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Mistress Daria, elusive and seductive vixen of BDSM arts, invites compliant and submissive slaves to join Her in an exciting journey of erotic exploration. Slaves, pets, subs, fetishists and all kinds of kinksters. Mistress Daria is a dominatrix of dark desires and a myriad of fetish interests. Inquire today about session time with this gorgeous Diva, you wont regret it!

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October 2010
I have had two sessions with Mistress Daria and i couldn't be happier she is fantastic at what she does and know just how to get you into sub space and keep you there the entire time. She takes the time to discuss your interest and make sure that it is going to be a safe sane and enjoyable time had by all. Once she looks at you, you will melt in to her hands like putty and she will take full control over you. Mistress Daria pushes your limits and helps you find new ones. She is very creative in her sessions she does not like to repeat she finds new twists and wicked ways to keep you on edge i will be return to kneel at Mistress Daria's feet and hopefully she allows me the honor of kissing them once again. alvin
December 2011

i recentlydid a session with Mistress Daria, She was wearing a black leather skirt with a slit cut up to about mid thigh high,which shows Her beautiful legs,and a leather top which revealed Her silky white shoulders. She told me to go upstairs and get undressed and wait on my knees for Her. When She entered the room i admired Her legs and high heels as She walked across the room to Her many toys,which decorate the walls of the upper dungeon. She walked in front of me to a chair and sat down crossing Her legs. She pointed out that these were Her favorite pair of boots and wanted me to kiss from the tips of the toe to the top of Her knee.As i did so i thought,if these are Her favorite pair,then i will kiss with passionas i wanted so much to please Her. First on eboot then the other. Mistress Daria instructed me to stand and grab the electric winch frame behind me as She placed leather wrist restraints and nipple clamps on me and anchored me to the frame. She selected a paddle from many along with a fur lined glove and began paddling my ass.As my as was heating up She guided the fur glove over back and ass to ease the pain. She then placed a collar that was like a neck brace, where i couldn't see down. Then attached a chain leash to the collar and led me back to the chair. She sat down and used a soft string to tie my cock and balls tightly. As She tied my cock i began to get an erection, so as the string was being wrapped around the shaft it started to be very painful but erotic. Mistress Daria placed a leather hood over my head that tied in the back and i could still see and speak.She led me down the stairs where i would be kneeling next to the couch and i was told to kiss Her knee high boots. She had me crawl on all fours to a bed and instructed me to lye down face up. Fastened my wrist restraints to the bed and used a smooth probe on me.i enjoyed this so much i didn't want it to end. She led me by the leash to the upper dungeon were i was placed in the swing lying face up. Mistress Daria slipped on a pair of black gloves which were lined with small spikes. She ran these along my inner thigh,crotch, and stomach areas. Then selected a riding crop and began whipping my balls and inner thighs. Then She told me to stand and come over to Her setting in a chair where She was holding a string of clothes pins. With my hands behind my back Mistress Daria placed these pins on my entire ball and cock area. This was so painful i thought i would need to call mercy. i couldn't see how many She placed on me because the collar wouldn't allow me to look down. Then Mistress Daria sooooo beautiful stood up and turned me around with my back to Her and reached around in front of me and pulled down on the nipple clamps and at the same time pulled my head back where i could hear Her breath and ever so slightly laugh. She pulled me closer to Her and pulled my head back farther , then reached down at the clothes pins and moved the pins around which caused tremendous pain. Mistress Daria started removing the pins one by one, and ever so often would pull at the chain that was connected to the nipple clamps as She kept me bent backwards. i could hear She was enjoying the torment She was causing me Once all the pins fell to the floor i was instructed to lye down on the floor over a towel. Mistress stood over me and poured baby lotion on my cock and balls. As She stood over me ,i was instructed to play with myself. As i looked at Her standing over me i became very excited. i asked if i could cum and She gave permission to release. This session was such a wonderful exotic experience. It started small and slowly built up to an exciting end. Mistress Daria is such a powerful Lady! i long to be in Her presence! Thank You Mistress Daria!!!

March 2012

I had the great privilege to be invited to the Dom. Party that Mistress Daria,Goddess Ashley, Mistress Athena,Mistress Tracy, Mistress Mia, and Goddess Katrina put on. We arrived at a site where a limo. was provided for our transportation to the Dungeon. There was a hood provided for each sub so that their identity was respected. Very Professional. Two Doms where riding in the limo. because they were asking questions of the subs.It didn't take long before we arrived at the Dungeon (10min.) We were led to a room where they removed the blind folds, but the hoods remained on. All the Doms were dressed in latex suits or dresses. Very HOT! I wanted to be dominated by each one! I could see a fucking machine next to me. I had never seen one before. We were all in a red room. A collar and a leash was attached to each of us. Then we were told to remove all our clothes and then get to our knees. Then Doms began selecting subs based on their kinks and limits and taking us to different rooms. Again Very Professional. There was so much going on...I could see what the other Doms and subs were doing while someting was being done to me. So erotic! It was really an awesome experience of which I plan to attend the next one. The Party started on time and ended on time. All the Mistresses were amazing! Thank You Mistresses and Goddeses for the opportunity to serve You all!!!

April 2012

What a tremendous pleasure it was to be under the control of such a Beautiful,Wise,Strict yet fun loving Mistress.It was a 2 hour session of body worship,corporal,tease and denial and bondage. I have been to most of the Domme's in this area and Mistress Daria is the best in my opinion and will be going back. Her place is in a great easy to get to location and very discrete. Thank You Mistress Daria for an amazing time!

