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United States - Florida

I offer an escape from life's daily stresses and get to the core of your submissive desires without pretense. Imagine being free to explore these desires without fear of judgment or worrying whether or not the person you choose has your best interests at heart.

It's not that you don't want to submit. You just want to submit to a Dominant who is authentic, who will value your input but will respect your limits while at the same time pushing them. Someone you don't need to guide but who can lead.  It seemed almost impossible until now.

Picture being able to do this with someone who truly understands where you're coming from. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Now is the time to let go of all the fear, let go of all the stress and let me guide you.  Let me show you that part of yourself that's been yearning to break free.

Submit to me and I will show you bliss.

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July 2010
Mistress Alise was professional and absolutely wonderful throughout our session last Sunday. As i was having a little trouble with the directions she provided and was running a little late She telephoned me and even stayed on the phone as she guided me. When i exited the elevator i saw her in person for the first time and she gave me the most beautiful smile. Little did the other patrons know what was about to occur as she was in a simple little dress, but still incredibly sexy. As we stepped inside and after the pleasantries she instructed me to strip as she went to get me a bottle of water. How sweet, i thought, she thinks of everything. i had had a long day and the water was just what i needed. When she returned she proceeded to strip off her little dress and the Mistress of my dreams appeared, complete with corset, leather skirt and stockings with skull and cross-bone seams!!. She then donned Her black stiletto pumps and allowed me to kiss her feet as she slipped them into Her heels. She towered over me. What a sight!! She began by warming my bottom with Her whip and flogger and commented on how She loved how my skin responded as shades of red started to appear. Her voice was so sexy, i could of melted as i was leaning over the bed receiving the discipline. She then laid me out on the bed and began to use a ball crusher on me....smiling wickedly as she continued to tighten the screw. i was amazed at how She had the session planned out and had really studied Her questionnaire that i had returned and she seemed to instinctively know my innermost desires. After successfully hurting me with the crusher She shackled my legs with cuffs and a chain and restrained me further with thumb cuffs. Mistress Alise then positioned me leaning over the desk and the caning began. She is truly an expert with that wicked implement and was applying some expert stripes that were going to be visible for some time (She had discreetly asked if lasting marks were ok before applying them). i must have been making more noise than i thought because She then brought the ball gag out and strapped it on. Fortunately it had holes in it so i could still breathe as she caned me over and over. She was becoming so forceful with the caning it was difficult to stay still but i did my best. i must have really been squirming though as the desk drawer kept rolling out. Mistress would slide it back in and continue with the caning after a sexy giggle. Finally She slammed the drawer closed with Her stiletto shod foot as the caning continued unabated. Her concentration was amazing as Her foot moved the drawer in front of me and She didn't miss a lick on my behind. It was unimaginably erotic! She then had me lay face down on the floor and she donned another pair of heels and began to slowly trample up and down my body. When my reaction was not to Her satisfaction She even applied more weight by pressing on the furniture. Her feet were dazzling as She moved up and down my body. After what seemed like a blissful eternity She moved down to my face and slipped out of Her Heels and allowed me to kiss feet and toes. She even noticed that the thumb cuffs had started to cut off my circulation (i had not as my mind was elsewhere, as you can imagine). After scolding me for not telling Her, she removed the cuffs and massaged my hands (very sensual, by the way) and then had me roll onto my back and She positioned Herself in a chair above my head. i was allowed to watch as she peeled her stockings off very slowly and seductively. i had become too enthusiastic with my kissing and She replied that she did not want damp stockings. She then placed Her gorgeous bare feet on my face and allowed me to worship them. As i worshiped each toe She allowed me to deepthroat her foot and she remarked she would love to see me do the same with Her strap-on. i worshiped her feet for what seemed like forever. Mistress Alise was astounding throughout our session and it was one of the most erotic and sensual i have ever experienced. i am by no means a novice and have had my fair share of bad or boring sessions. i at no time felt rushed and She was amazingly thorough, exploring an astonishing number of fetish areas in a very short time, especially since this was our first time together and they can sometimes be very awkward. it was as if i had been seeing her for some time. i look forward to our next session with tremendous anticipation. cflslave
July 2010
I have had the pleasure of multiple sessions with Mistress Alise deSade. All pre-meet likes/dislikes discussions have been courteous and professional. Scheduling sessions has been easy. No phone tag or wasted phone calls. She has always promptly returned my calls and accomodated my work schedule. She has timely appeared at the agreed upon times, dressed like a tasteful Goddess. Her pics, although lovely, do not do her justice. In person she is absolutely gorgeous with a Victoria Secret model perfect curvacious body. She smells divine and has impeccable hygiene. She is very well spoken and has superior verbal skills. She is always polite, but firmly in control of me as the level and intensity of play has increased at an exciting, but comfortable pace. She demonstrates competence and confidence when using each of her interesting collection of BDSM toys during session. Each of my five sessions has satisfied my BDSM cravings and been uniquely different. At the conclusion of each we converse about the session, including my input and spend time discussing future scene play. i strongly recommend Mistress Alise to all discerning submissive's (novice or experienced) who appreciate safe, but thrilling play with a very experienced Domme. i can't wait for my next session. She is to die for. slave misconduct
September 2010
My first session with Mistress Alise was a fantastic relief. I responded to her website because she is absolutely gorgeous. I haven't been with a mistress for a while and after the hits and misses in the past I was a little nervous about getting back into it even though that's exactly what I intend to do. I feel very fortunate to have met Mistress Alise. I truly believe I have found the only mistress I need. She showed up at my house (I love house calls) and looked stunning. She was relaxed, sexy and after just one look at her I couldn't wait to take my close off. She changed into an even more sexy leather outfit and instructed me to get naked. We then talked a bit filling in some details about myself. I had e-mailed her already telling her of a few fantasies and filled out the questionnaire so she had a good start on what to do with me. I thought the questionnaire and her communication with me prior to our meeting was very professional and exciting. She is pleasant over the phone and easy to talk to. Once in my house and we were all dressed up and down our session started. I'm no novice but this was our first time. She needed to feel me out and did so professionally. She proceeded to test me with a flogger as I was handcuffed to the door frame. Standing there with my naked ass with this absolutely beautiful woman was unbelievable. She proceeded to redden my ass with her devices increasing the intensity with each delivery. I soon realized that this slut dog was going to be trained. She moved me onto a sitting position where she introduced herself to my cock and balls. Thank you! She let them know who was in charge. After taking me to levels off blissful pain she would caress me and sooth me. I have found my mistress I only pray she will allow me to prove to her that I am hers to dominate, humiliate and play with any way that makes her happy. Slut dog
November 2010
Being that there is a huge shortage of Dommes in the area in which i live, i was exstatic to find Mistress Alise was available for house calls. She arrived at my doorstep dressed casually with a bag full of goodies and excused herself to prepare. When she stepped from the bathroom dressed in a long latex skirt and top, i was hers. Perched on a pair of high heels, Mistress Alise was a sight to behold. She instructed me to disrobe and then face the door. She cuffed my wrists to restraints on on the door and then went to work on my backside with a flogger. From there we moved to the floor for some wax play, clothespins, clamps, etc. Then she placed a hood over my head and had me bend over the edge of the bed and she flogged me with different floggers to see how much i could handle. Through out the session she was very communicative and tailored the session to the responses that i had given on the pre-session questionnaire. The two hours flew by, and i am anxious for my next session with Mistress Alise. Mistress Alise is a wonderful Domme and i would highly recommend her to any submissive. As I said, this may have been my first session with Alise, but it won't be the last.
November 2010
Wow, where do I start ? I walked in and Mistress Alise was standing there, absolutely gorgeous with a big roll of plastic in her hands and my mind really began to wonder what i was in for. she then went to change and when she walked out in that leather suit all i could say was wow, absolutely gorgeously hot. Mistress Alise then told me to take off my clothes and stand up. She then began to wrap my upper body and arms in the plastic wrap, then she wrapped my legs tight in plastic wrap. As the mummification process continued i wondered what she had in mind for the middle of me. She then began to wrap that up also, I was completely at her mercy, no way to move,no way to touch myself in anyway. Helpless.Awesome feeling to be in this way with this gorgeous mistress. Then she threw me on the bed and started to tease and excited me be on belief. Then she slowly cut away the wrap around my nipples and began to torture them, wow. Them she began to cut away the middle part and the CBT began. That's an afternoon I'll never forget, She is the most courteous and professional person you could ask for, can't wait till the next time. I'm her slave for life. No one but Mistress Alise spanks me. Dave T (Slave 4 Life)
December 2011

