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Welcome~ I hail from international waters with Chinese, Filipino, and Spanish blood.  My career began over 3 years ago as a professional BDSM player at a local dungeon  in Los Angeles and created a solid foundation for my knowledge of Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, and Sado-Masochism.  As a Dominant, my greatest joy is watching you transform into the most humble and genuine submissive with PURPOSE.

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December 2017

Mistress MaraI have been Mistress Mara's client for well over 2 years. I would session with her at least twice a month and normally near the end of the week so that I have something to look forward to at the end of the week. Meeting with Mistress Mara was a once in a life time experience for me and till this day has change my life in every way possible.My first day meeting Mistress Mara I remember being so nervous and self conscious about myself. I just turned 30 and I realized I had this need to address this hidden fetish of mine before it was too late. Mistress Mara was the second person that I have ever opened up to about it, aside from my ex in college who called me a freak and broke up with me. Opening up to Mistress Mara I felt no judgement. If anything she became very excited to talk about it with me. Since then Mistress Mara and I have gone from the shallow end to now deep diving in the ocean. My kinky little fantasies that I always day dreamed about in school or at work have been made to a reality thanks to Mistress Mara. And that was just in the first year. I live here in LA. Just an ordinary guy working an ordinary job. After every session I have with Mistress Mara I feel stress free, I sleep better and I find new passion in my line of work Saying that Mistress Mara changed my life is an understatement. I love her and I will never be able to thank her enough for making me a happier man. All I ask is if you do reach out to session with her is that you please treat her kindly and with the up most respect. She is no ordinary dom.

January 2018

I have been seeing Domina Mara exclusively for the past six months. I was first drawn to her by her photos posted on her Twitter page and her informative and enlightening Youtube videos. After having been a sub to various dommes in the past but relatively inactive in recent years, I was impressed not only by her exceptional beauty but by her intelligence. Our initial meet-and-greet session proved that she is as beautiful and exciting in person as she is on social media. She manages to project an air of someone who is firmly in control of her subs but at the same time cares for them as well. She is very experienced in all aspects of domination including physical abuse, humiliation, foot worship and financial domination, among others. It is also clear that she thoroughly enjoys what she does and is not just in it for the money. It has been an honor and a pleasure for me to serve her. No matter what your fetish may be, I can guarantee that Domina Mara will not disappoint.

February 2018

Mistress Mara by far is one of the most treasurable I have purchased photos on her site dominamara.org! the photos are high quality. Mistress Mara will sign anything you ask I personally have nearly 75 photos and they were signed and her gorgeous kiss print on them and sent them to me by mail also Patreon.com/marajulianne great site I have purchased a pair oh her worn panties kissed and signed with her sweet scent and have purchased a pair of her worn brown leggings Mistress Mara is very friendly replies all her mail I follow her on Twitter you may also find her on youtube on her channel worth while subscribing to I have to see mistress Mara there to hear her most soothing voice and advise join any site Mara Julianne is to purchase her treasures of photos clothes you will never be sorry just 100% satisfied I AM Thank you Mistress Mara bill philpott

April 2018

Simply put, Lady Mara is amazing.I knew a bit more about the scene than most (fascinated by the psychological aspect of rope and trust), but concerning experience, I don't even make it to vanilla on the kink scale.The thing I love most about her is she's patient. And with my anxious heart and ability to read people, I'm hyper conscious of how people react/respond. She never gave off an air of annoyance or frustration when my panic would set it.What I'm impressed about most though, is how observant she is. She also easily understood where I was coming from with my concerns and was able to help me cope. As a woman, I never really felt comfortable around guys concerning my vulnerabilities and could never relax enough around people in general.Whether you are an experienced sub or vanilla noob like me, Lady Mara will work with you to make the session truly enjoyable. RSVP your time with her at dominamara.org!