May 2012

Mistress Daria is an incredible dominatrix. She is a statuesque beauty who is able to convey a slightly dark look that is absolutely mesmerizing and intoxicating. Her knowledge of BDSM and understanding of a sub’s needs is very impressive. During my sessions with her she takes the time to discuss my wants, desires and limits to help craft a truly erotic, unique experience. Her dungeon is in a discreet location which is very easy to access. The Mistress is very respectful of my need for anonymity and I am very appreciative of her discretion. This helps to put me at ease and allows me to open myself to her and be honest which helps to create a truly wonderful experience. Her dungeon is well stocked and very clean. The dungeon has a slightly menacing look without being over bearing and clichéd. I have had a few sessions now with Mistress Daria and words can’t describe the level of satisfaction I have experienced. Each session has been varied and unique which speaks to Mistress Daria’s skill in both crafting and executing a wide range of BDSM fantasy scenarios. Whether you are an experienced sub or somebody looking for a new experience in a BDSM setting I can think of no better dominatrix to recommend. She provides a truly fantastic experience.

May 2012

Back to session with Mistress Daria. It was a way to short 3 hour session. Mistress Daria walked thru the door wearing a magnificently short,very tight,black dress and black high heels. I was kneeling as She walked in and She had me fasten the little strap to Her high heels. I love doing this! She had me set in the cbt chair while She placed a humbler on me in the front. She also added weights to each side of the humbler. Then while She was setting in a chair, She instructed me to kiss Her toes and slowly work up to Her knee. This is so hard to do while wearing a humbler in the front. This was just the beginning of a erotic dance between Mistress Daria and a devoted submissive. I trust Her totally and submit without question. She is an amazing Lady,but at the same time powerful,strong and means business. So watch your step. I honestly enjoy serving Mistress Daria and will continue to do so. Mistress Daria is what I dream of and my worst nightmare! She haunts me daily,but I don't mind!

February 2013

Mistress Daria is so captivating and gorgeous and the most professional Dom. I have been to! She listened to my fantasy and was very easy to talk to. I felt at ease the moment the session started. The feeling that I could trust Her. I had no idea what to expect next. She has so many toys and theme rooms at Her fingertips. I wanted to experience them all. This Beautiful Lady swings a mean paddle! She pushed me to my limits and I loved every minute I was there! I will certainly be going back. Thank You Mistress Daria so Much!

March 2013

My first session with Mistress Daria was in January 2013. Making the appointment was very easy. She was very attentive and professional over the phone. All of Her instructions on how to get to Her dungeon were very concise and clear. Once inside, She made me feel very at ease. We talked for at least 15 minutes. Most of our talk was about what we expect out of each other, my limits, Her limits and, to get to know me better, She inquired more about me in terms of my personality. When we were ready to begin, She gave me instructions on how She wants me to present myself and She left the room. When She came back She was very calm and calculating. She took a chair, placed it next to me, sat in it and told me to get over Her lap. Once there, I experienced a very satisfying yet challenging spanking. After that, She had me on my knees, handcuffed to a bondage chair (much like The Punisher in this link, dungeonartificer.com/chairs.html), facing the wall. It was a bit of a challenging position to be in as I really had to focus on my balance with my knees. What followed was some very tortuous flogging, whipping, strapping, caning, and more hand spanking. While very painful it was very satisfying at the same time as She expressed much satisfaction in some Her laughs and vocal expressions like "Good boy" and "you're taking it so well for Me." Once done with me there, She put me in Her suspended bondage sling. It was in this position where She inflicted some very painful cock and ball torture, using clothespins, candle wax, and Her Hitachi wand. She left for a couple of minutes while my balls were very effectively pinched by Her clothespins. The abandonment felt very exciting. I imagined Her hearing my moans of pain and enjoying the sounds from just outside the room. The session came to closure with 10 very hard licks from Her cane on my bottom. She released me and asked if I would like to take a shower to clean up. I turned it down as I didn't feel too messy. We chatted about some of our experiences in the scene as I perused Her very impressive collection of toys. It was definitely an experience I look forward to indulging in again!

March 2013

I made an appointment to see Dr. Daria back recently. Her very attractive nurse was wearing a low cut blouse, of which I couldn't stop starring at. The nurse had me remove my clothes and put on a hospital gown, open in the back. She seamed a little angry. Later I would find out why. I couldn't keep my eyes from wandering and everytime She seamed to catch me looking at Her cleavage. When Dr. Daria came in ( the most beautiful Dotor I have ever seen) She asked "Haven't I just seen you recently?" Which I did in Nov. "She said I think I know why your are here". She had me lay back and placed my feet in the stirrups. She placed ankle and wrist restaints on me. With my feet up and my privates exposed. I felt so vulnerable. I couldn't see what Dr. Daria was doing, but I could feel something being inserted inside my cock. Also a plug inserted inside me. I felt a pulsing in that area. She had electrodes connected to the plug and sound. What an intense feeling. I felt so helpless. After the treatment was over (of which I was completely exhausted), She brought me something to drink, which I was told I needed to help my condition. I found out that this was punishment for ogling the nurse. And trying to touch Her. This was an awesome roleplay scenario. Thank You Dr. Daria i so enjoyed the sessioin. You are amazing!

