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No matter what your kink or fetish is, no matter what level you have played at, no matter if you are a pure masochist or a gentle sissy boy, no matter how buried or secret your desires are, Goddess Anastaxia will find them, she will use them, she will exploit them and she will exceed them.

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February 2015

The first thing you’ll notice about Goddess Anastaxia is how her already impressive photos don’t do her justice in person.

You’ll be stunned by the vibrancy of the long, golden hair that frames her smooth, glowing face and skin, and the captivating cat-like eyes that draw you in while also offering a hint of menace (which you’d be wise to heed.) She’s got a body that can stop traffic, that’s both sexy and strong, and if you choose to wrestle her, as I did, you’ll soon find out just how strong that body is.

I entered the match with a significant weight advantage over her, probably 30 pounds or so. I am a middle aged guy, but in decent shape, and I have some wrestling experience, so I didn’t expect too hard a challenge from Anastaxia, given that she is not especially muscular, and is just so beautiful, but you shouldn’t make the same mistake.

When the match started she surprised me first with her speed, getting her ridiculously strong legs wrapped quickly around mine, keeping me from gaining any purchase on the mat. We engaged then in an arm-to-arm struggle and I figured that I naturally had to have more upper body strength and would soon gain the advantage, but that was not the case. She held me at an impasse and I soon started to feel fatigue set in. This would be a constant theme throughout the match. She told me afterward that she bikes and exercises frequently and she has remarkable stamina

certainly better than my own, and she used it to tremendous advantage throughout. We engaged in several submission rounds and I am proud to say I was able to eventually force her to tap out, but I paid quite a price. She fought like a tiger and anyone seeing the two of us after the session would naturally assume I had lost. I was out of breath, red-faced, bruised and battered and (pleasantly) sore for days after. She seemed hardly put out by the whole thing and probably could have gone for another hour easy. I can say without embarrassment that if I had done even one more round with her she would have defeated me easily. I was basically saved by the bell.

But humiliation did come my way when I foolishly got cocky and challenged her to an arm wrestle. She pinned my wrist in less than 5 seconds and then beat me left-handed even faster. The wry smile she had on her face after each of these defeats is etched in my mind. I have no idea how it happened, only that it did, and she humbled me easily in that contest of strength.

If you’re looking for more of a role play scenario Anastaxia excels there as well. She takes her role seriously and is a great actress. We acted out a separate “battle of the sexes” scene that was every bit as much fun as the real wrestling match and just as devastating. At one point I demonstrated to her how to perform an over-the-shoulder Judo throw, thinking it would take her several tries to get it even halfway right. Instead, in one swift and shocking try, she flipped me over her shoulder like a seasoned black belt and sent me crashing to the mat.

She is truly amazing, and away from the dominatrix aspect of the session, she is actually a warm, intelligent, engaging, and charming person to be around. Not at all a clock-watcher, and just a stimulating, alluring woman you will not soon forget. And to top it all off she has a sexy British accent that to these American ears is pure music.

I have seen many dominatrixes and wrestlers, but on both counts Miss Draganova is simply one of the very best.

 p.s. She assures me that the next time we tussle I will not win a single round, and I am afraid I believe her.

March 2015

As a slave whose professional career has necessitated the constant need to travel, I have had the pleasure of serving Mistresses across the globe. With time, it becomes easy to tell who is real and who is not, who is excellent and who is just average. As a submissive with over 20 years of experience in a variety of disciplines, I tend to have a very high threshold for Mistresses, both in terms of outstanding physical looks and the very rare quality of a Mistress who is both intuitive and creative, with the ability to push me to levels I never thought I was capable of reaching. Goddess Anastaxia Draganova is this someone special. One of the biggest thrills for me is not only understanding my own sense of pleasure, but also knowing how Goddess Anastaxia is ALSO deriving extreme pleasure from our sessions. I cannot speak for others, however; for me, this is an absolutely HUGE turn on.

Just when you think you have seen it all, experienced it all, Anastaxia Draganova has the unique ability to sense exactly where you are, what you are secretly thinking and craving, and how to take you there. To be honest, its even a little unnerving KNOWING that someone else can so quickly and perceptibly get inside your mind. Even with all of my experience, I sometimes find that I am still scared of letting go, However; Once you have served Goddess Draganova, you will fully understand the precise meaning of trust. In my opinion, there is no element more important than trust to truly achieve that sense of complete pleasure, both mentally and physically. To be able to consistently reach this level of pure pleasure, session after session, is in my opinion, extremely rare. She is well thought out, always prepared, and extremely particular when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.

