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United States - Massachusetts

Welcome! I'm ready to help you discover and uncover those deep dark desires that you've been suppressing most of your life. Are you a life long player who needs a Stronger Dom to push you beyond your limits.

Are you a very powerful man who needs to give up control to a Beautiful, Strong, Smart Women who can bring your knees and show you who's BOSS! Arn't you tired of controlling the company and being responsible for other peoples lives? if you said yes then you just need to let go.

Maybe you want to know what it's like to be a Women wearing silky materials that gently touch your body and arouse your sences. Or maybe you like wearing pantyhose and feeling the constraint of it all. How about letting Mistress Aurora apply your make up and turn you into a beautiful Women, you know the one you truly yern to be. I know you want to be pretty and smell as luscious as me.

Maybe your new to all of this and you want to find out the truth about yourself. If you said yes to any of this then it is clear that you need me and my skill set.

I want to provide the best BDSM experience possible for you and me both, so please take a look at the rest of my site to decide if you'd like to book a session with me. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon and helping you reach a new level of intimacy in your life.

I love what I do and I am very crafty with it. I will never rush you out of your session unless I find you rude, drunk or uncontrollable. I have a natural tendency to role play and get into a character. I also love using my Femininity and Sex Appeal to Seduce Men. I love mind fucking your head and will have you hooked once you gaze deep into my eyes and take a look inside my Soul.

I was terribly abused as a child growing up, so I also have a very cruel evil sadistic side to me to, which will only come out if I sense you are being to MACHO or if I caught you in a lie. Or maybe because you have requested this type of session with me.

For your sake DO NOT EVER WALK INTO MY DUNGEON PUFFED UP, Cause I will Certainly BITCH SLAP you down! Other than that I think we will get along just fine! What do you think?

Specializing In The Art Of BDSM Providing Fetish Services Through Out Western MA

*Mistress Aurora will be taking appointments now until November 6th and will be unavailable until January 2015 due to surgery*

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May 2014

My experiences with Mistress Aurora have been very positive. She is an excellent communicator and took the time before the session to answer all my questions and make me feel at ease.

The session took place at her secluded country home that housed an extensive dungeon that was chock full of furniture and devices. Mistress has a gorgeous face and rock hard body, and she took control of me both physically and emotionally when I entered her lair. She was cruel, yet very intimate in her sadism and fave me the most intense bdsm experience I've ever had.

I'm saving up to see her again and would highly recommend her!

May 2014

I had my first session with mistress Aurora in May and I'm already scheduled to serve her again...she is addicting in her beauty and her cruelty. Her dungeon is in a lovely country home that is spotless and discrete. It is full of bondage furniture and tools that she used expertly. Better than her beauty is her sadism. She gets into character and totally takes charge, but you can tell she adapted her technique based on how I reacted. She pushed my limits far past what I thought I could handle, but did it in a way that was erotic and arousing. When the session was over we got a chance to chat and I never felt rushed out the door. Mistress Aurora is worth every penny and I'm looking forward to many more encounters with her.

July 2014

I had the extreme pleasure of visiting Mistress Aurora a short time ago.
To say that she is beautiful, alluring, seductively strict and professional are incredible understatements. Her dungeon is very well-equipped. I can't wait to see her again to experience more of it and her.
She is an excellent role player even as one walks through the door. Plenty of discussion time was given beforehand so that there was no awkwardness when beginning which we did right away. Throughout the session, we shared intensity (very real on both parts), mind-connectedness and even a few very hearty laughs. Mistress has a wonderful (and sometimes wicked) sense of humor.

I have visited Dommes for almost 20 years and the disappointments have far outnumbered the successes. To have Mistress Aurora in Western MA (basically a Domme desert) is an incredibly good thing. I highly recommend her and hope to see her again very soon.

slave d

April 2015

I had the pleasure of seeing this Domme this past week. Her interview process is extensive but well worth the effort. Before our session, she told me she would get inside my head and she certainly proved correct. She is extremely athletic and has an extensive collection of toys. She is extremely hands on, a master of he craft and knows exactly what needs to be done to a submissive male to get his ass in line. After previously seeing a series of backpage domes, the experience of sessioning with her was nothing short of amazing. Obviously I will see her again..

