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United Kingdom - Glasgow

I am a young but experienced Mistress in all aspects of dungeon scenarios but personally gain a sadistic pleasure from CBT, CP and electric play sessions.
I do also love facesitting, foot worship and forced feminisation.
Standing at 5ft 9" tall with a more than generous bust, I can intimidate and humiliate the toughest of men...but I do love a challenge.
I can be sensual and seductive providing you with the gentlest of tie and tease sessions giving you sensations you have never felt before, alternatively, if you desire a strict and unforgiving Mistress then I can more than fill those shoes also.
My sessions are completely tailored to your requirements and needs and no two sessions are the same.
When you contact me, you will find that I will speak to you as a human being, you will not be met with someone stern or frosty. We will discuss your desires and create a session you will never forget.
Above all things, I believe in looking after my subjects and ensuring they have received a fluid and professional service.
All I ask of my subjects in return is respect, good communication and trust.

☎️  07938786274

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July 2014

I went to see Mistress Lauriana back in March. I had been out of the scene for many years and decided to see her to see if I could get back into it. She took me for a consult and was very kind and caring. She listened to what I wanted and about my experiences. She took all into consideration when dealing with me. We had a sissy session because I had been told she was brilliant in them and oh my, she is! She had me dressed and pole dancing for fun. She marched me up and down the corridor with books on my head in heels to make me walk like a girl and when I couldnt do it she spanked me. Mistress is very subtle and likes to play games and is fun. I have been back to see her a few times and we are now venturing into make up. She done me up to be beautiful as she was a make up artist. Only Mistress I will ever see.

July 2014

Excellent session.
Really good at listening to my wants and needs during the consult prior to getting started.
Both confident and relaxed about her work.
Looking forward to coming back.

July 2014

Mistress Lauriana is a woman who demands obedience and has an uncanny ability to read, through body language, exactly where you are in the battle against your limits.
She knows exactly how to push your limits without going too far and she manages to get you to try new things you had not thought about before.
She is curvy in all of the right places (I will probably get a good smack for saying that when I next see her) and her chest is perfect for smothering you.
She was dressed in head to toe PVC for our session which she knows I love her in. Her PVC corset and short skirt teamed with fishnet stockings that you can see just poking below the skirt and to finish it off, her black PVC stiletto heels. Long cascading straight hair and bright blue eyes that just seem to stick you to the spot.
I asked her to be very strict and stern with me and unforgiving and she done this effortlessly, playing mind games and catching me out. She is good at tricking you into a position where you cannot win or do not know HOW to win. She has a dirty but sultry laugh.
She had me on the spanking bench completely naked with my arse bared to the world and spanked me to warm me up but believe me, she gets pretty damn severe if that is what you want. She then used a range of floggers, including her favourite one on me before taking me to paddles and then eventually, the cane.
This was my first caning and with the first stroke, I did not know what to make of it, but she was constantly communicating with me making sure that I was happy. We obviously had a safe word anyway, but the reassurance she was checking on me was quite nice and mind easing.
She took me to 12 lashings of the cane. I ended up with a 5 bar gate across my backside among other marks.
Afterwards, she made sure I was ok, even helped me dress and gave me a drink before I left. She was very persistent on me not leaving until I was completely back to normal.
The premises were fantastic. Very well equipped, better than anywhere else I have been in Glasgow. There were also shower facilities if needed but this time I was not in need of them, but it is nice to know they are there if you start to get messy!
The main thing I liked was that Lauriana was very warm and welcoming and sat and spoke to me beforehand to find out exactly what I was looking for.
This Queen is discreet, professional, sultry, seductive, sexy, alluring, mischievous, talented and above all, she actually cares about her submissives.
This is a lady that I will be back to see again.

July 2014

Mistress Lauriana is a gorgeous Lady, very sexy and playful and her accent is so cute. But be aware, once she has you tied and helpless she will do evil things with you. She is listening well to find out your kinks, but she will also just smile while exploring or slightly pushing your limits. You will definitely want to come back to her!

July 2014

This was my second time visiting a Pro Domme and would highly recommend Mistress Lauriana. Before my session began she took time to identify my needs and the type of session I was interested in,she was also very professional and asked a few questions before we started like any health problems and the last time I had seen a Pro Domme. I felt comfortable with Mistress Lauriana and found her really nice talking after or session

July 2014

Enjoyed my last session so much that I came back today.

Mistress looked sublime as always.

Fishnets are my favourite.

Spanking, flogging, tie and tease. All very sensual and Mistress balanced perversion and care.

She even had some new stockings for me to wear.

Loved my session even more than the last.
Will be back again!

July 2014

More than just a pretty face and great figure: Mistress Lauriana clearly enjoys what she does, has a lovely engaging personality and the gift of making you feel just a bit special.

August 2014

Another fantastic session with Miss.

She seems to love spanking and flogging and she has quite the ability.

