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Welcome to the page of Mistress Helen Ryder of West Sussex. I have my own special play room and sissy boudoir which is well equipped for domestic scenarios and in my FAQ's on my website you will find a list of the activities that I enjoy.

I am situated approximately 1.5 miles from the A23 exit Burgess Hill in the south of England bordering East Sussex with Brighton and Hove to the East, Hampshire to the west and Surrey to the north.  If coming by taxi I知 just 5 minutes from Burgess Hill train station, thirty five minutes from Gatwick Airport, and under one hour from London Victoria via fast train.

I regularly update my website blog page with new photographs, salacious stories, general news and on occasions the homework tasks I have set my regular slaves/submissive to write about their sessions (if they wish to share them with you the reader)

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October 2015

I came searching for a Mistress to indulge my passion for BDSM late in life as I was lucky enough to have been in two long term relationships which more or less fulfilled my desires without being brilliant. After the last ended it has taken me some while to realise that I would get what I wanted much better from a pro domme. After a couple of disastrous meetings with dommes not interested in me other than as a cash cow I broadened my search and came across Mistress Helen. From the very first phone call she instilled trust. Totally at ease from the phone and email contacts and having paid the sensible deposit I arrived at her door certainly apprehensive but not feeling anyway in danger.
Immediately sat down for a soft drink I was put completely relaxed and discussed where were going with the session. It is not easy to state precisely what one wants but luckily as the session developed Mistress Helen managed to instinctively know what I wanted and there was no danger of having to top from the bottom. I got exactly what I wanted from the session and loads more besides.
I am now delighted that I can regularly beat a path to her door. We try new things and excell at the old things. She is an expert with canes and many other orthodox and surprising instruements so if that is what you like you will not be disappointed, but she is multitalented with many other kinks, some I have tried and loved and some are not for me, but nothing ventured.
She has made me a very happy old man.

January 2016

My second visit to Mistress Helen Ryder. For full cross dressing/sissy training this time. Well It couldn't of been better. She really is good at this. She really try's her best to help you feel comfortable and enjoy your fantasy. A nice discrete place to visit, Very clean too. I am looking forward to next time.

February 2016

What can I say? Mistress Helen Ryder inspires complete confidence (and total obedience!) Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or already a few steps along, once you have spent time with Mistress Helen, you will find the path to your deepest desires; through honesty and surrender comes liberation. You will always yearn to return, and you will - as will I, as often as I can! Thank you Mistress Helen

February 2016

It is some considerable time since I visited a Domme (I have been more into pure CP recently) and even longer since I was feminized. I saw Mistress Helen's website and immediately felt she would be a good Domme for me to restart my journey.

We exchanged emails so that she knew what I was interested in and on the day, having made me very welcome, she transformed me - despite her best efforts, I still looked far from a pretty lady - and we continued into other BDSM activities, all of which I enjoyed.

I had a 2 hour session which was extremely competitively priced. Next time, I plan a longer session, maybe to explore other BDSM activities, but possibly if we both have the time simultaneously, I would like to spend the day as her maid - which we discussed favourably - which I am sure I am going to find a superb experience.

February 2016

This was my first visit to any mistress and I'm so glad I picked mistress Helen to introduce me into the world of bdsm.

After exchanging a few emails she suggested the alternate massage which was ideal for a novice like myself.
During the session she understood what my body was telling her and gently introducing me to new sensations and pleasures, which were unbelievable. So good that I will defiantly want to explore more with Mistress Helen

Mistress Helen puts any first time nerves at ease and her alternate massage is a great introduction for those curious first timers.
Highly recommended.

March 2016

As a complete newbie taking his first steps upon this dark and mysterious path, I found the whole experience with Mistress Helen - awesome!

I was immediately put at ease upon arrival and this gentle introduction continued throughout, each time a number of options were given and consent was obtained. Although I was informed that subsequent sessions would not be quite so open to debate...

I was amazed how much was achieved in such a short space of time.

I'm very much looking forward to a return visit when the gentle gloves will be (slightly) removed.

Thank-you Mistress Helen

March 2016

I have seen Mistress Helen Ryder regularly in the last 6 months. I started as a complete novice ( and still am) and wanted someone I could trust who could test and stretch my boundaries - Mistress Helen ticks all of those boxes and more! I have recently attended my first fetsish party with Mistress Helen and after agreeing fees timings etc a date was put in the diary. What can I say, Mistress Helen was the PERFECT companion for a very eventual evening of general debauchery. Will definitely arrange another date, but in the meantime will visit for our regular sessions of boundary testing! Can't recommend enough for anyone who is just starting out on this journey.

