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What is the truth about banner advertising?January 26, 2016

Have you noticed that most of the paid advertising space on directories is taken by the same Dommes? Fact is they know banner advertising pays. A top Domme will set aside an advertising budget up to £1000 for each year. Bearing in mind you should be earning a minimum of £500.00 per week £1000.00 advertising is obviously a small investment for your return. The bottom line is if you invest in banner advertising you are not going to lose even if some of your campaigns do not perform so well. 

As Mistress Review charges for banner advertising, I thought this would be a good opportunity to lift the lid and explain how banner advertising actually works.

Soon after the advent of the internet when the promotion of a Mistress/Dominatrix switched from a glossy magazine to a listing directory banner advertising has played a major role in attracting clients to book that appointment. Over this time unless you have been doing what you should be doing i.e keeping a close eye on your analytics, most advertisers have been in the dark as to how their banner(s) have been performing and whether it's a good investment or not. Do you know the answers to the questions below?

 How many impressions does my banner receive?

How many clicks has my banner received?

What is my CTR figure?

Just incase you are not familiar with some of these terms here's a quick wiki to get you up to speed.

  • Impressions - The amount of times your banner has appeared on the directory.

  • Clicks - The amount of times the banner(s) have been clicked on directing a potential client to your website via the directory.

  • CTR - The ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view a page.

To make these figures available the directory will need to be running banner advertising software. This software not only provides administration but it also produces banner performance statistics. These statistics should be emailed to a client on a regular basis.

Okay so that’s how it works but what should the advertiser expect to gain from banner advertising?

Banner advertising is all about numbers. How many times the website you are advertising on is visited. How many times you banner is seen on that website (impressions) and how many times your banner is clicked on directing a potential client to your website.

The average click through rate (CTR) on the Mistress Review website is a modest 1.50%. That basically means that on average 1.5% of people will click on a banner on a typical banner advertising campaign with Mistress Review. This may not sound a lot but bear in mind that this figure reduces to 0.06% in the vanilla markets (Information source Google).

Here is  a simple equation that shows how banner advertising can still be a good investment.

The figures below have been taken from typical paying advertiser running 2 banners on the Mistress Review website.

This advertiser receives 27 clicks every 7 days.

27 x 52 = 1404 x 1% = 14 x 150.00 - 2,100.00 - 180 = 1920.00

27 clicks x 52 weeks = 1404 clicks per year x 1% (this figure 1% represents the amount of people who actually book an appointment after clicking on the banner I have also reduced this figure from 1.5% for convenience) = 14 x £150.00 (average cost of a 1 hour session) = £2,100.00 minus the annual cost of advertising £180.00 = £1920.00.

In a nutshell this particular advertiser has earnt £1920.00 for an out lay of £180.00. Now that doesn’t sound so bad does it and remember we are only working on a 1% booking figure here. Even if you only gained 1 new client over one year of advertising you would still not be out of pocket.

Mistress Review is as far as we know the only advertising platform in this market that is prepared to make advertising statistics available to our advertisers. We do send our advertisers a monthly email containing the necessary information and I keep an eye on these statistics to make sure our advertisers are getting good value for money. We have been in this business for too long now to put the respect of our business in jeopardy over a banner advertising campaign. We purposely encourage our clients to pay via direct debit so if they are not happy with this service they can cancel at anytime.

Anyone that is not offering the same type of service I would view with suspicion. If you are paying for your banner advertising you are well within your rights to ask the directory to supply you with these statistics.

If you are considering banner advertising with Mistress Review please follow the link below for instructions and more information.

Add a banner


By Jonas

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