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Glasgow, Scotland based Dominatrix and Fetish enthusiast passionate about all things Dark. I stand tall and Dominant at 6ft 5 with heels that shall be worshiped and obedience taught. Alternative, long waist length flaming red hair and pale, I can make your Dark Fantasies come out to play. Specializing in BDSM, Humiliation, Obedience Training, Financial Domme and Military.

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January 2016

Do not be fooled by her innocent youth. I had a short relationship with Mistress Affinity where I entrusted her my humiliation and she responded with experienced professionalism. It feels so good to submit to her control, her seduction is almost imperceptible until it is too late to resist her.

February 2016

From the moment he door opened my heart sank, the pictures on mistresses website do her no favours in real life this goddess is far superior. After our initial entrance I knew that mistress was to take total control of me, instant strip and bow in front of mistress to worship her boots, the whole session was a thrill of variety and anticipation, being blindfolded not knowing if it was pain or pleasure lined up next.

Sadly the two hours flew past but before exit I found myself with my cock and balls duck taped up in a lovely little pouch, instructed to dress and send mistress a picture of my new prisoned cock once home, how horny driving home knowing what was inside my pants.

Thank you mistress, wonderful session and highly recommend to anyone.

March 2016

I have been meaning to write a review of Miss Affinty since my session with her a few weeks ago to let other subs know how good she is.

Firstly I don't think her pictures do her justice, she is STUNNING in the flesh, tall, great figure and a very pretty face.
Her pictures also cannot convey her confidence, her voice alone will make you want to fall to your knees in submission.
If you have never heard her voice you're in for a treat. Something about it just controls you.

After booking my session Miss made sure she knew what I wanted before I visited. She made much effort via a few emails to make me feel at ease and to really get a sense of what I wanted as she knew this was my first meeting with her.

On the day of my session I couldn't wait to meet her and once in her company she didn't dissapoint, like I said she really is a knockout.
She did't watse any time in getting things going and before I knew it she was dishing out some verbal taunts along with some hard spanking. It felt incredible. Just what I asked for
Then it was time for some foot worship. If you are a foot man let me assure you she has gorgeous soft feet you won't tire of kissing and rubbing.
Before long Miss had me tied to a bondage device and issued a little eletric shock abuse to my balls and drenched me in her lovely spit. She could tell I LOVED her spit being aimed directly for my face haha.

As our session came to a close she ordered my clothes back on and wished me on my way. I was on a bit of a high I have to admit.

If you have thought abbout visiting Miss and put it off then don't, give her a try. She was also pretty flexible during the session asking me if there was anything I did or didn't wanna try. Her dungeon is also easy to find and spotlessly clean.

I hope she enjoyed our session as much as I did

March 2016

I had my first EVER session with Mistress Affinity.

As a complete newbie I found her to be very understanding and she guided the session at just the right pace.

I would highly recommend Mistress Affinity to anyone wishing to explore their darker side.

March 2016

Had my first ever session today with the wonderful Mistress Affinity. What a great pleasure it was to serve a wonderful Mistress. From beginning as a nervous first timer to being put at ease by such a natural domme. Thank you again looking forward to future sessions.

Slutty Sally x

May 2016

Cash point meet review.I actually met Mistress Affinity for a cash point meet before having a full session in her dungeon.I wanted to meet her long before my actual session but I was a little nervous.I thought a quick cash point might be a great way to meet her and break the ice so to speak and also calm my nerves.After contacting her I couldn't resist. I knew the idea of her taking my cash in public really thrilled me.We arranged to meet in a convenient location and Miss kept in touch beforehand just to ensure things were still on track. Ths is one thing I love about her, her communication after a booking is spot on.On the day I was very excited. Her pictures alone drive me wild so getting to meet her in 'real life' felt so fantastic.As I arrived at the location I waited and in the distance I could see her walking towards me. She looked INCREDIBLE. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Young, TALL and powerful looking. She spotted me and I gave her a nod to let her know I was the sub she was going to rinse. She came towards me with a lovely welcoming smile and introduced herself. I could barely mutter a reply I was so stunned by her.She then walked me to the nearest cashpoint and instructed me to withdraw our agreed amount. I stood in the que with people in front of and behind me. I could not take my eyes off Mistress. She stood off to the side and waited looking so powerful and in control. I could swear the 2 peope behind me knew what we were upto. It was SO EXCITING. Finally it was my turn at the ATM and I quickly got her cash. I returned to her and she took it out my hands and into hers with a smile and a thank you. I was really hoping the people nearby knew I had just been rinsed by this strong domme. I was in a real state of excitement.She then ordered me away saying 'off you trot then' almost laughing as she said it. I thanked her and walked away, thinking how good it was to give Mistress HER cash for her to spend.This was such a great way to meet her and I might do another if I fancy a quick meet during a day off etc. I hope to meet Miss Affinty again very soon.Thank you Mistress