I asked Miss If she would dress me in women's underwear and heels and she surprised me with also doing my make up.

She then spanked my ass till it was red and warm and smacked my balls when I didn't expect it.

I loved my session and will keep returning.

Hope you liked your present Miss.

September 2014

Visited Mistress Lauriana for some anal play.Great communication before and after session.It was my first time with a pro domme and was very nervous.Mistress was very understanding.Will be back to see her soon.

September 2014

i have been following Mistress Lauriana on twitter for a while now and after finally plucking up the courage i decided to request a session with this divine goddess. all i can say is her pictures don't do her justice she was breathtaking and i knew my place was at her feet as soon as i saw her. it wasn't like i expected a session to be, she was a human and i found her really easy to talk to yet i still knew she was in control i had an amazing session with a perfect Mistress and will definitely be serving her again all i can say is she needs to be served to show just how amazing and versatile she is.

September 2014

I'm experimenting with Mistress the exchange of e-mail for a month. And I'm very impressed by her personality well educated and articulate. It's a pleasure to have a conversation with her and I realize that her wit, fuuny, passionate side is totally able to involve yourself so deeply that makes you able to go beyond your limits and follow new paths she tells you.

September 2014

My first visit to a pro domme mistress.Mistress Lauriana was very understanding and there was excellent communication before during and after the session.Mistress has the most beautiful eyes, i opted for anal play and a bit of spanking.Her vibrating toy was a mixture of heaven and hell.
it was a very good session and i will be back for more soon.


October 2014

Mistress Lauriana was the first pro domme I ever visited and I can really recommend her, especially for newbies. I was extremely nervous when I arrived but she was very friendly, and instantly made me feel welcome and at ease.

I had emailed her my idea for an elaborate role play, and she went with it and created an amazing scene. As I had requested, she kept the mood light and playful.

I wanted to explore hard corporal punishment, which had been a fantasy of mine for a long time, including a caning. She warned me before that the things I had requested would be quite harsh, and since I had little experience, we agreed to start slow and gradually ramp up the intensity. She was very good at reading my reactions, and managed to push me just a little more with each implement, until the final caning, which had me squirming and gasping. During the spanking, she made some delightfully humiliating comments, and I had the impression that she enjoyed herself just as much as I did.

In short - the session was all I expected and more. She respected my limits, and fulfilled all of my requests. I will definitely come back.

Lauriana is a proficient mistress who really knows how to give a good spanking, set the pace of a scene, give a bad boy a scolding or a dose of humiliation, and especially: a lot of fun!

October 2014

had a brilliant first session with mistress lauriana will be returning for more

October 2014

The joys of licking this Goddess' boots are the thing dreams are made of, I have never felt so relaxed and assured under another dommes control I will definitely be returning to this Goddess and kneeling at her feet

November 2014

Mistress Lauriana is a very well-mannered and presented Scottish lady. I am into more sensual domination, hence there is no hard-core stuff here.

On arrival, Mistress Lauriana was very welcoming. Mistress was proudly wearing her long boots, something I relish the sight of. We had a short chat about likes, dislikes, and general chat to set the scene and relax. It is amazing how in this short time a total stranger can become someone you are going to trust explicitly for the next two hours of your life, but Mistress does just that. Mistress is quite chatty, and uses this to good effect in her work.

We soon got on with business and a gentle warmup over the kneeling bench as she got me into shape with backside slaps and light teasing.

Next up was the most sensual experience I have ever had. With me hooded and blindfolded on the bench, mistress was able to have her way with me in an amazing tease session which included vibration, gentle touch, pegs and electrics. The variation in sensation was huge and with Mistress having removed her boots there were few clues to her whereabouts for the next action.

Finally we had a go with the vacuum bed, which was new to me and yet another truly mind bowing experience.

We ended the session with another short chat to wind down and reflect on the session, which I will remember for a long time to come.

I am delighted that I have found Mistress Lauriana and am so happy with my first session. I will definitely get in touch again when I am in Glasgow.

December 2014

I had an amazing first time with Lauriana and i'd recommend anyone new or experienced to pay a visit. Gorgeous of course, as well as being laid back, great at listening and playing. Shattered any newbie fears and clearly knows what she's doing. Top marks, will definitely revisit :)

March 2015

This review will cover my first three visits to Mistress Lauriana.

I contacted her for a WAM/Splosh session after seeing her ad on Twitter.

She was easy to talk to and very friendly. This was excellent for settling my nerves as this was my first attempt at exploring this fetish.
She spoke to me via email as phone calls were not practical with the wife hanging around.
We organised what would happen with the session so that I knew what I was walking into but she reassured me that she was going to sit and have a chat with me over a cool drink before we started.

She was very nice to me as this is what I asked for but it quickly came apparent that if needed, she could easily switch that around.

She is stunning.

Black knee high PVC boots, short skirt, fishnets, corset, LONG LONG dark hair down to her perfectly rounded bottom.

