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Financial Servitude & Wish List

Financial servitude or financial domination as it is otherwise known is when a slave or sub hands over the responsibility of part or all of their finances to their Mistress or Dominatrix. A slave or sub interested financial servitude wishes their Mistress to enjoy the best lifestyle they can afford, to what degree of financial servitude they choose is up to them; it may involve a small amount of money or larger amounts according to the individuals budget and wishes.
If it is not possible to physical visit your Mistress, financial servitude can be a good way of a submissive showing their respect for a powerful woman.
A Mistresses wish list is simply a list of suggested items a client might like to buy them when they visit. Thes items could be anything from clothes,jewelry,shoes and underwear to flowers,alchol and chocolates. At Mistress Review we recommend using a professional Dominatrix or Mistress from our listings.

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