April 2015

let it be known,i truly am a vintage male slave(60) and have been in the service of 4 other Dommes for long duration periods and I must say Mistress Aurora is definitely on a higher level.She is the model of sophistication,grace,and most importantly absolute Power and Superiority.One cannot help but simply fall to his or hers knees upon her entry into a room.She transported me to heaven with her style,touch,and beauty.I am so fortunate to have found aDomme so well versed in all the necessary aspects of Dominance,,Ii am forever indebted to her and will serve her to thebest of my abilities at all times,,,,georgia

September 2016

I was visiting the Springfield area, and Mistress Aurora was able to fit my availability into her schedule. In arranging the session, I mentioned that I like to be challenged. I would soon be regretting those words!Upon parking outside Her Dungeon, Mistress texted me to "Get out of the car, take off all your clothes and put just your sneakers on." I then called her, and was instructed to keep the phone on and follow her instructions. I then proceeded to run around my car 10 times followed by jumping jacks and push-ups! Mistress thought this was hilarious, and she thoroughly enjoyed laughing uproariously while I was working up my sweat. Only then was I allowed into her dungeon.Upon entering her Realm, I was instructed to get on my knees and kiss her boots (beautiful, sexy, black over the knee spike heeled boots.) I was going to be more intimately familiar with them soon, and not in a good way.Mistress allowed me to towel off and ordered me to drink an entire bottle of water at once. I was then restrained with my hands over my head and my ankles locked in a spreader bar. She showed her ability to quickly get a sub off their game, as she spent several long, wonderful minutes teasing me. We talked about my limits, and how I wanted to be challenged and kept off balance. Mistress made me an offer I couldn't refuse - if I could take what she was going to dish out, I would be rewarded at the end. She proceeded to clamp my nipples, but I hardly paid any attention to that after she started ball busting me with those beautiful boots. Sometimes blindfolded, sometimes without, sometimes from the front, sometimes from behind. A few knees thrown in now and then just for a change of pace. There occasional stops thrown in to yank on my nipple chains or to tease me some more. I tend to smile a lot as a defense mechanism, and Mistress was bound and determined to wipe that smile off my face. When she gets in your face, eye-to-eye, it's mesmerizing. Her eyes are captivating, but you know they can see right into as well. In between all this, I had also earned a spanking for not responding correctly several times. Twenty swats with the paddle, which I was ordered to count out.Even if you have not visited Mistress Aurora yet, you can tell how strong she is from her pictures. This is no joke, but no matter how strong you think she is, she's even stronger than that. By the end, I was just hanging helplessly by my arms while she continued battering my poor balls with her boots.Finally released, I was hooded and tied to the wall in a sitting position. This left me in a very vulnerable position for her to work over my balls with her strong hands. She would squeeze first one, then the other, until I was in delightful agony. The only breaks from this were so she could torture my sore nipples. Always back to the nipples. There was no respite once the clamps came off.Mistress then had me lean over a bench of some sort for another spanking. Then, finally a nice break - still with the spreader bar on, I was allowed to sit on the floor at Mistress's feet and worship her beautiful feet and toes. She loves having her feet massaged hard, I thought my hands were going to cramp up. But being allowed to suck her pretty toes made it worth it.After this, she brought me to "The Box." Box is literally that, a small closet in the corner. Before putting me in there, she filled a mason jar with her golden nectar. She placed this in the box, along with another empty mason jar. Securing me in the box on a chair by my neck and one hand, I was then ordered to release in to the empty jar. With the door to the box closed, there is a slot about waist high through which Mistress would watch me and taunt me. Finally given permission to cum, I then was instructed to drink my cum, washed down with the other jar of her delectable piss. For good measure, Mistress filled another jar for me to finish. When she finally released me, I than was ordered to clean the floor of the box and outside the box of any and all spilled cum or piss. With half an hour left to play, Mistress announced that I had earned my "reward." My reward was to be strapped down to her bondage table. After another spanking, of course. Little did I know how long that last half hour could be. Mistress told me my reward was to me smothered by her beautiful ass. All the while she was smothering me, with the occasional let up to gasp a quick breath, she continued all sorts of torments to my cock, balls, and nipples. Mistress pulled out a Hitachi-type want with an evil attachment, some sort of hard rubber that came to a point. Perfect for torturing sore nipples or balls. But She really found my soft spot when she started using it to tickle my feet. I've never in my life had anything like that done to me. It was delightful and tortuous all at once. Mistress would stop occasionally to smother me some more with her gorgeous ass, or crush my face into her armpit. And yes, you can be smothered by an armpit when someone is as strong as Mistress Aurora. From time to time she would release my head from her armpit or ass, but only to slap me or spit on me. I loved every painful second of that last 30 minutes. Finally, as my final reward, Mistress worked on my cock with another attachment for Her wand that drained all of the tension from me.Since I was going to go check into my hotel after our session, Mistress decided I should drive there with her scent still fresh on my face. I didn't want it to ever go away, and I was disappointed when I finally had to shower later that afternoon.Definitely the most intense session I ever had in my life, but by a caring, experienced Mistress who was in control the whole time. It's probably good I don't live in the area, because I wouldn't be able to stay away.

