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United States - Georgia

I am a professional Domina in every sense of the word. Slave training is something that comes naturally to Me. I have been bending men to My will all My life. The toys and equipment of My trade are mere extensions of who I am. I am not just a professional Dominatrix, I live the lifestyle 24/7.

I am educated, well read, classy and sophisticated .  Having visited over 30 countries, I have a wealth of experience to draw from and can hold My own with even the most jaded.

Introduced to FemDom 15 years ago, I found it to be natural and perfect.  Men are such simple and pathetic creatures.  They need to be led, trained and ruled by the superior Female.  It is the true natural order.

If you are looking for a Mistress that can help you live out your darkest fantasies and enable you to embrace your kinkier side, you have found Her.  I am compassionate when you need a safe haven and demanding, even brutal when you need structure and discipline.  The mind is the sexiest organ we posses and that is where our journey together begins.  When I capture your mind, your body will follow.

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April 2011

Mistress Ayn is a wondrous and beguiling Lifestyle and Pro Dominatrix. She has a sharp mind, a clever tongue and above all is drop dead sexy. From the initial contact thru the end of the session, she will challenge you to meet her standards and demands. She is well versed in many aspects of BDSM - see her website for the full details. Her sessions can be both mental and physical, and she will personally tailor it to your experience level, while taking you thru some new and likely very rewarding experiences. She enjoys her work and it shows. If you are in Atlanta, she is worth it. I'm anxiously anticipating my next session with her.

July 2011

I did an overnight session with Mistress Ayn. I had done a shorter session with her before so I felt confident she was the best for the overnight experience. If you have ever been skydiving, it felt like that, only it lasted for 12 hours. A total twisting of time and space. We started out in the dungeon. She put me on the rack, then teased and tortured me. Then she caned my ass hard. I am not sure how long this went on. I was already loosing track of time. We got cleaned up and went out. First we went to this bar that was in a basement. It had no signs and you have to knock on the door for someone to let you in. We talked about the Atlanta BDSM scene and community. She has lived in a few places around the country and really like the cohesiveness and creativity of the community here. Then we went to a club that had just put on a burlesque show. My ass was burning the whole time from the caning. Then it was back to the dungeon for more restraint, teasing and torture. Mistress Ayn is sensual most of the time but gets into corporal punishment too. She watches me closely and quickly corrects any misbehavior. I think she would be great at humiliation but that was not my thing and we did not go there much. I am blindfolded and thinking I can’t take any more when I hear Empress Ming enter the dungeon. I can’t believe it. Then the blindfold comes off and there she is. Two beautiful mistresses go at me with nipple torture and CBT. Empress Ming is scary: all business, wondering why I am not screaming. So she turned up the pressure until I am screaming like crazy. I am glad Mistress Ayn was there. It was like good cop / bad cop. At one point they left me alone, tied up with the TENS unit going. My memory gets a bit fuzzy after that. Eventually my ankle was chained and I was left to sleep on the floor while Mistress Ayn slept in the bed. In the morning there was more torture before I was released. It was an amazing experience. Not like the shorter sessions. It was a glimpse of a fantasy lifestyle. If you are considering this, I highly recommend you take the plunge.

September 2011

Mistress Ayn was my first BDSM experience. I had always wanted to serve a mistress, but I have always been too shy, too reserved. I didn't think that I'd ever get to live out some of my fantasies. I contacted Mistress Ayn, both nervous and hopeful. I told her that I was a very shy and introverted person, asking her if she could work with me. She was very understanding of my shyness, assuring me that everything would be OK. I came to trust her, and I showed up to her dungeon as scheduled. When I arrived, I was so nervous that I was shaking a little. She let me know that everything was alright, that I was in good hands, and even gave me a tour of her dungeon and showed me some of her tools. I came to trust her, and decided to go ahead and submit to her. Once the session began, Mistress Ayn was strictly business. At the start of our session, I displeased her, and she punished me. The discipline was quite severe, and I understood at that moment that I should obey her. As I type this, 2 days, later, I can still easily pull down my pants and see the marks on my buttocks from where she disciplined me. For a little over an hour, and what seemed like an eternity, Mistress Ayn made me bend completely to her will. As humiliating as it was, I performed acts for the Mistress that I can't even summon the courage to type. It was more than I could have ever even imagined for my first experience. At the end, I had to call out a safe word. Mistress Ayn was very understanding of this, and we broke character. At this point, she began to speak to me intelligently and nicely as I put my clothes back on. I could tell that she seemed proud of the things I did for her. I felt so alive. Even after seeing her, I can't help but to think of my encounter with her. It is something that I definitely plan on doing again.

