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Madam Brodie www.madambrodie.com

United Kingdom - East Sussex - London

Wickedly playful and sadistic mistress specialising in Traditional Correction; Corporal Punishment; Shoe, Foot and Boot worship; Trampling and Tickling. I delight in corsets, stockings and gloves as well as warm leather and slick latex. Sessions in Brighton and London. I demand your complete submission and revel in your torments.

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May 2016

It is now two weeks since my first visit to Madam Brodie, after much initial discussion.As a xenophobic English man I was suitably humbled to be in the power of such a glorious flower of Scotland. Madam had a look of pure evil in her eye as she exploited me mercilessly. Oh, for more!There are many aspects of fetish, and Madam Brodie caters for me very precisely - She can no doubt do the same for you. As for me, I am looking forward to my next medical and trial for enrolment in the Brodie Academy!mouse

May 2016

'Miss' Brodie- as she prefers to be called- is simply amazing. I have had 4 sessions with her to date and and have left with a gormless smile on my face each time. She made a huge effort to cater for my particular tastes and provided an incredible experience.Miss pushed me further than i thought i could go but still well within agreed and psychological limits. The Brighton Dungeon is awesome and well equipped and Miss shows you all the dungeon has to offer.I only wish I loved in Brighton so I could see Miss Brodie more often and be transformed by her into the the type of Submissive i want to be.Highly Recommend seeing this beautiful Scottish Rose. But be Respectful!!

September 2016

I've an odd fetish for mouthsoaping, soap play, soap bars, suds and forced washing combined with more common fetishes like spanking, humiliation, role play etc I've had around 30 sessions involving soap-play mostly in US whereit's more common in domestic discipline sessions. Its's hard to find a true, genuine dominant women in Europe into soap-play.Until I run into Madame Brodie and saw her web site where she announce she realy like mouthsoaping. From our first email Contact I felt she is the Lady and made the trip from Sweden to see her in London for a 2 h Governess/boy session.It was Amazing, mind blowing! Ma'am Brodie is so friendly, understanding, she listen and really want to know about your fantasies, boundaries and how to push your limits. She is fun, we had such a good laugh and smiled during our session. It was Deep Connection that we both had fun and enjoyed the ride.To me the ordinary mouthsoaping: a dry bar in mouth for a few minutes is pritty boring. And Ma'am Brodie understood my fetish for creamy, soapy suds all over my face and mouth applied with her Beautiful, feminine soft hands. It was extremley intimate and exciting.I'm so satisfied and happy that I've found a dominant woman in Europe who really enjoy soap-play and you can feel it's for real. Not just a service.I can't wait to see her again and feel the creamy lather over my face and in my mouth and see her Beautiful, friendly, sadistic and warm smile when she apply the suds.I've strated to plan my next trip to my soap-queen.Swedish-soapboy

October 2016

I paid a visit to Madam Brodie in spring of 2016 having consulted her by way of email then phone. It is important to call to talk so you can negotiate a scene that will satisfy you and lay down your boundaries.I have a huge tickle fetish and love being tickled to oblivion. I also have a pathetic excuse for a mini dick and need reminding about what a disgrace it is to women. I don't think Madam has had anyone as ticklish as me but I was in euphoria as I was mercilessly tickled and spanked. I was also paraded around the dungeon in the most emasculating way possible.All play was done safely and sanely and Madam is very professional in keeping an eye on making sure everything going well. I absolutely recommend her to satisfy your fetish needs.

November 2016

I initially found Madam Brodie through a shared interest in tickling. Her website devotes a little space to this topic and I knew that she would be the perfect mistress for me. As a complete newbie in the world of BDSM is was great to find someone who was able to identify with me and we were able to communicate about what I wanted via email and phone before the session.On the day I was naturally nervous, but as soon as we began chatting and I was strapped to the cross, all of my nerves disappeared. I felt that Madam Brodie completely understood where I was and pushed the tempo slowly but steadily. There was a great dynamic during the session and as the time went on she constantly pushed my limits. I was not sure how I would react as it was my first session it was a complete rush. Being forced to beg for mercy while Madam Brodie simply laughed at me was exhilarating. At the end of the 90mins I was a sweaty mess and gasping for breath but walked away with a big smile on my face. I would definitely recommmend Madam Brodie to anyone, but especially for anyone considereing a first visit with a mistress or with a particular love of tickle torture. I'm sure she would have happily tickled me for hours more if given the chance. J x

September 2017

I first visited Madam Brodie over a year ago, and it was a wonderful evening of debasement, exploration, pain, humiliation, and kink discovery. I came away feeling well used, sore and hoping that I done well and had made Madam happy. I was subsequently allowed to visit a few times since and each time, handing myself over with no real plan of what Madam has in store for me, something only enabled with great trust and respect, which is very easy to have after spending time with her. Within hard limits, she uses her experience and evil intuition to push boundaries and sometimes take me away somewhere new, painful or difficult places, other times visiting her favourite experiments, usually with a wicked twist from her exquisite imagination and dark sense of humour to ensure new pain and degradation...... always finishing with a smile. I am always looking forward to next time I'll her be slutty object. X x