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Below are some freqently asked questions associated with the world of the Mistress and Dominatrix

What Is a Mistress or Dominatrix?

A Mistress and a Dominatrix are to words to describe a dominant lady who performs the art of domination and discipline and fantasy role play. A Dominatrix or Mistress can be either professional or lifestyle. This profession is not illegal and has nothing to do with prostitution. A good Dominatrix or Mistress is intelligent, articulate, quick witted, creative and good at improvisation.

How do I find a Mistress or Dominatrix?

Before the internet surfaced there were not many ways of finding a dominatrix, only a few niche magazines and some news papers were the only way of making contact with a Mistress. Nowadays it is different and the internet provides lots of information in this area. As with any internet advertising there is good and bad. Mistress Review recommends clients use a resource that is professionally built and maintained that really is what it says. Mistress Review has set standards in this area and is the best place to start.

How do I contact a Mistress or Dominatrix?

Once you have chosen a suitable Mistress you will find contact details including phone numbers and email addresses are shown on their websites.

What is a “session”?

A session describes the time spent at an appointment with a Dominatrix or Mistress. Sessions can take place not only at the dungeon or chambers but also as an out call such as a hotel. Sessions may also include going to a public place or a suitable club. All details to be discussed with your chosen Mistress.

How much does it cost?

The tribute (cost) is entirely down to the individual Mistress or Dominatrix. Some have details on their web sites others can be contacted by phone or email for details.

Will it hurt?

All professional Mistresses practice a code of safe, sane and consensual in other words if you don’t want your session to include pain you don’t have to.

How do I make an appointment?

When you have chosen your Mistress it is polite to call her during considerate hours to make a date for your appointment. If you wish to make an appointment for several hours some Mistresses may ask for a deposit.

How long is an appointment?

A minimum appointment time is usually one hour, half hour appointments are possible but this again is down to your chosen Mistress. Appointment times can be anything from one hour to an overnight stay it is entirely up to you.

Does a Mistress or Dominatrix offer any other services other than appointments?

Yes, some Mistress’s provide phone domination or will exchange emails. These kinds of services should be discussed with your chosen Mistress or Dominatrix before practiced.

Can I bring my own clothes or equipment?

Most professional Dominatrix or Mistress's have no problem if you want to bring your own clothes or equipment but it is always polite to ask first.
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