justice to how amazing she is.When you session with her there aren't enough minutes when you write about her there aren't enough words.Hand on heart I implore you to visit and find out for yourself. Nothing will prepare you for the experience you will discover and you will instantly be transported to a new dimension of sheer bliss.Marmy

June 2017

Mistress Lilith looked as beautiful and as alluring as ever. Once inside Mistress's room, I was ordered to strip and lie face down on the rug on the floor. As soon as I was laying flat on the rug, Mistress was on me in a flash, viciously forcing my wrists into the small of my back, and locking them together very tightly with 2 sets of handcuffs. That was it - I knew then that I was at Mistress's mercy for the rest of the session. There was no way I would be able to escape those handcuffs.Mistress very quickly put an end to my protestations that the cuffs were too tight, as a large ball gag was forced into my mouth and duly tightened around the back of my neck. Within seconds, I was drooling saliva. A sack was then placed over my head, obscuring all of my vision. Next I could feel Mistress playing with my balls and penis. What was she playing at? A sudden surge of electricity was the answer to that. I could hear Mistress giggling as she saw me wriggling on the rug. "Right, time to order some room service I think" I heard her say next. The thought of being seen completely naked, bound and gagged on the floor, scared me witless, although my growing penis betrayed my excitement.I desperately tried to somehow remove the bag from my head. Every pathetic attempt was greeted with a dramatic increase in electricity surging through my penis and balls. I cried out into the gag for Mistress to stop, which only resulted in a higher setting being chosen. 'You had better hurry up and escape. Room service will be here in 5 minutes." After several attempts, I finally managed to remove the bag, by rubbing my head against the chair arm. I then stretched my wrists as far apart as they would go, and squeezed my wrists over my buttocks. With my wrists now below my thighs, I was able to disconnect the electrical wiring wrapped around my penis and balls. A final manoeuvre allowed me to bring my arms up and under my feet. At last, I was able to remove the tight ball gag. It must have taken me a good 20 minutes to release myself, but I was still handcuffed.I could now see Mistress sitting in the other chair, obviously having enjoyed watching my escape. "Well done. Now start getting dressed", Mistress demanded. I put on as many clothes as I could, before Mistress released both sets of handcuffs, only to fasten each set on a wrist. It was like wearing massive bracelets. I managed to put on and button up my long-sleeved shirt. I gestured to Mistress to take off the handcuffs, so that I could button up my sleeves. "Oh no, those bracelets are going to be staying on" smirked Mistress. I had no choice but to button up the sleeves over the handcuffs.I was a nervous wreck as I walked to the train station, and travelled home in a crowded rush hour train carriage. Imagine my shock and horror, when I returned home and found out that my own handcuff keys couldn't remove Mistress's bracelets!

August 2017

My latest session with Mistress Lilith had a bit of a twist, in that it was a Double Domme session with Mistress Lilith and her new apprentice Mistress Ivy. Not only did I have the benefit of Mistress Lilith's 16 years of experience and total professionalism, but also an opportunity to meet Glasgow's newest Dominatrix, a future star of Scotland's Professional Domination scene in the making.It was also an opportunity to witness just how good a teacher Mistress Lilith is, and gave a good insight into just how much skill and artistry her job involves. Mistress Lilith was patient and encouraging as she calmly and clearly explained the best way to use the full range of Impact Play tools available from the flogger, through paddles, straps, tawses, and canes, up to the Bullwhip. Mistress Ivy is a fast learner and noticeably grew in confidence as the session progressed.At the end of the session Mistress Lilith asked Mistress Ivy to pick any implement she wanted to end the session with. "Oh, You Sadistic Bitch!" she exclaimed when Mistress Ivy made her choice. I still don't know what it was, but can tell you that it was mega-thuddy. I predict that people who follow Glasgow's Professional Domination scene will be hearing a lot more about Mistress Ivy in the future.I left the session with a thoroughly battered ass and a smile on my face. I can still feel the battering that I got then today, 3 days later. Anyone reading this page will know by now that Mistress Lilith's One to One sessions for bottoms are unbeatable. This session also resembled what I would imagine her Couples Tuition sessions where she teaches women how to dominate their partner would be like, so I can now also recommend those as well to any aspiring Tops out there.