March 2013

It’s been approximately two weeks since my most recent session with Mistress Daria and while the bruises on my “spankable” (Her word) behind faded after several days, the thought of Herstill sends chills up my spine. My story begins approximately three months ago when, as a total novice, I finally worked up the courage to contact Her and schedule my first session. Everything that’s been said is true – from the first phone call to the moment I found myself on my knees staring at a wall full of implements, She was the woman any man hopes to date – smart,articulate, charming, engaging, and able to guide the conversation in a fashion that made me feel comfortable discussing my interests. As for her appearance, “stunning” is an understatement. I won’t ramble but for those of you hiding in cyberspace just staring at Her pictures, you must know that She’s even better in person.

Session #1 began with me on my knees staring at the aforementioned wall; all I can hear are Her stilettos against the hardwood floor mixed with metal chains clanging against each other … and the sounds are getting louder. The door opens and when She makes Her way over to me, the first contact is fromHer spiked gloves moving all over my body. After putting me in a collar and attaching a leash, She brought me to my feet and tied string around my cock and balls – a not-so-subtle reminder that She was in complete control. From there, I was given the privilege of kissing Her from toe to knee of Her beautiful stocking-clad legs, after which She had a mischievous look in Her eyes and told me to stand. She put leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles, secured me to a wooden chair that can be seen in some of Her photos, and then affixed several clothespins to each of my nipples. I did not know what to expect with the clothespins and having never experienced nipple play before (remember I was completely new to this), I was secretly proud of myself for “taking it like a man.” Shame on me for being so confident. It was like She was reading my mind, saw my confidence, and promptly set out to put me in my place. Mistress Daria pulled a crop off Her wall and, after a few swats to my inner thighs and balls, turned her attention towards my nipples … flicking the clothespins with Her crop as my confidence dissipated. Taking it like a man? Not so much … and to emphasize that point, She unhooked one leg at a time and dressed me in stockings and heels … even laughing audibly at my eagerness (“My you’re eager, aren’t you?”) to get my foot in one of the heels before the stocking was completely on. From there, She led me by my leash across the room (now the sounds from two sets of heels against the floor, one sounding much clumsier than the other) and instructed me to grab a metal pole above my head. Once I was where She wanted me, She went right back to the nipples … swatting the clothespins as she paced back and forth across the room. My nipples were on fire but it was as if She knew my limits … bringing me right to the edge of what I could handle and then allowing me to recover. I was in pain and She was enjoying every second … and I was too. She then brought me what I first thought was a dildo but later realized to be a gag and shoved it in my mouth … which I much appreciated as it gave me something to bite down on as Her crop proceeded to extract every ounce of machismo I had inside me. At the end, there I stood in heels and stockings, arms reaching up towards the sky with purple nipples and a gag in my mouth. So much for taking it like a man, but I have been back twice since then and will write about those experiences in future reviews. Rest assured, it keeps getting better.

March 2013

I highly recommend making an appointment to session with Mistress Daria! She is 100% professional Lady. i can see why She is so highly regarded as one of the best in the U.S. You won't hear Her ever say that, that is just my opinion and what others say.I booked a session with Her in Feb. this year and have been haunted by Her erotic and mesmerizing beauty ever since. Her beautiful long black hair and piercing brown eyes are just so intoxicating! i didn't want to leave! Mistress Daria had me kneel before Her as I should. She selected many items from around the dungeon, i could tell She was calulating what procedure She would take with me. She sat in a chair and had me crawl on all fours to Her beautiful 6 inch black stilettos and begin at the toe and worship Her high heels, Then Mistress Daria had me kiss from Her toes to the top of Her knee, first one leg then the other. She placed a collar on me . By this time i had a hard-on and She instructed me to stand. She took the small cord and tied my cock and balls so tight the only thing not covered by the cord was the head of my cock. She had me lye down on my back and used the remainder of the cord to tie around my ankles and then cinch them up to my balls, so there would be constant pressure on my balls. She then sat on top of my stomach and using a riding crop spanked my inner thigh. With every swat my legs would tug at my balls. I don't know which hurt more the swats on my inner thigh or the strecthing of my balls. But I did like Her setting on top of me! I had a very erotic experience and Mistress Daria is amazing! Thank You Mistress Daria! collared and devoted sub.

June 2013

The last of May this year I made an appointment with Mistress Daria. It was a one hour session. She was so Gorgeous, wearing a black blouse with a very revealing "V" neck, a little short black leather skirt (Oh Yes) and black fishnet stockings hugged Her amazing tall legs, down to Her precious feet where She wore sexy black stilleto's. I was on my knee's when She came into the room, to show my respect for Her. Mistress Daria used a cord to tie my cock and balls so tight. And then I had the priviledge to kiss from Her toe's to the top of Her adorable knee's. She placed a gag on me. I think She knew I would need help with what She intended to put me through. She placed nipple clamps on me and then had me get on all fours. Climbing on my back She pressed Her beautiful body against my back, and Her cheek was next to mine. She grabbed the chain connecting the 2 nipple clamps and pulled. I love Her being so close to me, I wanted to endure the pain for Her. I could hear Her laugh as She pulled harder and harder. Mistress Daria pulled so hard I thought that my nipples might tear. After She removed the torturous clamps from my nipples they hurt like hell! She licked Her finger and then rubbed my nipples and THAT HURT LIKE HELL! I had such a hard on even with the cord still tightly wrapped around my genitals. I was also hyperventilating and didn't know if I could stop. I could describe so much more but this would be way too long. But I'm going back for a longer session next week. Everyone who sessions with Mistress Daria knows She can back lots of fun into a session! She knows exactly what She is doing all the time. She has that look in Her eye that let's you know you are in for someting wild! Mistress Daria Thank You for allowing me to serve You! Forever Devoted!