September 2011

I have just recently had an overnight session with Mistress Ayn and as I have had many sessions in the past with other Dom's, none of them can begin to compare to the experience I had with Mistress Ayn. I arrived at her dungeon at the prescribed time and as soon as she opened the door I was captured by her beauty. She is very very beautiful. We conversed and got to know each other for a few minutes and Mistress Ayn is not only beautiful but she is very intelligent, personable, has a very good sense of humor which she injects into the session at times, and she is very professional. After conversing for a little while it was to the dungeon where I was ordered to strip down to the lingerie I was wearing. My heart started pounding as I stood there while she played my body like a piano with her fingers. She whispered in my ear and as she did so I could smell the intoxicating fragrance of her long flowing hair and she had me captured not only physically but also mentally and therein lies her strength. She is so adept at capturing one mentally. I was then made to go thru a cleaning process and after the process I was made to get on my hands and knees and was whipped for committing a violation. I learned very quickly to not let her smile fool you because behind her smile is a tiger that is ready to pounce and pounce she will once an indiscretion is committed! While I was on my hands and knees Lady Katherine joined the session and I was bound to the St. Andrews Cross by both beautiful Mistresses and I was put thru much CBT and nipple torture. Then it was time to go to Club 1763 but before we left I had to model 2 dresses for Mistress Ayn and Lady Katherine and was made to walk like a model on the runway while they decided which dress I was to wear to the club. When we arrived at the club I was completely feminized with wig, lipstick, eye makeup, and fingernail polish and made to take my dress off. Mistress Ayn attached a leash to my posture collar and she led me around the club in my pink bustier, stockings, high heels, and a pair of very sissy pink crotchless panties with ruffles all around. I was very proud to have this beautiful Mistress leading me around the club. I was bound to a spanking apparatus and was whipped for a while by Mistress Ayn and Lady Katherine and then was led around the club some more. A spanking bench opened up in the middle of the main floor area and I was immediately led and bound to it. Both Mistress Ayn and Lady Katherine put on their strap-ons and I knew I was in trouble. As Mistress Ayn gave me a very good whipping Lady Katherine violated my mouth. I couldn't see the audience but I could feel all eyes upon us and watching what was happening and what was going to happen. The feeling was not only humiliating but it was erotic and very intoxicating! Then I felt Mistress Ayn preparing me and then she violated me. Words can't describe the feeling of being violated by Mistress Ayn in the midst of an audience....AWESOME, WONDERFUL, AMAZING...it's hard to describe! Mistress Ayn and I then returned to the dungeon where I was allowed the privilege of massaging her feet, neck and shoulders and the privilege of brushing her hair. While brushing her hair I committed some infractions and I was immediately punished and whipped for doing so. Mistress Ayn is a very great motivator as I was very careful not to commit the same infraction again for fear of being punished twice as hard! After a while she attached a chain to my leg for the night and I slept on the floor of the dungeon. The next morning she released me with very sore nipples, and a few marks and bruises that I wore proudly. Mistress Ayn is truly a very wonderful Mistress who is very exciting and serving Her is definitely an honor and a privilege and I can't wait to serve Her again! Kevin