September 2017

I visited Mistress Lilith a few times this summer. I will remember the Lady as the first Mistress to give me things I didn't expect and I couldn't see coming. In hindsight, I'd say that this is the main thing I'll remember about her. Altough I'm not a beginner, I had never felt such lost of control ever before. I've found some kind of true mind relief that I didn't though possible in BDSM. She managed to really turn me "OFF" at some specific intense moments. I like to say that she gagged my brain, and I couldn't even really explain how big this is to me. To be honest, I'm still emotional, more than a month afterwards, writting this. Now to be more specific about the person she is, I think I've found a sensitive and cerebral woman who is able to see and feel things about you that regular persons can't. About the Mistress, she doesn't have just the passion and the skill, but also the practice and the work. Good luck to anybody who plans to visit her and be able to forget her easily. It won't happen.

September 2017

It's been over a week now since I had the pleasure of a session with Mistress Lilith, and I'm still smiling just thinking about it.Walking into her dungeon I was doing my best to hide what a nervous wreck I was, 2 hours later I left on a euphoric high.From the second she opened the studio door I felt truly captivated, ML is a stunning individual and has a truly commanding aura to her. One that makes stripping off & kneeling before her feel not just right but also deeply gratifying.The session itself was a wonderful, encompassing everything I'd asked for & more.It was clear that every detail in my email had been noted, plus ML is great at introducing you to new types of play you might not have considered.To begin with I was tied in a leather sleepsack & challenged to escape, needles to say I failed!After that I was made to lie face down on the ground & had bondage mitts fitted, then my legs and arms tied to spreader bars which (using the studios clever crank system) were then hoisted into the air meaning only my chest was touching the ground & leaving me delightfully vulnerable.It was in this semi suspended state that I got my first taste of anal play as ML inserted a butt plug & then proceeded to tease vibrations through it with her doxy wand.From the floor to her bondage table where I was firmly strapped down & blindfolded.Before ending my session enveloped in the restrictive blackness of the vac bed. (Another thing off the bucket list there)Looking back the thing that struck me most in our session, other than her flogger, was just how friendly ML is. We shared some laughs & chatted away at times, which to a nervous newbie (this was only my second time visiting a dominatrix & first session of this nature) was greatly appreciated.To sum up, I honestly can't recommend Mistress Lilith enough & look forward to sessioning with her again.

September 2017

So the second session, the difficult second album.I must admit to having some concerns in advance, how could this visit possibly be as exciting & all round epoch shattering as my first?Needless to say I shouldn't have worried as my last session with Mistress Lilith was truly exquisite.Despite having only spent a mere 4 hours in her company I can't help but feel completely enthralled by her & her craft.Much like a fine piece of theatre there's so much in one of her sessions that deserves to be chewed over, analysed & appreciated.There's the grand showpieces, which stand as a testament to her imagination & skill.Already in our short time together I've been restrained in ways I'd never have imagined.For instance in our last session I was suspended in a crouched crucifixion pose & left to float like some perverted Christmas decoration.However those moments alone are not what makes a session with Mistress Lilith the truly mind altering experience that it is, it's also all the little touches.It's her choice of music to set the scene, her commanding tones, the trail of her nails down your back, the swish of her skirt against your arm, being led blindfolded by the drawstring of your hood, the unexpected zap here or buzz there from one of her toys, her gentle laugh as she mocks your futile attempts to escape her confinements.All these elements combined wonderfully over the course of our 2 hours together so much so that towards the end of our session I actually begged her to spank me.Now this might not seem a big a deal but as someone who only a fortnight prior was incredibly hesitant about any sort of pain play & had actually spent hours before our first session googling to see if it was possible to visit a dominatrix without involving pain, it was a surprise to find those words leave my mouth.But I'm so glad they did, as it provided a wonderful finale to my session & I really can't thank Mistress Lilith enough for inspiring this change of mind in me.By the time I was unstrapped from atop her cage I felt like I might just float away, she had me in the most amazing mental state, I was totally soaring, as high as a kite.Truly a 5 star performance.