July 2016

I met Mistress Affinity for the first time yesterday and am still buzzing like a bee in summertime. From the moment I met her to the moment I left the session was everything you could wish. Mistress is as beautiful as a spring sunset and cruel in all the right ways and most of the wrong. My session consisted mostly of corporal punishment and cbt, although she did very kindly put my head down the toilet and flush it at one point, (she's just that kind of a girl). Without going in to too much detail, afterwards I ached in all best ways and she can wield a cane like a jedi master. Hope very much to see her again sometime.

November 2016

Had a great first session with Mistress Affinity! Helped me explore a lot of my interests and I will definitely be back for more! Human ashtray, spitting, foot worship was lots of fun with her.

November 2016

I had my first session with Mistress Affinity a few days ago and man was it amazing. The moment mistress opened the door I knew that I would do everything she would ask me to do and that I would do so gladly no matter what. I don't want to go into to much detail what happened during the session but mistress had an amazing way of using the information I provided her upfront and even expand on it. By the time this amazing session was over mistress not only took control of my body but also my mind and every time that I close my eyes now I have to think about mistress. To all of you who consider visiting Mistress Affinity I can only urge you to stop thinking and take the leap, once you have had a session with mistress I can guarantee you that you don't want to go to another mistress ever again.

November 2016

My first experience with a dominatrix and I couldn't be happier with my time spent with Mistress Affinity. Prior to the meeting itself, the email and communications where great, very reassuring as I was a little nervous. The studio she works out of is right in the centre of Glasgow, it was a great room.Upon entering she was very friendly and welcoming. Beautiful in person with an incredibly striking look and figure. She's quite tall, and as I'm on the short side and she towered over me, that was awesome. I had a few things I'd listed as kinks I was interested in trying out and the session covered them all. I really enjoyed it, I'd briefly describe it as she quite artfully gave me taste of all things mentioned. And being my first time she made sure to not overwhelm me on the first visit. It was an amazing cathartic experience.Looking forward to meeting her again so I can kneel at her feet. Thank you Mistress Affinity.

February 2017

I recently had the honour, privilege and pleasure of serving Mistress Affinity and felt the need to share with the world just how wonderful she truly is. When she first opened the door it was like seeing the sunrise after a cold and stormy night. Tall and slim and tall, (did I mention she was tall), with hair as long and dark as a moonless night and skin as pure and pale as lilies in the evening sun. Soon she had me stripped and for the next hour I weaved between pleasure and pain and back again and again and again till my soul was dizzy. Like an artist she would push me to my limits, then just a little bit, little bit more till I could no longer tell the difference between agony and ecstasy. It was truly a wondrous time and I can't help smiling whenever the memories swim in my mind. I can't wait till I'm allowed to serve Mistress again.

March 2017

I had an amazing first session with Mistress Affinity. Her beauty in person is absolutely breath taking. It would be impossible to resist submitting to such a goddess as mistress affinity. Naturally I was a little nervous about meeting her for the first time and how the session would go. As soon as I actually met her I knew I was in safe hands and could relax and enjoy the session. I would be very comfortable exploring kinks and trying new things in the future with her.She did everything I had asked for when I booked the session and so much more. She is very creative and knows exactly what she is doing. A real professional.As soon as the session was over I immediately asked her if I could see her again for another session. I can't wait to be on my kneels in front of her again. Thank you Mistress Affinity for a wonderful session.

