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United States - Texas

I am Highly Skilled and Equipped Professional. BDSM and Fetish focused. My boys, pets and playthings find their own unique chemistry with me. No session is scripted, or identical. Expect a unique, tailored experience custom-suited for your needs and interests!

I have the Best Dungeon and Toys in Austin!!

My Austin play-space will allow your submission to be truly unique and surreal. The following is an example of some of the items within my playspace:
* Bondage Pony
* Spanking Bench
* St. Andrews Cross
* Bondage Table w/ Cage
* Suspension frame (over 1000lbs)
* Anonymous Glory Hole
* Automated Spanking/Caning Machine
* Sybian
* ErosTek 312B
* Full Violet Wand kit
* Chrome and Leather...More Toys than Batman!

I also book multiplayer Sessions with a variety of talented Dominants and submissives.

Newbies and Novices are welcome.

There is a Protocol to my bookings. To Play with Me EVERYONE must fully-complete a Limit List. Completing this list is for your own good!

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Mercenary Mistress Reviews (Post a Review)

June 2013

WOW..., let's just start there. This is an amazingly beautiful Dominatrix working out of an amazing space. I can not even imagine how much money it would take to put together a space like that.

She was incredibly professional and our interactions began in a public place to discuss my limits. She double checked all of my selections and even took the chance to explain a couple that I had questions about. My actual appointment was set 2 days later.

I followed all of Her directions on Her website for how to prepare for the session. She answered the door in a very sexy outfit and got me straight to business. Immediately had me strip down and place my clothes aside. She led me to the bathroom where the experience started with what I can only describe as a sensual enema. I have had enemas before but this was by far the best one I have ever had, and I was even able to take more than I had ever thought possible.

After the series of enemas, next came the spankings. She had me bent over a cage and strapped down. After a few minutes warming me up with paddles, the cock and ball torture began. After some slapping and squeezing, She tied my balls up to a saw horse behind me, let me say, that was an interesting experience.

From there, she moved me to a different spanking bench where She commenced with the anal play. She has a great assortment of plugs and was able to work me up in size one by one. Once we had found the appropriate size, we moved on to the most exciting portion of the session for me, the glory hole.

I have had fantasies about doing something like this but had always been to afraid to go find one in public. This was a truly amazing experience, with just a knock on the wall, there appeared before me "the talent." After some encouragement and instructions, She had me get busy servicing. Her instructions obviously worked, as i received an ample reward in my mouth. Let me say this, Her performance during this part of the session, I dont think many people could resist.

I have to say,this was a truly memorable experience and will definitely be back again. I would highly recommend her to everyone who wants a quality experience.

June 2013

I contacted Mercenary Mistress to set up a spanking/corporal punishment session. Once we set up the session, I met the Mistress at the appointed time. The punishment session was fantastic. Everything was very matter-of-fact and professional. The Mistress punished my limits while respecting my boundaries. I received a thorough disciplinary session that I will not forget!

September 2013

General Review
I contacted Miss through her website after found out abt her schedule for Quad Cities. She replied promptly

and told what are the dates that she expected to be in town. I emailed her again went a day before her

expected date. We exchange several email before set on a date and time. She ask me to call her on

appointment day for consultation. I never experience true BDSM but my ATF escort had play some tricks on

me and very curious abt the true adventure but always scared abt the marks or bruise that I got get in

BDSM session. Miss assured me that she is professional and she will leave no marks. She also explain me

abt her profession and that she is not normal escort. We settled for a role play in which she will play BDSM

skills on me. Non VIPs, she is true professional in this lifestyle, if you want experience this lifestyle she is the


Detailed Review

I knocked her door after got the room number from her. She open the door and I saw beautiful sexy lady

suited like a professional Psychiatrist. She start the role play immediately and explain to me abt the session

that we going to have. (I'm an employee who been reported on some sexual issue in work place and

ordered to get help from counseling). She asked me to strip down to my underwear and when she saw my

brief she say I purposely wear that kind of underwear to seduce ladies ( this is part of role on evaluating

me). When I enter the room she had curtain not far from the door that separate the room(bed) from door

area. When she guide me to the other side of curtain I was blew away by how she setup and decorate the

room. She is really a professional took a a lot of effort in make the room feel like dungeon with lighting's

and some furniture.

