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Usually located in Berlin in Germany from where I Dominate my subjects at the ever popular Studio Avalon facility, I visit London several times a year. I am an experienced Dominatrix who enjoys a variety of different scenes & activities when in the Dungeon which includes but isn’t limited to Corporal Punishment, Rope Bondage & Foot Worship to name just a few, check out my web site for more details.

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February 2016

I was fortunate enough to have 24 hours with Lady Mephista when I visited her at the Residenz in Berlin.

I'd completed a fairly in-depth questionnaire and my time was to start as a kidnap scenario. Crossing Berlin and waiting patiently for instructions was a wonderful experience in itself, but when a stranger lead me by the arm to a quiet corner of an underground car park and I saw Lady Mephista walking quickly toward me with a "don't mess with me" look about her, I knew I was in for a wild ride.

Needless to say, Lady Mephista is stunning. Honestly, she's beautiful. It's impossible to go into everything that happened during the 24 hours, but a couple of things really struck me.

First, the way she uses rope. I've never experienced anything like it. Her pace quickens and slows, and she uses the rope and her arms to caress as much as restrain and control. There's an elegance to the way she ties. A flow. It's really something beautiful.

Second, she knows what she's doing and honestly enjoys it. She's genuinely caring as well as wonderfully dominant, and seeing her work was a real gift.

I was lucky enough to have a little downtime with her during my stay; we laughed a little together and I clearly saw that she's smart and funny too. A wonderful combination.

She gave me a couple of first -time experiences that were pretty amazing and I thank her not only for those, but for being the perfect choice for 24 hours of domination.

In "vanilla" life I'm confident, capable and resourceful, and while I crave submission and control I've always thought of myself more as a sub than a slave. With Lady Mephista however, I'd be humbled to become her slave.

February 2016

I have met Lady Mephista several times , at Avalon in Berlin , both in the studio and at the residenz . It has always been an excellent experience. She is a perceptive mistress , who takes her work seriously, while enjoying it tremendously . Thoroughly recommended!

June 2016

After many years, a Domina has made a lasting impression on me, so it's time to write the first detailed report of my experience. Friday evening - 9 pm. I'm walking up the stairs to the Studio Avalon, the second time in six days!I checked the insides of my thighs almost every day, and every day the marks there became bluer and bluer. They were the visible traces Lady Mephista had left. But much more She affected my head. The moment She entered the room for the pre-session talk I knew I had made the right decision. This young Lady would be my superior each second She spent in the same room as me. The friendly look and the calm voice could not conceal this fact. Already the way She ordered me to pour the water into the glasses, showed how Lady Mephista preferred to set the tone. The first session on the preceding Saturday was tougher for me than many before, and it was never predictable. The silence - no music - and the voice of Lady Mephista made the time in the dungeon so memorable. So now I rang the bell again, and I heard the banging sound of steps which came closer. For a very long time I didn't have the feeling anymore, to be in the hands of the Dominatrix already at the door. Only a gap opened in the door, and an arm clad in black latex handed me a blindfold into the stairway. I put it on, and made some insecure steps forward. The door was closed behind me. "You won't use your kneepads today." Lady Mephista pushed me down on my knees, for a few seconds a strap-on encircled my lips, then it was pushed into my mouth. "Lady Mephista already told you, that it will be easy for Her, to penetrate all your holes." I sucked the big strap-on and was led into the bath. "I laid out your wrist cuffs and collar, you'll put them on, together with the blindfold." The bathroom door was closed, and the banging steps disappeared. Minutes later I kneeled in the bath, waited for Lady Mephista, and again I heard the wonderful sound of Her high heels on the floor - what heels that must be! My Mistress stepped into the bath and seemed to be satisfied with what She saw. "The sound of my shoes will guide you, and you will follow me on all fours." Without seeing anything I tried to follow the sound she made with each single step. When I turned wrong She corrected me with Her voice or soft pressure from Her latex clad leg. The sound of Her high heels, the voice of Lady Mephista - here, on the long floor of Studio Avalon the power of the auditory ruled. We reached the room and now I had to climb a few stairs, and lay down into a device, of which I still don't know what it was. Lady Mephista fixated me there with Her ropes. She was satisfied with the marks She had left, but willing to add new ones on my body today. I lay there completely immobile ... I had to open the mouth ... and the cool, metal heel entered my mouth!!! Immediately I began to lick the heel, which turned out to be a gag, too. With the second heel she placed her marks, drew it across my body, drove it into my flesh - plus Her comments with Her calm voice, and all the while Her second heel in my mouth. I was at a complete loss in what position She was, that She could act with Her legs like that. Sometime during these magic minutes the moment came, when I lost my head (switching of my mind or brain would be wrong, giving my knowledge of Physics- or English). I could remember only vaguely what happened in the following. After a long time I found myself on the bench, tightly bound again, and the blindfold was taken off for the first time. But only seconds later I had the strap-on in my mouth. Lady Mephista indicated She wanted to penetrate me with the strap-on and the machine at the same time. The uncomfortable position on the bench made it mostly impossible to see Lady Mephista, and I got only glimpses of Her black latex catsuit. She stepped behind me, the milking machine was brought in and switched on, then Lady Mephista began the second part of Her penetration. To thank Her for the brilliant time I was allowed to kiss the high heels of the Mistress, and Lady Mephista was generous: I got permission to walk back to the bathroom on all fours next to Her fantastic high heels that were clothing, fetish, and a weapon at the same time. And delightfully She placed each step so that they echoed impressively in the hall.

December 2017

I had the privilege of serving Lady Mephista in Berlin. I was visiting Hamburg as a tourist and after checking Lady Mephista’s availability took a day trip to Berlin just to serve Lady Mephista.It was the best decision of my life as the session surpassed all my expectations. Lady Mephista covered each fetish of mine in her unique way. She was so natural, demanding and thorough in her approach. She respected all my limits. However I was pushed so I meet her standards and worship her in the manner she desires. That made the whole experience so authentic. Her combination of authentic domination and extraordinary beauty is very rare to find.I will definitely recommend Lady Mephista as I had the best session with her. Will definitely session again.