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Kneel before your Goddess. A true Queen of BDSM with 13 years experience and a number of slaves who return to see Her regularly.
I am Mistress Lana, a lifestyle and professional Russian Domina in Moscow. My dominant style is one that is seductive and erotic in nature, in combination with sensual and sadistic applications and administrations. I can be strict, sadistic, domineering even condescending or a compassionate, caring and playful Mistress.
My sadism doesn't require inflicting particularly painful stimulations, yet pain is one of the tools I use to cause in you and your body the reactions I want you to have: a mixture of pleasure, embarrassment, excitement, fear, suffering. I welcome both novices and experienced submissives as long as they are motivated and sincere.  I indulge in nothing that is not Safe, Sane and Consensual, and demands respect and worship at all times in all communications. I am very understanding of your needs and will at all times respect your limits but you may count on me testing them.
Step into My world. Walk the thin edge between pleasure and pain, the dark path of erotic torment and seduction, abase yourself at My feet, and bathe in the ecstasy of your surrender. You have found you place, slave. Accept the inevitable from your beautiful Goddess Lana. Show Me your willingness to serve and I will show you the path to true submission.

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Goddess Lana Reviews (Post a Review)

December 2013

I have been undergoing training by my Mistress Lana for around a year now and she is simply incredible. She always stretches me further each time...in more ways than one! The following is from my most recent lesson. It was a three hour session so it's a long story!

I have been told by my Mistress to purchase black slik tights and fruit to our meeting. Of course, I obey. I feel myself going bright red with embarrassment as I walk around the supermarket, trying desperately to hide an erection under my suit – impossible. I buy large green grapes, 3 hard, yellow bananas, a ridiculously large and perfectly shaped carrot (its about 20cm long, 12cm wide at the base, narrowing in a perfect pyramid down to just a couple of cm at the tip) a snickers bar and of course, the stockings. I hover around the shop until there is no one at the counter (I know that they will see what I am buying and realise what I am doing – surely, no one buys a carrot like that to eat!?!. I walk to the cashier and buy the goods, my face and my cock filling with blood, my dick twitching like mad at the thought of what my Mistress will be doing to me with these things soon.

I wait at the hotel as instructed and my Mistress arrives exactly on time as always. I go to meet her at the lift to carry her bags.

We get to the room and I lay out my mistresses equipment as always. She likes to make me do this so I slowly get to see what she has brought for her entertainment and I can start to fantasise (panic!) about what she will be doing to train me today. Mistress inspects my purchases which I have laid out on a silver tray along with some champagne on ice and. She starts to laugh. I feel embarrassed.

She sits in a chair at the desk and orders me to stand infront of her and undress.

I’m already hard by the time I am naked. Mistress looks at my cock and laughs again. She means it.she really knows how to make me feel humiliated. She tells me to open my legs and put my hands behind my back. She leaves me standing there staring at me for a while, then kicks me hard in the balls. She does this very slowly 5 or 6 times and I drop like a stone to my knees, genuinely feeling as though I am about to throw up, coughing and apologising – I know I look pathetic.

She order me to all fours and to put my ass in the air, my face on the floor and look only at the carpet whilst she gets changed. The sound of her undressing, knowing she is naked so close to me is unbearable. I imagine her pussy, hear the sound of PVC and zips fastening. Its all I can do to stop myself playing with myself there on the spot!

Mistress Lana is wearing thigh length pvc boots, tiny black PVC shorts and a fishnet top just about concealing her perfect breasts. My dick is about to burst. Mistress orders me to crawl to the foot of the bed and present her with 7 large grapes. She forces me to bend over the bed and tells me to open my asshole. Still kneeling I face the bed, spread my legs, bend over and open my asshole with bothnhands. One by one she pushes the grapes deep inside my ass. Once they are in its time for a beating. My mistress has many instruments for beating my ass and she is painfully good with all of them. Right now i get my favourite pink whip. After every beating i must count. I cant explain how much it burns when my mistress beats me. She does it very slowly so i feel every stroke. Its an amazing feeling of release. I think I count to 12 before i seriously cant take any more but my mistres doesnt care. She tells me to stay still and gives me anoteher 3 hard whips.

Now its time to eat. Mistress sits on a chair behind me (I am still bent over the bed on my knees) and instructs me to take out the grapes. She wants to watch.I have to smell each one, slowly, lick it like I Am licking a dirty cock and then put it in my mouth and swallow. The first Ones are not so bad...the smell is exciting, the taste not so strong. By the third one, they are getting dirty...by the fifth one I start to gag and I keep looking at my mistress hoping she will let me stop... Mistress of course doesn't care and I have to finish the lot. all I can smell now is my own shit And I can feel the drying shity juice on my lips and under my noise.

I am ordered to stand and look ahead. Mistress mummifies my body tightly in cling film. My balls and dick exposed. She takes a knife and slices a hole for my ass. That's for later she tells me. I am blindfolded, a cock-gag is strapped into my mouth and I am pushed onto the bed. Mistress Lana stands above me and I can hear her take off her PVC shorts. She stands over my head and slowly lowers herself. I can smell her pussy, just centimeters from my face. I have desperately wanted to eat my mistresses pussy for a year now but I am never allowed. To be this close and not be able to taste is driving me crazy.she sits hard on my face, my nose in her ass hole. She grabs my hair with both hands and pulls my face into her ass. She starts to rub her pussy on my nose and the hard leather gag. It feels like she wil break my nose or my jaw.