July 2013

Mistress Daria is so well spoken, She can say so much with just a few words. And the way She speaks and writes is so graceful. If you go to Her website and read you will see what I mean.She is very easy to talk to, as lnog as you don't ask questions that are obvious or disrespectful. Politeness to Her will do yourself a great service. Like She states in Her website, don't mistake Her kindness for weakness. For She is the Alpha Female in control at all times! To be in session with Mistress Daria is like being in the same cage as a Tigress who could rip you to shreds in matter of seconds! To be in the same cage with such power and not be devoured is exciting, erotic, and Sexy! When in the cage I surrender completely and it is truly awesome to be treated as Her play toy! It's hard to continue looking into Her beautiful eyes and not feel intimidated, there is so much power looking right into your soul! She stares me down a number of times in Our session. Only when She has me on my knee's, collared, and bound, and She bends my head back and holds my throat, so I have to look into Her eyes, do I feel comfortable looking back. Because I know this is what She wants. She looks at me and I can read Her eye's........She is the Boss! Obey and suffer and everything will be ok. I'm a servant lucky to be in the same cage with the powerful Mistress Daria! And when She is thru playing with me and releases me, I don't want to leave. I find myself already looking forward to the next encounter with the unknown, and the wild. So exciting! servant michael

October 2013

WOW. It isn't easy to discribe a session with Mistress Daria. The words that come to mind are "intense, painful, rewarding " You know when she is done that you have been punished if you have been a bad boy. she is very professional, knowing, and intense. She is by far the best Dom, I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I won't even consider going to see anyone else. She will capture your mind, and then you will do her will because you can't do anything else. She has a fully equipped play space, that is as private as it gets.
Believe me, you will be glad you visited her.

October 2013

I you are in the DFW area and have not met Mistress Daria, you are missing one of the most skilled and enchanting Dominas in the region. Her facility and equipment are second to none with a variety of different spaces for Her to weaver Her way under your skin and into your mind. Her attitude, knowledge and aggression are world class Domination at its best. My last session found me on me naked on my knees awaiting Her entry for a session where i had requested to leave with marks. She entered to room in a very elaborate elegant and tight negligee complete with garters and hose and very lovely high heels. Her physique has become so fit muscular and beautiful (due to a recent and hardcore dedication to fitness) that i was simply blown away. Beautiful eyes and lips with PERFECT makeup application, long flowing black hair, strong round shoulders and muscular legs, wonderful large and full breasts. A true amazon with the poise and grace of a super model, such an overwhelmingly beautiful Woman. In Her hand a cane and on Her face a grin that told me this would be intense. Over the next two hours She literally worked Her way into my psyche, Her sadistic side carefully balanced with the knowledge to not do permanent damage. It is VERY EASY to trust Her. After the 10th or 11th cane blow to my cock we both began to notice the marks turning to bruising. Its what She wanted and it was what i wanted too, i was still fully erect. She asked if maybe it was time to switch gears and move on, i asked for two more.
We later found ourselves in a different room, surrounded my toys and tools from around the globe, me spread eagle in the leather sling, immobile, exposed and extremely vulnerable in my most intimate areas. Mistress Daria took advantage of me in so many ways the memory is a whirlwind.

She is a classic beauty with a body and a mind that will take you to places you could never have dreamed. One of the absolute best professional Dominas i have ever seen and i am positive i will see Her many many times again in the future.

Thank You Mistress Daria for letting me serve You.

August 2014

Mistress Daria is a truly awesome person. Even from afar she knows how to direct her sub. After just a few sessions I'm probably already addicted. She calls her style of domination somewhat Zen. But she puts a lot of effort into analyzing which is the best way for her sub while following her along the road to deeper submission. Speaking and interacting with her feels just like the rise of the sun. Unfortunately it's impossible to stay under the sun all day long. I'm so curious and looking forward to meeting her in person.

October 2014

I have been a sub. to Mistress Daria for years now, and I have been so happy to serve Her. I serve the most beautiful and demanding Domme I have ever seen and served. The more I learn about Her, the more i enjoy serving Her. She is amazing and I realize just how lucky I am to serve Mistress Daria. Every day I wake thinking to myself, "how can I best serve Mistress Daria today?" I will continue to be devoted to Mistress Daria for as long as She will accept me. Happy sub.

April 2015

I booked a 2 hour session with Mistress Daria. She is just so stunning in person! I had told Her that I have been thinking about ball busting and bondage. She placed a collar and wrist and ankle restraints on me. Then had me on all fours worship Her gorgeous feet and legs. She is so beautiful, when She brushes against me or merely touches me, it takes my breath away. Standing with my legs apart and arms out stretched, She binds me to a metal frame. I am now vulnerable to anything Mistress Daria wants to do to me. She gave me a swift and powerful kick to my balls. And Mistress Daria hit Her target with the first kick. The bondage kept me from doubling over. The next kick I knew was coming, and I flinched! I immediately apologized for flinching. But as soon as I apologized, Mistress Daria grabbed my arms and kicked on target again! Before I even could think about what had just happened. I took one more kick before I had to cry mercy. I had such an awesome time with Mistress Daria! Can't wait to go back and play! Thank You Mistress Daria! sub m

