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Professional and lifestyle Dominatrix and Fetishist based in Melbourne and travel interstate.

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November 2012

I have submitted to Mistress Alex several times now and I cannot speak too highly of her. I have been into bdsm all my adult life but I count my time submitting to Mistress Alex as my true fetish awakening. Every time I have seen her she has totally blown me away. She makes receiving pain the most intensely erotic experience.

Mistress Alex has a dungeon set up in a relaxed and welcoming Collingwood establishment, close to Melbourne’s CBD. The dungeon space wants for nothing. The dungeon atmosphere is just sublime for s&m play but of course this atmosphere becomes electric the moment Mistress Alex enters. Simply stunning and wearing one of her many fetish outfits I just drip the moment the door opens. It is not Mistress Alex’s looks, however, that keep me coming back. I consider myself a hardcore masochist and Mistress Alex has the skills and experience to take me to places I have only dreamed of.

I quickly developed a high level of trust with Mistress Alex, recognizing she is highly skilled, sadistic and imaginative but also safe. Nothing is left to chance. The hygiene in the dungeon is of the highest order. All this of course, has helped in enabling me to totally let go. A much bigger reason for letting go and completely surrendering myself has been Mistress Alex’s ability to get inside my head. Every single moment is highly, highly eroticised. Each time I leave her dungeon thinking: ‘Wow, that was the most mind-blowing session.’ Mistress Alex has woven something magical from my fantasies.

I would highly recommend Mistress Alex to both beginners and hardcore submissives. Let go and you will be rewarded with the most brilliant fetish experience.

January 2013

My first session with Alex Vicia late December 2012 at her amazing immaculate venue in Collingwood was the most erotic and overwhelming experience I have ever had in my entire life!!

With a penchant for lesbian domination porn I have developed fantasies that could not be lived out in my current vanilla social circle. Being male in my mid 30's and currently single I have been fortunate enough to have had some great relationships and sexual encounters however curiosity got the better of me :)

After researching the internet for some time in search of a suitable Mistress I could submit to and explore the world of kink, I initially thought Alex would be a little heavy for my liking, I was completely wrong.

From the first point of contact with Alex I felt very comfortable communicating my desires, likes and dislikes which Alex then used to create a session that I could never have dreamed of and took my mind to a beautiful peaceful place where I could let go of everything and just be in the moment.

Alex found my heat with ease and total control. I felt completely safe submitting to Alex and was completely mesmerised by her appearance and presence. I believe Alex is even more beautiful in person than her photos capture and I really appreciate the amount of thought, time and effort Alex put in to my session.

I am in total lust for Alex Vicia and are looking forward to booking another session in the near future.

Thank you Mistress x

January 2013

Mistress Alex is stunning- ice blonde, fit, strong, feminine, beautiful. Long shapely legs, piercing eyes and a wise smile that has seen it all. She's even more striking in the flesh - her confidence and poise will drive you to your knees.

Mistress Alex is an expert in her craft. She takes the smallest cues and hints from your halting explanations, twists and turns them into a narrative that brings your desires to life and makes fantasy a reality. In my case, she combined spanking, cane and paddling, cross-dressing, my first true golden shower and infantilism/ABDL play together all in the space of a single brief session. She wove together those strands, built a powerful connection with her eyes and voice, then pulled them together to a thrilling climax. Mistress Alex will push you to your limits, but never beyond. She is a true professional - safe, careful and experienced (with careful attention to medical limitations and aftercare)- but also seems to genuinely love her work. Whether you are experienced or a novice at exploring fetish and fantasy- you will not regret seeing Mistress Alex

March 2013

Dear Mistress Alex Vicia

Thank you for our session yesterday, I have seen a lot of Mistresses in Melbourne and you by far you are one of the most beautiful woman i have ever met. From the first moment you called me into your room i knew you would have that controlling power over me and till the end of the session that didn't change!

I was very impressed with medical scene, electrics and the spankings and i loved the swing, you really are an educated Mistress, it was clearly shown when you gave me your glass of golden nectar to drink.

Thank you once again I look forward to this journey ahead.

Yours always dan

May 2013

having searched VIC / NSW / QLD for a true fetish Dom - My search is over!
Articulate, sadistic, a true fetishist in EVER sense of the word, what a breath of fresh air to be allowed into her domain.........

Highest standard of hygiene I have encountered on a commercial organisation, Unique dungeon setting that lacks for nothing in functionality & has an ambiance that is very rare......so far removed from the other "bash for cash" merchants out there in Australia.

She listens to you, has a genuine interest in making YOUR session come alive, however in line with her interests, a truly amazing Domme & yes if you had not gurssed, I will be back as soon as I can

June 2013

I have had couple of sessions with Mistress Alex, she has a very dominant figure and face which fits her well as a Dominant Mistress. She seldom smiles or laughs so if you are looking for a strict role play or disciplinarian for corporal punishment she is the one to look for.
She is good in giving CBT be it weights, electrics, wax, kicks etc. She is good in role play especially the ones involving corporal punishment, she can use the cane and flogger well on your ass and back, she made me to think and answer the questions she asked during my caning does making it interactive, I had to give work for my mind to come up with answers satisfying her bearing the pain on the cane
I would say the forte of Mistress Alex is suspending the sub upside down, something many Dommes wouldn't do readily as they are not comfortable doing it but she did it with ease giving me the experience of being suspended upside down.
Another good thing about MistressAlex is she is always ready to learn and try new things.
I had a good session with her

August 2013

As odd it may seem, I chanced onto Mistress Alex through Annabel Ross’ article on Theage (Link as follow)


Due to various circumstances, I had always been hesitant to explore the scene and lurked in the shadows. As a closet latex fetishist/kinkster, the article triggered an adrenaline rush of thoughts and I decided it now was the time.