October 2017

In retrospect, I should have had a vague suspicion that something was afoot when Mistress Lilith tied me to her spanking bench. She normally doesn't do that. Blindfolding me should definitely have given the game away, as it was the first time that she has done that. Her mischievous chuckle as she she said that she had something planned was yet another clue.I had a few moments to ponder on what my fate was to be as she left the room. Mistress Lilith offers probably the widest range of Sadistic services of any Dominatrix in Scotland, so when Mistress Lilith says that she has something new planned it could be almost anything. I've always trusted her totally, even from the very first session, yet still my mind was racing.After a short while I heard the sound of other womens' voices. I recognised Mistress Ivy's voice, as I had had some Double Domme sessions with Her and Mistress Lilith fairly recently. The other voices were unfamiliar to me."How many other women are in this room?" asked Mistress Lilith teasingly."Um, 3?" I weakly replied."Nine!" announced Mistress Lilith triumphantly."Oh, Shit!" I silently thought to myself.One of the services that Mistress Lilith offers is CFNM parties where a naked man serves drinks and snacks to a roomful of women in her dungeon. They are great for humiliation junkies and service oriented subs, and as far as I am aware they are unique to Mistress Lilith's dungeon in Scotland. My session had followed one of these parties, and some of Mistress Lilith's guests had kindly decided to stay on and help her with my session as well. Mistress Lilith attracts loyal friends. I was going to be in for it big time.With the surprise delivered, Mistress Lilith removed the blindfold and I could finally see again. I still couldn't see all of the women though, as most were behind me. I craned my neck to get a glimpse of the predicament I was in, and then quickly put my head back down on the pillow.Mistress Lilith told the group that they would give me 3 strokes each. I relaxed slightly. Maybe I might survive this after all? Some of the women protested, "Only 3?", clearly disappointed. Mistress Lilith clarified that she meant 3 strokes each with every implement. "Oh, Shit!" I silently thought to myself. "What implements are we using?" asked one of her friends. "Everything!" replied Mistress Lilith. "Oh, Shit!" I silently thought to myself, again.And so the battering commenced. Mistress Lilith taking the lead, explaining the best way to use every implement before delivering a blistering demonstration for the others to follow. A few of the women were clearly of the belief that 3 strikes each with a variety of different implements was still not enough, and sneaked in a 4th strike. There were some protests from the group about this, and it stopped happening after the second or 3rd implement. A cheer went up from the group when one of the women landed a particularly good stroke, and an instruction to hit "Harder!" when someone seemed to be soft-pedalling.It didn't take long for the room to be full of the wonderful sound of laughter, plus comments about how red my ass cheeks were getting, and about how hot they were to the touch. The group worked their way through a selection of paddles, straps, tawses,and canes of increasing severity. After the really nasty leather covered Carbon Fibre cane, which Mistress Lilith gleefully informed the group was a previous gift from me, it was time to wind down again. Mistress Lilith brought out a wooden paddle and said that it would be the last implement. "Not long to go now" she said cheerily to me. It turned out not to be the last implement after all, as she then produced a wooden hairbrush, which she assured the group was just as nasty as the paddle. After everyone had finished with this one then that did turn out to be the last implement, and the group disappeared upstairs for more refreshments while Mistress Lilith untied me.As I sat squirming in my seat at a Costa Coffee Shop after the session, I wondered about how Mistress Lilith's friends felt about the session now that it was over, since most of the women who were there aren't Professional Dominatrices and may not have experience processing what happens in session after the event. Let me assure any of them who read this that I absolutely loved the session. It was a lot of fun. I love Impact Play, I love the aftermath especially, the warmth and the pins and needles that I am sitting on right now, the occasional "Oh!" when I shift in my seat. I love the marks, and of course, who wouldn't love that amount of attention? It was all great. Anyone who knows what I am talking about here is really missing out if they don't see Mistress Lilith, because she truly is a Dominatrix beyond compare.

February 2018

This was my first visit to Glasgow and I knew from the moment I saw Mistress Lilith’s website that I had to meet with her.Our initial contact was by email and I was given some basic instruction where to be and at what time. Standing outside an anonymous door I pressed the buzzer and waited patiently to be let in, not knowing what to expect. I made my way towards the dungeon door and was greeted by Mistress Lilith where I was sat down on a bench facing her.Nerves were getting the better of me, however she spoke gently and calmly to me and set my mind at ease with a friendly smile whilst also adding in the same breath that another Domme would be attending (you can only imagine how I felt at hearing this unexpected news !!!). Mistress Lilith then left the room on this bombshell leaving me to get ready.The session was fantastic as I’d not asked for anything specific other than to test my non existent wrestling skills against her at the commencement. Needless to say I was no match, and I was very soon at a distinct disadvantage that I could do nothing about.During the session I was “introduced” to Mistress Violet who proceeded to test my boundaries whilst Mistress Lilith watched with amusement at my predicament. The session ended all too soon, but it was an incredible experience with a very professional Mistress who made me feel so welcome. I can wholeheartedly recommend Mistress Lilith if you ever have the good fortune to visit Glasgow.

