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Beyond my enchanting blue eyes and luscious blonde hair, I am a sadistic and talented dominatrix. I will entice you into my world with my clever charm and have you following my every command. I take great pride in my role as a dominant woman and love the power exchange that occurs between people. I enjoy everything I do and will listen to your desires and fantasies and use my skills to explore your fetish and turn them into reality.

With a physique as muscular as mine, I am the epitome of a powerful woman. I will not hesitate to use my strength to overpower and restrain you if you step out of line. And once I have you in my clutches you will you become weaker than ever.

My passion for the human body has lead me to have an extensive knowledge of what feels good. One of my many specialties is to combine pressure points with bondage and massage which will give you a unique exploration through pleasure and pain.

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March 2013

Spontaneous, interesting, smells divine, gorgeous, fit muscular feminine body & genuinely likes what she does. I am extremely particular with whom I session with & would unconditionally recommend this classy young lady.

March 2013

Beautiful, articulate, athletic, funny, intelligent and caring but these traits aren't what make Lady Carla an incerdible mistress it's her uncompromising manner. She is divine and cruel but does everything with a smile. I would strongly recommend her for almost whatever your interest as I know she will be able to create the scence you want. What strikes me the most with her is her wicked style and sense of humour and when you and her agree something she will carry it out - your fate will be sealed. An amazing woman and a unique mistress. If you have a chance to meet her - take it!

April 2013

Wow –“Lady Carla” – what an amazing experience. But where do I begin? The moment I met her, she put me at my ease. She is very engaging with lovely blue eyes and a beautiful smile. I probably expected her to greet me wearing full domme gear, but to my surprise she was dressed normally. After the opening chit-chat she led me into the dungeon and asked me what I thought? Now, I’ve seen a fair few dungeons in my time, but none quite like this one. There’s a lot of equipment spaced around the room and..., well, before I could reply to her question, she had grabbed my wrist and twisted it behind my back. Five seconds later and I’m handcuffed to the dungeon wall. She backs away laughing and exits the room leaving me to contemplate what was going to happen next. I tried to slip free, but after a couple of minutes, I resigned myself to the fact that I was going nowhere. I didn’t have to wait too long. She was soon back in the dungeon and she was dressed to perfection – and what an arresting sight it was. The next two hours were a blur. She is absolutely captivating (excuse the pun) and she pushed me to my limit throughout the session but always kept it safe. She is strong and determined, but also classy and full of surprises. I will definitely be back again soon.

May 2013

When I first met Lady Carla, I felt like a nervous teenager in the presence of a truly beautiful and powerful woman. Cliche? Maybe, but I'm not kidding. However, knowing that this was my first encounter with a Mistress, she quickly put me at ease and didn't make me feel at all uncomfortable. Other reviewers refer to Lady Carla's natural charm and friendliness, and it's absolutely spot on. She has that quality of making you feel like you've known her for ages, so that was an immediate plus in my book. About the session: Looking back, it's funny that I'd had the temerity to question whether she could handle a guy my size (6'4 and 200+lbs), so when I met her and saw just how muscular she was, I knew I was in serious trouble! We'd discussed scenarios beforehand, so she knew that I wanted to play my super-hero alter-ego, and she would play the nefarious villainess that would capture, dominate and humiliate me beyond all comprehension. In the most succinct way that I can describe what followed, it was incredible!! Lady Carla’s strength has to be experienced to be believed. I have never felt so utterly weak and helpless in my adult-life. Seriously, I thought I was quite strong - I'm a regular gym-goer - but I was made to feel like the proverbial rag-doll. What made it even more amazing and enjoyable was that it appeared that she could completely overpower me without really trying. As hard as I struggled to break free from her holds, it was futile, bordering on pathetic. Also, the fact that she has this really sexy laugh that lets you know that you've got zero chance of gaining the upper-hand is worth the session fee alone. Throughout the session, she knew exactly what to say and how to heighten the experience, revelling in the role of evil, sadistic domme. In fact, let's go the whole nine yards here and say that it was possibly one of the most incredible, spontaneous experiences I think I‘ve ever had, given that there were no lines or moves rehearsed beforehand. Don't get me wrong, it was amazing fun and so enjoyable, but it was also very painful (something I'd requested). Be warned, if you think you enjoy pain being inflicted on you by a woman, but you're sceptical as to how strong a woman can be, just remember that Lady Carla is a trained power-lifter and fitness athlete, so you'd better make sure you're in good enough shape to handle the kind of pain she can inflict, and be ready to tap out if you're not! I totally under-estimated how strong she was, stubbornly refused to tap-out and paid the price - I got seriously crushed by her amazingly powerful body-scissors and can still feel the pain in my ribs from several weeks ago! In summary, I will not be looking to session with anyone else. I guess it depends what others are into, but for sheer strength, beauty, personality and an allure that is simply hypnotic, she ticks every box, and some!


