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United States - Texas

I’m a professional Dominatrix, and there’s nothing in the world I’d rather be doing. I’m passionate about exploring the decadent possibilities of fantasy and pain with insight, intellect, and creativity. This is my art – you’re the willing prisoner to my fucked up whimsy. My life’s a dream, and I make fantasies reality.

With over ten years of pro kink experience, I’m quite proud of my expertise. I sharpen my skills continually as an expression of my dedication to Female Dominance as my guiding philosophy. I love bending your fantasies to my mischievous intent, engaging in responsible play within a safe setting for an experience that is immersive and mutually rewarding.

My style of play ranges from intoxicatingly sensual to brutally sadistic. I’m constantly expanding my repertoire of fetishistic conquests, so don’t be too shy to request exotic fantasies. I have fun with a vast range of kinky interests…

Verbal humiliation is my longstanding specialty. I’m highly adept with roleplay of all varieties. My favorite fetishes include feminization and sissification, impact play, small penis humiliation, and body worship. I also love CBT, particularly chemical torture and sado botany. Stockings, chains, latex, and e-stim are my current fixations. My background in the arts allows me the pleasure of offering my services as a stern editrix to aspiring writers and artists.

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May 2013

I have fantasized about being dominated by a strong and sexy woman for many years. I never allowed myself to succomb to my desire until yesterday. I was nervous about it, which is an understatement. She knew it was my first attempt at acting upon my desire and saw my nervousness. She was very reassuring, yet firm. In no time she had me bared and writhing from an array of implements. There was no spot on my ass that went untouched. I am sore today as a result. It is a great feeling. I totally plan on returning for more and I know that she will push my boundaries even further. I long for it. Thank you Ma'am, Michael

June 2013

I highly recommend Domme Discordia! I'm a masochist, I'm into pain. She understands this and has a fine tuned skill for controlling the level of pain she's inflicting at any given time. Discordia is safe, (somewhat) sane, and very well educated. You can trust her because she knows what she's doing. When you trust a domme you can really let go and get lost in sub space. She's also armed to the teeth with dungeon equipment, so that's a plus. Domme Discordia is smart, professional, fun, and intoxicatingly beautiful. Go to Domme Discordia!

November 2013

She has mouthwatering feet! Soft and well kept... I can still taste her homemade red nail polish. Jools went gentle on me because it was my first fetish experience, but I could tell she really wanted to punish me for being 10 min. late! If you have never indulged your fetish Domme discordia is a great way to start. As for experienced fetishist... I will get back to you on that ;-)

November 2013

Domme Discordia initially ensnared me with her aesthetic sensibility. Her talented photographers captured my ideal of the perfect woman: intelligent, powerful and confident. From photos of her nipples-under-duct-tape to her toe-squishing watermelon to her obvious delight in inflicting pain with cane, she inexorably drew me to book my first session. I was already helpless.

Perhaps the most intuitive domme I have ever met, she knew without asking that I was a slut for pain and humiliation. So when she first saw the, um, small penis in my panties, her giggles quickly grew to belly laughs. I was ordered to strip while she got the camera.

Panties off, wrists in cuffs behind my back, chin on the floor and ass in the air, I arched my back to receive a most brutal beating. It lasted forever.
First with paddle, then flogger and finally the dreaded cane.My safe word was on the tip of my tongue when she sensed I was at my breaking point. Mercifully she saved me that humiliation by slowing a little.

When finally finished, my ass was bruised, bright red with small drops of blood beginning to leak from my cheeks. (All this was agreed upon in advance, of course. She will tailor your experience to meet your needs.)

To my delight Ms Discordia was not done with my ass. I was to lie on my back and grab my ankles while she inserted a glistening dildo into her harness. Oh my, that was fun.

When it was all over, she even introduced me to her other pets. An adorable elderly dog and cat who got along quite well together. They saw the whole show from the couch.

For my next visit, Mistress has promised to cage me and feed me her pee. I wonder what else will happen ...


February 2014

I have had the honor of worshipping Domme Discordia's perfect, soft feet on two occasions now. Nothing short of bliss. I find myself thinking about them and her often. She is hauntingly beautiful and beyond intelligent. So amazing to have her lye back as I have my way with her feet, taking a toe out of my mouth every so often to add to our conversation about Italian horror movies, etc. 100% satisfying experience! I can't say enough about her and can't wait for my next session!!!!