My cock is tortured hard, my balls and dick tied with rope and stretched to perfection. A spiked wheel is pressed hard into my dick and balls again and again and of course both are beaten with what I think is still my favourite whip. When Mistress is satisfied that my tiny penis has learned its lesson, she Climbs off my face, walks to the bottom of the bed and beats my feet slowly with (i think) the rubber paddle. The burning in my crotch and my feet feels like fire. My head is spinning. When shes done, my Mistress tells me she needs to go to the toilet. I am dragged off the bed by my hair and forced to hop to the bathroom (I am still mummified). Mistress pushes me to the floor in the corner of the bathroom and pulls my head, face up over the side of the bath. My gag and blindfold are removed, mistress puts one foot on the bath, opens her pussy and pisses hard and fast over my face, my chest, my dick. She pisses into my eyes and of course down my throat. It tastes strong, bitter. It smells perfect. She seems to piss for a long long time. My eyes sting. She tells me I am her dirty little toilet pig. all the time she is pissing she is looking me in the eyes and smiling. She really knows how to get into my head!

Mistress takes a knife and cuts me free. She tells me to clean myself and put on the stockings like a good little girl. It's time to train my ass...

Ass training I think is a specialty of my mistress. She seems to enjoy watching as larger and larger objects are forced inside my hole. Mistress seems to enjoy putting me in front of the full length mirror and forcing me to fuck myself wiith objects so that we can both get a good look at things disappearing into my open hole. I won't take up ur time with the details... Needless to say, the bannanas and the carrot were put to very good use before they were forced down my throat and eaten. Of course my mistress completed my hole training by very kindly fucking me herself with one of her many strap on cocks. I was gently fucked standing up against the mirror, while she stroked my body, before being laid on my back on the bed and raped hard and fast, the gag and a pair of dirty panties in my mouth to keep me quiet.

Mistress Lana finished my session by strapping me to a chair and dishing out very slow needle torture to my penis and balls. I think I took 10 needles in all before my mistress was satisfied. Still wearing her latex gloves, I was then subjected to my first ever ruined orgasm... Incedible!!!

I always leave my sessions with my mistress feeling fantastic. Released. My head spinning. But This was by far the best training session I have ever had. Thank you mistress!

December 2013

It was my second meeting with Goddess Lana, a woman if exquisite beauty and unspeakable talent... A true Russian Empress, educated and articulate, with a western grace in all Her manners...

For an entire night she affectionately tormented me (amaxing oxymoron, eh?!) in most conceivable ways. I say "most" since a couple were left for our next meeting...

What started off as a sensual and romantic dinner in a beautiful 5-star hotel, ended up with my ass being fucked by a Sublime Goddess, in all conceivable positions. . .

I would certainly recommend Goddess Lana - She will take your breath away.. :)

And I can't wait for Her to train me to take Her delicious, sweet chocokate into my mouth...

Thank You Goddess Lana for yet another amazing night...

slave philip

March 2014

We spent a weekend together in a big city in southern Europe which was a very special and memorable experience.

Daytime she’s just like the girl next door, easy going, feet on the ground, honest, direct, funny and sweet. Also very curious, she likes going to museums, which i didn't mind at all.

Then suddenly, in the evening, she turns into the Goddess. Wicked seductive smile, sexy stockings, leather outfit, high heels. She’s quite tall with nice long legs, beautiful body and a very nice ass. Her Russian accent adds a special flavor to the whole impression of her.

One of the sessions started with Goddess telling me to lick her shoes, feet and legs. She then told me to suck her toes. When I did a bad job she would threaten me with punishments such as spanking, spitting, face slapping, strap on and golden shower which I experienced all.

Among the things she did was mummification which I liked very much because it certainly leaves you helpless and under control of the Goddess.

With her you feel safe because she knows what she’s doing and has a very steady hand and sharp eye. You can tell she is very experienced. She don’t drink alcohol which is good in this circumstances.

April 2014

I read by chance in her site that Mistress Lana needed a slave to show her Madrid around and I decided to contact her. She answered my email quickly, asking for details and experience. She asked me to book a private tour for both of us that included a gourmet meal, showing her good taste and demanding attitude. Once in my city, she asked me to pick her up at her hotel (one of the finest of the center) and take her to the private bus. She is indeed more beautiful and impressive than the pictures show. During the tour she was very nice, smiling and talkative, while asking me, however, as her slave, to carry her personal belongings and camera. We had a very good time together. When the tour ended, we had a wonderful session in her hotel. She orderered me to wait while she was taking a shower and getting ready for the session. I had asked for a foot worship session but Ms Lana told me that she liked to push the boundaries of her slaves so we tried many other things like bondage, which I liked very much. She had brought many instruments and outfit with her so it was like being in a studio. Her figure is statuesque, her attitude is very demanding and her feet are soft, long and narrow, with long red-pained toes. One of the most beautiful feet I've ever licked. After the session she was very nice and asked for feedback about my feelings.
In short, I would definitely recommend a session with Mistress Lana for her psychology skills, her beautiful body and her Goddess-like, strict, fussy, although friendly behaviour.

July 2014

I had several sessions with goddess Lana. Our first session Goddess Lana walked me through some ideas she had. We spent the next hour and half playing with all my baby things. Goddess Lana was so special and into the Scene she had my heart racing through out the entire session. I became Lana's little baby girl.
The following session we grew more and more comfortable and we even went to get our nails done, of course after I was dressed to her satisfaction.
We had so many interactions, bottle feedings, bubble baths, dressing up and posing, diaper changes and even some picture taking.
The time spent with Goddess Lana is the most precious and menorable in my life.