May 2015

I recently moved to the Dallas area and was needing to find a dominatrix to administer regular spankings to me. I narrowed my search to two and contacted them. Mistress Daria responded first and was closer to my location, so I filled out the application form on her website, and I'm very glad I did. Discretion is important to me, and her location is very discreet and easy to find. When I arrived, she conducted a brief conversation where we discussed needs and limits, then she steered me upstairs to her dungeon. A bath and shower are adjacent to the dungeon; she ordered me to go in the bath, strip off my clothes, then go to the center of the dungeon, kneel, and wait for her. I had told her I needed a hard, punishment spanking. When she entered the dungeon she wasted no time giving me exactly what I needed. Her attire was a see through top and a short, tight, black skirt; she had me mesmerized from the beginning. She positioned me on a spanking bench and restrained my hands and feet. She spent less than a minute warming my butt up with a leather paddle, then she went straight to wooden paddles. The swats with these paddles were no warm up -- they were full force. She went through heavier and heavier wooden paddles then delivered the coup de grace with a beautiful chrome paddle that set my butt on fire. I was raw and bleeding by the time she finished with the paddles. I'm not one who screams during a spanking, but by this time my whimpering must have been audible. I thought I couldn't take much more, so surely she would stop. Instead, she picked out a mean looking cane, and proceeded to beat the sides of my buns with a ferocity I have never before experienced. At last, near the end of my endurance, she stated that she was impressed that I had taken it so well. She must not have known how near I was to crying. To my surprise she then treated my wounded hiney with iodine and antibiotics and applied a bandage to each cheek.

To sum this up, if you are looking for a hard, punishment spanking then this elegant beauty is the perfect package. She is an expert in her craft, and has the highest recommendation I can give. When I heal, I will be calling her again.

May 2015

i had a session with Mistress Daria today, it was a corporal punishment session. I arrived and she was in a bustia and was wearing silky pantyhose that looked nice on her legs and then I was to go to the room to strip for my paddling. She first paddled me over her knees with nice wooden paddles. The paddles hurt like crazy and then I was told to bend over the bench and she paddled my butt with a leather strap. She paddled me very very hard with the strap. Then i was told to lay on the table to be paddled by a lot of wooden paddles and she paddled me full force with them. My butte was very bruised and sore at that point. She paddled my butt with chrome metal which set my butt on fire. She paddled my bare butt with four wooden paddles and paddled my butt good. She gave me a lot of licks too and the paddling ended. She really paddled me very very good today. My butt is very very sore and bruised and hurts to sit down. I would recommend Mistress Daria if u want a very good hard paddling todd

May 2015

IPe been honored to be allowed to see Mistress Daria twice now and both of those times have been more than I could have imagined. The most recent session was focused on latex, humiliation, strap on and CBT. I had some troubles with the anal at first but before the session was over I had some pretty large toys in my ass because of Her expertise and the fact that Mistress really knows what she is doing. Mistress Daria is pure perfection and is more beautiful than anything when dressed in her latex standing over me. Through out the sessions there is no doubt that Mistress is in total control and completely enjoys using her amazing skills to tease and torment. Mistress Daria knows how to push limits and how to get inside Your head to give you the very most out of your time. There is simply not enough praise that I can give to Mistress to convey how wonderful she is. I recommend doing whatever you can to session with her and promise that you will not be disappointed.

August 2015

I have just had my first session with Miss Daria I'm only into Corporal spanking I've been seeing pro doms/disciplinarian for about 15 years and highly recommend her for any heavy spanko as she will not hesitate to spank the daylights out of you. She does excellent after care my session had ended with a raw and bleeding bottom. She cleaned, applied antibiotics and taped gaze very professional. And also she is as beautiful as she is her pictures.

February 2016

This is a letter I sent to Mistress Daria after our latest session thanking Her for continuing to expand my mind and level of submission to Her.
Hello Mistress,

I wanted to thank You for the amazing time W/we had on Monday! Each session I am able to have with You gets better and better. The role play was more than I could have ever imagined and I love that You took my idea and expanded it to make it greater than it ever was in my head. You are truly amazing and know how to get inside my head more than I ever thought possible. From the moment I walked up the stairs and saw You I was in heaven, somehow I had forgotten the magnitude of Your beauty. But I was quickly reminded and at a loss for words. The rest of my time in Your presence can only be described as an honor. I also love that You want to do and try new things which are always perfectly placed in the session. I have never told You that I don't particularly like feet but when I was kneeling in front of You massaging Your feet and kissing Your arches there was no place I would have rather been and when You told me I could continue doing it on Your second foot I was so very happy that You enjoyed it enough to have me continue. The fully dressing as a sissy with a wig and breast forms was great! I felt humiliated but also sexy and slutty at the same time and am truly grateful for that opportunity. As always, I loved the sensory deprevation hood and found myself straining to hear Your gorgeous latex dress moving around to try and figure out what might come next and where You were in the room. It was the ultimate mind fuck because I was wrong nearly every step of the way! When the hood came off and I was able to see Your beautiful rope work it let me know how much time You put in to honing Your skills and the beauty of Your work. When it came time to begin the roleplay it could not have been more perfect as I was filled with the emotions of being humiliated and at the same time wanting to do whatever it took to please You. When we moved downstairs and I was strapped into your cbt chair the vulnerable position I was in was great. Knowing that I was completely helpless to Your whims. Then the sounds came out and when You were using them I had one thought running through my head the entire time and that was the fact that I wanted nothing more than to give myself to You in anyway that You wanted. The whole situation was so freeing and completely changing in my head space, there was no more thinking of what I wanted to get out of the session, only what I could hopefully give to You and do to please You. After that when You asked me which thing I would like to do next it took me a minute to decide because I only wanted to do what You would like. But when You told me that You enjoyed both the cuckold situation and the vac bed it was a little relieving to know that either way you would be pleased. When we revisited the roleplay I do have to admit that the verbal humiliation was beyond perfect and the whole time pushed all of my buttons one after another and I was on cloud nine. Being allowed to orgasm is always wonderful but that situation being locked in chastity and coming from that and You massaging my prostate was a new and mind blowing experience. The only part that was bad about it was knowing O/our time was coming to an end. Again, I thank You from every ounce of my being for allowing me to serve You and for being the amazing and mind altering Woman that You are. I look forward to the next time and being your sissy slut, latex plaything, or anything else that You may want to use me as.