April 2016

I am new to all this, was a little on the wary side, not sure what to expect, but I need not have worried with Mistress Helen.

She put me at my ease very quickly, and had a very good introductory chat. All my questions answered. I was drawn to her website because of its clarity and good clear communication, and she was as great a communicator and listener in person.

I only sent one email with a sketch of some ideas that were important to me and what I like. Her imagination did the rest, and she just blew me away with what she had in store for me. She could be a Holywood actress or director.

I wanted to find out through roleplay what it was like to incur the wrath of a wronged woman, and for the duration of that roleplay I certainly found out.

Safe, sane and consensual was the advert, and that certainly was what I got. The importance of a safe word came out in an unexpected way. I had a slight cough because something had gone down the wrong way, and she was alert to it straight away and immediately took action, even before I got the safe word out.

Outside of the roleplay, an intelligent, approachable person to talk to.

A fantastic lady. I will be returning.

April 2016

What a fantastic session, Mistress Helen is really easy to connect with and she is exceptionally intuitive. After a brief conversation she knew exactly where to take me, right to the edge and then beyond to another level. What an experience..........only those who have travelled such a journey could begin to understand.

A truly exceptional Mistress.


April 2016

I've seen Mistress Helen twice now and am already planning my 3rd and 4th visits.

She is exceptional at what she does. I feel lucky to have found someone who is capable of judging tone, pace - well all of it really, so well.

I have twice tried new things - last time it was needles. That was something I never thought I'd do - but there's something about Mistress Helen that makes you go that extra mile.

She is terrific and recommended.

June 2016

Mistress Helen, wow what can I say - warm friendly and very attractive and definitely goes the extra mile in finding out what you would like in a session and then delivering everything requested and more. This lady makes you feel very comfortable and takes a genuine interest in making your fantasies a reality. A true professional and a pleasure to serve, highly recommended.

June 2016

Today was my third visit. I'd mangled my book date/day of the week but Mistress Helen was very good about me swapping it late in the day. My mistake entirely. We tried new things again. I won't go into detail, but I came away bruised with barely a hole in my body uninvaded (and that includes my ear!).Thank you.

July 2016

I regularly see Mistress Helen, I started this journey into the unknown as a newbie wih the express desire of being taken out of my comfort zone, slowly. Mistress Helen has showed me my "darker side", and continues to make me experience feelings and emotions which quite frankly I did not think I knew I had in me. Every session is a journey into highly charged experiences. Mistress Helen is a natural, she genuinely enjoys what she does and clearly gets pleasure in being in control and guiding me through a maze of pleasure and sensations. This is far far better than sex, Mistress Helen has a natural ability to tease and titilate which, for me, always culminates in a shuddering orgasm. Mistress Helen takes time every session to ascertain how far she can take me into my darker side and each time respects my limits - She has the ability to get deep into your mind and at the same time makes you feel incredibly horny. Mistress Helen, without doubt has changed my views regarding this scene, everyone has a darker side, some people like me need it teasing out and she is the perfect conduit to make me go just a little bit further into the journey with each session..Can't wait until the next time Mistress Helenx

September 2016

I am new to the BDSM scene and wanted to find someone to lead me into the world. All I can say is WOW. Mistress Helen gave me something to remember and I am already penciled in for a second appointment. Her surroundings are lovely and clean, she is most charming and has a body to die for. She was very accommodating of my needs and reassured me as well as very relaxing, so I am now induced into the world, and like it. Cant wait for my next time, and what a beautiful lady to show me.