August 2014

Lana conceded to meet me in Moscow, where she lives. At the very first sight I have been overwhelmed by her classy outlook, sweet and tough at the same time. We spent two beautiful hours together, during which she proved my limits like no one else before, alternating sensuality and strenght, demanding more and more from my body and my mind.

She made me kneel in front of her, making clear that she was the master, conceding me the honor to receive and swallow her spit, the food she gave to me from her own mouth, and overall her pee... more than once, which was great because her pee is like sweet nectar.

She dispensed me pain and caresses, murmuring words at my ears, using whips, shovels and her wonderful hands... so soft, so mild, so relentless.

Her feet are the most beautiful that I have ever seen: and while I licked them, she made me the honor to congratulate with me for my ability!
As a cocksucker too: she used me as her personal slut, first making me swallow a middle size cock, wearing it and sticking it into my asshole, gaping it, wrecking it gently: then she grabbed a bigger one, which looked like the one of a black man, and made my suck it; finally I beg her to fuck me with that enormous, large cock, which she did for at least half an hour, in every position possible.

I came feeling her marvellous skin and hot crotch caressing my body, exhausted, destroyed by pleasure and pain.

I was her exclusive property all the time.

January 2015

By chance I discovered that Goddess Lana would come to my town. As I can only really submit to beautiful Mistresses, and as I had two great experiences with other Russian Doms,I thought I would give it a try. I almost canceled, as I was really sick the night before, but then I did not want the occassion to go away.

Goddess Lana is pretty and in shape. 

The session started with insults (not my thing, and Goddess must have realized, because they stopped soon after for the rest of the session) and face slapping. Nipple clamps. I started to enjoy. Indeed I felt the nipple torture for the next few days ;-)

Then onto the bed. cbt. despite having brought few instruments, she managed expertly to keep the balance between pain and pleasure. Switching between cbt and nipples. No chance to relax. Then the ass. Hand. Paddle. And then, my own belt. I will never be able to wear that inocently again ;-) With the wheel (the one with the spikes) on the sensitive parts of my ass. New for her, painful for me. Back to the cbt. I guess she musturbated me with her fingernails. Harder and harder. Pain and pleasure. At one point I asked her to never stop. And for along time she didnt. To sooth the pain, we were holding hands (the one she didnt use on my cock. And then, when she saw me looking at her sexy legs, she shoved them into my face to lick. The pleasure of kissing her feet, holding and caressing her hand, and at the same time the extremely painful masturbation was a slaves heaven ...

I wouldnt mind at all if she would open a dungeon in my hometown and would become a regular. But as this is doubtful, it was a beautiful but fleeting experience.

March 2015

It was my first time with a Professional Dominatrix. I had seen Goddess Lana's beautiful pictures on her web site but I did not know if the reality would come close to the pictures.
Mistress was very kind on the phone when taking the appointment. She was also very flexible for the time of our session.
While waiting for her, I was very stressed and did not know much what to expect.
When I saw her arriving at the hotel, she was very discrete as I had required. When entering into the lift with her , I was immediately amazed by her eyes and smile. Her eyes went straight to my soul. Her smile was so charming and seductive at the same time. Within a few seconds, with just a few words, she made me comfortable in her presence.
She was in no rush at all. Like welcoming a friend, we exchanged a bit about everything and what I liked and did not like. During the session, she respected all my requests.

As I had mentioned like I loved roleplay, she agreed to be my boss. With very fine refinement, she explained to me that my behavior had to be improved and that I would need to be punished for it.

The humiliation started when kissing and licking her high heel shoes and then her bare feet. I felt totally humiliated but yet, so proud of being at her feet. Playing with my body, snapping my face, her eyes kept smiling at me. Goddess Lana seemed to love torturing me... making me bark like a puppy, kissing her hands after slapping me. I believe she had great fun torturing my nipples. Twisting them, pulling them, she made me come close to her face smelling her great body perfume (she said that she did not perfume but it must have been her own body perfume).

She walked on me, gently but firmly. She kicked me in the balls, laughing at me and twisting my balls harder and harder.

The whole time, I could not stop my erection. She totally controlled my pleasure until the end.

As she seemed to like my tongue on her feet, I gave Goddess Lana a long and sensual massage. At no time, I felt like she was doing it for the job but only because she enjoyed my presence.

She made me feel very special until the last minute. The session must have last more then 90 minutes and I was in paradise while in pain.

I can't wait to see her again and I recommend highly others to phone her for a session. You will be blessed !

November 2015

I meet Goddess Lana in Singapore twice.
When I meet her was the impression very relaxing and felt comfortable direct from beginning and knew direct it should be success.
My fetish is to be fisted, not punch fisted but slow and deep.
She started easy to relax my hole and suddenly she was inside and did magic with her hand. After awhile I was so relaxed so she could get two hands inside to stretch, which I like very much.
Then we talked and decided to try her foot, me in doggy stile and she started to insert the foot with a great feeling, Unfornatly could I not take the whole food but almost, only heel remained outside. Even with the foot she was expert to give me a great feeling. Wow
Second time I had found a huge inflatable dildo 10x11 inch pumped up. We started with the magic hands and then continue with the dildo to stretch maximal, wow what a feeling, dripped cum like a flood. After a while she continue with the hands and really came in deep with a huge satisfaction for me. It was like she could read my mind how I wanted it to be.
If any have my fetish I strongly recommend Lana to give you a unforgettable session.
Thanks Lana

November 2015

My first meeting with Goddess Lana took place during November in Singapore. I stumbled upon her on the internet and she happened to be in town, her last day too! I contacted her and set up an appointment. Something about her made me feel at ease, made me feel like she is someone I would trust and submit to.

