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I am the Mistress of your dreams, or maybe your nightmares, taking you where you need to go, from sensual to sadistic, come explore your submission with me.  As Reno's elite BDSM Mistress for the last 6 years, I am expanding my business and accepting new clientele for play time in my Reno dungeon studio or while I travel to Las Vegas, Sacramento, and the Bay Area.  Accepting hourly sessions as well as extended dominant companionship sessions, including dinners, shows, shopping and pampering!  Extended/Overnight sessions now available - Spend your vacation bound and in service!

Traditional domination only, no FS or GFE.

I look forward to seeing you on your knees!

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October 2016

From the start Lady Desiree was extremely professional and proper. From my first email to her, she responded in a timely manner and answered anything I needed to know. After deciding to book a session with her, she was very good at communicating exactly what I needed to know, and she also took the time to hear out my requests and specific fetishes, which she ended up accomodating very well. Our meeting went without a hitch since she gave very detailed instructions. I booked a 2 hour session and I can honestly say it was well worth it for her reasonable rate. The moment I opened the door I knew I was in for a treat, first of all she looked gorgeous in her stunning corset, latex skirt, stockings, and shiny black boots, all at my request. I was immediately excited to play with her, and play we did. Lady Desiree was full of character and very lively in chatter with me, which was exciting and arousing to hear from such a sexy dominant woman. She loved to play with toys and had interesting ways of delivering both pleasure and pain. Each second felt amazing with her and she seemlesly guided me to the next cruel yet pleasureful activity. She was not afraid to be physical and rough which was all the more stimulating, and after each punishment came the pleasure of having her sexy and sensual body brushed up against me or pinning me against the wall as I stay in bondage. By the end I had an amazing orgasm with her bearing over me til the last second. Id highly recommend Lady Desiree to anyone looking for a complete and unique dominatrix experience.

November 2016

Lady Desiree has been a fantastic find in the D/s world for me. She is my first venture with a pro Domme and she is well worth it. She asks what I want and then does a great job at pushing me past my limits. All while looking so sexy. My last encounter with her she wore skin tight warmup pants with calf high platform leather boots and a fantastic strap on. I was dripping at the site of her. Her dungeon is very well stocked and she allowed me to make her a spanking/pegging horse and we got to use it yesterday. I was tied to it for almost the last whole session and she worked me over real good. She rode me, she pegged me, she face fucked me, she spanked me.. I was in heaven. If want the total Dominatrix experience try Lady Desiree, you won't be disappointed. And she is damn fine looking. The best I have been with.

December 2016

Intelligent, professional, prepared. She was her credible and wonderful self authentically during our time together. And I had a great experience.

January 2017

I have seen Lady Desiree many times over many years after losing a mistress in another region of the country to illness. From the start, she was impeccably professional. When it comes to safety and confidentiality, there is no one better. She is attractive and intelligent. She listens very well and is very creative. She can definitely deliver on a fantasy. Over the years, she has built a great play space with new toys every time I have visited. I also like Reno as a destination because it has so many other things to offer. She will travel, as well, if that suits your needs. Just saw her over the holidays (Dec 2016), on a scale of 0 to 10, she is +10.

February 2017

I met Lady Desiree at a play party in Oakland, and I experienced a short, intense play session with her...wow.. She chained my hands above me to a beam, after asking me about my limits..etc. She selected a few implements and proceeded to gently flog me and test my sensitivity in different areas. She increased the intensity of the lashes and commented that she had "found a masochist". She really laid into my backside, front side, nipples, and thighs. She used a heavy flogger, a crop, a dragon's tongue and her bare hand, and even her fingernails...yummm. The session was quite intense...but I noticed something very positive. As soon as I would just about reach my limit and consider using my safe word, she would stop. She sensed where my limit was, which is apparently higher than most, and she ceased. This was definitely the hardest I had ever been flogged for an extended period and I was squirming and huffing, but I felt she was attuned to me...I felt pushed and safe..and ecstatic! Lady Desiree is very attractive and I love her strong, athletic body. She is very enticing and confident...traits I find irresistible.I will definitely seek her out in the future.