November 2011

This is directed to all Mistress Ayn's slaves and for those who wish to be in the hands of the best. my name is peter and i have known my beautiful Mistress Ayn for approximately 4 months. my life has never been as complete with happiness, security and hope! my story incorporates a successful career in the garment industry back east. After making a lot of $$$, my life took a turn to the worse, spiraled downwards, out of control and i became homeless. Through an intervention made on my behalf i became sober and have been sober for 6.5 years now. i am semi retired and gainfully employed at Target stores. i had to work very hard to get to this point on my own and through the use of the tools that was provided to me in treatment. today i am drug and alcohol free and love having a clear head to express my true feelings. i am b rutally honest and am a very compassionate, level headed man who is very giving. my Mistress has made my life a better place for me to reach my goals. She has given me a great deal of hope and direction. since knowing Her, i won a few awards at Target stores. i also work very hard and the sky is the limit. She is a very smart Mistress who also has an enormous amount of logic and common sense. Everything she asks of me and everything She tells me to do is for my own good and the result is always very positive and i thank my Mistress for this free gift. She is very calculative and i mean that in a good way. She by all means does not shoot from Her hip in decision making. When She gives me any suggestions She thinks out the best advise and She is always right in Her suggestions. my Mistress has been a lifestyle and a professional Mistress for sixteen years. She is probably one of the most adept and skilled Mistress around. She is very different from many "so called" Mistresses. Many o f these Mistresses, in my opinion, are more or less escorts or are true sadists with no emotion or no rhyme or reason behind each session. my Mistress Ayn knows the psychological reason behind every session. She is also very nurturing and her after care after an intense session is awesome! i am working very hard toward being considered as Mistress Ayn's slave for Her stable. She currently has two lifestyle slaves and i am for the time being the last. my Mistress however does have openings for paid sessions and if you are lucky enough to get an appointment for a session with Her, take advantage and you will have witnessed a session like you have never witnessed in the past. Yours truly, slave peter under consideration for Mistress Ayn's stable.

November 2011

I have been with a couple of pro-Dommes local to me before, but I was always disappointed – almost to the point of giving up. I decided that, since I had a trip to Atlanta planned, I would check out a Dominatrix there – they had to be better than here. I narrowed my choices to three or four, figuring I couldn’t go wrong with any of them, but ultimately decided to see Mistress Ayn. I was not disappointed at all with my choice! I arrived at her dungeon (and what a dungeon it is – look around and it can be very intimidating), and was greeted by Mistress Ayn, whose looks just blew me away. Her photographer doesn’t do her justice! We chatted a bit, discussed safe words, and then the “fun” began. In our correspondence prior to meeting, I mentioned that I wanted to give total control to her. I didn’t tell her what I wanted to happen, although I told her my hard limits. I also mentioned that I wanted to see how much I could take of whatever She dished out. Well, She dished it out. It was great! I had promised myself that I wouldn’t use the safe word (and I never did), but there were a few times that I was very, very close. Without getting into too many “dirty details”, Mistress Ayn performed nipple torture on me (72 hours later, and they’re still sore – a wonderful feeling, I must add). There was also some CBT (ouch), some corporal (I still have marks, again, 72 hours later), and some anal play. Mistress Ayn looked delicious in her lab coat as She took care of preparing me for what was to come. It was truly a spectacular experience. Mistress Ayn said She wanted to push me, and She was true to Her word!! During the session, Mistress Ayn was very supportive and reassuring as She put me through my paces. She gave me hints of what to expect, but always with a very sensual “you’ll do this for Me” attitude. After Mistress Ayn was finished with me, it took me quite a while to “recover” to the point of getting my thoughts together. I was still quivering for a good bit of time, but Mistress Ayn was very patient and supportive and helpful as I came back to “normal”. It probably is a good thing that I don’t live close to Atlanta, or I’d do all I could to spend my time (and money) with this hot, gorgeous, stunning, wonderful Lady. Wow! If You have the chance to be with Mistress Ayn, don’t pass it up! I wish I had an excuse to go back there right now.