The session took place late at night, and as a first timer, she was very welcoming and easy to talk to. Slowly, she got to know the kinks which I was interested in and also my limits, even though I was open most stuff. The session started and her commanding presence took over. I felt a wave of submission sweep through me as I was commanded to lick her feet and shoes. I felt humiliated, but good. I have never felt so comfortable in my place, and I found that comfort kneeling in front of her licking her feet. She proceeded to tie me up and whip me with her instruments, balancing between pain and pleasure. I loved that helpless feeling. Despite all that, I found peace and safety in her because all my limits were well respected. She started to train my ass, stretching it beyond what I could normally do. She was brutal, yet gentle. All in all, I made the right decision in arranging a session with her that night. The moment where Goddess Lana chained a leash to my neck was a life changing moment I will never forget.

I would highly recommend Goddess Lana to everyone and can't wait for her to be back in Singapore.


November 2015

I had a session with Mistress Lana in Singapore in November. She was friendly yet dominant.We chatted before the session and that helped in the chemistry we had during the session. We began with some intense facesitting. She sat on my face with full weight and used it to achieve some loud orgasms. She was not done with me yet and I was invited for wrestling.Mistress was in full control and she strangled me between her strong thighs and facesat me again. In between she told me stories of how she loves horse /pony riding and her orgasms on horse back while dominating and riding them hard.I left the session completely satisfied and would come back in a heartbeat.

November 2015

Goddess Lana has been excellent and very professional ! she gave me a service above and beyond expectation. i got to worship and suck her feet and she pissed in my mouth two times and i got to drink it ! i loved seeing her pussy and her piss dripping in my mouth ! i was able to put her entire feet in my mouth and she let me video tape each moment in my GO PRO camera. I see this to date and masterbate everytime i see her feet ! i licked her soles from all angles. she made me lie down and put her feet on my face and i was jerking my self off. she gave me a foot job which was erotic ! she's a very cool mistress and i was 100 percent satisfied. I would come to her again and her feet are nice and suckable :)

November 2015

I met Lana during her visit to Singapore. It was my first time with pro-domme and I was a bit concerned with what I would be able to handle.
We started the session with a quick chat to discuss my interests and limits. She was very nice and allowed me to relax.
My main fetish is toilet training so we quickly moved to the bathroom. It was another first time for me and Lana was very professional. She peed on my face and gave me a dirty brown shower. I felt really dirty but very excited at the same time. Plus, she has a fantastic ass!
She was respectful of my limits and made sure things were ok for me but she was also firm and pushed me further than I thought I would go, which was very pleasurable.
After a quick shower, she allowed me to worship her beautiful feet before finishing the session sitting on my face.
Overall, I had a wonderful time and this session with Lana left me wanting for more. I would definitely recommend spending time with her!

December 2015

I had the great honour of meeting Mistress Lana during her last visit to Singapore in November . She is truly amazing and since that day, I have continously dreamt of being at her feet again. 

Certainly the most beautiful woman I ever had the honour of being in the presence of, and obeying her and serving her felt so natural and so right. 

I was put into my natural position from the start - nake and at her feet. Mistress Lana is so sexy - that I was completely rock hard and dripping pre-cum just being at her feet and without my cock being touched. 

Mistress Lana commented I had a nice cock. Whilst her comment made me smile, she then followed up saying that my nice cock would be good in a forced bi play session for her entertainment. That quickly put the fear into my heart because as a straight, that is probably the ultimate nightmare - yet I wanted to please the beautiful Mistress Lana so much that she probably could make me do anything.

Mistress Lana is so sexy that the moment she touched my cock, I had to beg her to stop. Just one touch from her, I felt like I wanted to explode. She laughed at how pathetic I am, and my face was slapped for being so pathetic. 

She proceeded to spit at me. First spitting at my face. As she looked into my eyes, seeing my struggle to accept the degrading humiliation,  so told me to open my mouth and spat directly into my mouth. She was making sure my humiliation was going directly into my soul - and that I knew that she completely ownee my, inside and outside. I literally had to swallow the humiliation. 

I was then orders onto the latex sheet covered bed, and to lay on my back. She then sat her perfect arse on my face.

It may of been complete humiliation, but it felt to be a true honour. To be underneath the most gorgeous bottom in the whole of Asia. I wished that moment never end. 

Mistress Lana, You are the most beautiful woman I have ever had the honour to be in the presence of. I will always worship you and beg to be in your presence again.

December 2015

I had the privilege of tasting Goddess Lana's wastes recently. The whole session was memorable.

Goddess Lana is a true Goddess, any man would gladly lie at Her Feet and. kiss Her Shoes. She has delicate toes an soft soles that perfectly suit Her.

When the time came for my service, Goddess Lana lay me on the pre-prepared bed, squatted over my face and amazingly controlled Her Volume so Her Shit
Just filled up my hungry mouth.

She laughed while encouraging me to chew and swallow. A pure delight.


January 2016

It was my first experience of BDSM and it was a perfect experience. I was incredibly nervous and scared before, but in the session Mistress Lana made me feel comfortable and natural.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her, and wished it went on forever. I would definitely visit her more whilst she is in Singapore and hope you visits more often.

Mistress Lana is incredibly beautiful and sexy. It felt so naturally to be naked at her feet, to obey her and to say yes Mistress to all her commands.

The training started with kissing and worshiping her feet. Licking the soles of her feet and sucking on each one of hers toes. Hearing her groan with pleasure and smiling as I worshiped her feet made me want to kiss her feet more - and made me hard.