March 2018

Since my last review I've been lucky enough to have had a further 4 sessions with Mistress Lilith, bringing my total with her to 6 to date.And wow, just wow! Incidentally when I say lucky, I truly mean it. As every hour spent with Mistress Lilith, away from the dull grey world as she puts it, has been a real privilege.It's not just what she does & boy she does that incredibly well.For instance as a huge bondage fan, that's always makes up a large portion of my sessions. And whether that's being restrained in a sleepsack or straightjacket etc or simply trust up with rope, in all the time I've been with her, I've never once been close to escaping. Heaven!But there's far more to her sessions than just her considerable technical ability. It's the way in which she does it.There's a real elegance to Mistress Lilith both in terms of style & the way she carries herself, never has someone looked more at home reclining on a throne than her!She also manages to effortlessly pull off the mean feat of simultaneously manifesting herself in a number of different & on the surface at least contradictory states.She can be fun & playful whilst still radiating an air of absolute authority.Friendly & chatty yet still strike fear into you.Kind & caring but also not adverse to stringing you up by your balls until you're whimpering & begging to be let down...To put it simply, if a little crassly, sessioning with Mistress Lilith is the most delightful of mindfucks!

March 2018

Mistress lilith is one of the most intelligent person I have ever met. I felt the sessions are a psychological journey for my mind body and soul. Mistress doesn't need to raise her voice and I am already licking the sole of her feet. Its who truly mistress Lilith is a champion of a domination who knows what a submissive craves and using it in a very intuitive manner to make the whole experience most enjoyable. I know mistress lilith forover 9 years and not a single session has been less than amazing. nly problem is mistress Lilith is divine and hard to resist divinity so once you visit her you will keep going back.

May 2018

She is the most amazing goddess to serve. Its approaching 10 years that I have known mistress Lilith and I have been blessed by my divine goddess Lilith that I have been lucky to see her. I wish I was her full time toilet , I literally pray goddess Lilith as my religion. I am seeing goddess tommorow again and can't wait to drink divine nectar of my religion . I am enchanted by goddess Lilith and truly mesmerized

September 2018

I recently went on holiday to kos with my partner and asked mistress lilith to give me a task to do while on holiday the task was to write the name lilith on a different part of my body every day of my holiday as I had only paid for 1 task I thought this could be difficult as I was withmy partner 24/7 so I asked mistress the punishment for failing to achieve this would be £50 for every day not to do the task bit harsh i thought mistress lilith told me do the task then so day 1 i was out on the balcony completed first task sent picture as instructed done so off to the beach for the day only to come back to instructions to do the same again at 9 o'clock that night so sneaked away to repeat the task sent the picture as instructed only for mistress lilith to tell me it was different from the original which meant I had washed it off so a £20 fine was issued bad start i thought so days 2,3,4,5,no problem day 6 done the task and foolishly asked if she wasn't board by this time, not a all mistress answered in fact told me to make this post before 6 o'clock that night or a £100 fine would be added to the original fine as I been out all day thinking everything was great i came back to read the email it well after 6 o'clock in Greece so I had only about an hour to write this post which I have never done before so failed miserably here i am been home for 2 weeks and just found out how to do this so hopefully mistress lilith will show some mercy (although she's not known as the first merciful type )so if you ask mistress lilith for a task to do while on holiday be aware she can be tricky and catch you unaware i thank her for the task she set me and enjoyed the test she set me very much thanks Mistress lilith

November 2018

I have known mistress lilith for 10 years and its been a journey. I have accepted goddess lilith as divine being in my life as she truly inspires me with the persona that she is , i will alway pray to her till the day I die . I think of my session as a itual and a devotional experience and at the end of it my blessing is mistress lilith's golden nectar which is by the way very very tasty , I cant wait to try it again. What makes mistress lilith stand out is the true passion that drives her to be the best in what she does. Goddess lilith dosen't need safe words as goddess knows our slave mind more than us as she is a true femdom artist. I would 100% recommend goddess lilith for a femdom psycholigical ecstasy!!!