It is a pity you cannot touch!!!

She had a feast laid out for us to play with. Everything sticky and sweet you can think of.

She had prepared a whole area in the dungeon specifically for making a mess and even provided a little chair for me.
She did comment that she could tie me up by the wrists onto the suspension chamber next time (and she did).

When we were done, she helped me off the messy and slippery platform and showed me to the shower area.

Very nice area it is indeed.

I was showered and provided with fluffy towels and did not feel rushed or hassled at all.

It was a FANTASTIC experience and I came back to see her another two times.

The next time we ventured into a little roleplay with the WAM play.
I played the dumb and naive role of getting a suspicious phone call and then showing up to where I was told.

Mistress does love role play and she certainly had fun.
She took pictures and videos too.

She knew I liked being humiliated but she did check first that taking videos etc was ok.

She had built a lot of trust in the previous session so I just went for it.

Again, I had a fantastic time and I booked again.

This time I mentioned that I would like to try gunge so she got all of that organised for me and finished off the session with a massive gunging in pink!

I am so happy that I have found a Mistress who is completely trustworthy and who actually listens to what I want!!!

Won't be going elsewhere!

March 2015

I've visited this Mistress twice now for splosh. I've always been slightly ashamed of my fetish but recently I wanted to explore it properly and if I was going to do it wrong, I was going to do it right. I found Mistress Lauriana by fairly meticulous searching online. There isn't an abundance of splosh serving Mistresses out there but something about Mistress Lauriana's profile just lured me in. I totally got that this was somebody who was versatile in providing her sub's requests. On my first occasion, Mistress was excellent but I was fumbling and completely nervous as I was a total newbie (so much so that I'm struggling to remember much of the occasion) and I knew I wanted to come back as a more confident and worthy sub.

So I revisited a few weeks back and we prearranged beforehand a play where I would turn up to the Mistress' place completely oblivious to why I was there and be trapped and, ultimately, gunged.

I got to her door, she let me in and immediately asked "Now do you realise why you're here today?"

I completely froze, the terrible actor that I am and said I had received a 'mystery phone call' (as you do, you travel all that way cause somebody gave you a funny phone call). She wasn't buying it and ordered me to the seat for a 'chat'. I played along and decided to venture there fully clothed but, as quick as a flash, she ordered me to removed my clothing before I did such a thing. Still, completely in character, I obliged and Mistress asked me about the spread of food she had arranged. I politely informed I wasn't hungry but she wasn't interested and told me to sit regardless.

At this point, she 'unexpectedly' tied my hands behind my back and ended the suspense by telling me that the custard, the cream, the flan, the rice pudding, the sauce and the trifle were all there because they were going all over me. I flinched and I ducked and tried to dive but every single item on that table ended up smothering me. Everywhere got it, my hair, my face, my chest and shoulders, my legs, 'down there', even my back was decorated in oh so cold custard. She even got the camera out on couple of occasions as I tried my best to hide my total arousal of the occasion (fat chance) and portray a humiliated victim and she couldn't help but laugh at what she had photographed. And it was even more messy that I could have requested, my hair was so tangled and sticky afterwards that I was tempted to get the clippers out when I got home.

Her two best shots on the day were the trifle which was slammed on the top of my head and allowed to seep down my face and the carton of custard which was launched in my innocent face as quick as a flash, followed by an evil cackle.

Mistress ended proceedings with my favourite fetish of all, the pink Fun House gunge, (also filmed by the 'evil' Mistress and it felt fantastic as it swarmed all over me and the slime oozed to every area of my body it could find. A complete 'bucket list' moment, excuse the pun.

I don't know if I will ever be back, for reasons completely unrelated to the service I was provided, but Mistress Lauriana is fantastic at her job and, at no point, did she ever make me feel like what we were doing was awkward, uncomfortable or wrong. She was very accommodating and understanding to my desires. For such an excellent portrayer as the evil Mistress, she was a total sweetheart beforehand, during and after proceedings (although I am unsure if she'll like me saying that in public).

If it was my last ever visit to a Mistress, I went out with style. A 10/10.

June 2015

I could do nothing other than reccommend Mistress Lauriana. I arrived and was very quickly placed at my ease and proceeded to have quite possibly the most mind blowing experience of my entire life. She was thoroughly attentive to my particular kinks and more than tailored our session together! There is absolutely zero reason why I should not tell anyone to visit her if she is willing!

February 2016

Communication with Mistress Lauriana was brilliant to set up the session. Mistress was very clear with the instructions of where i was going. On arriving at the dungeon, Mistress Lauriana took time to reassure me & calm my nerves. I had booked for a sploshing session & Mistress was brilliant with the role play. After having all the messy foods chucked at me, i was then gunge with proper gunge. Mistress then allowed me to have a shower to get myself cleaned up. A great session with plenty mess!