Mistress then took pleasure teasing my hard cock and balls. They were tied up nicely and tight with a small rope. Then she lightly slapped it and whipped it. It was only lightly, but the pain was too much for me.

So she then started slapping my face. I deserve my slaps to my face to being to pathetic to take the slap to my balls. Thankful Mistress enjoyed slapping my face as much as she enjoyed slapping my balls.

She then took her attention to my nipples. Twisting and pinching them. My nipples were very sensitive. More sensitivity than my balls.

I was in pain, but I begged Mistress Lana for more and told her I wanted please her. Very playful, she took out a dice. She said when it landed on 1 or 2, she would play with the cock and bulls torture. 3 or 4 it would be nipple play. 5 or 6 it would be the face. I had truly become her toy, and was loving it.

After a few rounds of the game, I was ordered onto the bed. She then sat on my face, and slowly un-tied the rope from by cock. As soon as the rope loosened, I ejaculated.

I thanked Mistress for the most intense ejaculation ever, and begged to be her toy again.

Hope to see her again soon


January 2016

It was the first time in eveything for me. Getting to meet a mistress, being humiliated and treated like a slave and to serve whatever purpose that can please her. At the same time trying not to disappoint her. Before i met Mistress Lana, i requested to be her toilet. I wanted her to piss and shit in my mouth and make me swallow it. She agreed upon my request. It was my first time to have a mistress using me as her toilet. Upon meeting her, we had a little chat about what's going on. I was asked then to remove my clothes and i left my shorts on. It started with me sitting down and she started to grab my face called me a filthy pig and slapped me hard. Every touch from her i embrace it. Even if it's my first time being slapped by a mistress. Being able to be touched by Mistress Lana and having her face near me with her breath on my face humiliating me was so much pleasant and heavenly. I just wish i can stay for that moment for so long. I was asked then to strip naked and kneel down. She grabed my head pull it back and spit on my mouth. She told me to swallow it. The first time i swallow her spit my mind was telling me "At last, i always wanted this. And Mistress Lana is doing it on me." Not a single moment of regret or anything throughout the session. And then the moment she asked me to lay in bed and said be ready to swallow her piss and shit got me so excited and nervous at the same time. What if i cannot swallow them all. I dont want to make a mess in the bed of mistress Lana where she use it to sleep peacefully. She lay me down and went over me displaying her beautiful pussy and butt. I cannot help but submitting and craving myself more of her. She asked me to open my mouth and she started to piss slowly making me swallow one at a time. The taste is so delicious and nice. I was in a trance. She talked to me telling me how nice her piss is, how tastier it is compare to champagne and i couldn't agree more. And the ultimate challenge came. Its time for her to shit on my mouth. Its my first time. And im nervous. She made me beg for it. And before she managed to finish her words im already begging it and asking it want it in my mouth. She turn around showing me full view of her beautiful ass. I just wished i can worship it and kiss it and smell it. She started pushing it and i already saw it coming out slowly. Thats when i open my mouth wide and a chunck drop in my mouth. I wanted to swallow it straight away but i just remember that surely Mistress Lana want to know how much of her shit is in my mouth, so i hold it there and another chunck of shit went into my mouth. About 3 to 4 times before she stopped and she turned around looked at me straight in my eyes with her face so close to me. Telling me how she like to shit in my pretty face. And then she asked me to open my mouth so she can see whats inside. I was lucky and happy i did not swallow straight away or it might have disappoint my Mistress. After she is pleased with what she saw, i was told to chew it. Chew as much as i can. There's where the taste all start to come in. I keep chewing until it became watery. I savour the taste as much as i can. I managed to maintain my gag reflexes. Somehow a little tears went out from my eyes. Was a little embarrased about it. And then i was told to swallow. I managed to do it with a bit of gagging problem and all of it is in my stomach. I couldn't have ask anything more. It's my dream. And Mistress Lana made it happened for me. She praised me telling me i did really well. Even the experienced shit pig didnt managed to swallow all. At that moment i just want to dedicate my life to her entirely and please her more and be her toilet. I hope i can meet her again and serve her in any way possible.

February 2016

This is my first time with Mistress Lana, and I am pretty new to BDSM scene. I was incredibly nervous before the session, but upon arrival, Mistress Lana made me felt comfortable. Being new to BDSM, MIstress Lana made sure to know the limits for me before proceeding with the session.

Mistress Lana really showed her dominance right from the very start of the session. As soon as the session starts, she had me preparing everything for her pleasure. After the preparations were done, she started dressing me as her sissy. After which, the training as her personal sissy started, and she even gave me my very own feminine name.

The training started with me worshipping her feet while she starts humiliating me and torturing my cock and balls. After which, she has me crawling around begging to suck her strap on while she pulled me by the leash, to which, she made me suck till the point she starts fucking me in the face, forcing the strapon down my throat, although sadly, i was unable to take it down my throat.

She then proceeded to fuck me deep in my pussy, making me beg her to fuck me. As I was very tight, I begged her to be gentle, and once she started pushing deep into me, the pain was there but it was very bearable. This went on for a while, while she repeatedly rammed the strapon deep into me, making me beg for more. She even played with my cock while she enjoyed fucking me. I ended up cumming while she was fucking me, ejaculating all over the panties that Mistress Lana made me wear.

February 2016

Mistress took me on my first journey into this lifestyle, and I loved it! She dressed me up like a good little slut cocksucker like I am and then she spanked my bottom red. The way she talked dirty to me in her sexy Russian accent was divine! I will come to her again when she returns.