May 2013

Lady Carla is quite simply AMAZING. She will have you begging for mercy if you find yourself testing her natural power. Her legs are like steel. When I enquired as to her ability she was glad to demonstrate. She is not only a very skilled dominatrix, but also a well trained martial artist and wrestler, capable of kicking vertically. If you are into worshipping feet that could easily destroy you, you've definitely found the right mistress. Lady Carla is stunning,fit, toned with a smile to melt your heart, but the skills to have you crawling at her deadly feet. Her lair is well equipped to tame any man, with many toys and tools to restrain and deprive you of your senses. I recommend highly that you meet Lady Carla if you dare ! PL

June 2013

I don’t usually write reviews, but the recent session with Lady Carla was absolutely incredible – she is such a perfect combination of beauty and strength. This was my fifth session with Lady Carla and each session has been very different to the previous one. This latest session was no exception. It started with me being strapped down to her bondage table using hospital restraints. These are quick to apply, and as I discovered, absolutely inescapable no matter how hard you struggle. Lady Carla is into intense nipple torture and I had obviously chanced upon one of those days on which she wanted to torture some nipples! Mine just happened to be the closest and so she set to work. "Intense" barely does her justice. She read my body really well and pushed me right to my limit several times. After about 20 minutes of nipple torture, she told me that it was time for something different. I was expecting her to undo the restraints and for us to move to another part of the dungeon, but it appears that it doesn’t work that way. This time she told me that I was going to stay where I was for most of the session and that I didn’t have a choice. And now the excitement builds, and my mind starts racing in anticipation of what was coming next. First she blindfolds me. I think I'm still in control, but I'm not... I can hear her moving carefully around the room... Then I hear a buzzing noise.

Seconds later a sharp pain rips through my thigh. Although I’d not experienced it before, I knew instantly what it was. “Say hello to the Violet Wand”, said Lady Carla. “Zap!!!”, went the violet wand, this time on my arm, followed by my nipples. "Haven't they had enough punishment", I cry. I’m squirming and struggling to get free, but the hospital restraints hold fast. I completely lost track of time.

The session finished with Lady Carla letting me worship her feet, which eased me back to my “normal” world. But now I come to think of it, I’m no longer sure that I want to ease back to my “normal” world; Lady Carla’s world is far more exciting.

This was without doubt the best session I have ever had and I have already booked session number six.

June 2013

Lady Carla is the 1st professional mistress I have ever gone to, so I was very apprehensive as to how the session would go, but I can tell you as soon as I saw her and we started talking I felt completely relaxed, it's a wonderful quality that she has, she is so down to earth, genuine and Loves what she does.

Her muscular physique is to die for, my session with her primarily consisted of muscle worship, she knows exactly what to do and say to heighten the enjoyment of the whole experience, she can be very playful while at the same time asserting her dominance over you.

I will definitely be crawling back to worship lady Carla, I recommend her to anyone who wishes to be dominated by a women who physically can!!

July 2013

My first visit to Lady Carla. Very Sexy lady and muscular but in a feminine way. She is very strong and could easlily handle me. She is very friendly and seems to enjoy what she does and she has the most amazing eyes.
Definately want to visit again

August 2013

I had a fantasy wrestling session with Lady Carla in July and thoroughly enjoyed it. She is a very sexy woman who is also charming, pretty and with a warm and friendly manner. I felt at ease straight away on meeting her. I had asked for fantasy wrestling, sensual domination, muscle worship and boot worship – I got all that and more. She has gorgeous eyes and a stunning physique – once she had me in her scissorhold there was simply no escaping her powerful thighs. She toyed with me, gradually increasing her squeeze until I had no choice but to submit. She also trapped me in armbars and then made me kiss and worship her feet before releasing me – lovely! I was also powerless to escape her pins. Being facesat under her lingerie-clad bum was delightful too. Towards the end she donned a pair of sexy thigh boots and had me lick and worship those too. Apart from her awesome thighs and calves, I remember how nice it was to be pinned under her, to look up and see her gorgeous eyes looking at me as she smiled with pleasure at my helplessness. My first session with Carla was a very sensual, erotic and pleasant experience. I would definitely session again with Carla and recommend her strongly. Thanks Carla! xxx

August 2013

Had a superb session with Carla this week. Started with some muscle worship then moved on to some semi-comp wrestling.
What a delightful person!
She is the real deal with muscles to go with it. Her glutes, legs and calves were immense and I could have caressed, squeezed and kissed them forever!!
With a great sense of humour, intellect and personality I would have no issues in recommending her if you are thinking of booking a session.

Don't think about it, just do it! You will be very pleased that you did :)

August 2013

Stunning, keenly intelligent and with a very engaging personality, Lady Carla quickly put this very nervous novice at ease. She clearly enjoys what she does and during the course of our session Lady Carla respected my limits while at the same time challenging and testing them. Her dungeon is very well equipped and Lady Carla was more than capable of making any of the ideas I had outlined beforehand a reality well beyond my expectations. As others have mentioned, she has a wonderfully muscular physique and is incredibly strong, held tightly in a neck scissors hold I found myself completely overpowered and unable to move. Lady Carla has a wicked sense of humour which she used to good effect during our session, the thought of her peels of laughter as she strapped me to her bondage table will stay with me for a long time. My time with Lady Carla came to an end all too soon and I will definitely be going to see her again. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

August 2013

I visited lady carla for the 1st time in July. As usual for a 1st session I was nervous. However lady carla soon eased these nerves.
Lady Carla is a stunning lady with the most AMAZING eyes.
We had discussed a session comprising mainly of nipple torture and lady carla excellled at this. I endured some of the best nipple torture I have ever experienced. She pushed me to the edge more times than I can remember.
She also subjected me to some great candle wax play and Cbt.
I would have no hesitation in recommending lady carla and will definitely be returning soon.

August 2013

Have you seen the girl at the gym, very pretty and extremely fit, distracting you by her deep squats? That might well have been Lady Carla. In addition to her mesmerising eyes and addictive smile, she has a butt to die for!

We got very well along immediately, and she started doing the things I had written on my wish list. I was tied up and treated to both pleasure and pain. She intended to do everything on my list, but I changed my mind since some of the things she did was so wonderful I just wanted more! And she happily agreed.