February 2012

my name is slave peter and i am a submissive slave to Mistress Ayn. i have been in touch with Mistress Ayn for almost a year, corresponding via e-mail and several phone calls. my intentions are to become a lifestyle slave to Mistress Ayn. The time had come for me to meet the Mistress in person so i journeyed from Arizona to Atlanta just to meet Her. When Mistress Ayn opened the door of the dungeon, it was one of the most memorable moments of my life. i have seen and been in the presence of all types of Mistresses in my life, however i was speechless. i have never been in the presence of as beautiful a Goddess in my life. She possesses such natural beauty that She is that one in a million woman that need not wear makeup. Mistress Ayn is slender, tall and has a body that is perfect. initially when i had reviewed Mistress Ayn's website, read reviews and glanced at her photos, a sixth sense told me that there is no one better and so far i have been right. Once inside the dungeon, i was instructed to disrobe. She examined my exposed and naked body, which was very erotic. She then strapped me to Her spanking bench and started my corporal punishment. After a gentle soft rub of my ass the fun began. She expertly started with a warm up by hand and then followed with more and more instruments until She was finally caning me. This was the first for me in corporal caning. The cane came across my ass and at the same time a pleasant sensation came across my body. After several canings and the use of other harsh implements striking my body, i began feeling more intense pain. However, Mistress Ayn had great acumen at reading my non-verbal feedback and she gauged the severity of the punishment perfectly. This is one of many aspects of what makes Mistress Ayn one of the best Mistresses in the United States, if not the world. i consider myself to be a true masochist that feels pain as a joyful and pleasant feeling. especially being administered by a Goddess of the caliber of Mistress Ayn. i wanted to push my limits to make Her happy as a Mistress. As a veteran player in BDSM i know it is not all about what i can get from my Mistress, but what i could do to please Her, and this is my objective when sessioning with Her. After taking me down from the bench, i was instructed to lay on my back and because i was so thirsty and we ran out of both of our bottles of water, i asked politely if i could quench my thirst with some of Her Golden Nectar. My fantasy amongst many came true. i have never tasted any golden nectar as sweet as Hers. This assured me that my Mistress Ayn is a true Goddess. Her after care made me feel like i was leaving with a sense of fulfillment and was so satisfied that all my stresses were released. i was sad to leave because Mistress Ayn is so enjoyable to be with, and She has a personality that matches Her beauty. Because I am petitioning to be Mistress Ayn's lifestyle slave, i stayed and helped with setup of Mistress's Valentine party. i had such a great time at her party. i had an opportunity to mingle with the other Mistresses of Atlanta Dungeon and even had another surprise. i won a raffle for a free half hour session with my Mistress Ayn. We had a great session as she administered an enema and prepared me to be Her slut. This session gave me such a great sense of fulfillment because this type of session is very intimate and private and i felt so comfortable - not embarrassed in the least bit and now i felt a permanent slave of my Mistress and a permanent sense of who will always be in control over me - Mistress Ayn. The next day was another highlight of my trip. my Mistress picked me up, ran a few errands and over a beautiful dinner had an opportunity to get to know each other on a private level. i felt so comfortable just being me without having to wear any masks. She is so warm and accepting of others and it made dinner effortless and so enjoyable that i would love to always be in Her presence. At the end of dinner i received probably the best news of my life. my Mistress rewarded me the honorable title of "being in service" to Her from the initial rank of "under consideration". The next level is slave to Mistress Ayn. i have never felt happier and more confident in my lifetime. The whole package and experience of sessioning with my Mistress is one of the most memorable experiences in my life. If any of you ever want to have an experience of a lifetime, this is it. Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned player in the scene, She is the best of the best. Mistress Ayn 404-625-8662 www.mistressayn.com | www.twitter.com/mistressayn | Watch My video slave peter in service to my Mistress Ayn

September 2013

We are a submissive couple - male and female. Recently, we Submitted to Mistress Ayn in a session in her well-equipped, convenient, comfortable Atlanta dungeon. We were treated to five-hours of sublime pain and pleasure. The first portion of the session was focused on the male of our duo; the second portion on the female. On occasion, Mistress asked for assistance from the one of us who was not the subject of her attention. The final portion of the evening was as though kinky friends had gathered to have some kinky fun, all, of course, at Mistress Ayn's direction. Weeks later, we are still in the afterglow of this exceptional session.

The amount and variety of equipment available to and utilized by Mistress Ayn is remarkable. A non-exhaustive list includes St. Andrew's Cross, spanking bench, floggers and whips (including expertly handled Single-tail whips), strap-on with various sizes of dildoes, paddles and canes and toys especially interesting to couples - a dildo gag (wow!) and a couple of Hitatchi toys (also, wow!).

When it was over, we were exhausted and full of awe and wonder at Mistress Ayn's presence, attention and imagination. Our next visit cannot come quickly enough. Thank you, Mistress Ayn!

October 2013

Once again experienced a fantastic time with Mistress Ayn on her trip to DC. One of us has to relocate - me to Atlanta of her here!

It started with Ayn's careful inspection of her property (ritually bought with the coin I provided) and the collaring and leashing for her precious pet. Her beautiful feet were the first object of my attention (a slave must know where to start after all) - so lovely. Since it was such an unusually hot day she graciously hydrated me with her nectar, Silly me got an eyeful when I failed to position myself properly - she got a laugh out of that. She then hooded me (which I hate since it denies me opportunity to gaze on her beauty) - but which she did so that she could attached her devilishly wicked NT device on my chest. It clamped and stretched my tiny nipples to the point of breaking - "Just one more turn my precious." When she took off the blindfold it was a truly breathtaking sight!! Then I served her amusement as she warmed my bottom up in preparation for taking me as her slut. An awesome sensation to have her pounding in me as she spanked my cheeks and told me how slutty I was. Only wish she had tried to stretch me with Big Black - my ultimate goal of being taken by her -(but one must leave something on the table.) When she tired of this game it was back to body worship as she graciously permitted me to kiss from toes to thigh on both legs - slowly sensuously savoring every moment and every scent. Then breathing deeply of her scent only sheer fabric away from what I yearned to kiss but was denied.