September 2016

I will get to my review in just a tick but first a little advice toother newcomers just like me.Time is a precious commodity and no one is exempt from this law of theuniverse. Please, Please, Please, read Mistress Helens excellent websitethoroughly would be my first piece of advice and if you want to findthat extra special gift to please her beyond words save her time byfollowing the instructions to the letter and that way before you know ityou will be standing at her door being greeted by a very warm smilingand impecably dressed young Lady just as I was at the end of August thisyear.It was my very first appointment and I asked if I could try a roleplaytype of first session or massage with a twist as an icebreaker, I hadwritten my two emails, taken the first two phone calls and the holdingdeposit was paid as instructed. I walked up to the front door which wasopened at the stroke of 10:30 and I was welcomed inside. We sat down inthe spotless lounge for a brief chat and the balance was forwarded.After a little water I was invited to go upstairs to the playroom whichwas second door from the left at the top of the stairs and MistressHelen would follow along in just a minute. At the top of the stairs thedoor to one of the bedrooms was ajar and it was totaly impossible not tosee the undies drawer was open with its rich contents beconing me like ahuge magnet to go and have a look.Suddenly I was asked in quite a firm voice right behind me what was Idoing and what would my parents have said that I was caught rummagingthrough Aunties lingerie drawer?I started stuttering, very red faced and felt quite ashamed as I lookeddown on those stocking seams and gorgeous court shoes as I was lead intothe room I should have gone directly to in the first place. How did Inot hear those shoes, can Mistress Helen read thoughts. Regardless I wasthen ordered to strip off and our session began. Just imagine my veryfirst session, I was trembling with exitment and it felt literalybreathtaking, not much point in saying what happened because I wouldguess your session will be unique to you too.The time evaporated before my very eyes or rather inside that tightleather mask so it was fun, so very great fun, but time to wind down andtalk about our session was welcome, superlatives are not enough todescribe that electric experience and I just had to have a followupsession a few days later. The play room was very well equiped andspotless like the rest of the house.The follow up session was when my altar ego came into play afterMistress Helen had applied the perfect makeup and had instructed me tobring a few of my girlie clothes with me, that can perhaps be the startof a follow up review when I can find a few suitable additional photos.Mistress Helen has that unique quality to help special girls like meshine, few if any others can do just that.Others before me have experienced similar and it is evident that this isa warm person that actualy cares, my first and second sessions werepretty much by thought reading it could seem and we tried lots ofdifferent sensations and pushed some boundries without any need to use asafe word. I was left wanting more which is as it should be.A liberated Carla

September 2016

Another visit to Mistress Helen after some time off. I asked for more of a masochist session than a submission one and that's exactly what I got. We had a very chatty, fun session, albeit painful for me! Two hours flew by, but the bruises on my arse and balls are a firm reminder that it really did happen. Always a pleasure, and always recommended.

October 2016

There's always a sense of trepidation when dialling that number for the first time….the pulse quickens, your finger hovers over the little green button - to press or not to press, and how will the voice on the other end respond to that long and close-held fetish?With Miss R I needn't have worried; friendly and understanding from the start, I soon had an appointment fixed up and the next day was welcomed into her comfortable (and discreet) premises.I guess those of us with a particular kink often have a particular image of how this should be indulged; Helen had listened to and grasped exactly what it was I was seeking and as the strict (and very sexy!) next-door-neighbour soon had me over her knee in the traditional fashion for a dose of her very capable hand and various other toys…I should add that I'm not submissive, just a spankophile who occasionally needs the release into that amazing headspace that a good spanking can bring but without any sort of degradation. Helen pitched this perfectly, form her attire to her manner and the devilish little laugh that sometimes escapes when she gets into her stride…. a true professional who clearly enjoys her work!Most of all my session was a lot of fun, having stepped into the world of fantasy for an hour in the company of someone I can trust to help me explore some of those darker little desires….

December 2016

Mistress Helen Ryder gave me one of the most sensational experiences of my life. A complete pro when it comes to how to Dominate a man, it didn't take long before I was putty in her hands. She hosts a warm, clean and very well equipped comfortable dungeon and takes to time to get to know her victims. I appreciated the little touches she made to our session based on the discussion we had beforehand. I've only had one session with Mistress Helen Ryder (something I hope to change) but during that session we broke more ground and she made me feel more comfortable than any other Mistress I've visited. Thank You Mistress, I cannot tell you enough how much I needed that session in my life! x

January 2017

After a long break without a visit, I saw Mistress Helen again this morning. One hour of ball pain, delivered expertly. Wish I'd discovered her twenty years ago. The scene is littered with time-wasters on both sides of the table. But this is a lady who really loves what she's doing and does it well. I'd never hesitate to return. AxC