As to the business side of this, I really liked how the mistress talked with me a while in order to understand my true desires. I also appreciated how she was very clean in everything she did. I would strongly recommend her to anyone!

February 2016

I had to admit, this being my first experience with a Professional Dominatrix, I was both excited and hesitant at the same time. I didn't know what to expect or what I needed to do before and during our meeting. When I finally meet up with Miss Lana, I was both awed and overwhelmed by her beauty and presence. Being the professional that she was, Miss Lana sensed my apprehension and she proceeded to indulge in some small talk with me, breaking the ice and helping me to relax before our session. Miss Lana made it a point to find out exactly where I drew the line in terms of my DO's and DONT's before we proceeded with our session.

I had actually spoken with Miss Lana beforehand and had requested for her to fulfill a long-time outstanding fantasy about mine. Due to the complexity of the fantasy, Miss Lana had to actually make a few amendments to her usual itinerary and toys to suit certain "applications". For this, I am eternally grateful.

As the fantasy played out, I soon found Miss Lana to be a Mistress who was both strict and yet fair. Every time I made a mistake, I was punished accordingly while I was rewarded when I did something right. Throughout the entire session, Miss Lana never once broke character while she continued to train me, keeping me in a state of sexual nirvana while bombarding my senses with a balance of both pain and pleasure. Over the next few hours, I was subjected to multiple levels of sensuous subjugation and belittlement. From small things like facial slapping, verbal abuse and spitting, to the more extreme aspects like CBT, caning and golden showers. Miss Lana saw to it that I experienced first-hand, the wonders of the BDSM world. Our session ended with Miss Lana introducing me to the wondrous pleasures of anal. Miss Lana knew that I was an anal virgin and thus took her time with me. What started out as a single finger soon escalated and ended with me cumming on the end of her wondrous strap-on as she fucked me doggy-style.

The sessions ended slightly past my allocated session duration but Miss Lana did not make it a point to pursue financial reimbursement, displaying her generous and kind-hearted nature. I left the session with absolutely no regrets and a deep seated longing to see my Mistress again, in the not too distant future. If I had to describe Miss Lana in one word, the only word that comes to mind would be "GODSEND". For all you guys out there who would like to give BDSM a try. You need look no further cause your Mistress is here, in the form of Miss Lana.


March 2016

I met Mistress Lana when she was visiting Hong Kong in March(a couple of days ago). She is my first BDSM experience, it was extremely easy to arrange the meeting with her and she is always responsive! As i met her on the last day of her visit. We agreed to meet at the famous Botanical Garden to relax ourselves and have some sightseeing. Unfortunately there was a rainstorm and we immediately went back to hotel. I was very nervous at first but Lana slowly trained me as her slave effortlessly. There was intense slapping, spitting, face sitting and spanking throughout the session with Lana and she did not rush anything at all. It was a very nice first experience with Lana and definitely I would hope to meet her again in future.

Chinese Dog

May 2016

Dear Goddess Lana,Thanks for these unforgettable sessions. You.re the most, magnetic, and sexy domina i,ve met all over the world. You.re the master in cock torture and nipples torture and you send me directly to hell with feelings i couldn.t imagine.I love caressing your divin legs and your black stockings, licking your heels... that drives me completely addicted. I love when you spit on my face while insulting me. I highly recommend your tortures and hope to be soon in your hands again.Tom, May 2016

September 2016

Goddess Lana is a dominating, sexy and beautiful lady with marvellous feet and with pretty, tempting eyes. Actually, not only her body, face and feet, but her entire self is tempting and full of beauty & sexiness. Thus, when you encounter her at the very first time, you just get amazed by her. Following the amusement she has created upon her slave, in addition this fact, a slave can not resist to her because of everything she has, a Mistress needs to have. To talk a bit about my personal session, I had lived an amazing experience of 2 hours. Mistress Lana was the first one, who had pushed my limits this much and She was the first one whom I encountered new experiences with. She really understands what you want to live and makes you live that experience. She gets to know you even more than you know yourself. A truly Goddess. She is really beautiful and she has an amazing, adorable feet, which makes you desire to worship her for your entire life. She has a good English and is very good at knowing you about what you want to live with her. So, I would highly recommend a slave to get a real life session with her as soon as possible which is going to be an unforgettable session.

September 2016

I have a session with Mistress Lana yesterday. My first time serving her and she was really a professional, tall and model look alike, stunning beauty and sexy. We have a chat before the session start and also to understand the dos/donts and suggestions. It was overall a wonderful session and I really enjoy the torture and pleasure inflicted on me with the many toys used. Thanks Mistress Lana you are such a great dominatrix.Danielle from Johor Bahru

October 2016

It was my first time meeting Mistress Lana during her trip to asia recently. I was so nervous to see her but it went well for 1st timer. I was asked to undress and bath. After that she turn me to sissy by command me to wear stockings before continue with sessions that involved tied-up, spanking, caning and strap-on play etc.. Im really glad to meet her in person and learnt new thing. Hope to see her again in future.