April 2016

I’ve seen Domina Daria several times since my first session 2 years ago. She is as stunning now as She was the first time I had the pleasure of enduring Her punishment. I’ve always enjoyed a good ball busting, but had interest in other activities as well. Her professional and non judgmental demeanor make it easy to explore activities that I normally wouldn’t (blindfolding, ball gags, nipple torture, strap on play, flogging). In our most recent session we narrowed the list of activities to the following:

Foot/Leg worship

Scissor holds

Ball busting

Human Punching Bag

Strap On play

The scissor holds and human punching bag were new activities inspired by some of Her recent photo updates. When I saw photos of Her wearing workout clothes and boxing gloves in a gym setting, I immediately fantasized about being overpowered, tied up in the corner of the ring, and beaten to a pulp. If I wanted to end up in a hospital, I’m sure Domina Daria is more than capable of putting me there, but that’s never happened…and that is why I trust Her. At the same time, She’s never gone too light on me either.

After arriving and going through the formalities which include discussing some of the new activities I’m interested in, She instructed me to go to the bathroom and remove all my clothing. Next, I’m to proceed to the play room, get on my knees, and wait for Her. I’m use to this part of the process and enjoy the tension it causes within me. As She enters the room, I can’t help but stare at Her legs. She’s wearing shorts and a sports bra, but with black strappy high heels. The combination of beauty, strength, and elegance make for an interesting mix of arousal. As She walks by me, I can’t help but think that what I find physically attractive about Her is also the source of my pain. She sits on a chair in the corner of the room and crosses Her legs. She then instructs me to crawl over and kiss from Her foot to Her knee and then back down to Her foot again. I do as I’m told…relishing the way Her soft skin feels on my lips. As I’m slowly performing my task, I look up toward Her face to see that She is staring in another direction. It feels as though She is telling me that I have no chance of arousing Her because I am beneath Her. She switches legs and instructs me to do the same with the other leg. Again, She’s looking away as I do what I’m told.

Next, She grabs wrist and ankle cuffs from a bench next to Her. She instructs me to stand next to Her and I comply. As She wraps one of the cuffs around my ankle, I drip pre-cum on Her shoulder and arm.

“You know you’re going to lick that off don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress”

Once She finishes putting the cuffs on my wrists and ankles, She points to where I’ve dripped on Her. I nervously lick Her arm and shoulder. I’m nervous because I know licking up my mess won’t be my only punishment.

She tells me to lay on my back and She sits next to my face and looks down at me while She takes off Her heels. She tosses the heels aside and positions my head between Her upper thighs. She gently pushes upward on my chin and I raise my head to feel Her thigh nestling in to position. As she does this, I’m becoming highly aroused because my face and neck are rubbing against the inner portion of Her upper thigh. Up until now, I’ve never been allowed to even touch her leg above Her knee. She warns me that She will begin squeezing and I will need to tap the floor when I’ve had enough. Her skin is soft, but the muscle underneath is firm. She doesn’t take long working up the intensity. I gasp for air, and tap out. She allows me to recover while She repositions Herself and when I am ready, She squeezes again. I last as long as I can without passing out, then tap. She switches to scissoring my middle back. From this position, I don’t feel like I need to tap out…and it feels unusually good on my back muscles. Maybe I’m enjoying this too much…She straddles my face and squeezes my neck again. I almost pass out just before tapping again. As She dismounts…I do my best to prolong the little touches and rubs between my cheeks and Her inner thighs. I try to be discreet, but I think She can sense what I’m doing…and I will pay for it.

I’ve had my time to feel and touch Her in spots I normally don’t…now it’s time for Her to touch me in spots that are very familiar to Her. I’m instructed to stand in front of a St. Andrew’s cross. She secures my ankle cuffs to the cross and my wrist cuffs to a suspension bar hanging down from the ceiling. The suspension setup is extremely stable and I know from prior experience, that I’m very vulnerable. I’m nervous now…so my breathing is more prominent. I’m not sure, but I think this feeds Her sadistic side. She is now wrapping Her hands and giving me a devilish grin. At this point, my mental state is a combination of arousal and fear. We haven’t seen each other in a year…I’m hoping She is still familiar with my limits.

“If memory serves, you can take some hard kicks…right?”

She kicks me square in the balls while watching my eyes and wrapping Her hands. The kick isn’t too forceful, but definitely enough to let me know I’m in trouble.