September 2014

I have had the privilege of serving Domme Discordia for several months now, and it has been one of the most rewarding experience of my life.

From the moment I've met her, She has turned my hopes and dreams (as well as nightmares) into reality. With her soft yet stern eyes and devilishly wicked grin and laugh, She entrances me to take all forms of abuse, to explore areas I thought I wasn't strong enough for. It's not just for her pleasure (though that is paramount) but for me to grow as a submissive as well as a person, and I'm nothing but grateful for it.

If you're interested in any sort of kink that involves relinquishing control to a fierce beautiful woman, then you have found the right one. By whatever means, she will make you experience highs and lows you never thought you could reach, and make you always ask for more.

September 2015

I have been seeing pro dommes for a while. When I first saw her ad I was intrigued by her beauty and attitude. The process to setup the date was fairly simple email. The day of our first session I traveled to her home in east Austin. I love her house and dungeon space. Domme Discordia opened the door dressed in leather pants and a cute spandex top. I was awed by her beauty. We talked for a few minutes to set the scene. Discordia ordered me to disrobe and lie down. She then proceed to drop hot wax, tickle me, shock me, and spank the hell out of me throughout the night. The session was one of the most intense I have ever had. She has a deep understanding of how to deliver pain and pleasure in ways that I can only explain as pure bliss. After the session she provided very detailed aftercare. From that point forward I was hooked. I wanted more sessions with Domme Discordia and gave up my other professional dommes. I have now seen Domme Discordia for several sessions. In each session she has gone the extra mile to provide me a unique new experience tailored to my interests. She has pushed my limits to points I didn't think possible. She is one twisted kinky woman! One word of warning: I think she is the hardest hitting Domme in all of Texas. She deliver spanks that are just, well, amazing.

September 2015

Domme Discordia is a true spiritual warrior and a master of control. Bowing before her comes natural. I am truly addicted to serving her in any way that she commands. I'm so proud to be her faithful bitch. I love scrubbing her toilet dressed as a Girl Scout. To be her toilet is an even greater delight. My ass is prominently adorned with large purple bruises indicating that she has me under control. Dear Domme whom I love and live to serve, thank you for everything.

January 2017

i've had the pleasure of seasoning with Domme Discordia a number of times, and each experience has been a unique mix of mental and physical sensations, expertly crafted by a Woman who clearly loves what she does. I have taken hard beatings which have left me afraid to sit, bound in ways which test my endurence , and been allowed to indulge in worshipping at Her feet until I shake and beg for Her command. You will not be disappointed; She has years of experience, with a presence that is cunning, playful, and sadistic

January 2017

If I was forced to describe Domme Discordia in a single word it would be intimidating, but when you work up the courage to hold up a conversation with Her, you will find someone who is brilliantly creative and effortlessly cruel.Discordia really goes out of her way to make sure a scene is successful-- in my first sploshing session with Her I was vastly under-prepared, but She came through with a full tarp and a genuine plan of action.

March 2017

I had my first session with Domme Discordia today, and I know that it won’t be my last. She is talented, knowledgeable, creative, caring, playful and knew how to gently push me into and out of my comfort zone. I was nervous (and excited) for my first appointment, Jools sensed this, and put me at ease within a short amount of time. She took time to explain things to me and was a MASTER at assessing and accommodating my needs (and desires) before, during, and after our play. My impression of her is that she is genuine, brave, compassionate, and quite Goddess-like! Don’t hesitate to treat yourself, especially if it’s something you’ve thought about. Curiosity killed the cat…but satisfaction brought it back!!! Thank you so much Jools!!!!

July 2017

Dom Discordia is one the best Dommes out there! From her smile, her costume to her dungeon Dom Discordia is on top of her game & on top of a slave making them serve her. She is a strong empowered woman with a heart of gold & the best Domme you will ever meet. If you are allowed to serve Dom Discordia she explores just about any fetish you have, she took my fetish for being a sissy and turned me into her sissy slut Veronica in flashy blue panties & painted up red lips. She sent me to new levels of pain & pleasure, I loved every second of it. Would recommend her to anyone from the novice beginner to the experienced pros. Love you Dom Discordia & thank you for not killing me for my dog peeing in the house by accident! I hope to see you soon!!!