June 2016

Just had a session with the beautifully curvaceous Mistress and had an amazing time. Prior to meeting with Miss we emailed each other and the scenario was agreed. Once I got to the brilliant chambers I was calmed down and we talked about what I wanted. I was reassured and definitely put at my ease. Once the session started my daft fantasies were brought to reality. At no point did I think I was at the dentists and I don't think I could have had a better time. I just wish I could have stayed longer and manage to carry out my task but then this will ensure that I will definitely return.My only criticism is the liquid refreshments could be perhaps a little bit more interesting but then of course Miss knows best. I'll probably get caned for that but Miss does say honesty is the best policy (my red bottom doesn't agree!)Thank you Miss for an amazing afternoon!

July 2016

I've only ever been to one Mistress, because I've only ever had to visit one Mistress. I've seen Miss L several times now and I can safely say that, on each occasion, she was fair, accommodating, understanding and perfectly tailored to my needs on each occasion.She helped & guided me when I was a nervous newbie and, several sessions on, she remains as courteous and professional as she was on my first visit.I personally do not see why you would need to choose any other Dom in the Glasgow area. Miss L is all you'd ever need.

July 2016

I just had my 2nd session with Mistress Lauriana all i can say is awesome,My first visit was back in June 2016 where did did a makeover and needle play the makeover was fabulous and the needle corset was just a fantastic experience, My second visit was a few days ago in July, Mistress was her normal very friendly self and within mins of arrival is was fully relaxed, I accepted a clothes peg test as part of my CBT the last record was 45 to beat, we managed to use 65 pegs what a wonderful experience Mistress although very firm made sure i was ok at all times i was also introduced to rope bondage and a neon wand WOW how good was that with the pegs in place. I would say to anyone looking for a Mistress who cares and has fun during a session then Misstress Lauriana is perfect i can't wait to visit again to see where she will take me on the journey Mistress is wonderful and a great communicator when in and out of session. I will see her very soon i hope curtsey and thank you for the wonderful session Slave sissies J

August 2016

I thought it was about time that I wrote another review for my Mistress.I first came to see Miss Lauriana just over one year ago, I was utterly besotted the moment I laid my eyes on her.She truly is a majestic woman who knows what she is doing!I initially came to see her with a very narrow view on what I wanted to try and each time I have came back she has managed to broaden my horizons at a pace that is perfectly suited to me with just the right amount of encouragement and push.She is DEFINITELY the Mistress for nervous people and those who are looking to experiment. She manages to balance the see-saw of power and care perfectly unlike a lot of women I have visited over the years.I can happily say that she is all I will ever need.

October 2016

Mistress Lauriana is without doubt the best, most beautiful, most intelligent Mistress I have ever met. Some time ago I realised that I am a sissy little. I like ab stuff but I'm not really an ab. I also like sissy stuff but can't be doing with the whole slave thing, for me it just doesn't seem realistic. I do however like the strict Mommy who dishes out punishments when needed but is also loving and caring. Mistress Lauriana is all of these things and some.I am exceedingly privileged to have spent some time to get to know Mistress Lauriana and she now seems to know me better than I know myself. She knows my limitations but gently pushes me beyond them. If I step out of line (which sadly is quite frequently) I am chastised but when I have done well I am suitably rewarded.I would highly recommend visiting Mistress Lauriana. Her dungeon is amazingly equipped, discreet and clean. Mistress makes you feel very relaxed and welcome when you first arrive and although my fetishes are very personal to me, I know that Mistress Lauriana is very versatile and can cater for almost any requests. I know that Mistress Lauriana is a very busy Mistress so to have the chance to meet her make sure that you ring asap. You do not want to miss out on an experience of a life time.

October 2016

October 2016My visit to Mistress was arranged at short notice but we still had plenty of communication before my date off arrival, Mistress likes to get to know her subject pre visit which i think is a fantastic idea.I arrived on the day not sure what to expect as the session content had deliberately not been disclosed Mistress looked stunning and I was ordered to strip while mistress went through the things I had brought with me she then applied my makeup completed my makeover turning me into her maid for the afternoon at which point we started deportment and walking training wow how hard is it to walk properly like a lady in heels but mistress was full of guidance and support as well as punishing a poor effort by the maid next was my maid duties once the task for the afternoon had been set. Mistress observed everthing I was doing with her crop in hand which was used when tasks where not being completed quickly enough. Once all tasks had been complete mistress carried out an inspection of my work. Noting any poor quality for punishment .I was then placed on the spanking bench and punished for poor work my rear end finished very red warm and sore just what a maid deserves for poor work and not paying enough attention to detail. If you are looking for a mistress who takes pride in her work and cares about her subs while being very strict and fair then pleas book a session as mistress is just wonderful and will be back to see her very soon. Maid to Lauriana

December 2016

Shopping tripI had arranged to meet Mistress for a make-up shopping tripwe meet as agreed at 10.30 hrs went for a coffee before the fun began first stop boots where under the guidance of MistressI bought all sorts of brushes and makeup products, next we moved toSuperdrug where I bought more makeup and lip liner eye pallets all under mistress guidance. Makeup shopping complete we headed to Matalan and Primark where I was guide in what clothes to purchase at one point while talking to sales assistant mistress said off course that skirt will suit you or we would not be buying it I was struck dumb the assistant didn’t bat an eye lid, and just carried on chatting to both of us. We then headed for a wonderfullunch before retiring to have a make up lesson and photo shoot to complete and very fun and eventfully day with Mistress. I can’t wait for Jemima’s next adventure with Mistress who knows what will be in store.Thank you Mistress from your little Jem.