February 2017

My first session with Goddess Lana was a definitely incredible experience.From the get go, She exuded her authority over me, not wasting a single second to prove why She is to worshiped.Before we began, Goddess Lana was kind enough to ask me where i stand on several S&M experiences. It was at this moment, She introduced to me spitting, an experience i definitely did not think i would enjoy as much as i did, and one i would definitely want to experience more of in Her capable hands.As for the session proper, i asked to be turned into a sissy slut, and Goddess had prepared for me all the items and experiences that would entail. She gave me a lovely silky teddy to wear, along with some stockings, followed by a blonde wig and makeup. After my makeover was done, Goddess cuffed my hands and really went to town on me.My balls were then whipped, caned and tortured beyond what i could ask for. Goddess Lana knew how to treat my balls, and i loved every minute of it.Goddess Lana wore a nice, lovely strapon, and lowered my head, ordering me to work that cock. She was very tough and assertive, but gentle enough to allow me room to get comfortable with Her cock. A sign of a truly great Domme, and Goddess.As we went on to fucking my asspussy, She was again gentle, up to a point. Once i was comfortable with the pace of the fucking, She ramped it up, essentially raping my useless hole. I moaned like the bitch i was, and was treated like the useless whore i was becoming.Unfortunately, it was around this time that i made a mistake that cost me quite a bit of my session. I accidentally spilled some liquid in my nose after clumsily trying to use a popper. Fortunately, Goddess Lana was experienced enough to know what to do, and in the end i managed to clean it out before anything really bad could've happened.As the finale for this session, Goddess Lana plugged my ass with an inflatable plug, and played with me for the longest time, forcing me to cum as the plug kept expanding and contracting in my hole.Overall, my first session with Goddess Lana was very satisfying and i would definitely book another session with Her. I would definitely recommend Goddess Lana to everyone who wants to have their fantasies and longings fulfilled.

April 2017

I took an appointment with Mistress Lana on the day of arrival to Dubai. She was very nice and took the time to answer my few questions. Her incall location is in a safe place so no need to worry. She greeted me with a gorgeous smile , her pics don't give her justice !We started off with a short conversation which put me at ease. I started by worshipping her beautiful feet , I felt in heaven under them : they are soft and beautiful and smell amazing. She then spat inside my mouth which made me feel so aroused and that she owned me.Goddess Lana then ordered me to worship her ass : the feeling was indescribable. I felt owned by her while she sat on my face. Goddess Lana then fingered me slowly at the beginning and then started going harder and faster: i felt a million orgasms exploding inside of me.Goddess Lana then ordered me to lay in the tub and I received her golden nectar on my body and face..the feeling and taste were amazing...at the end she ordered me to cum by masturbating while she was looking into my eyes..at this point i felt like crying from the pure joyShe is an amazing Goddess and makes you try things you didn't think of before , she opens you up to new horizons. Honestly she was the best experience I had. Thank you Mistress for allowing me to serve you, I will be thinking of your feet until we meet again.

June 2017

I met Goddess Lana a few weeks ago for the third or so time, so I partly knew what I could be expecting - and what was expecting me. Goddess Lana is a stunningly beautiful mistress, long legs, divine feet that She let me kiss and worship, pleasant in conversation not only because of her sexy accent which gives both the conversation before and the session itself a very special note. In fact, I thought to myself that She's probably a really cool person and interesting woman in "real life", but that's not why I went to see Her.Despite the fact that I partly knew what to expect, Goddess Lana has the ability to add a notion of surprise as she seems a creative author of role plays. I will not spoil anybody's future experience by telling the story (only that much: I was the teacher, she was the student, and she found a way to blackmail me), but it served very well as a platform for humiliation and domination.I am very much into soft domination and Goddess Lana made me worship her beautiful ass as a punishment and consequence of my behavior in the role play, all accompanied by provocative comments demonstrating Her power over me. When I behaved better, she rewarded me by letting me kiss and lick and caress her slender feet. Every now and then she would spit into my mouth (I'm ok with that but could do without it). At all times one feels that She is enjoying the power She is exerting. She finally mad me jerk off intensely while commenting that I am now in Her power and will have to serve as Her slave whenever She wants.I did not try out any of the rest, like harder action or toilet play. I am sure she can be an expert in any of the certainly more than 50 shades of whatever color She wants to agree to…

July 2017

My first meeting with the divine mistress Lana was in Dubai, it was a foot fetish/foot domination session.she greeted me at the door and immediately i noticed her beautiful long legs and her succulent long toes painted red in stilettos, we started of by chatting which made me less nervous. You can quickly tell that shes a smart educated woman, we've already talked about my interests which were mainly feet, trampling and spitting, she asked me if i'm into verbal humiliation which i replied to "not much". She told me to strip down, kneel and then she put a leash on me, she dragged me around the place on my fours and then she spat into my mouth which got me in the mood and the fact the i'm in that moment...her slave.She told me to beg to kiss her feet, which i did...many times, until she gave me the honor of giving her beautiful feet still in stilettos ten kisses while counting the number of each kiss, i was kissing and sniffing the slight but divine aroma from her slippers while she was towering above me like the goddess she is.She spat in my mouth again and i couldn't do anything but thank her for this honor.She dragged me with the leash after slapping me a couple of times on my face and sat down on a high chair that looked like a throne for a queen, and she ordered me to take off her stilettos and only kiss her foot, which i did, her feet are true feet of a goddess every kiss i would sniff the divine slight smell of her foot as she would press it against my face. I did the same thing with the other foot and now shes pressing both of her feet hard on my face smothering and covering my whole face with her beautiful feet. After a short while of kissing and sniffing her feet she allowed me to start licking, long slow licks of her soles starting with the heel going all the way up to the toes which i started sucking on them as i couldn't resist, she told me not to suck and only to lick, she ordered me to stick my tongue out as she swiped her foot across. I started sucking on her long beautiful toes after i was granted permission and worshiping her feet while she occasionally would slap my face with one foot while the other one is in my mouth, and also spat into my mouth from time to time.A while after she ordered me to lie on my back with my face under her feet while she was still sitting on the chair,She continued to smother and stomp my face, she spat on me a couple of times from her high chair and missed my mouth once hitting my eye...which i loved, i could feel the humiliation and i knew shes my goddess and i am her slave, she swiped the spit with her sole and spread it around my face while i'm still licking and sucking her soles. She was pressing harder and harder on my face but now she stood up and started trampling me,she started talking to me while she was on top of me and she was jumping on me while i was speaking so my breath would escape my body, and the she would squat down only to spit into my month and give me a slap on my face. She was pressing down hard on my face with one foot on my chest i told her that she can stand full weight of my face, she said she hasn't done that before and she was worried for my safety, i told her its fine and that i can take it and eventually she did....now standing full weight on my face i can feel her weight on me while seeing the bottom of her long toes from the corner of my eyes, it was a great view.After that she started trampling my hard cock and balls while slightly kicking and stomping them.She commented earlier on my body that its well build and muscular, she want to take some pictures without showing my face and asked if ill be okay with it, which i was...she stood on my face again full weight while taking pictures, and this time for longer, i could feel my breath leaving my body at the same time i was in heaven. She smothered my face with her feet while taking some more pictures in different poses, and then she brought a banana chewed it and spat some of it on my face and stomped on it, i felt truly humiliated and i loved every second of it, then she took another bite chewed it and spat it on my chest crushing it and feeding it to me with her divine foot while taking some more pictures.After a while of doing that she sat on her throne and smothered my face with her banana covered soles while i was licking and worshiping....i heard her strict voice with that sexy accent saying "now jerk while my feet are in your face..." needless to say after all that it didn't take me long at all to cum...but i kept on licking.All in all it was an experience, a great one that i'm looking forward to doing again.

