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I AM a chalice of raw Feminine sexuality and power composed of a deep desire to OWN slaves, to add unto My already growing stable. I dare you to take a dip into subspace as I stand 5'2 above you. When I allow you your eyes to slowly make their way to Me, they will meet My petite succulent feet, delicate curves, cinched waist, a bosom that can only be expressed as a cherry blossom in the midst of spring, continued by a lovely pair of cherry lips, My angelical yet predatory green eyes that are daintily framed by My silky long black-brown hair.

My lips will spew perverse little melodies that will drive you to the wildest of My desires. I'm a sado-erotic slave trainer who loves to hear Her prey moan in distress, naked, tied, stepped on, teased, spanked, cross dressed, and stuffed. If you can conquer the challenge I dare you to try being a little test dummy for My even darker little methods, canes, chastity belts, toilets, medical play, whips, cigarettes, forcedfem play, and if you're a true contender I may even take you on a public not-so-secret escapade.

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January 2016

Goddess Gia is the epitome of perfection.  The way she quickly grabs your soul and takes over your mind, leaving you with nothing. When I arrived for my first session ever. She greeted me with laughter at how stupid I looked wandering the streets trying to find her play-space.  I was twenty minutes late to the session, and she reminded me I would be punished for it.  I entered, and fell to my knees at her breathtaking beauty. She told me to strip and I did leaving my clothes in a pile.  She slapped me so hard my ear rang and demanded I fold them saying, “she wasn’t my mother”.  I got back on my knees and began the journey of a lifetime.  She allowed me to worship her feet all the while throwing humiliation my way, completely breaking me to near tears.  Then she stopped had me roll over on my stomach and she went for a bag. I thought it had needles in it and I hate needles of course. She then told me that it was my fear and distrust that put that thought there. It turned out i

t was a chastity belt, but because of my fear she went for the needle. I almost died. Begging and pleading she told me that I wouldn’t be pierced this session.  I needed to trust her but that didn’t stop her from mind-fucking me because of my distrust. This went on for awhile totally owning me making me into her slave, periodically spitting on me, sometimes into my mouth. Then allowing me to kiss her feet which melted me, into a piece of clay in her hands.  She then reminded me I was to be punished and I was 20 minutes late. That meant 20 hits from her brush which destroyed me.  I almost couldn’t bare it. They came so hard she even threw in a few for good luck.  Next she asked me to bring her a coin which I did.  She asked, “heads or tails”, I said, “heads” she said “she is fair”.  Then she flipped it, and as Goddess always does, she wins. It was tails so I was to receive 5 more and she enjoyed it. I think she gave me a few more as well which pleased her, and enslaved me more

. Next she asked me to ask her a question a thing she does periodically to learn about you. I asked if she’s going to shit on me. She gleefully responds with in my mouth and I die. I’ve never even had a golden shower. That quickly changed and she gagged me with her caviar and champagne. She owns me forever now I will never leave her and you shouldn’t either give in and allow for Goddess to take over.

June 2016

The first thing to understand about Goddess Gia is she is a (very) dominant woman who is a Pro Domme.  Dominance comes first and Pro Domme second for her.  Goddess Gia is incredibly beautiful - as beautiful as her photos but a photo can’t show the dominance in her eyes, which can give you an unambiguous message in a split second.

Goddess Gia’s website instructs you to remove your shoes and kneel immediately upon entering and await further instructions, and she means it.  Instructions for me involved her moving a foot forward for me to kiss.  Now that I’ve seen her a few times, I immediately bow and kiss her feet upon entering.  I’ll normally feel her foot pressing on my hand, or my head, back or neck, which i love.  It immediately puts me in my place and establishes her dominance (although at this point, i need no reminding of that and i am happiest when i am at her feet).

Goddess sessions in a studio in Manhattan and not a dungeon.  Personally I love this atmosphere because it matches her natural dominance rather than a Pro Domme setting.

In a recent session, Goddess started by dragging me partway across the floor by my hair, and mercifully letting me crawl the rest of the way to her couch.  Goddess tortured my balls with her hands, her cane, and a flogger.  She used her cane on the bottoms of my feet, and a few times I thought my right nipple was about to come off from the pulling and twisting.  I’m not even a masochist, but with Goddess Gia, I’ve learned to love pleasing her.  She has that effect. 

Once i knew i was under her control, the desire to please just got stronger.  At one session she told me she was on her period and what would please her is if I licked her pad.  She asked if that was a hard limit and I said it was.  But after a few minutes and seeing the disappointment I had caused, I said I would try.  She went in the other room and removed it and came back and held it out for me.  That was a difficult moment for me because I wanted to do nothing less, and I wanted to do nothing more.  I built up to it, kissing lightly at first, then licking lightly, then licking her spit off it.  Eventually it became natural and everything that followed, well, Goddess said it pleased her and I saw her smile.

