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Madame Darcy's French FrolicsJanuary 26, 2011

The vivacious Miss Darcy will be jetsetting to Paris and causing mayhem from February 11 - 13 then on to London for more devious debauchery from March 5 - 11. Gentlemen syncronise your diaries.

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News From Mistress ArellaJanuary 16, 2011

Mistress Arella will be available for dungeon and domestic sessions in London and East Croydon January 27th-30th and February 17th-19th. As usually, social arrangements will also be consider. Email d...

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Mistress Superior - The MovieJanuary 11, 2011

No-budget-comedy "Mistress Superior“, written and directed by David Philip, won top acting awards at FETISCH FILM FESTIVAL in Kiel:

Elektra Harris got the price for best actress and Jacob Bree...

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Christmas StuffingDecember 14, 2010

Whilst Christmas is just around the corner and the new year beckons us foward into the future, tis not only a time of good cheer and merryment but is also a time to reflect on the last year and antic...

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Miss Davenshaw's Birthday, Shoes and Mistress Darcy November 04, 2010

Your very favorite Mistress Miss Davenshaw has a birthday on December 2nd. Miss Davenshaw does not have a mailing address to send gifts to, so you may purchase an Amazon Gift Voucher (see Miss Davens...

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Mistress Review is now on TwitterOctober 31, 2010

After a slow creep into Autumn I feel it's time to up the tempo, one to keep warm and two to enjoy those warm welcomes on a cold winters day that I wrote of in a previous item. Short days and dar...
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Mistress Arella Will Be Visiting LondonOctober 20, 2010

Mistress Arella, who is currently based in Prague, The Czech Republic, will be in London for a few days in December 2010. She will be available both for hotel and dungeon sessions at various location...

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Bondinage Updated WebsiteSeptember 14, 2010

London based Bondinage, purveyors of latex couture have just released an updated website. Visually I really liked their old site but I have to say the new site really does hit the spot. Not only does...

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A BDSM Summer & News From Mistress DarcySeptember 12, 2010

From what I gather and feedback from some of our resident Mistresses the summer months have been rather busy, which rather contradicts my assumption that the winter months tend to suit the world of B...

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News From Miss DavenshawJuly 14, 2010

City Supremo Miss Davenshaw CEO would like to inform Mistress Review of some exciting news, she will be posting news, views and anything that AMUSES Mistress via a blog on The Official Miss Davenshaw...

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