February 2017

Lady Desiree can be highly recommended for men and couples, both beginners and the experienced. She is what you should look for in a Domme, namely a life styler who is beautiful, athletic, smart, skilled and who has taken the time and mentoring to understand the art. She replied to my inquiry promptly about the opportunity to meet. She has a referral screening process which is straightforward. If you gents think you are likely to be able to session alone with a quality Domme without this step you are misinformed. Our travel plans coincided so I was able to pick her up at the airport in Las Vegas. We headed for the carousel and joked that if you offer to help a Pro-Domme with her traveling luggage you have best been to the weight room recently. I opted for the Dine and Debauchery which I would highly recommend. At dinner we got to know each other and reviewed our life's arc into kink. She is an accomplished equestrian and a psychologist by education so getting into into your head is not going to be difficult. She lectures at a college sex education class on BDSM aspects. I proposed an interrogation scene with several bits of information to be gotten from me and she jumped right into the role. Even when I proved to be not very tough and not very sexy for my part of the proceedings she was patient and kinky kind. Even though we did not play in her dungeon in Reno, her traveling kit is quite extensive. If you can get through her full compliment of implements and devices you are a better man than me. Don't book her if you want a escort who bought a riding crop last week. But book her if you want a great experience with a classy lady. She remarked on how many older men she provides kinky therapy for, namely, sessioning with you and giving the ultimate gift: making you feel somewhat younger again.

March 2017

I had come across Lady Desiree's website and was drawn to her by her beauty. As I reviewed her website in depth I became aware of how my interests aligned with hers. I thought about how my fantasies could become realities with a session in her presence. When I found out that Lady Desiree was traveling to Houston I knew then this would be my chance to meet her. I filled out her session application form on her website as per her protocol. To my surprise she contacted me the same day to discuss my interests and to book a session. I was ecstatic and booked a 2 hour session. During the session I came to realize how professional and safety conscious she is. I was in a state of ecstasy with her embodiment of beauty and intelligence. Lady Desiree is so alluring and addictive that I had to book another 2 hour session the following day. She made my dreams and fantasy's come true. I drove over 480 miles to meet her and it was exceptionally worth it.

April 2017

I had my first session with Lady Desiree, although I have not had lots of experience with many professionals she was amazing from start. She truly tries to get to know you before the session to see what makes you click. I was nervous as I met her but quickly relaxed in her presence. Beyond understanding what makes you click she tries to incorporate few unexpected things all the while preparing you for it before trying. This added an intense addition to session, but was very good to experience. She always maintained boundaries though. I have been searching for a Lady to be enslaved by, after 1 hour I was left begging her to enslave me permanently! Her rope skills were super impressive, she could improvise ties on the go very well!

July 2017

Lady Desiree was a true professional in all aspects. She returned my email quickly and we set up a meeting time and date. She arrived on time and we discussed my 30 plus year interest in self bondage and how I wanted to finally play with someone who understands! She answered my questions with honest reply's. She took time to understand my feelings with excellent communication. Our session was a beautiful experience for me from beginning to end!! My two hours session was filled with joy and great satisfaction. Lady Desiree is a very sexy dominant. If you wish to play with her you won't regret it!! She is caring, firm, understanding and a great pleasure to share time with. I'm counting the days until I can see her again!!

August 2017

Lady Desiree is a professional. She answered all of my questions and was great at taking me on my first journey. I felt safe and in the hands of someone who knew their trade. Excited to continue my journey with her. I left feeling liberated and new I made a good choice entrusting myself to her.

August 2018

I visited Lady Desiree several months ago and have thought about our session often. We met for dinner and then a session at her Lair. Dinner was very enjoyable and I quickly developed a sense that I could trust her as a safe, sane and consensual Domme into whom I could put my trust.I followed her to her dungeon and a few minutes of getting things in order she immediately took command of the session. Her orders were clear and she was firm with her boundaries, which made me respect her all the more. The power exchange was palpable and I left in a very good head space. I have often thought about seeing her again and hope to do so again soon. I would definitely recommend her to someone who wants to kneel at the feet of a woman who understands the power she wields.