Lady Carla is has a beautiful face and a stunning body. Her dungeon is amazing and her skills extraordinary. But what I liked the most was how much she was into the session. She clearly enjoyed what she was doing, and it was apparent but from the smile on her face and her girlie giggles.

I highly recommend Lady Carla, and next time I'm in London I will surely see her again.

September 2013

Was a first timer and Lady Carla was amazing. She quashed any nerves or apprehension I initially had. Very friendly but very beautiful woman. Will definitely go back and would highly recommend her!

October 2013

My first session with Lady Carla last week was wonderful.

Three days later and the warm inner glow, and a delicate tenderness in the nipples, have not yet faded.

Lady Carla is a deeply attractive woman. I knew from the start that I was in the presence of an irresistible force. It’s not only her physical beauty and strength, which are amazing enough, but also the alluring energy of her personality, expressed through her vivid eyes, her voice, and the way she moves.

For me, connection and rapport are an essential foundation for a good session, and Lady Carla established that from the beginning, enabling us to build it together as the session progressed. She asked lots of questions, and encouraged feedback and dialogue, whilst remaining completely in charge throughout.

We both love foot and body worship (non-intimate!) and nipple torment, so the session was based around them, and I could without doubt spend many hours just worshipping Lady Carla’s lovely feet and magnificent body. A day wouldn’t be too long!

Her muscles are pronounced when she flexes them, and very strong. It is a delight to feel them move beneath her soft smooth skin, and massage out any tension. She moves with a cat-like grace, and has incredible flexibility, which is so sensuous.

Lady Carla was gentle as a pussy-cat one moment, and the next fierce as a tiger. She showed me that a weaker submissive man, such as I, must both adore and fear her. She behaves as the mood suits her. It was a treasured pleasure to be under her control.

I hope very much that I will have the opportunity to serve and submit to Lady Carla again before long.

October 2013

I visited Lady Carla for a 2nd session in October.
After the wonderful 1st session I entered her dungeon in nervous anticipation of another great session. I was not disappointed.
AMAZING nipple torture - having my nipples tormented by her while staring into her fabulous deep blue eyes provides such a juxtaposition of pleasure and pain.
I cannot begin to describe the feeling of ecstasy flowing through my whole body.
The CBT was also great.
And the Wax play - OMG.......
I am running out of superlatives to describe this stunning lady.
Lady Carla, thanks again. Hope to see you soon.

January 2014

I had a great session with Lady Carla. a pretty young girl with great strength and real martial arts black belt skills.

I was also interesting to be on the receiving end of her pressure point techniques. I always thought that was not real, but now I know better. She could pinch me with her fingers in a way that would make me submit because of the pain.

It was my first time for a session with a mistress, but she made it a good experience.

February 2014

I chose Lady Carla for my very first experience and I feel certain that I made the right choice. I was, understandably apprehensive about my first session but from the moment I arrived and she came out to meet me I was instantly put at ease and found that I was not nearly as nervous as I had expected.
The first thing to point out about Lady Carla is that she is a very lovely person. Her warmth and kindness, coupled with a strong sense of confidence helped me to quickly forget my nerves.
Being an all or nothing type of person, I had booked a two hour session.
She showed me the dungeon and then told me to undress and wait for her. She came in, dressed as I had asked, and began to show me her muscles. Not only is Mistress very beautiful but she also really does have a fantastic physique, no doubt because of her other jobs as a personal trainer and as a professional wrestler. I was instructed to begin worshipping and found myself willingly obeying instantly. Soon after came the foot worship, this was far better than I could ever have imagined. Lady Carla encouraged me to worship and massage her feet vigorously and I was delighted to obey, kissing and biting all over her perfectly pedicured feet. She encouraged me telling me when she was enjoying it and squashing my head between her feet. Then I was instructed to worship her perfect legs and behind, occasionally enjoying the pleasure of having my head and neck squashed between her powerful thighs- heavenly!
She then began to give me some light nipple torture which was much more enjoyable than I had expected, she knows exactly how far to push you.
Then I found myself shackled and bent over for a spanking, this was very exciting, she tried a few paddles on me, and soon assessed how much I could take. She pushed me a little but not too much, ‘otherwise you might not come back’ she chuckled. I can tell you now that I can’t wait to go back and submit to her again! I am married so I can’t afford to be marked, she gave me just the right amount of punishment, as in the most I could have without being marked, and my bum cheeks had a warm red glow for some hours afterwards but no bruising.
Lady Carla definitely enjoys her work, she has a relaxed demeanour and so is easy to talk to, but she is in complete control, quickly puts you in your place when you get too comfortable.
Next she shackled me to the wall in a standing position and gave me more ecstatic nipple torture, she teased me and threatened to bust my balls, she didn’t do it but it certainly played with my mind.
After this I was shackled lying down on my back to a bondage table and she administered some light CBT, she showed me the pin wheel and explained what it was, running it on my arm so I could understand what to expect and letting me give the go ahead before she did on my genitals, it was the same with the wax torture, she put it on my hand first and let me indicate I was willing to try it on my balls. Actually I loved it, it was another thing I had not expected to like so much. She assured me that if I was more experienced, I would have got it a lot more intensely! She got out a vibrating wand device and teased my balls with it, it felt wonderful but I could not get properly hard as she had completely mummified my cock and balls with rope. She then produced a rubber hood with just two breathing holes for the nostrils and asked me if I would like to try some sensory deprivation. I willingly agreed, again I had not particularly expected to like this so much but I really did enjoy the excitement of not knowing what she would do to me next. To be honest she had put me in such a state of heightened submissive ecstasy that I would have said yes to just about anything. She lightly flogged me all over my front with some kind of chain whip device I don’t know the name for and then gave me some tickle torture, she didn’t push me too hard but I absolutely loved it when I wriggled too much and she playfully asked me where I was trying to go and then proceeded to sit on my face so I couldn’t go anywhere!
At some point she changed into her Police officers uniform which was unbelievable hot!
She had me finish with more foot worship which she seemed to particularly enjoy and it was a privilege to do this for her. Besides, she had taken the other end of the rope tied round my parts in her hand and promised to yank it hard if I underperformed, and this certainly helped me to get over my tiredness!
Finally she allowed me to bring myself off whilst my head was firmly planted between her wonderful arse cheeks.
It certainly was an experience I will never forget! She promises that next time she will push me harder – yes please Mistress, whatever you say, I am yours to command!
If you are a novice considering your first experience, I can wholeheartedly recommend Lady Carla. She shows the perfect balance of firmness and gentleness that a novice sub needs and she knows what’s best for you, much more than you might think! She will teach you about what you can experience and about yourself. Just let her take control, you won’t regret it!