July 2017

I'm a newbie to the BDSM scene, but I decided to see Ms Ryder as an introduction to the scene. Right from first contact, I found prompt polite email comms and scheduled phone call to talk over my role play. I paid the £30 deposit for the session and balance on meet day. I wanted time in Ms Ryder's medical room and dungeon whilst she acted as my kinky nurse. Ms Ryder got into her strict nurse role very easily. I enjoyed an intimate anal exam in medical room. I enjoyed strap on fun with extensive CP whilst tied to bondage bench in the dungeon. Finally, a gorgeous sensual massage with mind blowing happy ending by electric gizmo!! Initially, I was very nervous as this was my 1st real play with a Mistress but within minutes I'd relaxed as Ms Ryder really tuned into my fantasy and acknowledged my concerns. Ms Ryder really got into role. It was such an intense and sensual time I found I'd left my worries behind and also got into role. A truly brilliant and amazing time for me. I'm already planning another play time!! Thank you Ms Ryder!!

September 2017

I'm only just starting out on the BDSM scene, but I've been seeing Mistress Helen regularly this summer. On this occasion, (18/9/17) I attended my first Double Dom session with Mistress Helen and Mistress Kitty Bliss who isn't on this site at Mistress Helen's home in Burgess Hill. Over the summer, I've been enjoying CP with Mistress Helen playing role play as school nurse through to headmistress. She has great rapport with me and ability to recall aspects of my sessions from one to the other.It makes my sessions with her become vibrant, alive and above all safe.Returning to the double Dom, I'd been an increasingly disruptive and insolent 6th former and had to report to see the headmistress and her deputy. On arrival, they were both dressed in formal attire and were prim in demeanour. She challenged me over my misdemeanours including my talk to other boys that CP doesn't work and is futile. It was clear whilst I was in their waiting room that they demanded respect and deference. I admitted the charges and allegations and addressed Mistress Helen as Helen!! Mistress Helen looking at me in a disapproving manner over the top of her glasses is an especially dominant tool!! Mistress Kitty was shocked at my insolence and arrogance in their presence.Mistress Helen started to undo my shirt buttons telling me to strip naked to see if CP really is futile. When I was naked, they ordered me to put on a pair of pink panties and kneel in front of them. I was being insolent again to them telling them CP was for their benefit and they rule by fear, not consent!! They told me they're in charge and the next hour would prove it! I was ordered to bend over the school desk in the waiting room/study whilst wearing the pink panties. Miss Kitty warmed up my backside with ample strikes from her glittering star crop on top of panties. Next It was Mistress Helen's turn with her junior cane on my bare backside. Whilst receiving this CP, I put to her that I reckoned she's got a soft spot for me and this didn't seem at all like punishment!! Miss Kitty appeared exasperated saying this 'he shouldn't have said that'!! Mistress Helen took me gently by my ear telling me to collect my clothes and go upstairs to the punishment room. She said to 'bend over the bench when you get there'.I did so. Mistress Kitty got there first telling me I was really in trouble. She bound my legs and the belt over my back on the bench. They both fastened the wrist restraints to the bench. Mistress Helen struck my backside forcefully with the tawse asking if I was getting the message. I sure was!! Next was Miss Kitty. She opened her cylinder case containing menacing canes and implements. She drew out a heavy long wooden spoon striking my backside very forcefully 12 times I think! Over the next 30 minutes, they took turns to administer Increasingly forceful but safe and consensual CP. with a variety of canes affording me different effects with impact and sting. As a break from CP, they tried a variety of strap on's with me too. Again, I was being insolent with them reminding them the whole event was for their benefits!! The more lip gave them, the more they gave me!! Finally, I was untied from the bench and told to lie on the bed to come down from the CP and receive a massage. Again, I was being insolent to them. Mistress Helen told me to lie face down on the bed. Again, I received another 12 heavy rapid cane strikes from each of them!! Much of the time, we were all laughing at the fun roles and the antics we were getting into. I had a relaxing and refreshing shower after the sessionfollowed by a nice chat with a tea about the BDSM scene and life, etc. It was the hardest caning, I'd received but also the greatest fun I've known in years too! Yes it's pure escapism and I've already signed up for another double Dom and am a regular client with Mistress Helen. Thank you! Xx