Goddess Draganova literally personifies perfection, from her luscious piercing eyes that bore directly into your mind, all the way down to the exquisite tips of her perfectly pedicured toes. That said, the absolutely best part of Goddess Draganova is without question, her mind. I have rarely found such a powerful combination of so many excellent qualities in one Mistress. No matter what your kink or fetish is, no matter what level you have played at, no matter if you are a pure masochist or a gentle sissy boy, no matter how buried or secret your desires are, she will find them, she will use them, she will exploit them and she will exceed them. You will forever understand and remember who you are and why you live to serve.

I am forever grateful for having found and served Goddess Anastaxia Draganova.

April 2015

Anastaxia Draganova made me her wrestling slave, and I loved it”.

Even before our match began, I knew Anastaxia was a professional. As soon as I arrived at her location, Miss Draganova sat me down and took the time to ask plenty of questions about what kind of session I wanted, outfits for her to wear (she has a lot), putting me at ease that I was getting exactly the kind of match I was looking for. This didn’t last long, however, because as soon as we stepped on her mat she was all business.

Miss Draganova hates to lose, and every single round she put all of her strength into making me submit to a different hold. Scissors, boston crabs, leg locks, when she puts you in a hold, you feel it. I’ve not had sessions before where I’ve tapped just to get out of a hold, but Anastaxia had me tapping like her bitch. I didn’t know if my body could take any more punishment.  Goddess Draganova takes a lot of pride in her wrestling ability and it shows, I never came close to beating her during our match.

Halfway through the session I could barely keep up with her, and that’s when she started having fun. Miss Draganova enjoys making men submit, and she let me know it. The look of joy in her eyes when I was struggling in between her thighs, or hearing her laugh at my screams when I was in a back-bending camel clutch is something I’ll never forget. She told me that she was enjoying the session as much as I was. By the end of the session, she was only letting me out of holds when she wanted to. I had to earn her mercy through begging, promising to kiss her beautiful bottom when she let go, or any other kind of humiliating act she could think of. I was her wrestling slave, and I loved it. She ‘celebrated’ the end of the last fall by kicking me in the balls, leaving me a broken heap beneath her. When our time ran out, laying there on the mat, all I wanted to do was kiss the feet of the wrestler who destroyed me.

May 2015

As a newbie to this scene, I've always wanted to experience life as a sub. Then I found Goddess Anastaxia, and instantly without any thought, I immediately asked her to rule me, and she gladly accepted. I was very nervous and I asked if she can be gentle at first and she was for a few seconds, but then what followed is something I will never forget; Goddess Anastaxia made me realise my potential. I had a little taste of what she can be like, and I loved it. Thank you Goddess!

She is incredibly beautiful, professional, dominant and cruel. I didn't buy her a latte, and she punished the hell out of me for that (but my cocky self is thinking maybe I should disobey her more often but I know I am biting off more than I can chew...). She is astonishingly tantalising, and she can leave you begging for more, which she did to me, but I can't complain as it left me smiling after the session. She is my first Dominatrix I ever been with, but I am glad I had the pleasure to meet her. Lastly, besides being sadistic & cruel dominatrix, she really is a nice person, always smiling, and so there lies a positive energy within her. She is worth every penny and no doubt, I will definitely serve her again! Maybe in a submission wrestling match, who knows…. However I serve Goddess Anastaxia, I know it will be an unforgettable experience.

Once again, thanks Goddess

July 2015

This was my second session in a few months with Goddess Anastaxia. She has grown stronger, more confident and more skilled. Our session was all based on wrestling with me trying very, very hard to resist her moves and prevent myself from submitting to her. That was, of course, the plan. Plans don’t work with Anastaxia. Within seconds of starting, I found myself trapped in her rock hard thighs as they tightened and my world began to go black. Tap! The first of many. 

Her space in London is superb and I couldn’t believe how much space she had to play. She’s re-arranged her studio and it’s fantastic. She has wonderfully thick, dense mats so there is no reason to fear you’ll be hurt as she takes you down before anialating you. The mats also are quire forgiving as you find your head pressed harder and harder into them. 

I asked her to ‘play hard’ with me. She smiled and complied. What I didn’t realize was how hard she can actually play. She told me once “I’m always cautious about using my leg’s full strength”. I didn’t know what she meant then - but I quickly found out and after our session, my neck and ribs are quite aware of the damage those beautiful, long and STRONG legs can do. 

Her ability to control you in ways you never could imagine is spectacular. Whether a classic scissor executed with more power than anyone else in London or a choke that barely gives you time to tap as your brain realizes there’s absolutely no more oxygen - Anastaxia delivers a session that is as rough and brutal as she is beautiful and enchanting.  