February 2014

I just finished my first session with Lady Carla and it was nothing short of epic. Carla is staggeringly good looking, head-to-toe. She has the most amazingly large bum and thighs, and I must admit that I've never seen thighs as large, yet so very toned. I worshipped her beautiful feet, thighs and bum at length. I highly recommend Carla--she's the most amazing provider I've ever seen.

March 2014

I have been seeing Lady Carla for quite sometime and she has become my go to mistress. I try to see her at least twice a month. She has unparalleled legs and feet, both of which are perfect for worship sessions. Never have I felt legs that are so strong and yet so shapely. Her calf muscles are the largest and firmest I have ever had the pleasure of touching. Lady Carla has a delightful personality, but she is naturally dominant and her sessions can get as intense as you require. Lady Carla also has an absolutely beautiful face that really adds to the entire seasion. It's quite an experience to be locked in crushing leg scissors while staring up at that beautiful face! I could not recommend Lady Carla more highly.

April 2014

I recently enjoyed the privilege of my second session with Lady Carla, and it was even more amazing than the first.

From the moment Lady Carla greeted me at the door, I was deeply conscious that I was in the presence of a truly remarkable young woman, and thoroughly relished every moment in her company. As the photos show, she is very beautiful and strong, but what pictures can only hint at is the warmth of her personality and the positive energy she radiates. Lady Carla made me feel immediately relaxed, ready to submit to whatever she had in mind for me, and certain that there was nowhere in the world I’d rather be at that moment than there under her spell!

Lady Carla allowed me ample time to pay homage to her beauty, worshipping her pretty feet, gorgeous powerful legs, and glorious bottom. She seemed to enjoy the worship and massage very much, encouraging me with her cries and squeals of pleasure to put everything I could into pleasing her. And it was a huge pleasure for me, feeling the softness of Lady Carla’s skin, and the power of her amazing muscles beneath when she chose to flex them. Her calf muscles are incredibly toned and strong, and I delighted in massaging and kissing every inch of each leg.

From time to time, Lady Carla enjoyed demonstrating her strength to me, quickly putting me in a vice-like grip with her legs, making me helpless. I am considerably taller and heavier than Lady Carla, but resistance would have been futile, not that I wanted to resist her in anything!

We spoke throughout, sometimes in Mistress/slave roles, and sometimes as two people happily engaged in mutually satisfying fun, and together she and I wove in words a beautiful fantasy of my permanent slavery and devotion to her.

Lady Carla put me over a bench and enjoyed beating my shoulders and arse with a variety of whips, floggers and CP implements. I am no pain slut, but really enjoyed these moments of submission and surrender. It was thrilling to feel the power of Lady Carla’s body transmitted to mine through the medium of whip and flogger. For some of the time, Lady Carla stood gripping my head tightly between her thighs while she whipped me. That was blissful!

Throughout the session, Lady Carla played with my nipples, because she enjoys nipple torment so much, and mine are quite sensitive. She decided that she wanted to take this further, and I was in no position to argue. Lady Carla strapped me down by my arms and legs to the torture bed, and then proceeded to deploy the Serpent Rooms’ entire peg collection in decorating my nipples, balls and cock. Judging by her whoops and giggles, she enjoyed these artistic endeavours very much, especially when a carefully placed peg brought out a shriek or moan of pain from me =514;

Once Lady Carla was happy with her human sculpture, she climbed up onto the bed and sat astride my face to play with her new toy. I cannot find the words to describe the bliss of having Lady Carla sat on my face, bouncing around energetically to an Aerosmith CD on the stereo, playing my pegged nipples and balls like a strange musical instrument. I completely forgot about pain, and surrendered to the sensations and submissive passion =514;

This was a fantastic session with a wonderful, beautiful, charismatic and very charming young lady, thank you Lady Carla! I am sure that I will be requesting permission to return before long.

June 2014

A few days ago I had the pleasure and the privilege of having a session with Lady Carla...and now I am full of regrets. I regret having waited so long to meet her!

For starters, she's drop-dead gorgeous: she has beautiful blue-grey eyes that are sparking with intelligence and humour, and her toned, muscular body exudes intimidating power as well as raw sensual femininity. She's the blonde Amazon of your dreams...

Our initial meeting was very friendly and pleasant - she surely knows how to put people at ease, and she has an easygoing attitude that doesn't take anything away from her utmost professionalism.

I wanted to test her martial arts skills and be dominated in a beatdown scenario - kinda like being her human punching bag to experience her techniques. Since I am a very big guy, an amateur powerlifter - and quite strong at that - I was under the illusion that it was gonna easy for me to resist her...

