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I am smarter than most and very capable of getting my point across to anyone who doubts me or puts my capabilities to the test. Let me make this very clear I am not what you expected. As a matter of fact I am far from what you expected. You let the nice smile and body tempt you into hitting the Serve Goddess button didn’t you? Well since you got this far you may as well learn all you can about me. Even though as much as I tell you, you will find that when in a session with me you will be so mesmerized by my skills, intelligence, body and beauty that all I have said to you will not even matter. But to start off on a good foot; the foot that will have to bow down to….here I go.
I am The Amazonian Goddess  owner of Amazonian Femina LLC. I am 6’4 without shoes on and kissing 7’2 with my highest stiletto and pumps on. I conduct all sessions in my heels so I am always larger than life and I get a thrill looking down on you weaklings that call yourselves men. I have a toned body and the longest legs you have ever seen in your life, 44 inches a piece, I might let you touch them if you are obedient but then again I might not.
I possess skills that you so called men thought never existed within your female counterparts. I can break even the most dominant business man to little boy status with only a smile. I play with the minds of those who come in contact with me and leave them confused while at the same time waiting in anticipation of what I will do next. A man who calls himself a man may say, “I can never be dominated by a woman, I could never let a woman have total control of me”. I heard it all before and then some. That man has never met me. Nor has that man yet to be born. And trust that when he does meet me not only will he eat his words, but he will bow out gracefully giving me total and complete control of his mind, body and soul.
There is no style like mines in the domination/fetish world. I build them up their egos and break them down literally until they are  equivalent to  a specimen under a microscope. You feeling curious today TRY ME…I AM THE REAL DEAL!!!!!!!!!
The Amazonian Goddess
Amazonian Femina LLC

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