February 2017

I have the honor and privilege of having several sessions with Mistress Aurora, each one has been a wonderful experience. From my very first visit she has made me feel at ease and is always doing her utmost to ensure a safe, sane and enjoyable experience.Mistress listens to and discusses my interests with attention and thoughtfulness.Her dungeon is spotless and discrete. It is full of high quality bondage equipment, toys and gear that she uses masterfully. She takes charge, but, she adapts her technique based on how  you react. She is a master of her craft and skillfully pushed my limits past what I thought I could handle, but did it in a way that was erotic and arousing. When the session is over there is a chance to chat, even shower and I never feel rushed out the door. My visits with her have been some of the most intense and satisfying experiences that I have had. I have traveled extensively and visited many pro dommes and she is on par, if not beyond those that I have visited.Mistress Aurora is my go to mistress, there is no one else like her.

March 2017

After playing for years in the deep pool of NYC Pro & Lifestyle dommes, I had wanted to broaden my horzions.  When I happened upon Mistress Aurora's website, I quickly understood that this was a serious individual. One who means business and was quite MEAN in conducting that business....in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE, LOL!The 5-hour round trip was a concern for me, especially with an old car.  However, her superb presentation on the web, in her descriptions, in her voluminous list of favorite fetishes and equipment, and certainly IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA, simply compelled me to rent a car and venture up to her ballyhooed WOODSHED.Well, I am now an official true believer in her WOODSHED, but most importantly, in the wonderful Mistress Aurora HERSELF!Arranging the appointment was not difficult.  You do have to fill out a session request form, but this is invaluable for both because communication is key in making a session as great as it can be.Submitting a deposit is also made easy through her website.So....once we locked down a date & time, all that was left was for ME to be locked down, LOL!  Mistress Aurora is a former bodybuilder and she possesses great intellect and passion for domination and fetish, so this is a formidable woman, a Warrior Queen!   Xena better watch out!Mistress Aurora has the great combination of being professional, yet very personable.  She can kill you with kindness, at first.  Then you must brace yourself for her cruel intentions.We had designed a revenge-themed roleplay in which my character TRIED to extort her and her incredible partner-in- crime, the lovely Lady Raven.Well, after she blindsided my character with some knifeplay, I was quickly subdued, then bound to a chair and my arms in leather binders, hoisted to the ceiling.  This was just the start of a three-hour "Doubel Trouble" session. Perhaps I was brave, crazy, or a lot of both to sign-up for this (especially since it was a TICKLE TORTURE session), but I was simply entranced by Mistress Aurora's stellar beauty, her immersive attitude, her unbridled enthusiasm, and her undeniable command.When these two goddesses wanted to exploit the full terrain of my body, they stripped me down, then locked me down to the stretching rack, sunny-side up and once over, LOL!  When I thought things couldn't get any worse/better, my feet were locked into a set of stocks Mistress had built INTO the rack.  Still not not enough vulnerability, though.  They tied my big toes 2gether, then cinched the rest of my toes to O-rings on the top of the stocks.  Literally, NO ESCAPE from their every blissfully tortuous whim.The latest wrecking ball to my sensory overload wall was when EACH goddess took turns making me their face seat, while the other continued the tickle assualt.  Lady Raven's gorgous ass had me in speechless awe.  After Mistress Aurora planted her sumptuous ass in my face, she decided to wrap her powerful & sexy thighs 69-style around my head, and I was in a state of UTTER DELIRIUM! It was made all the more intense as I heard both Mistresses laughing with delight at my expense.Still somehow conscious, though I was drunk with pleasure, Mistress Aurora and Lady Raven performed a royal tag team coup-de-grace that ROCKED MY WORLD!  They tied me to a post, strung up my arms again to the ceiling, and then pulled out a secret weapon: The Black Magic XXL, modified with a fleshlight.  They both got in my face to taunt and tease me, til Mistress Aurora took the remote control in her merciless hands.  She leisurely perched herself on a chair in front of me, while Lady Raven drove me mad with her hands and her desire to see me explode.  Her whispers in my ear were such a sweet nectar.Meanwhile, Mistress Aurora was focused on extracting my own sweet nectar through her unrelenting machine. This device works you over like a Texas oil rig, but Mistress Aurora cleverly modified it to also serve up a spinning action.  No one could survive this extraordinary pump- action, nor should they want to.  Like the Stones said in "Start Me Up:" '...could make a dead man cum!'As I was losing my mind and my seed, one other great source of stimulation was watching Mistress Aurora ratchet up the speed and intensity through the remote control.  She was wickedly gleeful at what she and Lady Raven had wrought, and Mistress Aurora sat there like a beautiful mad scientist until she exhausted me.  Thank you so much for doing so Mistress Aurora and Lady Raven.  You did so expertly and incomparably!Obviously, this experience was worth the drive and more.  Getting to Mistress Aurora and Lady Raven was a journey in & of itself.  However, once I arrived at the WOODSHED they promptly transported me on the best kind of journey....one of 100% Fiendish FUN, Fueled by an Erotic Narcotic they pumped through my veins, and one that overflows from them both like Niagara Falls! Tickletrapped, March 2017