April 2017

I had the privilege of returning to see mistress affinity for a second session this week. After my first visit to see her I don't want to session with anyone else. She looked stunning as always and I had a wonderful time. I can't wait to go back to see her again. Thank you mistress affinity

July 2017

I went to Mistress Affinity for the first time and I already cannot wait to go back. Not only was she very helpful in arranging the session but she managed to calm my nerves before hand. She is more beautiful and intimating than you could ever imagine. There is no doubt who is in charge during your session. She always made sure I was comfortable in what we were doing but she also made sure that you obeyed her. She helped explore so much and I cannot wait to go back and explore more. The time I spent with her flew by and I loved every minute of it. She was delightful, strict and absolutely wonderful. As soon as you kiss her boots, she owns you. Thank you Mistress Affinity

August 2017

Second session with Mistress Affinity, very impressed so far, I visited several Mistresses in the past and I am looking to get back into the scene, I have been lucky to find Mistress Affinity as it looks like we will have many more sessions. Although Mistress Affinity is young she has a very commanding presence about her but also makes you feel at ease which is not an easy thing to do. I cannot recommend Mistress Affinity highly enough.

August 2017

After a first (nervous i will admit) session which was incredible. I really do hope to session again soon as i have a much better understanding what i like and dont like now. Mistress Affinity has a way of doing things that is captivating and she has a way with saying things that lets you know who is in charge. First thing i noticed when i walked in was her stunning tattoos and figure. I cant explain in words how those first few seconds effected me but ill try, she has a very calming aura that puts you at ease yet keeps your attention. Mistress is incredibly good at what she does and i hope to have another session very soon. Thank you Mistress Affinity

September 2017

I just had my second session with mistress Affinity and it was incredible, I didn't think we could top our first session and I was so wrong.I'm already buzzing to book in again!If any one has any doubts about visiting her, trust me you won't regret it. shes absolutely stunning and there's no other way of putting it. Just go and visit her ok, go email her now! Respectfully. Lee

April 2018

This is the first time for such a session, and she made it so easy and exciting that I felt I always belonged here. Stunning Mistress and so caring for her newbies and sissy sluts. By and large this the most exciting evening that spent at the Mistress Feet. Eagerly looking for more longer sessions with mistress.

June 2018

Mistress... it was so amazing again. Enjoyed every minute of the session. Impeccably showed me my place.... at your feet. You were so kind and commanding at the same time.. Would be soon booking for another session... possibly want to be a maid to one of your tea parties may be... :) :)

August 2018

I was fortunate enough to serve Mistress Affinity recently and just wanted to share how amazing she is. The Mistress is young, tall, brilliant and beautiful, the walking definition of temptation, with the smile of an angel and the heart of an angel with a really, really big sadistic streak. Really really big sadistic streak...... The Mistress is blessed with a wicked and wonderful imagination and the gifts and talent to make full use of it. She had no end of ideas to ensure I received the punishment I thoroughly deserved and then some. I can't wait to see her again and hope to do so soon.

October 2018

I was fortunate and privileged enough to session with Mistress Affinity recently and wished to write a few words to show my gratitude. First of all it needs to be said that words are not adequate to portray just how beautiful Mistress Affinity really is. Her hair is long, luscious and black as midnight, her skin as pale as ivory with blood red lips and a body that'd turn the purest of angels into the wickedest of sinners. God rested on the seventh day because he made Mistress Affinity on the sixth and realised you couldn't improve on perfection. Mistress Affinity is also blessed with an imagination as cruel as she is beautiful. She never tired of thinking up new and inventive ways to punish me, (all of which was thoroughly deserved). She consistently pushed me to my boundaries, and then more, bringing pain and pleasure to my soul in just the right combination.It was an honour to serve Mistress Affinity. I look forward, hopefully, to serving her again and would absolutely advise anyone to do so should be lucky enough to have the chance.

November 2018

For my first time I'm glad there is someone who was as responsible and professional as Mistress Affinity. She introduced me to acknowledge those deep hidden fetishes and place them into her capable hands.. She dazzled my heart and mind in her presence Lured by the sweetness of her tender voice It had such a seductive appeal I learned to obey and knew my place. A voice to be obey Time is so short in life, but definitely didn't waste any of with Mistress affinity So please and already planning my second session

December 2018

Mistress Affinity is a really wonderful beautiful sweet mistress. She is full of fun and very creative in session. My time with her is a memorable one I probably will never forget or I will try my hardest not to. I definitely will be seeing her again. She made me feel like I just entered one of my fantasies accept this time I was not fantasising it way real. It was like having one of those dreams you don’t want to wake from accept this dream was a real one. I am so glad I meet her and had a session with her. And she really knows how to make punishments feel like pleasure. If anyone is interested in having a session with her it’s one you will not regret take my word! I loved it Mistress Affinity noir you are amazing!.xxx