January 2017

This week of tasks set by @misslauriana have been fun with a sprinkle of humiliation and embarrassment. As I said in my last post I had to wear some big girl pants and I also had to make a big sticky mess in my pants on my way to nursery.I was fastened into my car seat and began the journey to nursery. As we were driving along I began to rub myself. Looking out of the window at the other cars whizzing by I wondered if the drivers and their passengers knew what I was doing. Everything was hidden away and all I was doing was placing my hand on my crotch and gently squeezing and rubbing my clitty. I continued to stare out of the window as another car went past. Not slowing, not knowing. I could feel the climax coming and then all of a sudden I made a very big sticky mess in my pants. Initially it was all warm and lovely and I had a full sense of feeling of contentment. When I got to nursery I practically ran into the toilets to clean myself up because I had made a right mess in my trousers. I cleaned myself as best I could but then I had a long day sitting in my cold, wet pants. It was worth it though.That afternoon I went to Asda to pick up my brand new big girl pants. I was so excited about getting to wear big girl pants for the first time under Mommy’s tutelage and I was so grateful for her trust in me. In Asda I nervously showed the lady my email stating what I had ordered. She was really friendly and I think she kind of knew they were for me. I flushed red as she said she would get the knickers for me. I don’t know why I felt so nervous and so embarrassed all I was doing was buying some big girl pants. I’m a big girl now and therefore I should be wearing big girl pants so why was a shaking? Anyway the lady handed them over and I left.The next morning I put them on and oh my, my clitty got so excited. Nothing untoward happened which is good because I didn’t have permission. I then went to nursery with a skip in my step. It was a great day and my big girl pants were so comfortable and most importantly I didn’t have an accident! They were so comfortable that I quite forgot I had them on. Mommy said she was really proud of me which made me feel so small and little and unbelievably happy. The next day Mommy allowed me to make a mess again which was even more brilliant!So this week has been really good, fun and sexy. I can’t wait to see what @misslauriana has in store for me next week. No doubt it will be totally awesome, challenging me to be the best little that I can be.Love you allcxxx

February 2017

Unfortunately for me I am unable to visit the superior dungeon of Mistress Lauriana's as nearly as often as I would like but luckily for me Mistress does provide email training and a chastity key holding service. So as I right this I am appropriately caged and unable to do anything without her say so.The difference between Mistress Lauriana's remote training and other providers is that she is so imaginative and creative, that no week or even day, is the same. The numerous tasks she has set range from writing essays about my deepest darkest fantasies to wearing silk knickers under my work clothes. I have always been interested in chastity but Mistress Lauriana has taken time to get to know me and has gradually introduced this. She now has complete and utter control over my mind and my body and all freewill has gone. It is now even at the stage that she decides when and how i use the lavatory. Initially I complained and tried to argue but Mistress has this uncanny knack of putting me in my place and making me choose to do the right thing.I cannot recommend Mistress Lauriana highly enough. She is intelligent, beautiful and extremely authoritative and if you are looking for somebody to dominate you, look no further.

February 2017

February 2017It was a cold winter morning Jemima had booked 4hrs with Mistress Lauriane starting At 10.00hrs in the dungeon, Jemima arrived on time not sure what to expect MistressOpened the door and looked stunning, with a wicked chuckle she said Jemima you don’t know what you have let yourself in for today, Jemima stood motionless before removing all her male clothes, Mistress ordered Jems over the spanking bench, and began to warm her rear with good hand spanking laughing at every strike, it was not long before jems rear became very red and sore, at which point mistress moved on to a flogger and a wooden paddle to get her rear warm and red, Jems bit her tongue, trying to resist the safe word while wishing it would all stop and her rear would be given a rest. Her wish came true Mistress ordered jems in front of her before tying up her cock and balls with rope very tight she then took jems to the hoist and fixed the rope to the winch, turned the handle one click at time until jems was on her tip toes just managing to balance, next came the electric tease on her cock and balls before being raised a bit higher, Mistress then relaxed jems for a few minutes before introducing a spreader bar and nipple clamps (ouch) Jems pulled away and Mistress raised the winch so that she could not move or even balance on tip toes due to the spreader bar OMG jems was in deep trouble. Upon release jems was able to breathe again, then came the reason we were here the 100 needle challenge Jems was strapped face down and attached to a milking machine, before Mistress started to insert the 100 needles OMG it was fabulous having the needles inserted in her back 100 achieved no problem Mistress pushed jems to 120 needles wow what next for jems and mistress who knows only mistress, all this time the milking machine was still working and jems managed to resist making a mess until mistress granted permission to come in the machine. What a day can’t wait until next time any looking for a true Mistress then visit Mistress Lauriana she is fantastic and great fun Jemima will be back for more thank you and curtsey Mistress you little sub jems