Goddess is masterful at mixing harsh dominance with sensuality and physcological control.

In one session, i asked that i not be made to lick the floor or anything that maintains contact with the floor (bottoms of shoes, etc).  Within minutes I was licking water off of her floor (which was my choice and due to my immediate feeling of complete submission).  I asked for no marks, but now, a few sessions later, I am craving her mark.  I would have never considered FTT but because Goddess gets pleasure from it, and because I don’t want to be an inadequate slave to her, I’m ready for that (or at least I hope I am).

Once you understand that Goddess is genuinely dominant, and doesn’t work from your checklist of “i want a, b and c” the more fulfilling serving her will become.  That doesn’t mean she won’t do some things off your wish list.  It just means you shouldn’t expect a scripted session.  Serving Goddess Gia is anything but scripted.

July 2016

What was it about Goddess Gia Peccato that drew me to session with her? Her reviews on Maxfisch were stellar but the sessions they described weren’t a good match for my interests. I’m a masochist. Corporal and CBT were a match but nipple torture, my favorite activity, wasn’t mentioned on her site. Yet there was something that told me I should see her. Maybe it was the personal connection that so many said she made in a session. Maybe it was how mature she was at such a young age (although I’m not usually drawn to younger Dommes). I still can’t pinpoint what it was, but I sent a session request through her web site anyway. In brief but clear responses to my several emails leading up to our session I thought I might have stumbled into something very good. And it was very, very good. Her reviews said she was verbal and got you to communicate with her, but what I felt during the session was a connection unlike any I’ve experienced in my decades in the scene. Her site said that she was a sadist but didn’t, indeed couldn't, fully portray how her sadism blossoms when she has a masochist in her delicate but expert hands. It was magical. And very, very painful. And it could not have been better. She, the predator dressed in leather, and I her naked prey on his knees before her, to be played with for her amusement. Over and over again she took me to my edges, sometimes just beyond, only to back off and do it over and over again. When her hands drew me close the energy flow between her sadism and my masochism was absolutely electric. And always she probed in her soft Latin lilt, seeking my desires, using my answers to find just the right tortures to fulfill my needs. After the session, and a long moment goodbye, my knees were weak as I took the elevator down to the street. I had to walk around town for 20 minutes to compose myself before I got in my car for the drive home. Yes, it was that intense. And that good.Two emails from her capture the experience well. Before the session she wrote: Violin – meet bow.After the session she wrote: playing you was like Vivaldi performing his SpringIt was surely a tour de force performance.

August 2016

The session was hot and had lots of close interaction and sensual touches. Session started with a few light kicks on the balls over my trousers and after stripping, took me to the mirror area and showed how supreme she was compared to me. To prove the fact, she twitched my cock and balls and then led me to the play area catching me by the balls. Asked me to lie down on the floor and restrained my legs and arms. This was followed by sensual domination. As I get hard, she would either slap my balls and cock or give my balls a good squeeze which made my dick limp again. She did facesitting (fully clothed always) and continued the tapping and slapping of the cock and balls. Later, she focused on my core fantasy, CBT. She took hold of my balls for well over 15 minutes and ordering me to come (ruined orgasm) with multiple grips on the cock and squeezing them in different ways. My balls were under her grip for complete 15 mts and I could not come even though my dick was hard as she would squeeze my balls to send a deep sensation, again slowing me down. She would laugh at my predicament and my reaction every time she squeezed my balls. Finally she allowed me to come and it was massive but while I was coming she beat my balls and squeezed them again. This was a dream for me. Finally after cleaning up, she made me kiss her feet and spit into my mouth and we had a discussion about the session. It was time to leave and before leaving she asked me to kneel and kiss her feet again and then she decided to send me off with a few more light slaps to my manhood over my trousers. This was a perfect parting gift for me.. as I always wanted to leave with a remembrance of my favorite fantasy. i could feel the tinge of those slaps all the way to the parking. In all, a great hot session with a great Goddess. I would happily recommend to a person who has had atleast 1 Femdom session earlier with a Domme. She made me explore boundaries which I hadnt gone to earlier and what I thought I could not take. I can feel her grip on my balls even a day after the session.She will ask you to talk to her and ask her something in between the session - You could make use of this opportunity to tell her what you want her to try out so that she can make you explore different fantasies which you want to try out.