July 2017

I was visiting Goddess Lana during her stay in Dubai. We were having some nice casual talk before the session. She is so nice and like a close friend. But that's only before she turns into a cruel, non-compromising Domina.In our role-play, I got excited by her behaviour, by her look, so that I was eagerly awaiting the punishment session to come.Her beautiful voice with the Russian accent didn't leave any doubt in me, that she knows what SHE wants to do, and that there is no way than to GIVE IN and let her guide, and do with me whatever she wants.I enjoyed every second of the punishment when I was fixed to the door with some straps. The spanking and CBT she did, turned me on for more.More was coming in the mummification. She did a tight wrapping in plastic film, and she did it slowly and thoroughly, getting me more and more excited. It was so tight, I couldn't move any part of my body a single millimeter. Just 1 part, which was spared from wrapping, was nervously quivering and twitching.It was so phantastic, being so helpless, and seeing her beautiful face and lips close to me, yet unreachable for me. She tortured my nipples as she liked, and when I showed reaction to that, she punished me with further spanking. A moment I thought I'm getting some rest, but I had to realize that she was coming with another series of torture activities. The breath control she did, was with a lot of control and bringing me always close to the edge. The face sitting, being below her and smelling her, was worth the sacrifice of getting air. In the end she played with me by pulling a plastic bag over my head and holding it closed, as she liked.It was great and I enjoyed the session very much. I felt all the time safe in her professional hands.

July 2017

Met mistress Lana at early July in her quite lovely home and for sure she is the best mistress and most professional queen in the town , the special about her that she can make you feel that you are real slave while she laughs and the way she dominate make you feel that you are real sissy slave , she is super dominant and she knows how to control every part of it , plus she has all the important tools that make you enjoy it to the maximum , looking forward to meet you again

November 2017

I met this gorgeous mistress, the perfect lady in Beirut...she was my first ever & she will be my one and only mistress for future meetings...her comfort for the first few minutes to understand what i needed and what she was ready to give was just so relaxing and inviting...then at the right time i met her amazing feet infront of my face & mouth where my ears were just waiting to hear the command ”lick them” and that ignited the thrill, i never wanted to stop licking that lovely sexy sweat of the soles & toes...she felt in me that i was all hers, and suddenly i was invited to get to know those other intimidating smells from the panty...OMG...meanwhile and from time to time, she made my mouth wet with her spit...never tasted so much better that i almost felt it was part of own saliva, and eventually i just had to swallow it...that was repeated...my final wish for this time was to taste her Golden Nectar, just great and will need more for next time since there is always a first time for anything...finally i need to say that i never wanted to come and that is only for one reason, it’s for that you can never get enough of her pleasure and not to forget, i kept begging to see her eyes, they are just so romantic.

December 2017

I recently had the absolute pleasure to visit Mistress Lana in Moscow. My schedule was difficult, but she was very accommodating to find a time to see me. It was a great little location with privacy and great for sessions. I have visited two pro-Dommes before this, but I really do have to say that Mistress Lana was the best. She was very good at understanding my fantasy. I told her I am a bit open to new things and that she could make things up along the way if she liked. She did, and did it quite well. Everything was exciting, and her role play skills were amazing. While respecting my limits, she did push them...which I enjoyed throughly. I worshiped her boots and cleaned them thoroughly, then was restrained quite tightly on her bed for punishment time. She used all her devices, paddle, crop, cane...until my ass was nice and tender. I was then rolled over, and more tease and pain followed. After sitting on my face while stroking me into oblivion, she decided that I was allowed to fun, but at a price. She demanded I drink her “champagne”, and if I drank it all, I could have a full orgasm with her hand. Half, and I would cum with my own hand. If I didn’t drink any, she planned to use sounding devices on me and give me a ruined orgasm. Definitely pushed my limits here, but I obeyed successfully and got my reward. It's such an amazing feeling to try something new, especially while you're at the whim of such a beautiful and powerful Goddess. I couldn't have asked for a better session. Can't wait to go back and visit Mistress Lana again someday!