“Yes Mistress”

“Good…how about My knees?”

She knees me in the balls. Again, I’m realizing that I’m in for some punishment.

“Yes Mistress”

She lets out a little laughter and kicks me again. This hurts, but it also arouses me. As She finishes wrapping her hands, I’ve grown to full erection. I’m about to drip down there and She can see that. Before putting on Her gloves, She rubs what I’m about to drip on Her finger and feeds it to me. It’s not like I enjoy the taste, but standing spread eagle in front of someone who is more than capable of beating the shit out of me has a way of making me comply.

She puts on her pink UFC style gloves…all the while, looking me in the eyes as if to say, “I’m looking forward to this.” She steps back, takes a look at my positioning, and forcefully kicks me in the balls. Wow…that hurt…I look away for a second and feel a punch to my chest. As I turn my head to watch Her work, I’m taking multiple punches to the torso. It doesn’t take long before She eases up on me. A random knee to the balls keeps me on my toes and She giggles...not like a school girl on the playground, but rather like a sadistic dominatrix in full control of the situation. She stands close to me and I can feel Her breath…my head pointed downward because I’m watching Her legs for those random knees. She pushes my chin upward so I’m now staring up at Her face. I’m slapped across the face…as I look at Her, She plants one of those random knees on my balls. Damn this hurts…my lower abdomen area is beginning to ache, but I want to take as much of it as I possibly can because She looks beautiful doing it. I truly believe my pain nurtures Her sadistic side…producing a smile on Her face that I want to last. The pain is starting to take its toll…I’m losing my erection…She doesn’t like me dripping on the top of Her foot, so She grabs my balls and gently stokes my shaft. She watches my face and smiles…within seconds, I’m fully erect again…the smile goes away and I get slapped…forehand…backhand…then She grabs my balls and digs in Her nails. With very little effort on Her part, I’m writhing in pain and wiggling in my restraints.

“This was a good idea…I hadn’t thought of wearing these gloves in a session…they really let me do what I want…thanks for thinking of it.”

“You’re welcome” – hard to say because I’m breathing through the pain caused by my jewels being accurately squeezed.

Despite the pain, I’m still erect, so She lets go of her grip and continues the human punching bag exercise. This time She works in random punches to the balls. She’s tenderizing me and making everything She hits or kicks more sensitive. Given the position She’s put me in, the only chance I have of minimizing the impact of Her groin kicks is to hop upward at the right time. I try hopping when I see She’s about to kick me in the balls, but all that does is amuse Her. I get slapped and I can see another kick coming…so I hop…but this time She waits until I’m on my way down before She fully extends Her leg. Her foot accurately finds its targets. Clearly, hopping isn’t going to help my situation.

“Ha ha…that must have hurt even more than if you just stayed still.”

“Yes Mistress”…I’m breathing heavy again…not just to cope with the pain but also because She is making me nervous with her intimidating tactics. I’m being taught how to take a beating. And despite the pain

and fear, I do my best to look Her in the eyes when She addresses me. Her presence is already commanding, but as She continues to break me down, I can feel Her superiority over me getting stronger. A surprise knee brings me up on my toes while bringing a smile to Her face. I just went past my pain threshold, so I bite my lower lip…that’s the visual indicator that I’m taking too much. I’m also sweating and losing my erection again. She smiles at her handy work while walking over to the bench to grab a vibrator and a condom.

“Hmm…I’ll be right back…don’t go anywhere.”

She takes Her time so I can recover...I can always count on Her to respect my limits. Even when She’s in the mood to tap dance on them.

She puts the condom on the vibrator and walks toward me. She’s standing in front of me and positioning my shaft between Her thumb and index finger. With Her other hand, She moves the vibrator up and down the shaft. Damn…I try not to get aroused, but She knows me too well and within 30 seconds or so, I’m fully erect. No matter what She is doing to me, She has a way of making me feel owned. I look up at Her face and see the devilish grin…that’s my cue to stop biting my lower lip and continue taking my beating…because it pleases Her.

After She puts the vibrator back on the bench, She walks back and administers another dose of punishment. I don’t last long this time and I bite again. Her smile isn’t as bright and I fear that I’m not taking enough to please Her. I want to…but can’t. She undoes my restraints and orders me to lay face down on the suspension swing in the middle of the room. I do as I’m told and watch as She walks to the bench. I can’t see what She’s grabbing, but I can see that She’s stepping in to a harness.

I’m lying face down and watching Her legs as She walks around behind me. I can’t see much from this position, but I can hear Her preparing me for my final act of submission. She removes Her gloves and hand wraps only to put latex gloves on for lubricating my ass. She’s also measuring my height from the ground to ensure She is in the right position for what’s about to happen. I can hear some sort of motor activated and at the same time the suspension swing moves upward putting my ass at just the right height. She delicately spends some time opening me up and applying more lube. On other occasions, She restrained my hands and put a ball gag in my mouth for this activity…I’m almost tempted to ask if She forgot, but I decide not to. I can feel Her pushing the strap on inside of me…it hurts…aside from the normal pressure, I can feel a stinging.

“Are you ok? This might be too much…shall I switch to a smaller toy?”

I desperately want to take it for Her…so I hesitate, but eventually I give in and tell Her that I need something smaller. It made me wonder if not being gagged this time was by design. Now, I’m really glad that I didn’t question Her earlier.