They say you should be careful of what you ask for: and they are damn' right.

What followed was an hour of getting my ass royally kicked by her. I had to tap countless times, trapped in her unescapable leg scissors...even if she admitted using only about 30% of her full power to submit me. Altough it was quite humiliating to be manhandled that easily by a woman literally half my size, I have to say I loved every minute of it...also because in many positions I had full view of her perfect B-side, a bubble butt full of muscle. She's that rare gem: a Polish tomboy with the most tantalizing, jaw-dropping Brazilian ass you can imagine!

Probably the most humiliating thing was losing to her in armwresting - after a fierce struggle from my part, it became pretty evident that my gym-trained strength, necessary to lift big weights, couldn't hold a candle to her more functional, real-world brawn. I will never forget her taunts as she slammed me down, emasculating me completely and proving once and for all who was the Alpha in that room!

Before the session, I had also thought of asking her for full-out competitive wrestling...the idea quickly evaporated just after her first scissor squeeze. Her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training, along with her physical toughness, would have been too much for me: she would have mopped the floor with me so easily, it wouldn't even be funny. I dare not think what would happen if I ever challenged her in a REAL streetfight... It's almost scary to think that such an attractive, wonderful lady could send me to the hospital without breaking a sweat. It goes against gender roles, and it's strangely exciting.

So what followed instead was an exquisite round of worshipping her muscles - especially her thighs, her pretty feet, her huge calves and (oh my) her incredible ass. It was pure Nirvana for a submissive like me... Oh, and the fact that I also had to worship her big black strap-on only added to the humiliation and role-reversal. I felt like her prison bitch, paying the price of defeat...eager to serve and scared to disappoint!

In conclusion, a session that will stay with me for the rest of my life. She told me that she is BORN to dominate men, and of this I have no doubts... I have never met such a real-life badass woman that looks like she just jumped out of a comic book. I will surely meet her again, and I look forward to our next challenge...even if I know I will get my ass kicked again!

But be warned: she's so sexy that she can break your heart - as well as your neck!

July 2014

I had asked not to see Lady Carla until she instructed me to take off my blindfold. On arrival at her dungeon, I placed a hood over my head, and waited for someone to answer the bell. A strong female hand took my arm and led me into what seemed like a large room, and sat me on the side of a bed. "Go on your knees," I heard her say. I obeyed, gingerly, and next moment my head was pulled roughly between two warm female thighs. Frantically I clutched at these huge legs, feeling only muscle and power.

"Now, worship my calves and thighs," she instructed me harshly, at the same time wrenching the hood off my head. I blinked to get used to the low lighting, and found my gaze fixed almost hypnotically on the strongest pair of legs I had ever seen on a woman. Lady Carla's high heels accentuated each calf muscle, which was smooth and as hard as marble. And as I felt her thighs, she flexed her quads so that the muscle undulated beneath the silken skin. Those thighs seemed to have no flaws, and they grew wider and stronger as they reached up to her mighty butt. I dared to feel her buttocks, and as I did so, Lady Carla tensed so that each bun grew hard and huge with muscle. I felt all my resolve turn to water, and I had a strange urge to submit to this woman, body and mind. I found my hands trembling, and instantly obeyed her every command.

She made me stretch out on the bed in the shape of an X, and she bound each of my wrists and each of my ankles with some soft, resilient cloth, attaching them to the posts of the bed. I was completely at her mercy, and yet I wanted it so. Then she clambered aboard me, first squeezing my ribs with her thighs like a python, and then turning round, she crouched above me. I could see the strength flexing in her thighs as she crouched, and then, with a sadistic chuckle she slowly and inexorably lowered her massive bum on to my face. I heard a great singing in my ears, and I moved my face frantically from side to side to avoid being stifled. But Lady Carla was adding to my torment and my ecstasy by first tickling both my armpits, and then pushing my shorts down over my knees, exposing my helpless, and very aroused manhood. Never before had I felt so utterly in thrall to a woman. "I was made to dominate you," she hissed, pushing aside her blonde hair, and flexing her biceps above me. I heaved and bucked, but her mighty body, seemingly composed of bone and muscle, held me fast , and from then until the end of our session I never questioned any wish, any demand she made. When I was dressed and saying my farewells, I realized that she was a good head shorter than I, but once again I glanced down at her naked legs, and recognized that no man could do anything but submit to their muscular force and assertive power. Thank you, my Lady!

August 2014

I love a session where I know that I can be completely overpowered physically and psychologically. Lady Carla delivered. Within minutes into the session, I knew I was about to experience exactly what I'd asked her for. I was excited and scared at the same time. From wrestling holds that are equally as inescapable as her bondage to being trapped helplessly between her deliciously muscled legs as she methodically broke me down so that I would worship the thighs and calves that had destroyed me, choked me, kicked me, and left their mark in many ways - the experience was exquisite. She is beautiful, muscular, friendly and will certainly dominate you with ease, effectiveness and a beautiful smile. I can't wait to see her again.

September 2014

Wow, really not sure where to start. Lady Carla will literally leave you breathless and begging for more. Apart from being a skilled and stunning dominatrix Lady Carla has skills and a body that sets her apart. She's powerful and beautiful. A bodybuilder's physique. She's a skilled wrestler and martial artist. Her muscles are huge. Lady Carla is also super flexible. She is able to split both ways. If you ask her to demonstrate her karate kicks you're in for a real treat. Those deadly feet could take a head off. Being made to worship them is an honour. The fear that a strike from them could knock you out. Is real. Her entire body is exquisite, but her bottom is amazing. Muscles when tense that feel like steel. Once you are in Carla's grip, there is no escape. Just worship and beg for mercy. You must meet Lady Carla.