She asked me if I had continued my chastity since my last trip to GA (a month ago). I proudly said yes - much to her pleasure and delight. Then as she sat on my face she began to administer CB torture - ending with 10 strategically placed clothespins - the simply things in life are so wonderful. The only drawback is now I get hard just watching the neighbor's wife hanging up the laundry for days after. Returning to NT she used much stricter clamps with a twist for good measure and a savage massage when she ripped them off!
Then it was time for my milking as she tied me firmly to the bed. Slowly, deliberately with prickly gloves to add to the sensations and designed to bring me just to the edge but not over - done over and over and then with a vibration device. She had me lick the pre-cum from her fingers as she giggled mischiefly. After what seemed an eternity she took her hands away and told me it was time for me show how thankful I was by filling her glass. She started to count down 10-9-8-7-6 - I writhed in agony thrusting my hips in anticipation and desire - but nothing would happen - she laughed at my plight. 5-4-3-2-1 - too bad she mocked. But after her laughter died down she released one arm and told me to stroke myself - asserting that I would just grow more frustrated. She was oh so right - at first - but as I sat so tantalizingly close to her magnificent breasts inches from my face and her beatify eyes sparking with fiendish delight I felt the first surges building - building - and then while staring at her bodiced torso I exploded - and she shrieked in delight.

Slut Steve - Hoping soon to be pantied!

September 2015

This time Our/our session was different, different from the beginning, and it was different because Mistress Ayn wanted to change things up, start things over, reset the playing field.

Why did Mistress Ayn decide on this new approach with regard to how She wanted this session to play out?

Well I had become a difficult sub, a demanding slut who wanted to run things, bother my Mistress with all sorts of silly things, and as a result i nearly ruined things for myself, forever.

Some background, I have been serving Mistress Ayn for more than 5 years, sometime We/we manage to Session 3 times a year and sometimes just once. i don't get to serve Mistress Ayn as much as i would like because i live a thousand miles from Atlanta, and my work no longer brings me as close to Her Dungeon as often as it should.

As a distance limited sub i have been enjoying overnight sessions to maximize my time in service; but as I have previously written I had become a bit of a problem.

Our/our overnights have traditionally begun with a Dinner out - at a great restaurant with some discrete table play. i am often made to wear my collar with an open necked shirt and sports jacket. 

Sometimes during dinner i hear Mistress Ayn say, “Go to the men’s room and put this on gls.” 

Eating dinner  with a remote controlled vibrator in close proximity to one’s more private parts and under the control Mistress Ayn is always memorable, and can be disconcerting (and extremely pleasurable).

This time it was suggested, and i agreed, that we would spend 5 hours in the Dungeon and then enjoy Our/our dinner in the afterglow of a great session. There would be no sub sleepover this time and no topping from the bottom.

I arrived on time and was greeted, as always, with a warm welcome and a brief catch up. I can’t imagine serving a Dominatrix for years and not having a strong and warm reconnection when seeing each other again.

Subs and Sluts like me travel great distances to serve Mistress Ayn because of this long term bond that develops. i have served other Mistresses prior to Mistress Ayn but i have never felt such a strong connection both in and out of session. Those of you who are regulars will understand what I mean.

Every sub has a sissy hole. It is never clean enough for Mistress Ayn and as a result sooner, not later every sub will be getting their pre session medical examination. There is humiliation, trepidation and yes even some pleasure from the internal cleanse that is part of a longer session. One wants to be clean inside and out prior to a session and especially in advance of a heavy 5 hour session with Mistress Ayn.

Early on in Our/our relationship while i was in deep sub space, i remember Her asking me during strap-on play, in that sexy whisper that demands attention, if i would take her cock after it took me simply because it would give her pleasure and feed her needs.  All of you know what she was asking don’t you?

