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UK screening of The Unslut Project in LondonFebruary 05, 2016

The Naked Truth Movie Club in association with UK Adult producers Presents:

THE UNSLUT PROJECT UK screening and Symposium 


At the Prince Charles Cinema Leicester Square London at 3:30pm Thursday March 24th 2016

This event is the first in a series of screenings where representatives of the adult and sex work industry use films and documentaries as a foundation for discussion with the media and guests as the audience

In this first screening we will discuss the social impact of "slut shaming" and the damaging effects it has on our culture with the aim of finding solutions to the issues raised from the film as well as offer insight into the sex industry

Emily Lindins documentary film is not about the adult industry but in many ways it could easily include it since the topic of slut shaming is often brought up in context with the sex industry therefore does the business bring it on itself? Or is it a reflection of a moral erosion in society? We will explore this and more n discussions with our speakers and find out what influences a womans decision to get into sex work and offer insight into how the business may be more ethical than critics think by those who have first hand experience working in and alongside it.

The guest speakers for this event are Myles Jackman (Obscenity lawyer, campaigner & activist) Jerry Barnett (Sex & Censorship, author of the upcoming book Porn Panic) Pandora Blake (Activist, Feminist Porn Producer) Laura Renvoize (Goldsmiths Sex Workers Solidarity Society) Charlotte Rose (Sexual Freedom Campaigner)
Please bear in mind the symposium part of ths event will be filmed and made available for those seeking to understand the adult sex industry.

This fasinating afternoon of events has been organised by a good friend of mine Terry Stephens aka @nakedtruthguy. Terry is dedicated to shining a light on the adult industries promoting a healthy awarness of an often misunderstood business. 

If you are in London or can make it down I think you will find it most interesting hopefully promoting some thoughts of your own.

For Tickets and more information follow the link below but don't delay booking as there are limited seats.



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