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I am Mistress Karolina currently based in Moscow, Russia. I am Elegant Powerful Domina with 8 years of experience in bdsm. I can meet with those who are interested in elegant female domination, fetish and bdsm games and roleplays. I can make those your dreams come true, that relate to you being obedient to a beautiful and stunning woman.

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December 2016

Domina Karolina is a very attractive lady, with long blond hair and wonderful hands. She has a great body and marvelous feet. And she has a killer smile. She was exactly what I was looking for - someone beautiful who would like hurting me and would do so with a smile on her face. Karolina has a playful sense of humor along with wicked sadism. As for my first session with here, here are the detail. The warm-up consisted of teasing and light strokes with a riding crop, followed by some nipple being squeezed, pressed and bitten. She did all of that so deliciously that I was truly in bdsm nirvana! I worshipped her beautiful body and adorable feet. After that she concentrated on CBT, when my cock and balls were tied and teased mercilessly. We finished with a heavy leather strap. She wore a military hat with a corset and a fishnet and looked awesome . She was the first mistress who had pushed my limits this much, and broadened my horizons. She got to know my masochist side even better that I knew it myself. She speaks good English and was good at making me understand what she wanted me to live with her. We also had a chat before the session start and discussed the dos and donts and some details. It was a great time and a wonderful session which I enjoyed, the right balance of pain and pleasure. It took my stress away and made me feel relief. Mistress Karolina is a wonderful dominatrix.