I travel thousands of miles to see her and she doesn’t disappoint. Absolutely in the top wrestlers in the world and certainly in London.

December 2015

I have been lucky enough to see Goddess Anastaxia while she was on tour and visiting D.C. There is so many positive things to say about her, I honestly don't even know where to start. First of all, she is absolutely stunning and believe me when I say, I don't use those words often. On top
of being drop dead gorgeous, she makes you feel so comfortable. Her personality is awesome, she's fun, smart and literally just cool. I have never written a review for a session before because I have never been really impressed. When it comes to Goddess Anastaxia, I felt compelled to write a review not only to tell my experience but to help persuade others to not miss an experience of a lifetime. I just hope she comes back to D.C again. Now a little about the session, I requested a bondage, scissoring,
Cbt and facesitting session and let's just say it was no joke. She had my hands tied above my head and pulled towards my back causing my head to fit snuggly between my arms not allowing for much head movement at all. As you can expect the facesitting in that position was awesome. I was unable to turn my head away to breath leaving my only breath to come when she physically allowed it. The scissoring was painful and she could knock you it easily if she wanted to, so best be polite. I'm not sure how to encorporte this into the review but during the session, my arms were tied securely to my thighs and Goddess Anastaxia had me in a front facesit. She demanded me look directly into her beautiful hazel eyes as she watched me panic and struggle for breath and you could tell she absolutely enjoyed it. I hope this reviews helps you understand how much you need to see her in person, it's worth it!

July 2017

I recently had a session with Anastaxia and it was the greatest sessions I ever had. I had a Semi- comp/competitive wrestling role play match and I got completely dominated. I am 26, 155 lbs, and in good shape and Anastaxia had me tapping within the first minute. After she beat me multiple times she took me over her knee and gave me a long spanking until i called her "Mommy". As per my request, after she spanked me she put me in a diaper and carried me around like I was her baby. It was the most amazing session i ever had. I highly recommend that everyone session with Anastaxia, she is an extremely strong, skilled, and a fun person to session with. She'll also totally kick your butt.

July 2017

Je suivais Anastaxia sur Twitter depuis 2 ans. J'espérai qu'elle reviendrai à Paris un jour. Mon rêve est devenu réalité avec elle. La session a été magnifique pour moi. Elle a répondu à tous mes souhaits et mes limites. J'ai aimé la force de son corps, ses jambes, ses bras, and ses yeux quant elle me regardait droit dans les yeux.Anastaxia est très musclée mais elle garde un corps très féminin. Elle est une très belle femme dominatrice. Elle contrôle la situation and elle garde le sourire.Elle contrôle tous ses mouvements avec naturel. Elle garde toujours son sourire divin. J'ai été tout de suite en confiance. Elle est la meilleure !!!*********I followed Anastaxia on Twitter since 2 years. I hope she will return to Paris one day. My dream come true with her. This session was wonderful for me. She has fulfilled all my wishes and my limits. I liked the strength of her body, her legs, her arms, and her eyes when I looked eyes to eyes.Anastaxia is very muscular but she is keeping a female body. She is a very beautiful femdom. She controled the situation and she kept the smile.She controled all her movements naturally. She always has a divine smile. I am very confident from the start. She is the best !!!

July 2017

Hello Gents, I will keep this short. Anastaxia delivers as advertised, by her and other reviews. For me she may be the best in the business depending on what you want. She has all the tools, domme, wrestling, sensuality, roleplay. Most important she will cater the session to your wishes whilst adding her own unique twists to ensure we are both enjoying ourselves. A definite repeat, which is rare for me.

December 2017

Anastaxia is one of those rare Dommes who is truly intuitive and can so seamlessly combine your fantasies with new experiences...leaving you to quiver in pleasure and truly enjoy every second of your time together...Anastaxia combines the perfect balance between sexy, mean, hot and sensual to create a truly unforgettable experience. No way you can go wrong with her.From Anonymous London professional

February 2018

I met Goddess Anastasia for a mix of wrestling and SM scenario in Paris. She is amazing in many aspects: roleplay improvisation, wrestling techniques and she is gorgeous. As she has a real wrestling background, mixed with a very athletic and feminine body, there is no faking in the wrestling part: she overpowers you. She dominates while respecting your limits & is deliciously vicious and bossy. Goddess Anastaxia really got into the scenario I imagined, perfectly embodying the character and blew it up! I had a great time, she is my best experience to date & I have been sessioning for 10 years. I am really looking forward for the next scenario.