December 2017

I have found Mistress Helen Ryder to be a fantastic dominatrix and will certainly want to visit her again. By email and phone call she makes sure she knows exactly what you are looking for. On my arrival, she was lovely and easy to talk with, but once in her playroom her natural authority took over and she became like a very strict schoolmistress. I can say that Mistress Helen has a talent for verbal domination and humiliation. She soon had me strip naked and compelled me to get down on the floor to lick her shoes clean. Mistress Helen is beautifully voluptuous and both alluring and intimidating in her fetish outfits. As I had consented to before the visit, I was bound, gagged and given hard discipline with straps, tawses and canes, with no option of mercy or escape, safe, sane and consensual within boundaries agreed. My bottom was sore and red for a couple of days. Next, I was strapped in a strict hog-tie position on the floor and the Mistress made me kiss her feet. Knowing my need to be humiliated, she then made me masturbate in front of her and lick my spunk off the floor. And I liked it. Perfect.

February 2018

As first meetings go it wasn't exactly typical, even for a Mistress and slave. It was the FemDom ball 2017, Mistress Helen Ryder was there with a number of Her Mistress friends plus slave rodda in tow, and i was honoured to attend as the collared slave of the wonderful Mistress Firefly.Even had i been worthy of the merest glance from Ms Ryder i spent the entire evening quite properly enclosed in a rubber hood and on a leash, and the only interaction i had with Ms Ryder was towards the end of the evening, when the ladies bathroom was a distance away down two flights of stairs, and Mistress Firefly suggested using an empty glass and slave's mouth might be more appropriate than braving the stairs in heels!Even on this limited interaction there was something unusual and magical about Ms Ryder, even for a Mistress. She was so natural, so confident, She wasn't putting on a show, just being Herself and having fun.Fast forward 4 months and i was lucky enough to meet Ms Ryder again when She came to Yorkshire and stayed with Mistress Firefly while doing a number of double domme sessions. Again what struck me was how natural She was, which means She is both assertive, demanding respect, but great fun at the same time.Since then i have been fortunate to have several sessions with Ms Ryder, all with the blessing and encouragement of Mistress Firefly, for whom i remain a collared slave. The sessions with Ms Ryder have been amazing, so much fun, pushing my limits while also feeling safe in my submission to Her. Ms Ryder so clearly enjoys Herself, for me this makes the sessions flow and the time flies by. i am incredibly lucky to now serve two amazing Mistresses.samantha