I had never been comfortable with the idea of Pro-Dommes, due to the various horror stories and anecdotes of ‘bad eggs’. After extensive research online, followed by supportive email exchanges with Mistress Alex, the rest can be only described as a head diving experience into the deep end.

Upon our first meeting, Mistress Alex instantly came across as dominating figure and exuberated power in her presence. I surrendered immediately and any vestiges of my dominance were quickly stripped away. Foolishly, I managed to straight away displease Mistress in the first session and received a plethora of punishment, much to my secret delight.

From my experience with Mistress Alex so far, she is well skilled in the various implements of pain and constantly on a journey of self-improvement. Apart from the physical aspect of bdsm, what I most enjoy in the sessions are the mental interactions. Mistress Alex keeps my brain constantly on its toes and challenging me to provide with satisfactory answers. She delights in toying with my grey matter and pushing it to the mental limits. (My smart-ass mouth has gotten me into constant trouble!).

Most importantly, Mistress Alex is true professional and excellent in observing the reactions of her subjects. She takes you to the limits, pushes it and knows when to back off. While her appearance may seem frigid, Mistress Alex provides excellent physical & mental care, during and post session.

Apart from my training in submission, Mistress Alex has provided valuable guidance in life and actively encouraged me to explore the Melbourne scene as per my requests. The post session talks are always memorable and leave lasting impressions, even after the euphoria has worn off.

I am now living my fantasy and cannot recommend Mistress Alex highly enough. I have joined her stable as a highly satisfied slave and always eagerly looking forward to the next session.

For those curious out there, I only have one advice: Fortune favours the brave, the rest Mistress Alex can take care of. In her dungeon, you will finally have the chance to be your true self.


September 2013

I recently had a session with Mistress Alex in Melbourne. To say that I had a mind blowing experience would be to say the least. Right from the minute I stepped thru the door, I was pleasantly surprised at how professional the establishment was, coupled with the friendly staff and the fact that Mistress Alex is even more attractive in person compared to photos. From the moment I met Mistress Alex for a pre session discussion, her stunning good looks and commanding demeanor had me as putty in her hands, even before the session commenced! Once I entered the dungeon, I was taken aback by the amazing setup and the mindset it put me in. Once the session commenced, I was taken to a place that I have never yet experienced with other mistress’s. Her professionalism, attitude, ability and equipment set her apart from the rest. I sit here typing this some days after and my mind is still buzzing. I look forward to further sessions with Mistress Alex and highly recommend her.

March 2014

I attended Mistress Alex Vicia for a bondage session in Melbourne and found Her to be an extremely attractive, beautiful and articulate Woman.

During the session Mistress Alex was extremely professional and I enjoyed each and every minute just being with Her. Initially, I did not know what to expect and I was a little embarrassed by my kinks and I was not sure what Mistress Alex would think of me.

Mistress Alex made me feel so uninhibited and free She put my mind at ease instantly! I had one of the best bdsm sessions, if not the best session of my life! The only down side was when it was time for me to go as I had had such a great time with Mistress Alex.

I genuinely recommend Mistress Alex Vicia She is not just professional, highly skilled as a Mistress but also very beautiful looking and friendly! I will definitely be going back for more sessions when I can!


March 2015

I recently moved to Melbourne and wanted to meet a Domme who would continue my education into this lifestyle. I spent a lot of time and effort trying to find the right lady to serve. With Mistress Alex Vicia, I believe my search effort has borne fruit.
I had met up with Mistress Alex socially to get to know each other. I must say, that the pictures do not do justice to her. She is far more beautiful in person. She was very friendly and answered many of my doubts and concerns. She put my mind at ease as we discussed some of my fantasies. At the dungeon I got to see the dominant side of her. From the time she came to meet me outside the dungeon I could sense her commanding presence power. When she led me into her dungeon, I was in awe of her. When she slipped on the collar at the start of the session, it brought me truly under her control.
During our earlier interaction she had told me about her shibari training and love for sensory deprivation. I got a small taste her immense talent and expertise in these areas. Keeping blindfolded while she worked her magic with the ropes to immobilise me, but granting her complete access to do as she pleased. She was very perceptive and knew exactly what I was thinking. She kept me on my toes (literally sometimes) and did not let the session to simply drift along. Her commanding voice would send chills down the spine and at the same time send the heart racing wanting to please her in any way I could. My efforts, however, did not meet her exacting standards and was chastised often for being unable to carry out her commands correctly. Her expert use of the cane as an instrument of punishment and correction had me whimpering in seconds. It was, however, her words of disapproval sometimes felt worse than getting caned.
They say that time flies when you are doing something you like. My time serving Mistress Alex for me got over much too soon. I would love to get another opportunity to serve her.