I can hear Her switching toys and before long, She’s in business working me over while I lay there suspended and face down…watching Her legs and wondering what this must look like from other angles.

I can see Her hands on my hips holding me in place while She gives me a thorough ravaging. I guess that’s why they call these love handles. I can then feel Her slow the pace while She removes Her right hand from my love handle and gently fondles my balls. Wow…this feels amazing…I try not to enjoy what She is doing, but I can’t help myself. She spends a few seconds stroking the shaft, and before I know it, I’m exploding toward my face…luckily, my hands aren’t restrained and I’m able to use them to minimize the mess I just made. Now, I’m really glad I kept my mouth shut when She started this part of the session…somehow I feel She knew exactly what She was doing. She gently removes the strap on from my backside and helps me up. The sadistic grin is gone and replaced with a look of genuine concern for my well being. She can probably see confusion on my face…I’m a little worried that I’ll need this type of treatment more often than I’d like to admit.

“How was that? Did you enjoy it?”

“More than you know.”

The smile returns…and I can’t help but wonder what She’ll have in store for me next time.

The play room is next to the bathroom. She walks in and starts the shower for me. When I’m done cleaning up, I put my clothes back on and meet Her in the front room. She has a bottle of water waiting for me and we talk for a while about Her photo shoots, Her website, and other changes.

She gives me a hug before I leave and lets me know that She looks forward to next time. I don’t think I’ll be waiting a year again.

Thank You Mistress Daria…You’re excellent at what You do.

June 2016

Mistress Daria completely changed my perspective on what it means to be submissive. I asked for Her to take total control, lead me wherever She saw fit, within our limits, and yet She took me to such wonderful places I never imagined. If I requested we explore a certain direction or idea, She led the way with full force of Her Feminine Authority, my fantasies indulged to new levels.I always feet at ease, and comfortable in giving Her control, and I always feel safe and respected even when She put me in my place... She challenges my intellect as well as my imagination, She helps me redefine what it means to submit. I only dream of new ways to serve Her.

July 2016

I have the honor of serving Ms Daria for 6 years now and I feel I know Her pretty well. But I'm also still learning. She is a very complex. I just thought I was submissive when I first met Her, but Ms Daria has taught me what being submissive is truly like. I have to say I enjoy every minute of being Her submissive immensely. I'm happy when I am serving Her. Ms Daria is always so stunning in sessions. No session is ever the same. Even though I trust Her completely, I have to admit, I'm a little afraid when Ms Daria takes me into the unknown. I find myself wanting more time with Her and in doing so, I become more and more submissive to Her. She is such a gorgeous Lady! mike

July 2016

Daria is so much more than a Mistress. She is not only statuesque, stunningly imposing and beautiful; but she listens; asks questions; and has a fabulous sense of humor. I wanted to give up control to a beautiful woman, but am not into having my butt kicked (too much). She easily understood what I wanted. Was so much fun. So intelligent. She Mesmerized me. What a woman! I saw her 2 weeks ago and cannot get her out of my head. I would never go anywhere else.

January 2017

i had the honor of serving Mistress Daria several weeks ago and i can't stop thinking about it. From the moment of O/our first contact, Mistress Daria was the perfect balance of warm and demanding. When i arrived for O/our session, it was clear that She was in charge, yet She made me feel welcome. As soon as i laid eyes on Her for the first time, i knew that She was the perfect Domme for me. She is strikingly gorgeous, tall, beautifully shaped, and of course supremely confident. By reading about Her, one can tell She is highly intelligent. However, being in Her presence truly reveals the depth of Her intellect. The way She chooses her words and communicates just adds to Her impressive air. The combination of her beauty, style, warmth, confidence and intelligence is striking, intimidating even.The first thing She did was have me sit on the couch (She remained standing of course to remind me that i was not in charge) to set some expectations and give me a chance to ask questions. This personalized O/our session and set me more at ease in Her commanding presence. Then, She sent me to get undressed and told me to report back to her. That's when the fun began. There were several components of the session where it was clear that Mistress Daria and i were experiencing O/our shared interests, and others where Mistress Daria was doing things to me which indulged Her interests more than mine and She was wanting to expand my abilities. Strangely, even those felt like they were suddenly shared interests because i knew what She was doing was pleasing to Her.The whole session so personalized and professional and sensual and memorable and enjoyable and exhilarating. It was obvious that Mistress Daria was enjoying Herself and She also knew what She was doing. She broadened my horizons without pushing past any limits. She was caring, yet strict; self-indulgent, yet not about to ignore me. Mistress Daria was somehow able to give me the feeling of being vulnerable and safe at the same time. i knew She was in control, and could have Her way with me, but i also knew i was under Her protection.Mistress Daria was not my first experience with a Domme, but i can say unequivocally that She is BY FAR the most impressive Domme i have ever had the honor of serving. Hopefully, i will be given the honor of serving Her again sometime.sub j

January 2017

Not only is Mistress Daria incredibly beautiful, She is extremely intelligent and creative. Her awareness of my physical and mental state during our sessions is uncanny, and Her creativity with fetish and desire is unsurpassed. She has repeatedly taken me to new heights of submission, expanded my world and way of thinking, and given me experiences of such joy and pleasure that i will keep coming back for more. I trust Her completely, because She knows how to handle it better than any other Domme i have been with. Mistress Daria is the genuine article, i highly recommend Her to any submissive wanting to travel the uncharted realms of their fantasy. My only advice... don't disobey Her!