September 2016

Goddess Gia is everything you can imagine until you meet her. Then you realize you could have never imagined a someone so perfect, so passionate, and so good at what they do! I have seen a few "mistresse" around my area and have been routinely disappointed by lack of professionalism and intensity. Goddess Gia's website offered me a lot of hope that I may have finally found the experience I had been looking for and what an experience it was!Upon meeting Goddess Gia her voice and beauty will captivate you from the start and from there you are helpless. She had clearly read my interests and after a brief discussion about them she took the session from 0-100 instantly. She likes to play hard and that doesn't disappoint! Goddess will make you feel like you have known her forever and that's how long you will want to serve her for. The ease that she puts you at while gladly taking all she has to offer is indescribable. I had been looking for an authentic and intense experience and have finally found it. Goddess Gia must be seen to be believed!

February 2017

What I have to say can never give justice to just how incredible Goddess Gia truly is. I will try to convey some of what I felt and experienced but you have to feel it for yourself to really understand what I am saying. Seeing her pictures online is incredible in of itself but that’s like looking at a picture of a summer day and saying you know the warmth of summer. You won’t be sorry if you book a session, no matter what you are seeking. I was hesitant to schedule a session because I am so inexperienced and the Goddess’s beauty is so intimidating but I finally took the plunge. Initially I only planned to worship Goddess’s perfect feet (and they truly are perfect), and that is how the session started. Goddess had me on my knees right away to kiss and pamper her feet, and I was obviously overjoyed. Goddess had me tell her about myself and what I hoped to achieve through the session and I was struck with how safe and accepted she made me feel. Right then I knew I was ready to move beyond foot worship and push myself. After kissing Goddess’s incredible soles and licking up her delicious spit for 10 minutes or so, Goddess had me lie down and began to hypnotize me. Twenty minutes prior, I never would have thought I could give in so easily but with Goddess’s soothing voice guiding me it was like drifting off to sleep. Goddess led me down into my mind and suddenly the experience was beyond just sensual. I felt like my eyes were opening for the first time, it felt religious. After an unknown amount of time Goddess guided me back to the surface of my consciousness with her velvety voice. Goddess rested her perfect feet on my face while I felt her amazing touch on my chest and then said she wanted to shock me. I have never envisioned myself enjoying pain but I said yes without a thought. I felt so safe in her presence and it was an easy answer. It was so unbelievably easy to just fully give into Goddess. As she shocked me allover my trembling torso she continually asked me about myself and had me ask her about herself. Just talking to the Goddess is amazing and one cannot help but to be awed by how intelligent and in command of herself and her world she is. I’ve never met someone like Goddess Gia and I suspect I never will. I began to fully understand myself as a person and submissive, and again prior to the session I did not view myself as submissive at all. Goddess brought something out in me that I had pushed down into myself and I am eternally grateful she did. Goddess continued to zap me as I licked her amazingly smooth feet and nothing else existed outside of the room. I acted as Goddess’s foot rug as she allowed me to smell her precious running shoes and I still cannot get that feeling out of my mind. When the session unfortunately ended, Goddess allowed me to kiss her feet goodbye and told me she knew I would be coming back. I knew it was true. With one final spit into my mouth Goddess said goodbye and I left a changed person. A better, more complete person. I will be coming back any chance I can get because I know Goddess can show me so much more. The time I spent in the presence of Goddess Gia will forever be etched into my mind and I am so unbelievably grateful for that. Do yourself a favor and schedule a session with Goddess Gia, you cannot leave unsatisfied if you fully give into her. It is an experience unlike any other-

July 2017

Goddess Gia is a genuine goddess. The origins of her dominance are natural and organic. Previous dominatrix’s I have seen were skilled in domination and enjoyed dominating but it was a role they were playing. Conversely Goddess Gia’s dominance is not a role but an extension of her. This gives her dominance and control of me an unmatched authenticity. She is natural mistress, not a professional.Goddess’s genuine dominance over me enables my genuine submissiveness. I am not playing out a fantasy but rather living a fantasy. My suppressed desires are naturally exposed by Gia and it feels amazing as she methodically strips me of my manhood and dignity.I cannot complete this review without commenting on just how gorgeous Goddess Gia is. Although her photos are gorgeous they do not allow one to appreciate the beauty of her aura which separates from other gorgeous women. It is difficult to explain but in her presence her beauty is magnified, the intensity of her beauty is unescapable. Flashes of goddess continue to appear in my mind long after the session is complete.I feel lucky and thankful that Goddess Gia was able to session with me as well as excited to see Goddess Gia again. I have seen other domes in the past, many of them beautiful and dominating but serving Goddess Gia was the highlight of my life!Your Loyal Slave,Pamela