October 2014

I had an amazing domination/wrestling session with Lady Carla on 6th October!
Carla is a very beautiful lady who is very friendly, receptive and accommodating. She put me at ease straight away as we discussed the content and scenario of our session. We started out as combatants in the matted area of her dungeon. Lady Carla disrobed to reveal the most stunning sculpted body. My knees went weak at the sight of the toned Goddess that confronted me, her iron muscles enhancing her beauty and femininity.
Before long The Lady had me pinned down, then in a head scissors, triangle choke and so on. All the while I could feel those muscles enveloping me and squeezing the fight out of me. Once the lady had overpowered and subjugated me , she kindly allowed me to massage and then worship the muscles that had previously tormented me. Lady Carla
particularly enjoyed me caressing her feet which I treated with affection. I must also mention her backside which was like a plump peach and a delight to behold. The Lady Carla then led me to her dungeon her she proceeded to toy with her new slave.

You can't but fall under the spell of the Goddess , Lady Carla, and I look forward to being at her mercy soon again.

October 2014

The minute I’ve seen my opponent I know I’m in trouble!
I’ve faced Lady Carla before but fared no better this time as I received another wrestling lesson. Easily overpowering me she took delight in dishing out ‘my humiliation’. Taunting me an slapping my face every time I succumbed to yet another hold.
Once caught in her legs you aint getting free. Also you’re trapped knowing deep down that if she applied full power you’d be deader than fried chicken.
In between holds I was hurled around the mats, trashed in an arm wrestling and at one stage she even showed her talents as an impersonator doing a great one of me – ‘I can’t move’.
First time ever I’ve kicked off my Saturday festivities like this. As she stood over me at the end foot pressed into my chest flexing her muscles I thought I need to work this into my Saturday routine again for sure.

February 2015

I had the most amazing 6 hour session with Lady Carla over the weekend. The session began with her sitting on a throne sipping champagne as she allowed me to massage her feet and calves while she was blindfolded. I knew with each touch that those feet and calves would soon be wrapped around me and destroying me.

Soon I found myself completely restrained in a sleep sack as she began some very brutal CBT including having my balls painfully bound and being crushed between her legs. We did some amazing breath play - the number of ways she can take your breath away is unreal. She also used virtually every limb to choke me over and over as I begged her to stop knowing I was about to be knocked out.

I had the opportunity to play with her in a very different and special way as she was blindfolded and listening to a special playlist.

Soon after, she was lacing up an exceptionally strict sensory deprivation hood. My nipples were tortured until she brought me to tears. As we were coming up on our last hour,

I challenged her to immobilize me. In 7 minutes and 30 seconds, she delivered that - every part of my body tied tightly and immobilized. From my toes to my head - there was absolutely no movement. Then came the torture. I have never felt as helpless, and seen her so dramatically in control. To add to my peril, she sat on my chest and slowly wrapped her hands around my neck and squeezed. Although I completely trust her, she is capable of (and enjoys) delivering as much fear as anyone I know.

After another mistress arrived, Lady Carla agreed to tie the other mistress and I together and then left us to try and escape.

It was the most amazing session I've had - with any mistress. She continues to have my highest recommendation and respect.


April 2015

Met the wonderful Carla in early April this year for wrestling sessions.It was my first time seeing Carla.As always I was little nervous.However I shouldn't have been as this fantastic LADY made me feel at ease straight away with her warm and genuinely friendly personality.Carla is an extremely attractive woman and has a radiant smile that's unreal.We chatted for a few mins which I could have done for hours but it was time to wrestle!!
I went upstairs to mat room and got ready.I guessed she was going to look awesome but when she entered the room I was blown away!!For me she has the ultimate physique.Perfect muscular shape but really feminine as well.Her legs are awesome with fantastic fit thighs.Her upper body is naturally fit and so perfect.I like a particular type of wrestling,grappling style.I explained this to Carla and within 2mins she had it off to perfection.This led to 90mins of one of the best wrestling sessions iv ever had!!To wrestle such an Amazon beauty like Carla is such an honour,and see that body tensed ready to engage you in body to body combat is mind blowing!!!She is a very strong and fit Lady and a skilled wrestler and could overcome me no problem but she seemed to sense exactly what I liked and at times made me feel we were fighting as equals which felt unreal.We finished and had nice chat over a coffee.I was so overwhelmed with my time with Carla that I booked a second session with her for that weekend.
On day of second session I remember the excitement I felt when travelling on tube to see Carla again knowing the unreal experience I was going to have!!
Thanks Carla again until next time.
I live overseas and travel to London few times a year for wrestling sessions but from now on a trip there wouldn't be complete without a few sessions with this incredible LADY!!!!!

November 2015

If you're pondering whether to book a session with the wonderful Lady Carla, stop deliberating right now and send her an email - I GUARANTEE you won't regret it.

I've visited some very good dominatrixes in my time and this beautiful and enchanting mistress manages to combine all of their very best points while adding plenty of her own.

Warmth, humour, beauty, intelligence and charm - plus an all-important wickedly naughty and dominant side - she has it all, together with the breath-taking looks, curves and physique men dream of.

Having tried most aspects of BDSM over 20 years of play, the one great fantasy I'd never properly explored was being TRULY overpowered and taken control of by a beautiful, strong woman. This drew me into the realm of mixed wrestling and from that moment on I was hooked.

After a lot of research, one special lady really stood out, and what a great choice I made!

