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Time for you to receive the spanking you KNOW you rightly deserve. You may not like it, you may even fight it, but when in My presence, you will know it's inevitable. My firm hands will make you cringe. My many implements will make you cry. My words will make you feel the shame in disappointment and break you down. If there is one thing I do not like is to be disappointed and I will work with you in correcting it. Even those who have disappointed another, I will give proper discipline for you to apologize to those you hurt.

I practice the following styles of discipline:

*Domestic discipline
*School discipline
*Corporal Punishment
*Behaviour modification
*Therapeutic discipline

The activities that I partake in are as follows:

*Over the knee spankings
*Paddles from wooden to leather to acrylic
*Cane from rattan to nylon to acrylic to PVC to aluminum to delrin
*Flogging suede to hard leather
*Single tail (for SELECT clients that I approve to do this with)
*Hand spanking
*Straps and strops
*Wooden spoon and other unusual implements IE spatula, flip flop, etc.

There are some activities that are associated with discipline as well that I do engage in:

*Mouth soaping
*Hot saucing
*Restraint while being spanked (I am a highly skill bondage top and have many ropes and restraints to hold you into place for a good spanking)
*Line writing
*Corner time
*Public spanking (This is a select process for those I approve on)

*All spankings are within sensual and mild to harsh and severe.


The imagination is endless, and I am sure there are many scenes you wish to explore or re-create. I specialize in roleplay as well for those seeking out the following:

*Mother/son or daughter
*Aunt/nephew or neice
*School teacher or HeadMistress/student
*Warden or Officer/Judge/prisoner
*Gender reversal: Father/son or daughter
*And more. Contact Me with any roleplay.

Also, I adore AB/DL sessions, as I have a natural maternal side to Myself. Contact Me for info regarding those types of sessions.

*Men, Women, and Couples are welcomed!

My availability varies, so please keep in mind that I also only take one session per day. That keeps the energy and exchange on full charge, and all attention is to the both of U/us.

Rates vary from session and length, and that will be discussed once session is being set up. Half hour sessions are available as well. Tribute will also include rental fee, clean up fee, shower fee if needed, and etc. I do not bait and switch nor place hidden fee within My tribute.

I require at least 24 hour notice for morning sessions and 48 hours notice for evening sessions. I rent space at a location very close to Penn Station in New York City.

I also will require a cell number to contact you prior to session time to give exact location address. This will be the only time I will contact you via phone, as I respect privacy.

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