April 2018

A reunion in the woods = THE AWE OF AURORA!Some people get "taken to the woodshed," but I delivered myself....willingly....AGAIN....to The Woodshed of the magnificent Mistress Aurora.  Undaunted by the 5 hour round trip, I knew after my debut at The Woodshed last year that I would have to absorb the power & pleasure of Mistress Aurora again.Though my first go-round had been a 3-hour "Double Trouble" session, this time I would be Mistress Aurora's only partner-in-crime, or more accurately, HER TARGET!  This is noteworthy because even in a solo effort, Mistress Aurora was at no loss whatsoever to leave me exhausted & amazed!  She is supremely creative, clearly confident in her craft, and perhaps most importantly, so much FUN in being utterly FIENDISH!She gave me a warning as I was heading out to the highway to make the journey to her.  However, this wasn't her stoking my fire with a warning of my impending doom at her expert hands.  Rather, she was alerting me that she was under the weather & didn't think she could session at full-tilt.  Well, as they say in the NBA, Lebron at 75% is still better than 90% of the league!  Mistress Aurora may have been worse for wear, but I NEVER would have have known it, except for her own admission.  She was wonderfully wicked and left me in a daze that I needed days to recover from, LOL!That's all quite understandable when you consider the wringer she put me through:Stage 1. Legs mummified, toes tied, then hoisted by my ankles at 90 degrees on a winch, while I lay on the floor with my arms secured over my head.  All very precarious for the love of TICKLE TORTURE!Stage 2. Mummified from thighs to ankles to a pillar, with arms secured from the ceiling.  Totally exposed for tickling, taunting, and the unique sensory overload achieved via the Black Magic XXL, retrofitted with a ROTATING FLESHLIGHT, OMG!  I may have been standing up (no choice in the matter thanks to the bondage) &  I may have been, um, "standing at attention" (again, no choice in the matter, thanks to the lurking, lascivious presence of Mistress Aurora), but I didn't stand a chance to survive this merciless machine.  All I could do is feast my eyes on Mistress Aurora who was having a field day cranking me up more & more via the remote control.  She had me out of control, screaming at the top of my lungs as she furiously forced me over the edge.  However, in this remote Woodshed, no one can hear you scream!Stage 3.  The games continued with me on her stretching rack, with feet locked in stocks, and toes tied to the stocks.  No where to run, no where to hide, but why would you want to?  Mistress Aurora made me crazy with her fingers, as well as modified electric razor that was strictly the 3 blade-less heads whirring on my soles. Soooooo........ if you're in the New England area, you should hop over to Mistress Aurora's Woodshed.  And to anyone a bit further away, make the pilgrimage like I did and "live the dream....or NIGHTMARE," depending on which flavor makes your motor run.  After all, Mistress Aurora has the rocket fuel to ROCK YOU & MAKE YOU FLY!Tickletrapped, April 2018