I'm delighted to say the awesome Lady Carla delivered on my domination and bondage wrestling fantasies on every count. Within 20 minutes of meeting her, I was eagerly thinking ahead to how soon I could make my next booking!

Prior to a first session, I'm always a bit nervous about meeting a new domme - but with this sensational mistress I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

Carla has a lovely, enthusiastic manner that immediately puts you totally at ease. Her communication skills are superb and, after explaining my likes and interests by email, we arranged a phone call to say hello properly. Again, I was a little nervous beforehand but she could not have been more charming and welcoming.

On the big day itself, we met up as agreed at the well-equipped venue she uses not far from Central London and once again, all my pre-session nerves vanished instantly as we started chatting about the evening ahead.

As a novice on the mixed wrestling front, I urged her to be gentle at first and not use her full amazing strength to force me into submission, and again her expert judgment was perfect. She did just enough to show me her total superiority over and over again, with plenty left in reserve!

After heading up to the wrestling room, she had kindly taken time to explain the rules and most common moves and holds, with my safety her No1 priority. She even offered some tips on resisting her advances but needless to say I didn't stand a chance once she began working her magic on the mats.

I consider myself reasonably strong and flexible but once you find yourself pinned between her awesome thighs, locked down by her sculpted biceps or trapped beneath her irresistible backside, trust me, you're not going anywhere!

My favourite memory - and one I'll always cherish - will be of her looking down at me with her beaming, seductive smile as I lay bound and helpless in a tight hog-tie, with no chance of escape from her expertly applied bondage.

As a practitioner of shibari - or Japanese rope bondage - she REALLY knows her stuff and it has to be experienced to be believed!

During an exquisite and breath-taking four-hour session, we divided our time between the wrestling mats and the traditional dungeon downstairs, with Carla always happy to listen to and fulfil my fantasies with an exquisite touch while offering her own inventive suggestions and imaginative ideas along the way.

Her enthusiasm and wonderfully engaging personality never faltered, and I can't remember having a more enjoyable evening.

Quite simply, she's the perfect woman - stunning blonde seductress, deliciously cruel dominatrix and amazing Amazonian goddess all rolled into one. A fantastically enjoyable session, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

G, November 2015

March 2016

Wow –“Lady Carla” – what an amazing experience. But where do I begin? The moment I met her, she put me at my ease. She is very engaging with lovely blue eyes and a beautiful smile. I probably expected her to greet me wearing full domme gear, latex, corset and stockings or, but to my surprise she was dressed normally. After the opening chit-chat she led me into the dungeon and asked me what I thought?

Now, I’ve seen a fair few dungeons in my time, but none quite like this one.

There’s a lot of equipment spaced around the room and, well, before I could reply to her question, she had grabbed my wrist and twisted it behind my back. Five seconds later and I’m handcuffed to the dungeon wall. She backs away laughing and exits the room leaving me to contemplate what was going to happen next. I tried to slip free, but after a couple of minutes, I resigned myself to the fact that I was going nowhere.

I didn’t have to wait too long.

She was soon back in the dungeon and she was dressed to perfection – and what an arresting sight it was. The next two hours were a blur. She is absolutely captivating (excuse the pun) and she pushed me to my limit throughout the session but always kept it safe. She is strong and determined, but also classy and full of surprises. I will definitely be back again soon.

January 2017

I met Lady Carla for the second time in a hotel room in London, and the first thing I noticed was that she had grown in muscle mass, after a short chat, we got down to the wrestling.I asked her to throw me on the bed using judo, this she did with ease, She even asked me how far I wanted to be thrown! Every time I landed, she pulled me off and threw me again, Lady Carla was in total control.She then lifted me across her shoulders,again with ease, and went into a airplane spin, again dumping me on the bed.Then I asked her how many submissions she could get out of me using head-scissors, foot chokes etc, the answer was 6 in under a minute! She swiftly went from one move to another, again showing just how easy she could control me.The session continued like this, her throwing me on the bed and then a head scissor with me tapping out almost immediately! Lady Carla then finished me off with some face sitting, by that time I was spent, but she had not even broken a sweat! Once again,thank you Lady Carla, you are one in a million!