February 2017

Had an Excellent session with Mistress Lauriana. It's usually very difficult to fully enjoy a first session as neither party knows each other, However Mistress Lauriana has a keen eye for detail, and it is the preparation which enabled an excellent tailored session. Mistress Lauriana is an attractive, powerful woman who is genuine and enthusiastic in her dominance. This was a fantastic session, certainly not ok or fine! "(Inside joke)"

February 2017

Mistress Lauriana is just sublime, there are no two ways about it. She just knows when to push me and when to take a step back. This just makes me so happy it's very hard to convey without sounding corny or sicophantic.This week has been tough because of the "real world". Work has been horribly stressful and basically I haven't wanted to be claudia or be dominated, even by someone who is as superior as Mistress Lauriana. I haven't wanted to be nappied or taught or anything, I've just wanted to hide in a dark cave.I didn't explicitly say any of this to Mistress Lauriana but she knew I was in a bad place. She knew things weren't right. I know the stereotypical Dom isn't supposed to care and just bosses you about but Mistress Lauriana is different. Having read lots about BDSM I know that aftercare is important and in the past I have had some terrible experiences. If I could give anyone any advice (like I know anything) any Dom worth their salt is concerned about aftercare and looking after their sub. Most of this is all fantasy and fun but no matter what, real life does get in the way. You cannot separate the two completely.The point is Mistress Lauriana knew that I was not coping. She ordered me to take a step back and refocus. This was wonderful. I felt so looked after and cared for. Obviously Daisy (the name given to the chastity device) is still on and I'm still being tormented by her. On Thursday night I experienced a thing I haven't experienced for years, a wet dream. It was the oddest of sensations and needless to say Mistress Lauriana wasn't happy about it. I woke up with Daisy full and I began to think about Mistress Lauriana. About how beautiful she is and about how much I love her. I then felt this weird sensation, as though I needed to wee and then before I knew what was happening all of this sticky goo was coming out of the caged clitty. In hindsight I should have been thinking about something else and certainly not Mistress Lauriana's beauty and then maybe it wouldn't have happened. I still have so much to learn and I must learn more self control. I was in the same position this morning and managed to stop before anything happened. The thing was though I didn't feel satisfied or even calmer just more horny and frustrated after the episode. I just hope that Mistress Lauriana will release me sooner rather than later but she has the key and she will decide when.

April 2017

Mistress Lauriana, where do I start.....It took me months to work up the courage to finally contact Mistress, and then probably the same length of time again until I was finally brace enough to book a session, and what a fantastic decision that turned out to be.Mistress has been very patient with me and will happily discuss exactly what you want from your first session, so she can tailor it to your specific needs. She will then happily suggest ways that from her expertise she thinks can improve your experience further.I have had too many sessions to mention here, but a particular highlight was when I got dressed up in my gf's babydoll nightie and Mistress used toys on me until I couldn't handle anymore and made a terrible mess - oops!Seriously, if you want to explore your fetish/kink with absolute professionalism, discretion and a drop dead gorgeous Mistress, then Mistress Lauriana is a great person to contact. My next session is tomorrow, and I'm already looking forward to it!

April 2017

April 2017My April session with Mistress i arrived at the door not knowing what this session would have in store for me I was meet by Mistress Lauriana and Mistress Lilith that was a big surprise i had brought Mistress a gift and Mistress Lilith was desperate to find out what was in the box. While both mistress checked out the gift i got myself stripped ready for the session, the next thing that happened Mistress Lilith was inspecting my (bobby) as she called it perfect she said for stitching up and making the perfect pussy, i was on the bench before i could object and the first stitch was put in (wow) what a feeling as the thread was pulled through (mistress lauraina took this part of the session live on twitter) five minutes later i was fully stitched up and pictures taking what a feeling Mistress Lilith left the session at this point . Mistress Lauriana continued with the stitching theme giving me a purple thread corset in my back (wow) this was a fantastic fabulous feeling as the threads where put in . The session was about to get even better with a large needle (L) for lauraina being put in my back with the corset fabulous i was then put in heels and made to practice my sissy walk before being put in the suspension rack and my stitched pussy stretched and me on tiptoes (live on twitter) Mistress laughing and having fun pulling on the rope attached to my stitched up pussy. WOW what a session it was fabulous and i would say to anyone thinking about booking with Mistress Lauraina the just book she is fabulous caring and safe. I can’t wait till next time Thank you mistress for a wonderful session Jemima