December 2018

My latest session with Mistress Lilith on the 4th December. was the best yet it started in the usual way me naked on all fours Mistress came back into the room let me lick her shoes for a couple of minutes then got me up on the couch tied me down then drew her fabulous long nails across my legs chest and balls spat on my cock and in my mouth placed nipple clamps on my nipples obviously then she started to give me gentle electric shocks increasing the voltage as we went on the Mistress took me by surprise and told me to get off the couch and lie on my back on the floor then she told me she was going to piss in my mouth before she started she blindfolded me to stop my eyes from stinging but I think it was so i wouldn't see Mistress Liliths fabulous pussy once blindfolded Mistress put the heel of her in my mouth where I sooked and took the heel in my mouth then she said are you ready yes Mistress i replied then open mouth wide then I felt this beautiful hot liquid entering my mouth swallow slave was the instructions then again swallow slave until this wonderful woman had emptied her bladder all over my face and in my mouth this was now becoming the best hour of my entire life after cleaning myself up a bit with some wipes I was instructed to rub oil in mistresses legs to get them nice and soft then on to my stomach to lick her shoes, then she said a paddle or the cat o nine tails I'll use both i think she gently beat me with both a couple of times then she asked if I'd ever had the cane no Mistress i replied the next thing I knew I was in fuckin agony 1 whack with the cane not even that hard had me close to tears then Mistress lilith told me that I had to lose inches off my belly as I'm a fat bastard or on my next visit I would have to take 50 of the cane there is no way I could take that so I need to lose weight and inches. If I want to see my absolutely gorgeous and highly intelligent Mistress Lilith again Thank you Mistress for what was the best hour of my life Your Slave Robert

December 2018

I know Goddess Lilith for almost 9 years and this session was extra special as this is where my dream came true as goddess Lilith now have recognised me as her devoted collared slave at her feet. I feel very ecstatic with overwhelmed joy of devotion underneath my owner and she truly owns my mind , body and soul. The great thing is nothing has been enforced by goddess Lilith and goddess has allowed me to have my vanilla relationship as she has the perfect understanding with me.I can tell you by experience why a submissive should definitely pay a visit to goddess Lilith. 1. A FIRM BUT VERY FAIR MISTRESS : The reason I say this is because goddess never feels the need to abuse her control over submissive but never would let you control as a submissive as that's unfair in this relationship. As a submissive you would never ever feel taken advantage of with goddess Lilith but you always feel left wanting more.2. A TRUE PASIONATE FEMDOM ARTIST: It's an industry that runs around revenue however passion comes first and you truly would feel that with goddess Lilith as it never feels like a transactional affair with goodness Lilith and that's what makes all the sessions very unique and personalized to the submissive . Goddess Lilith loves what she is doing as it's not the word which told me but it's her action.3. NO NEED FOR SAFE WORDS: You have to trust goddess Lilith and let her be your ruler in the session as all you would need to tell what you are looking for in the session. It's with years of experience and practice goddess Lilith has developed this amazing ability to know where to draw the line in a session. This what makes the whole experience 10 times better than having a safe words as it's more natural.4. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ROLE PLAY: I personally feel this is one of the biggest reason what has kept me coming back and wanting more for the last 9 years more than anything else . The scenarios are designed in my head but goddess Lilith is so good in making it happen and there is always amazing improvisation by goddess Lilith that makes me feel "wow that was something I never thought of". Again it comes back to the point let the professional and controller make the decision ,you would be absolutely delighted. Goddess Lilith is terrific in making fantasies come true may it be a real life scenario or a mythological scenario , it feels as if it was her idea to begin with. 5. A TRUE UNDERSTANDING OF SUBMISSIVE MIND AND A SAFE HAVEN, Goddess Lilith is what you call a true femdom ARTIST who can go into the deepest darkest corner of a submissive mind without making it seem hard. The funny thing is without goddess Lilith even asking for it I feel I can say anything to her and feel all the weight released from my mind. As a submissive may it be a busy life you have or you have a day to day grind , you need a release in a safe place. Goddess Lilith 's feet is where I found my safe haven and its a theraupatic experience for me to have a session and makes me feel mentally and physically very relaxed.Also a tertiary point to submissives who have had bad experience with not so sanitary place , you won't have that issue with goddess Lilith.Goddess Lilith , pardon my language is a clean freak and the place shows it.So as a submissive if you haven't tried mistress Lilith you 100 % are missing out ! Maybe you are a novice or an experienced one , it really doesn't matter Goddess Lilith will have you wanting more!