March 2017

In popular culture, dual personalities are often used to represent the different sides of an individual. Jaime Sommers and Wonder Woman, Bruce Wayne and Batman, to this illustrious list I would like to addWrestler Lady Carla and Domme Lady Carla. In November 2015 I was searching for a good studio to have a wrestling session where I could roll around on the mats, I came across a place where one stunning lady in particular caught my eye – Lady Carla. There was a photo of her wearing a black shiny cat suit with boots kicking her leg almost to the height of the doorframe lintel, I was intrigued and wanted to find outmore so I emailed her and a session was duly organised. The walk from the station to the studio was very tense. So many thoughts and questions were racing through my mind, what would she be like, would anyone see me sneaking into the studio, could my ribs survive the first few minutes of being scissored by such strong legs? I knocked on the door as confidently as possible and waited for what seemed like an age before I heard the latch click and the door opened ever so slightly, a flash of blonde hair popped round the side and Lady Carla beckoned me inside. Perhaps sensing my nervousness Lady Carla leant over and gave me a firm hug which helped me to relax. We then sat down and had a chat where she asked about my previous experiences and went through the session request details that I’d emailed her. We then got changed and went up to the mat room to start the session. It was a surprisingly cosy feeling space, enclosed by large well padded crimson mats on 3 sides with quite a low ceiling; it feels intimate but not claustrophobic. The first thing I noticed was her overall strength. Starting from a kneeling position she pushed me onto my back and trapped me between her powerful thighs for the first time, my earlier fears about not surviving the initial squeezes were not realised as Lady Carla took it slowly at first to discover my limits. Over the next hour she demonstrated her vast portfolio of wrestling holds, countless variations of scissor holds as well as including some beatdown elements such as kicks and punches, the hour passed far too quickly and after a quick shower I was back on the tube home already looking forward to the next time; we had another session in the new year which was even better than the first as Lady Carla was able to push my limits further and introduce new elements to the session based on what she sensed that I liked before. Over the next few months I had many sessions with different ladies from all over the world at various venues in London but kept thinking about when I could see Lady Carla again. We met up just before Christmas at an amazing private domme party and had a nice chat and agreed that we should session again soon, I’d also had the same conversation with another mistress that evening so we arranged a 2 on 1 session. The best thing about this type of session is how the ladies interact with each other and make up devious plans as they go along. After mistakenly admitting I was ticklish they spent about 20 minutes tickling me all over until I was almost laughing and crying simultaneously. Then something special happened that I wasn’t expecting, the usually affable wrestler Lady Carla locked her stunning green eyes on mine, then narrowed her eyes and kept staring before grabbing my head and pulling me into a tight head scissors saying “come here” in her sexy accent before squeezing tightly and making me see stars; for the rest of the session I couldn’t stop looking into her eyes (apart from when they blindfolded me with their bras but that’s another story!) It was at that time that I knew I had to meet the other side of her personality – Domme Lady Carla. Unlike my previous wrestling sessions where I requested certain holds I asked Lady Carla to express herself as she normally would in her domme persona, Lady Carla always plays safely so she told me what safe words or hand signals should be used before asking me to get changed in the dungeon and await her arrival. Rather than her wrestling attire she stepped through the door wearing a stunning dress with sexy heels, when she addressed me her words were more succinct than before but delivered in that same sexy accent. The session started with me being blindfolded and stood in the middle of the room whilst Lady Carla circled me, with each passing minute my senses were becoming heightened and it felt like I was floating. Then, before I knew it Lady Carla had tied my entire upper body up in a beautifully symmetrical Shibari pattern. The action then moved to the bench where I was restrained and Lady Carla teased me with her sharp finger nails before scratching me and squeezing my C&Bs. Then it was my turn to worship Lady Carla’s bountiful calves, legs and bum; I had bought some Coconut oil specially for this purpose and the firm massage was appreciated by Lady Carla who rewarded me by using one of her muscular calves to cover my face which was amazing. However, there was one final act of adoration to be completed and I was lucky enough to be able to kiss Lady Carla’s beautifully pedicured toes and massage her smooth flawless feet. The session then ended with a demonstration of how she could control me with one finger by using different pressure points all over my body before some final crunching ballbusting kicks (her speciality in my opinion).Whatever type of session you choose you will have a superb time. Lady Carla is a great communicator, very skilled, professional, respectful and wants her clients to have an enjoyable time.

June 2017

Looking for domination perfection in a stunning ultra-feminine form? Then step forward...Lady Carla! Exquisitely sexy, visually stunning, physically awe-inspiring and utterly charming, I can't say enough good things about this wonderful woman. Combining all the excitement and control you could hope for in a first-class dominatrix with the warmth and generosity of the perfect "girl next door", she will turn your dreams into an unforgettable reality you'll treasure for weeks afterwards. On previous visits, we've combined a superb fantasy wrestling session with strict rope bondage and, later on, many magical hours in her well-equipped dungeon downstairs, and it's mix that's enticed me back time and time again. On the wrestling mats, her strength and skill have to be experienced to be believed, and at no point was there ever a chance I would get the upper hand. Sporting an array of dazzling outfits - and with me being a wrestling novice - the outcome was never in doubt! Numerous tap-outs ensued, and the icing on the cake was her "bondage wrestling" rope skills which had me bound, gagged and left helpless against my will over and over again. Once vulnerable, as requested she went to work on my nipples with a wonderful teasing touch that always leaves me begging for more, as well as putting her smothering and domination skills to good use. Perhaps most importantly, she takes such great pleasure from sessioning that the precious time spent with her is filled with humour and laughs, where appropriate, making it feel very special and relaxing while at the same time extremely arousing. Downstairs in the dungeon, she's a wizard with the whip and cane and has a great insight into just how far to push her subs. Her expertise and experience shine through, and when you first see her showing off her amazing figure in one of her figure-hugging costumes - stunning blonde hair piled high and with ruby-red lips to die for - you know you're going to experience something VERY special. I can't recommended a visit to this beautiful and mesmerising living goddess highly enough. Simply perfection!G ❤️ (June 2017)

February 2018

I just had a session with Lady Carla, and...well, I can just say WOW!!! It was a mind-blowing experience, not to mention a humbling one!First of all, she's absolutely gorgeous - the photos on her site fail to do her justice, and look watered down compared to her curvy, powerful figure. Imagine a beautiful blonde straight out of a James Bond movie...with the only difference that SHE would end up kicking the bad guys' butts and saving 007!She has a charming, warm and easy-going personality: we agreed to do a wrestling/domination session. Given my fifty-pound advantage, I was expecting to be able to give her a run for her money...boy, was I wrong! She absolutely CRUSHED me, dominating me effortlessy with an array of jiu-jitsu holds and basically overpowering me with sheer brutal strength. Getting defeated by such a sensual lady was at the same time humiliating and delicious...especially when she used her famous Kardashian-like B-side to facesit me into submission! She even beat me at armwrestling, an incredible feat considering my size advantage; and she celebrated by forcing me to worship her perfect feet...it was the stuff of dreams, let me tell you!I highly recommend her!"