This sensuous dirty talk drives me deeper into her control, increases my slutty desires and makes me more willing to accept the deep cleansing abuse that She demands before each session. After the cleansing ritual and the delicious and demanding nipple torture that goes with it, i was lead to the Cross.

When i first began serving Mistress Ayn, i had a list of limits and no go zones that was quite extensive. my list was based on fear, lack of trust and a lack of understanding..

Now the flogging begins and I have been anticipating this experience. Flogging was, once upon a time, on my never do this to me list.

Now much to the amusement of Mistress Ayn i enjoy it and wiggle myself around and reverse arch my back so that my “enormous balls ” (Her words) are voluntarily presented to get the attention from Her flogger that they deserve and need. While i may protest Her flogging of the balls, the truth comes out when Mistress Ayn reaches between my legs and finds Her cock engorged, proving once again how much of a slut i have become because of her training.

Blindfolds – they used to be at the top of my list of never, ever going to happen. That was then, this is now and I am now hooded and blindfolded as Her mood strikes. Losing one sensation enhances the others, and this time i am left alone facing outward hooded and tied to the cross. Today I am also gagged with a ball gag.

I hear footsteps, two sets of footsteps.  Obviously Mistress Ayn has invited someone else to our session.  What happened next i can only leave to your imagination, but the encounter, totally directed by Mistress Ayn, not only put me in my place, it also left me reeling.  

After the Her guest leaves there is some aftercare and then i mount the horse and am treated to the delights of Mistress Ayn’s expert strap-on skills. It is not just physical experience with Mistress Ayn, it is her constant talking to you, Her slut, as She takes you and owns you that makes this experience so unique and powerful. Many of Her subs and sluts may have partners,  but all of us know that Mistress Ayn truly owns us.

Lots of sluts and subs want to experience a strap-on but in my experience few Mistress are actually any good at it, or get pleasure from it. Mistress Ayn is an expert and as a subscriber to Ayn Rules when i watch her in a strap-on scene i am taken right back to the many sessions i have had with her ,and i remember how She owns me by being both inside my body and inside my head simultaneously. Of course this session was even more powerful mentally because of what had just happened with the other sub. She whispers in my ear that perhaps one day she will move things farther along with another sub or Bull when I am tied to the horse.

Once Mistress Ayn has had her pleasure from taking me this way she gently leads me to the isolation and restraint bed. Of course being hooded, tied to a rack with headphones on and being in total isolation was something that both scared me and seemed pointless just a few years ago.

Within minutes, hours, days (who knows) I am writhing on the edge of ecstasy from Her fingers on my nipples.

Things stop and I feel something being slipped over me, i am now meeting for the first time Mistress Ayn’s Venus 2000. The ride begins and it is so amazing and so intense. Mistress Ayn controls this machine like a Formula One driver controls their car. i am brought to the edge many times and then pulled back, Apparently I was moaning so loudly that my open mouth became first a place for Her fingers to probe and play  and finally She began to fuck my mouth with a large dildo just to quiet my moans.

Finally i was taken over the edge no begging, no countdown, just a never-ending release that drained me and then drained me some more. A convenient thing about the Venus 2000 is it is environmentally friend and Mistress Ayn was able to recycle everything she had taken from me right back into my mouth before she began a very gentle and kind session of aftercare.

After we both wound down we went our for a lovely dinner and then said our goodbyes.

April 2016

It is easy to be intimidated by Mistress Ayn if you are a vanilla couple looking for some extra fun. Her website is impressive and features all kinds of devices that look scary to the uninitiated. But do not let that deter you. For a couple looking to explore a new experience she is the perfect Mistress. She puts you immediately at ease and is willing to listen and explore your ideas.
She will read and answer your emails, she will patiently listen to your requests, and is very easy to talk to. She is always on time and well prepared for the session. Just be sincere and respect her time. She has a beautiful collection of lingerie and heels and will gladly accommodate wardrobe requests. She truly is a professional.
I am sure she can administer severe punishment to anyone who asks for it but we asked for a sensual role play. Needless to say her role play skills are superb. She really gets into the role play and understands you completely. She does not hold back, she is always in charge and she is the perfect combination of sensual and domineering.
Ms. Ayn could easily pass for a senior VP on Wall Street. She is elegant, sexy, intelligent and very articulate. She has hint of the most beautiful, melodic southern accent. It really adds to her appeal! We can't wait to see her again!