Its excite me to be in that environment, to be alone with a beautiful and sexy lady who wear my fav dress (

office skirt,blouse and jacket) and myself in underwear. I really feel like hugging and kiss her but I know

who is in control there. I cannot touch her without permission and everything I do must from her order.
She asked to sit in front of her chair on some sort on furniture. She gave me more briefing and ask abt my

sexual fantasies and the situations I had at work place. I started to narrate her abt my fantasies and how I'm

always attracted to older ladies and ladies who in power or high position in society. She listen with alot of


Then she start to apply some kind glove on my hand and body. When she doing this she was standing at my

back at one point and had bring her face closer to my cheek, I took this opportunity to rub her cheek with

mine, acted as i'm doing it unintentionally. That's felt so good and I felt like she know i'm doing

intentionally but she did't object. she treat the whole thing as role play and myself playing sexual troubled

employee. That was coolest part, the role play was the best I had my life.

She started to tease me then move to bed and removed my underwear and cock already hard. She continue

tease with some tools and best of all she had invented a special tool like vibrator that make you feel like

you are getting blowjob if applied correctly. She is really good at teasing and torturing. Throughout the

session I felt want to touch her and kiss but I knew I can't do that, that feeling gave great excitement and

build up tension inside you. After some point I begged her to allow to cum and she allow me to cum with

great power and satisfaction. I help me to clean then I got into shower to clean up myself.

We chat a bit after that, she untied her hair at this point then I really realized how beautiful she is. She tied

her hair during the session.

I'm really looking forward to explore the lifestyle with her again. Highly recommended!!

January 2015

Absolutely professional, mind your manners, follow instructions and a good slave will get what they deserve.
The Mercenary Mistress Desiree is the real deal. A complete professional with true love for her work, the mistress left my knees knocking for hours. She takes a great deal of time and puts a great deal of effort into making sure that your session works for you and gives you everything you need. She is a dominatrix in every sense of the word and if you are not a slave why would you even bother trying to see her?
My session included amazing prostate, testicle, nipple, and cock work on top of truly perfect mistress worship, power play, great toys like crazy, so many devices everything you could ever imagine. The leather bonds are craftfully made and ornate, the dungeon itself designed for perfect flow from spot-to-spot while fully bound, everything about the mistress and her dungeon are incredible. She provides wonderful shower facilities for her pets before their collar goes on and after it comes off and keeps everything nice and sterile but incredibly erotic.
If you have ever considered a dominatrix, or already have enjoyed one's services, you should submit your limits form right now. The Mercenary Mistress Desiree should not be missed by a true slave. If you are looking for an escort, a rubdown, or what have you look elsewhere. This woman is a master of her craft and only the truly submissive should even consider the glory of her services.

April 2015

Ms Desiree is amazing.
I have experienced more play sessions than most ever will. Usually they are in a lifestyle setting and my limited experience with Pro Dommes has always left me wanting and disappointed.
Something about Her encouraged me to see Her (After lurking her website for about four months) I am very glad I did. She has a skill to understand what i needed.
My choices ended when i chose to allow her to lock her collar onto my neck . From that moment i was simply her toy for the duration. She worked my body and mind like someone who knew me intimately and was able to push me farther into subspace than Mistresses who have owned me for extended periods.
She leaves me wondering what it would be like to be owned by her and wishing i could obey her and do things for her that have not been done before.
If she called me right now and said "I have decided you are going to be my pet" my answer would be simply "yes Goddess, thank you Goddess" I would not even ask what that meant. It would be up to her, just like our session :)

May 2016

I have had a relationship with Mistress for a few years having some great videos made, but until now have never had an opportunity to have a session with her. I was fortunate enough to travel to Austin and figured it was time I let her torment me for real. Boy...was I impressed!! She is a total professional! Her screening process is not overbearing, her pre-session interview was very well done. She catered to my particular fetish fantasy perfectly! She has an arsenal of toys and knows how to use them. She kept me on the edge for 2 hours and when she was done with me I wanted another 2 hours!! Everything about this session surpassed my hopes and expectations ...I will definitely start working in the Austin area alot more!!