June 2018

An account of my playtime with Mistress Ryder and Mistress Firefly.I Arrived at my destination, as instructed. Scanning my surroundings, I phoned Mistress Firefly and informed her I was there. "I know you are", Mistress replied. “I'm watching you”. I struggled to find an answer. A moment of silence ensued. Enough time to wonder if anyone else was watching? Do they know why I'm waiting on this particular street corner? My face reddened a little. Even if they did know why I was there, it's unlikely they would imagine the level of depravity I had invited upon myself. Mistress Firefly broke the silence. With a hint of mischief in her voice she gave me the house number and summoned me to her playroom.On entering the playroom it was clear that both Mistresses were in a playful mood. I wasn't sure if I was fortunate, or unfortunate to be their first victim of the day. After a chat about likes and limits, I was ordered to strip and the fun began — for the Mistresses, at least.Naked, and a apprehensive about what lies in front of me, my physical attributes, or lack of, there for both women to see. Mistress Firefly and Mistress Ryder were unimpressed and more than a little amused. They wasted no time in letting me know about my inadequacies. The playroom is a space for fantasies; somewhere you can be someone else for an hour. Stood before these two powerful women, I felt my status as a sissy could be more real than I imagined. A sissy bitch needs a collar and Mistress Firefly wasted no time in fastening a leather one around my neck. Without uttering a word, Mistress Ryder made my first task clear. I dropped to my knees and began planting kisses on her perfect latex clad derrière. Such a lucky sissy; I could have done that all day, but no, Mistress ordered me to move down and worship her shoes. Mistress Firefly’s idea of boot worship was a little more devious. Wanting a demonstration of my cock sucking abilities, she ordered me to suck the heel of her boot. At last, we’d finally found something in which I might excel. The Mistresses decided it was time for the real fun to begin. I was bent over and secured to the whipping bench. Mistress Ryder warmed me up with a spanking, before Mistress Firefly took over. It was obvious my pain threshold was low, but that wasn't going to spoil the Mistresses fun. Mistress Firefly commented on my email, in which I expressed a like for strapping. She took great pleasure in describing one of her favourite straps, "Princess Bastard". The description alone had me considering begging for mercy there and then. I didn't, of course. I meekly agreed to having my buttocks kissed by Princess.I have two distinct reactions to certain kinds of pain. The first, is a response that could be mistaken for laughter. It is an unfortunate response. Especially when you're strapped down, bottom exposed, with two sadistic Mistress stood behind you. It is all the more regrettable when one of those Mistresses is wielding a leather, lead lined strap — the aforementioned Princess Bastard. I tried to convince Mistress that I was not laughing. Despite my protestations, Mistress Firefly saw my response as a challenge. She set about turning my “laughter” into tears. It didn't take much doing. A couple more strokes and it was Mistress Firefly laughing now. She wasn't the only one laughing. Mistress Ryder had noticed the other response I have to pain. My manhood was now so limp and shrivelled it could have been better described as a clitoral hood.My ordeal was far from over. Moved from the whipping bench to the examination chair, my anxiety level increased. Before securing me to the chair Mistress Ryder took the opportunity to make me more lady like. She removed her stockings and gave me to me to put on. Not before making me inhale her scent from the stocking feet. Strapped into the chair, Mistress Ryder offered me a deal. I could keep the stockings on condition that I wear them to work and send the pictures. I could do that. This seemed like a deal weighted in my favour.*Now restrained, my stockinged legs in stirrups, I was primed for more torture. Both Mistresses snapped on disposable latex gloves hinting at what was to follow. Mistress Ryder had been keen to introduce me to her "wasp stings". A short sharp needle prick, followed by an injection of a small amount of saline solution. That's how Mistress Ryder enthusiastically described it. The first sting was to my balls. The prick of the needle was nasty, the injection of saline nastier. Mistress Firefly observed the procedure, like some kind of a wicked junior doctor. Mistress Ryder encouraged Firefly to handle me, feeling the effect of the saline solution. The second sting, to the the foreskin, was much more cruel. I've only been stung by a wasp once. It didn't feel like this, though. I can’t be sure, but I doubt the wasp revelled in my suffering as much as Nurse Ryder seemed to. Not to be outdone, it was Mistress Firefly's turn to pile on the agony. Out came the electrics and I braced myself. This was a form of torture I was familiar with. I knew if I didn't control my hysterical urges I would be in for a rough ride. This time, Mistress Firefly was more amused than offended at my response. Particularly when she increased the power. She found my facial expressions and thrashing limbs hilarious. There was no respite. Mistress Ryder was having her own fun with a pinwheel. An instrument that I've always thought looks rather innocuous. Until I have one rolling over my sensitive bits, that is. It was with great relief that the electric pinwheel did not come out to play. Not wanting to break their new sissy toy, the Mistresses decided I had earned a reward. It was time to experience Mistress Firefly's new Venus 2000 milking machine. Unfortunately, this is a machine designed for men, not sissies. Even the smallest attachment could not provide adequate suction on my sissy clit. In my email I had listed SPH as play activity. I figured we could overlook the fact that I'm not that small — what a way to find out that you actually don't measure up. Mistress Firefly's boots provided adequate grip where the Venus 2000 couldn't. She ordered me to hump away between her boots. Mistress Ryder didn't hold back in letting me know what a pitiful sight it was.Playtime ended with me stroking my maggot. Mistress Firefly made it clear what I was to do when I spilled my sissy cream — as if a sissy needs telling! Both women towered above me offering verbal abuse and encouragement in equal measure. Mistress Ryder describing in lurid detail my future life as a sissy. She painted a vivid picture of how a slutty cocksucker like myself would earn her keep at the Sissy Retreat. I shot my cream over my hand, spilling some on the floor. A moment of hesitation. I looked at the two expectant faces looming above me, then lapped up contents of my hand. Mistress Firefly ordered me to lick my spilled muck off her floor. I complied without hesitating. Gazing up at my tormentors, I saw their satisfaction. As a man I might be a failure, but as a sissy plaything I had proved to be a pleasing diversion to two superior beings. Both Mistresses leaned in closer to my face. I knew what was coming. I opened my mouth and accepted their final indignity.*It was still good deal. Wearing Mistresses stockings at work was a more humbling experience than anticipated, though. Photos taken, I exited the toilets somewhat red faced. Mistress Ryder had reinforced my sissy status without even being there.