This past week, I had the pleasure of playing with Alise de Sade and her friend Whitney in Orlando. I have a HUGE foot fetish and after looking at Alise's site and her perfect feet, I reached out by email to inquire about a session. I made a good choice- Alise was easy to communicate with. She asked me about my interests and told me more about hers. I also asked about her bringing along another dominating damsel to join us. Lucky me... her friend Whitney was available (they've done video together and there's a clip of them together on Alise's clips4sale store). These dominant divas arrived at my hotel dressed to the 9's (with stockings and high heels!). Alise brought along a small suitcase full of toys and a dozen donuts... I had a feeling things were about to get messy. For the next hour I was (literally) frothing at the mouth as my superiors wrapped me tightly in saran, pushed me to the floor and proceeded to shove these jelly donuts down my mouth with their bare feet. I was sat on, slapped, spit on and kicked...whenever it pleased them. I was overdosing on the donuts, but when I protest, wham, there went another in my mouth. Best part was sucking and licking the cream and jelly off of their toes. Alise has the best feet I've worshipped before, though Whitney was quick to remind me not to neglect hers in any way. The games moved to the bathroom, where I was put into the tub for scrubbing, but was given another shower of sorts also...left to bob for air and donut pieces, I was begging for their mercy and getting little of it. Cleaned up, we went back to the living room where I was made to clean up. My reward was to lie under 4 feet of dominant diva for a delightful conversation and good-bye. I highly recommend Alise and would never turn her down if she mentions Whitney is available to join. Thank you Alise and I hope to see you in my travels very soon. Peter.