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Glove Worship

Glove worship...gloved hands have been a fetish since gloves became a fashion statement and were produced in many different materials and styles. Leather, latex, pvc, satin, velvet, cotton or nylon cut in different lengths, such a short cuffed glove or a long opera styled glove can all provide sexual stimulation used in the correct way. Gloves play a large part in role play such as latex gloves for medical play or leather gloves in an equestrian or policewoman scenario. Gloves can provide added stimulation whilst being spanked and can be used to slap a slave's face during a humiliation session. Glove worship can be a sensual experience with a Mistress or Dominatrix letting her slave or sub lick and suck her gloved fingers.

Many of the Mistresses permit Glove worship at Mistress Review so see our listings page for details.

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