June 2017

My June session with Mistress was in her home as the maid for the afternoon, On the morning of the session i set off in the car when i received a message with instructions from Mistress to visit IKEA and collect some items for her home after which i was to proceed to the supermarket and pick up some shopping for Mistress once these tasks had been completed I headed out to her home and let her know i was close by awaiting her instruction. Mistress messaged me to come up and meet her which i duly did standing at her door with all the goods in the list and all my stuff i rang the door bell trembling awaiting mistress to answer the door mistress invited me in and she looked stunning waiting for her prey to arrive, We started with a chat reviewed the huge list of tasks she had for the afternoon ahead, once that was done mistress started to apply my male-up before i got dressed in my maids outfit and heels for the afternoon. Now i was totally relaxed and transformed into the maid i was put to work cleaning the whole kitchen, bathroom washing and polishing every item in the rooms to the complete satisfaction of MISTRESS, i then moved on to complete the hovering dusting of every room in the house time was flying bye would i complete the list in time and in full it would be a close call, I was becoming very tired but mistress kept me going with her normal joyful laughter at my situation if you fail you shall be punished she laughed and if you complete the task the reward if any will be my pleasure to administer she cried laughing OMG i thought to myself whatever next. Then mistress advised it was time to disrobe and become a useless male again my heart sank my dream day was almost over and all the tasks had not been completed but mistress seemed very pleased with my efforts for the day praising me and advising any reward of punishment would form part of my next session with her so who knows but MISTRESS what is coming next session. I was turned back into a useless male after a wonderful session with mistress before i left we had a great debrief about the afternoon Mistress is fantastic and i would say to anyone who is thinkink of a visit to Mistress Lauraina then just book you will have a wonderful fab session with her. THANK YOU VERY MUCH MISTRESSFrom your little Jem can’t wait to see you again soon in the dungeon MMMMMMM

July 2017

My July visit to Mistress LaurianaI arrived at 10, 00 form my 2hr session and Mistress was looking stunning as normalI had been instructed to buy PINK pubic hair dye and bring it with me which I did while I was getting stripped mistress was reading the instructions for the dye this was the only part of the session content I had any clue about as mistress kept the rest as a surprise. Mistress then secured me to the bondage table and proceeded to dye my pubes PINK while this was happening I had suction cups applied to my nipples WOW how good but painful was that. Time to remove the dye and inspect the colour and the pubs where super PINK Mistress was happy with her work,(pictures on my twitter page @jessgems1) the next part was an electrics experience on my cock and balls this was fantastic and mistress had lots of fun turning the power up and down while i struggled to control the sissy squealing. Before I was placed on the st Andrews cross Mistress inserted a tampon omg what a feeling as it goes in and settles Mistress then duly punished me on the cross with various whips, floggers and paddles making me count out the strokes each time. This was a another super fantastic session with the wonderful Mistress Lauraina I can’t wait till the next time i will be booking at least 3hrs I left the session tampon still inserted to be removed in a couple of hours and i was one very happy sub sissy on departure and on the train home with the tampon as a constant reminder of my wonderful session with Mistress.Thank you my gorgeous Mistress for your time and efforts from a very happy sub sissyYour little Jem

January 2018

November 2017One a cold horrible November Friday morning what can be a better way than spending a few hours under the control of the gorgeous wonderful Mistress Lauriana I arrived on time as instructed Mistress was holding the door open looking stunningly gorgeous as normal. I removed all my male clothes as instructed while Mistress read the card I brought she had a good laugh at what I had written then Mistress spotted my pepper pot chastity device which I have chosen to wear. Lovely she said mmmm, I had requested a sack & crack wax as part of this session so Mistress instructed me to remove the device and get up on the bench arse in the air, Mistress applied the first wax strip to my crack and teased for ages before pulling it off OUCH !!! was the cry the first of many while Mistress just laughed and said you asked for this to be carried out what could I say MMMMM. The next stage was the front lying on my back Mistress applied hair removal cream to pubic hair cock and balls. I thought she was finished at that but NO she proceeded to cover my whole legs in the same cream saying it was her choice and I had no say in the matter 15 minutes later I was sent off to the shower room to remove the cream and all my hair was gone OMG how smooth was I. On my return Mistress carried out an inspection of her work fabulous she cried. I then had my makeup applied and was put into a maids outfit to carry out my cleaning tidying duties for the day all supervised by Mistress everything had to be to Mistress extremely high standards or there would be a punishment to follow once Mistress was satisfied the clean had been completed i was chained to the ST Andrews cross naked and at the mercy of Mistress who was in no mood for mercy Mistress teased my cock now back in the pepper pot device added clamps and weights to my balls and nipples OUCH !!! Mistress had so much fun with this at my pain and endurance. I would recommend Mistress Lauriana to anyone she is just fabulous and gorgeous while being very strict and demanding she carers about her subs. See you soon Mistress Curtsey Jems

January 2018

January 29th 2018I had booked a 3hrs session with the gorgeous Mistress Lauriana on a cold wet morning I arrived at the door as instructed to be meet with a wonderful vision the stunningly gorgeous Mistress Lauraina I was quickly ushered inside. This session was a complete mystery to me as Mistress had not divulged any details of her plans, I was instructed to choose and match an outfit from the slips and underwear draws which I duly did, Mistress then proceed to spank my rear end on the spanking bench to bring some much needed colour to my very pale cheeks it did not take very long after some time using her hands and a leather whip I was ordered on to the bondage table to have my sack and crack wax with pubic hairstyle carried out. Some 40 wax strips and a razor later I was hairless round the sack and crack my pubes are now in a nice heart shape thanks to Mistress skilful work. Next came the very interesting needle play section mistress had planned I was attached to the winch and stretched in a standing position fully exposed, Mistress was laughing and highly amused at my predicament, Mistress the started to place the needles in my cock and balls OUCH I was coping just at which point she advised my nipples where her next target OMG I thought I have very sensitive nipples, none the less 2 needles were inserted into each nipple OUCH, My next task for mistress was to sort all the underwear draws while all the needles where still in place how careful was I when moving around. Time flies when I am in the company of Mistress Lauraina, she then had me back on the spanking bench to warm up my rear for the trip home, Mistress inserted a sissy tampon while I was on the bench and instructed it stay in place for 6 hrs which takes it to 19.00 hrs this evening as I write this review the tampon is still in place. It was time to remove the needles and get cleaned up before retuning back to myself and leaving Mistress for the day, this is always a sad part of my session with Mistress as it has come to a close, What a fabulous time we had today I think I prefer not knowing what is planned as it heightens the session to another level Any one reading this looking for a gorgeous caring mistress then look no further book today Mistress Lauriana will not let you down in any way shape or formCan’t wait to start planning my next visit A huge thank for todaySub Jems

August 2018

August 2108It was a beautiful sunny Saturday in Glasgow when i arrived for my session with mistress Lauirana as instructed i arrived on time with a tampon in place Mistress had instructed me to wear tampons from the Wednesday before my session i must say although i still felt it’s presence it was fairly comfortable once in place and settled. Mistress Lauriana meet me at the door WOW she looked stunning and i could not help myself from telling her so. We chatted about the session mistress gave nothing away about what was to come as she knows the suspense kills me the not knowing form me is cruel, The session started with Jems having her makeup and wig applied all very relaxing for Jems.Phase2 once underwear and shoes where added started with walking practice mmmm was i out of practice mistress was not impressed so much so i have been ordered to find some kitten heels and learn to walk in them before i try to walk in my taller heels again, Jems was ordered over the spanking bench where mistress proceeded to warm up my peach rear tampon still in place Mistress then moved to using various whips and paddles on my peach rear before telling jems she had a game to play guess the implant with 5 strokes for each one and five more if jems gave the wrong answer omg now i was worried and i am sure mistress guessed this by my tone of voice in the answer i gave each time. Jems have a very warm rear by the time the games had ended and mistress had lots of fun and laughter with this spanking part of her plan.Phase3 Jems was placed in the suspension rack with shackles on her ankles attached to a spreader bar then she was stretched out to be on tip toes Mistress then applied clover clamps to her very sensitive nipples ouch ouch crocodile clip weights where applied to cock and balls omg ouch Jems was struggling to cope, mistress was amused . Mistress removed the clover clamps and inserted needles into the nipples before reattaching the clamps Omg jems was having to push through the pain then came the pin wheel torture taking it to another level. Jems was released from the suspension rack still in clamps and weights with the spreader bar attached ordered to clean all the implants and put them back where the belong. All too quickly the 4hrs had past and it was time to come back to the real world again Jems left the session with her tampon still in place to be removed later in the day Jems only wish is she could be transported to the other world more often. Anyone looking for a fabulous mistress then look no further as Mistress Lauriana if stunningly gorgeous skilfull and caring she is the best Thank you for a wonderful dayYou’re little Jems

September 2018

Mistress Lauriana is a stunningly captivating Mistress, who quickly establishes your kinks and expertly develops them to take you places that you could never imagine. She is also exceptionally generous, as when I arrived for my last session she had brought a new pair of panties just for me! Of course it was not long until I had them on.Mistress then instructed me to sit on a dildo she had fixed to a chair, which of course I did for her amusement, mytelos of discomfort entertaining her with every stroke.Next Mistress fixed an ankle bar and collar and lead to me, which was a new thing and very humiliating. I was then commanded to worship Mistress long shapely legs and feet for the rest of the session. Pure heaven, which I am extremely greatful to Miss Lauriana for introducing me to. Do not hesitate to visit this STUNNING Domme